8 Stage Moms Who Ruined Their Kids’ Lives (7 Stage Moms Who Did The Opposite)

Note: The article is based on speculation pulled from other articles, and personal opinion.

Unless your mom’s forcing you into clownesque costumes or tap dancing lessons, then you can say that your mom is, you know, a “mom” and not a “stage mom.”

According to Wikipedia (feel free to roast me), a stage mom is “vicariously living out her own dreams through her child.” Wikipedia’s making sense, so far. Mothers who are hellbent on their young children performing in pageant shows (e.g., Toddlers & Tiaras) or dance competitions (e.g., Dance Moms) leave people wondering why.

Do 3-year-old girls really need to win a plastic crown? Are random strangers’ validation of beauty that important? And are the prep, glam, and thousands of dollars worth the judges’ shallow approval? Well, when two shows are deep into several seasons, parents (and the audience) would say YES.

They really need to care about the children’s well-being instead. Their elementary years should be the best time of their lives. They can work and stress when they’re older, not to mention, more equipped. Not every girl or boy is going to be that lucky, though.

Then again, there are young stars and starlets who can become famous through not just their hard work, but their mother’s hard work. Just look at Leonardo DiCaprio. However, he’s also the exception and not the rule. Plenty of children can land an acting gig or cameo appearance, but their success can land them in the pits later on in life. Just look at Orlando Brown. In Brown’s defense, though, he’s still entertaining. He just seems sad. A look into his early life could explain why. So, if you’re ready, come follow me as we read through a list of mothers who either make or break their child’s future.

15 Russians Don’t Play

Anna Kournikova

Money can’t buy happiness, not even $75 million.

Lauded tennis player Anna Kournikova is worth three-fourths of $100 million. Aside from her riches, she has won several awards. From winning the Federation Cup in her early teens to ranking the top spot a year later, people know her as a blonde beauty with killer legs and a mean backhand.

However, the 36-year-old lost years of her childhood to grueling hours of training, and all thanks to her mom Alla. She gifted her daughter with a tennis racket. The girl was just five years old. While the present was all fun and games, Anna never dreamed her career would cost her her love life. According to a New York Post article, her mother leaked “intimate details of her love life to boost her price for advertising and modeling assignments.”

Russians don’t play. Well, unless they’re Alla. Then, they’ll play for pay.

14 The Youngest Employee Ever

Brooke Shields

Babies have three things in their minds—bottles, boobs, and breast milk.

However, Brooke Shields would say differently. A month before her first birthday, her mother, Teri, toted her from agency to agency. She wanted her little girl to model for television ads. “Her mother arranged for her to be showcased in an advertisement for Ivory soap,” a Los Angeles Times article states. Unfortunately, Brooke was subjected to much worse than the commercial.

Years later, Teri allowed her daughter, who was ten at the time, to pose naked for Playboy. A couple of years later, Brooke booked “the child prostitute” role in Pretty Baby. She had no childhood whatsoever. While she was financially successful, her fame and fortune could never replace stability, safety, nor peace of mind. In short, she was forced to play the biggest role of her lifetime—an adult.

Shame on her mother. Teri made her daughter America’s youngest employee ever.

13 ‘Stage Mom’ Is Too Nice Of A Title...

Kim Richards

With such an unstable and unsettling upbringing, no wonder she struggled with drugs.

Kim Richards, on the outside, looked to be a woman so blessed. After all, she married wealthy men, raised successful children, and starred on a hit series about housewives. Even though Kim lived a charmed life, no amount of jewels, designer, or lavish vacations could hide the hurt she felt. Her mother, Kathy, sold her daughter, not to mention the young girl’s peace of mind.

According to a Daily Mail article, “Kim Richards’ boozing, gold-digging stage mom forced her to ‘perform’ for her male friends and pushed her to marry a millionaire and cheat on him to snag a billionaire.” Kathy always had dreams of hitting life’s lotto, and she would’ve married a walking dollar sign if possible. However, her get-rich-quick scheme was instead possible through Kim. She started working since infancy, and she made her mom tons of money.

Kim just had to pay the price, making “stage mom” too nice of a title for her mother to hold.

12 An “I Object,” And Not An “I Do”

Courtney Stodden

What kind of a mother would allow her 16-year-old daughter to marry a 51-year-old man?

Well, that would be Courtney Stodden’s (stage) mom. As for “what kind,” we’ll get to know as we read on.

Her teenage years should’ve been about her grades, friends, and crushes and not about a man who’s literally older than her own father. However, her mother, Krista, saw him as her daughter’s one-way ticket to Hollywood. As Courtney donned her bridal train, Krista was quick to ride her coattails.

Not only was her daughter marrying a much older man, but she was also marrying famous actor Doug Hutchison. The odd couple gained international stardom overnight. With men and women eager to know more about the teenage bride, Courtney and Doug made cameo appearances on reality television, as well as headlines across the world. While the couple received hate mail and death threats on the daily, Krista was collecting checks. In reality, she should’ve collected her thoughts.

Her daughter's marriage was the one union that needed an “I object,” and not an “I do.”

11 Wilkinsons Are “Baskett” Cases

Kendra Wilkinson

A Playboy bunny and her mother fall down a rabbit hole of arguments.

Kendra Wilkinson and her mother, Patti, have a strained relationship. The two hotheads are always at each other’s throats, and for good reason. Kendra began fighting her mom when she found out that her own mother betrayed her. “Wilkinson stopped speaking to her mom after she accused Patti of selling her out to the media,” an article says.

Unlike the other women on this list, Kendra was never a child star. Instead, in her teenage years, she toyed with modeling, magazine shoots, and exposure. Her career’s kick-off came after high school, so she was the only person pushing for her success. Patti stayed far from her child’s fame and fortune. However, as the years went by, she supposedly made up for lost time.

Now, the Wilkinsons are “Baskett” cases.

10 The Modern “Mommie Dearest”

Ariel Winter

Chrisoula Workman is a woman whose surname says everything you need to know.

She’s the biological mother of Ariel Winter, a troubled teen who just happens to star in Modern Family. However, the main reason why Ariel has so many problems is because of Chrisoula’s “momaging.” The stage mom “deprives the child of food, and does not let the child out of the home without being dressed in a particular way, which is inappropriate for a child of this age,” her daughter’s lawyer says.

Ariel went to the courts so she could leave her mother’s home. According to the brunette beauty, Chrisoula was emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive. She saw her daughter as a cash cow and not a child. However, the mother claims that Ariel lied because of a tiny conflict. The courts took Ariel’s side.

Here’s their verdict: Chrisoula’s the modern “Mommie Dearest.”

9 “You Better Work, B*tch.”

Britney Spears

From Disney to drugs, Britney Spears can tell you what it’s like to be both a rising star and burnout has-been.

Even though Britney’s comeback is still going strong, the memories of her downfall are like whiplash, she gets a headache every time. While outsiders can point their fingers at drugs and divorce, her mother Lynne knows the truth. In an interview, she talked about how she felt responsible for her eldest daughter’s mental breakdown.

When news broke of Britney shaving her head and endangering her two boys, Lynne put the blame on herself. Since Britney was in elementary school, Lynne groomed her to be a star. Britney went to jazz, ballet, and tap dancing classes, and she also went to work at The Mickey Mouse Club. She was just 11 years old at the time.

No wonder Britney tells her fans, “You better work, b*tch.”

8 A Stage Mom, Or A Murderer?

JonBenet Ramsey

Rest in peace, JonBenet Ramsey.

The little girl, at just six years old, was found dead in her parents’ home. Before her death, she was a top-ranking competitor in beauty pageants aplenty. Her mother and father were very proud of her, and they continued taking her to various competitions within their state, Colorado. However, no matter how perfect her life seemed, her murder revealed anything but that.

Even though nobody within her immediate family was charged, the rumors never stopped circulating. People thought her mom had something to do with her death. After all, when the “ransom note” was found in the home, the handwriting was similar to the mom’s own scrawl. Aside from alarming evidence, JonBenet’s mother just seemed cold, hardened, and unforgiving. She scared people, yet she also peaked their interest.

Was she just another stage mom? Or was she a cold-blooded murderer?

7 A Teen Mom Stage Mom

Sophia Abraham

Starlet Sophia Abraham is learning from the best.

While her mother Farrah is a savvy businesswoman, entrepreneur, and television costar, she’s also known for other things outside of furniture, frozen yogurt, and Teen Mom. However, no matter how many s*x toys she’s made or how many skin flicks she’s sold, Farrah is a great mom to her daughter.

Then again, presents, puppies, and upscale homes only do so much. Even though Sophia is just eight years old, she’s already working like she’s in her thirties. She owns her clothing line, and she also stars in her own YouTube videos. While Sophia has accomplished a lot for her age, she’s still just a child.

Then again, she’s the child of Farrah, a Teen Mom stage mom.

6 A Titanic Heartthrob And His Mom

With “Titanic” in the title, you already know who I’m talking about.

Leonardo DiCaprio, an esteemed actor worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has worked with the best in the industry. From movies like The Departed to The Aviator, the millionaire’s left his audiences speechless. However, before his fame and fortune, he was just another goofy kid with untapped potential.

His mother, Irmelin, helped him achieve said potential, though. According to Leonardo, she drove him to acting auditions all the time, and she always believed in his dreams. Her love for her son not only nourished his career, but also formed their tight bond. Even today, the environmentalist will tell you he’s an unabashed mama’s boy.

He may be a titanic heartthrob to everyone else, but he’s just Leo to his mom.

5 A Killer Mom

Charlize Theron

Who knew Charlize Theron’s mom, Gerda, was such a bada*s?

Before they moved to the United States, the mother and daughter lived in South Africa, but their lives were anything but peaceful. Charlize’s father was an alcoholic. He was an abuser, too. “Charlize was just a teenager home from boarding school when she and her mother were physically attacked by her father. Allegedly intoxicated, he brandished a gun and threatened the two women,” an In Touch Weekly article states.

Gerda then shot (and killed) him in an act of self-defense. After the courts found her not guilty, she and Charlize went to another country to restart their lives together. When her daughter showed an interest in acting and modeling, Gerda was happy to help. Now that Charlize is a multi-millionaire, Gerda has officially retired.

Now, she’s just known as Charlize’s killer (a.k.a. bada*s) mom.

4 The Most Financially Successful Stage Mom

Kim Kardashian

When you have six children who are all wildly popular, not to mention wealthy, then you must be doing something right.

Kris Jenner is America’s most famous mother. From Kim Kardashian to Kylie, her babies have grown into notorious multi-millionaires. Even the family’s black sheep, Rob, boasts of a robust bank account. However, no amount of fame nor fortune could hide the dynasty’s humble beginnings.

While they were a part of society’s upper crust, Kim’s leaked s*x tape propelled them into household names. Instead of being disappointed or depressed, Kris was glowing. Needless to say, her reaction was more shocking than Kim’s a*s on tape. Her decision to manage her daughters was earth-shattering, though. Even though people threw them their fiercest side eyes, Kris only expanded her family’s fortune. All of her children are rolling in dough now, and her grandchildren will never, ever have to worry about money.

If any woman aspired to build her child’s career, then they should talk to Kris, the most financially successful stage mom.

3 Mandy’s Maternal Instincts

Selena Gomez

From an adorable wizard to full-fledged woman, Selena Gomez turned heads with her role in Spring Breakers.

According to her, the then 20-year-old took the offer so she could bury her affiliation with Disney. Instead of appearing as a prude, she opted to go nude. However, Selena’s decision was influenced by her inner circle, specifically her own mom. She told E! News that while she dove into new waters, her mother, Mandy, was the one to push her into the pool, so to speak.

“She loves this kind of vibe. She’s super into indie movies and indie directors. I think it was more of her pushing me and being like, ‘You should go for it,’” Selena explains. Her risky move worked, and since 2013, the young woman continues to accumulate even more accolades and attention.

Mandy’s maternal instincts are on point.

2 The Stage Mom On Stage

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler’s only 14 years old, yet she’s already won competitions, has been on television, and has danced with Sia.

While her hard work, dedication, and determination fueled her success, her mom, Melissa, is the mastermind behind her widespread prosperity and popularity. She’s not only helped her child grow, but she’s also the go-to boss behind the scenes. Even though her goal is to build a solid foundation for Maddie’s future, she also keeps her wants and needs in check. She’s not going to sell her daughter’s talent for a check.

“When my kids aren’t happy anymore, I don’t care about anything else,” she says. Maddie’s platform comes from Dance Moms, but she quit once she lost interest in the show. Melissa supported her in her decision, and since their departure, Maddie’s achieved her potential.

And Melissa? Well, she’s still the same stage mom on stage.

1 Tish Twerks Her Tush

Miley Cyrus

If you know Miley Cyrus, then get familiar with her mother, Tish.

She’s probably the coolest mom alive, and her nonchalant attitude is obviously apparent in not just her, but her children too. Just take a gander at Miley. While she no longer smokes pot or raps, her affable personality and quirky behavior are still a part of her mind, body, and soul. As Juvenile would say, “She get it from her mama.”

Tish would share the same sentiment. According to a 2014 interview, she and her daughter would make pancakes, gab about their morning, and show off their twerking skills. Maybe they were practicing for Miley’s upcoming live performances and music videos? No matter the explanation or excuse, it’s obvious that Miley is just like her mom. And since everyone has seen Miley’s pancakes, they can only imagine how Tish could twerk her tush.

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