8 People Who Mysteriously Appeared Out Of Nowhere (And 9 Who Vanished Into Thin Air)

Many people often wonder if there are parallel universes out there – and if so, how people could visit one.

Many people often wonder if there are parallel universes out there – and if so, how people could visit one. The most common theory out there is that there are other dimensions that are literally right on top of the one we currently are in. According to some legends, these alternate realities can be visited by going to a place that has a thin barrier between the two worlds. These unique places have been called a variety of names by those who believe in them: vortexes, portals, and dimensional rifts are some of the most common names.

Much of the reason that people believe these vortexes exist is because of the strange disappearances that have been catalogued throughout time. There are some events and occurrences that simply can’t be explained without something paranormal possibly being at hand. After all, it’s not like people can appear then blink out of existence without there being a shred of evidence as to where they went. However as these disappearances and appearances show, there’s not always a logical explanation available.

Some places, such as the Bermuda Triangle or the Skinwalker Ranch, have been credited for being a common place of disappearances and appearances because of their reported interdimensional holes. Other places just get fame because of a single strange event that happened there. Whether you believe in parallel universes or not, these 17 cases will definitely have you scratching your head.

17 Kaspar Hauser


No one has become more well known for his mysterious appearance than Kaspar Hauser. Born sometime in the early 1800s, Kaspar Hauser made his first appearance limping through the streets of a German city, holding an envelope addressed to a cavalry captain in Nuremberg, and only capable of saying one or two sentences.

Locals, curious by his strange behavior, decided to try to offer him a meal of beer and sausage. He refused, examining the food as if he’s never seen it before. Eventually, they gave him black bread and water, which he ate voraciously. After some questioning and letting him stay over for a while, they began to question him about his past.

At first, all he knew how to say was his name, “horse,” “I don’t know,” and “I’d like to be a rider like my father was.” So, the locals began to teach him German to pry more answers out of him. What the locals eventually found was that he didn’t know where he was from, who his parents were, and that he grew up in a darkened cell that was too short to actually stand up in. Because he never stood up or walked, his gait was a semi-limp. The only toy he had was a horse, so in the beginning, anything that made him happy was called a horse.

Soon, the royal courts took an interest in him, and the royals locked him up in a tower while they investigated him. The envelope contained two letters that basically backed up Kaspar’s claims, and the man became an immediate celebrity. In one of the letters, the writer warned that Kaspar may have to be killed if he can’t become a rider – but no explanation was ever given.

Even with the dangerous warning, people seemed to love Kaspar and his mysterious life. For most of his life thereafter, he was a beloved part of the royal court. However, multiple people had tried to assassinate him for reasons that remain unknown today. He was found stabbed to death in 1928, at only 21 years of age.

In an equally enigmatic turn of play, his tombstone read: “Here lies Kaspar Hauser, riddle of his time. His birth was unknown, his death mysterious. 1833.”

16 The Green Children Of Woolpit

Via Ancient Origins

The only older case to really rival Kaspar Hauser in terms of strange appearances would have to be the story of the Green Children. In 1134, peasants in the small English village of Woolpit noticed two children emerge from deep trenches typically used to trap wolves. The bewildered peasants immediately grabbed the kids and realized something was terribly, terribly strange.

The two children, a boy and a girl, looked unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. They had striking almond-shaped eyes, were grossly underweight, and also had bright green skin. The crying children looked very sick and hungry, but refused to eat anything the peasants gave them.

The boy died within a matter of days, succumbing to both illness and depression. Thankfully, the girl continued to live on after she finally started to eat some of the beans people gave her. Within a matter of years, she lost her green hue and began to look like a normal girl.

But, what about her origins? Locals needed to know. Though it took a while to learn English, she eventually did speak. According to the once-green child, she and her brother had come from a mysterious underground country called St. Martin’s land, where it was “always twilight.” There, the girl claimed that “everything was green.” She said that they heard a “great gust of wind” and they ended up in the wolf pit, unable to find their way back home.

Obviously, the only problem here is that there is no place in our world that is constantly night. So, where did these kids come from?

15 Gil Perez

Via Historic Mysteries

Gil Perez was born in this world, and also lived in this world as a Spanish soldier in the 1590s. His role was to guard the Governor General in the Philippines. So far, so good, right? Well, one day after the Philippine governor Don Gomez Perez Dasmarinas was assassinated, he had leaned against a wall to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he noticed that he was no longer at the place where he had closed his eyes.

Ever the dutiful soldier, Perez continued to post guard until he noticed that all the other soldiers didn’t have his uniform. The local guards apprehended him and questioned him. That was precisely the time that Perez found out he was now in Mexico! Perez then told the guards about the shocking assassination of the governor, and later on, it became clear that Perez was truthful. The Mexican government sent him back home – via a ship this time.

14 The Mysterious Man From Taured


Not all mysterious appearances take place hundreds of years ago. In 1951, a well-dressed, well-spoken businessman showed up at Tokyo airport with a passport that raised a couple of eyebrows. Police in the area said that the passport had stamps from Tokyo airport dating back several years – an impossible feat considering that Tokyo airport was built in 1951. Moreover, the passport was from a country that no one had ever heard of called Taured.

When officials told the man that there was no such country, he became agitated and demanded to see a map. He pointed to the country of Andorra, and claimed that that’s where Taured was. Once he found out the real name, he began to panic and beg officials to believe him. He swore that Taured had existed for 1,000 years. He went so far as to prove that he was fluent in French, German, and Japanese – and his wallet also contained money from each country.

Officials tried to call the hotel he stayed at and his workplace, but neither place ever heard of him. The obviously shaken officials decided to book him in a hotel room where he’d be guarded overnight, giving them time to finish an investigation. Though there were guards watching the room’s exits, sometime during the night, the man and his mysterious passport vanished without a trace.

13 Joseph Vorin

Via The Ghost In My Machine

In 1851, officials found a strange man wandering around the German district of Lebas. He claimed to be called Joseph Vorin, and authorities assumed that he was a random drifter. They decided to question him about where he was from, only to realize that he didn’t speak German – a rarity back in 1850s Germany. After a while of gesturing and difficulties, they were able to set up a very spotty form of communication.

Authorities learned from Vorin that he came from a country called Laxaria, which was across the seas in a region called Sakria. Neither of those names were ever known in this world as countries, and what was more unnerving was that he didn’t speak any European language fluently. The only language he even had any use of was very broken German.

He claimed that he was a fluent speaker of Laxarian, as well as Abramian. Abramian, he claimed, was the written language of “The Clerical Order of Laxaria.”He also didn’t know what Christianity was, and said that he was a practitioner of Ispatian. Unfortunately, that’s all that authorities could find out about his origin country.

When asked what brought him to Germany, he said he was looking for his lost brother and got shipwrecke. The police let him go, unsure what to do with him. Joseph Vorin was never seen or heard from again.

12 The Man From Lizbia

Via Flickr

In 1905, Parisian police had found a similar drifter who they had decided to interrogate. When asked where he was from, he replied “Lizbia.” Like many other people would have assumed at the time, the police thought he meant “Lisboa,” also known as Lisbon, in Portugal. They had brought in a Portuguese translator to try to find out more about the stranger, but much like with others on this list, nothing added up. The man didn’t speak any Portuguese whatsoever, nor was he able to find his home country on any map given to him.

Concerned that they may have a sinister person on their hands, the police asked him to speak in his native language. The language interpreter noticed that, while it didn’t sound like any language he ever heard, it did seem to follow a language-like syntax. Much like Joseph Vorin, he was released with a warning and never heard from again.

11 Jerome Of Sandy Cove

Via Whale Oil

In 1863, a young Nova Scotian boy had been walking around the beach when he found an old man in peril. The man, who had no legs, wouldn’t speak to him. He only growled, and never spoke a single word of English. The boy alerted authorities, who picked him up and examined him. The first thing they had discovered was that his legs were only recently sawed off – and it was done by a doctor.

People didn’t really know what to do with him, and judging by his features, assumed he was Catholic. So, he was sent to an Acadian community by the name of Meteghan. A multilingual woman by the name of Jean Nicola tried to speak to him in Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish, but to no avail. People ended up nicknaming him Jerome, and he became somewhat of a local curiosity. After a while, he eventually transferred hands to another family, where he stayed until he died in 1912.

To this day, no one knows who Jerome really is, where he came from, or who cut his legs off.

10 Utsuro-Bune

Via The Living Moon

Most of these could possibly be explained by people pulling a fast one on local police officers, since the technology that the strange folks had at hand was on par with a regular person’s tech. However, with the story of Utsuro-Bune, 19th century villagers from Japan were greeted by a being whose ship appeared to be way beyond what we currently have in our modern day arsenal.

According to old scrolls, in the early part of the 1800s, a strange ship had washed ashore of a Japanese fishing village. The ship, which was hollow and supposedly “shaped like a bowl of rice,” had glowing lights inside, was built with red sandalwood and metal, and had the top’s windows made of crystal. It was ornate, and decorated with letters from an alphabet that no one had seen before.

People who peered inside the ship saw some food that appeared to be candy as well as something that looked like mincemeat, as well as plush carpeting. Though it’s clear that the material was luxurious, no one could quite figure out what the goods were made of.

When the ship opened up, a woman clutching a strange wooden box walked out of it. She had a pale white face, bright red hair with white hair extensions, and appeared to be around 18 years old. She didn’t understand any Japanese, and no one could figure out where she came from.

Villagers had no idea what to make of her, and knowing that shoguns would have been angered to see her there, decided that it would be best to bring her back out to sea. So, they did. And, she drifted away, never to be seen again.

9 The Missing British Battalion Of World War I

Via The History Place

World War I was perhaps the first real war to have multiple accounts of UFOs and alien abduction. In 1915, three New Zealand soldiers stationed in Turkey watched as an entire Royal Norfolk Regiment battalion made its way up to a major vantage point during the war. As the battalion marched its way up the hill, a strange cloud slowly descended on top of the hill. The soldiers, undeterred by the fog, continued to march on forward.

Soon, the entire group of soldiers had entered the cloud. After a while of waiting for the battalion to show up again, the three soldiers grew concerned. Not even one person had left the cloudy area despite the entire crowd having entered the cloud’s mist. Much to the witnesses’ horror, the cloud slowly made its way back up into the sky where it joined the rest of the clouds on the stratosphere without a trace of any soldiers left on the ground. Just like that, an entire portion of the Royal British army had vanished.

What’s really scary about this story is that it’s actually backed with government write-ups. After the war had ended, the UK had demanded Turkey release the battalion that had gone missing. The Turkish government had no knowledge of any British battalion left in that region and insisted that they had never made contact with those soldiers during the conflict. No one knows what happened to them, or who took them.

8 The Bizarre Disappearance (And Reappearance) Of Ettore Majorana

Via Everyeye Cinema

Ettore Majorana was a scientist born in 1906 that made major headlines after he had vanished without a trace in 1932. Pronounced dead at 32 years old, officials only had one statement to go off of when they tried to find where he had gone. A lone witness claimed that he met with Majorana in Buenos Aires, where he had revealed a huge number of different scientific discoveries he had made. The witness then said he would meet with Majorana a second time, then claimed the man disappeared and that he therefore couldn’t provide any more proof.

Going off the claim, police saw it as a man who ran away from fascist Italy to live life in Buenos Aires. They pronounced him dead, and everything seemed fine until a photograph of him surfaced in 1955. That photo raised more questions than it answered – and for good reason.

The photograph, which was taken 20 years later, showed Majorana posing with another man. Though the picture was taken 20 years after he had vanished, Majorana didn’t appear to age at all. Was this really Majorana? No one could say for sure until 2011, when photography analysts took a look at it. According to them, it was Majorana, and his whereabouts still are unknown to this day.

The lack of aging in the photo is jarring, to say the least. Could it be that Ettore Majorana had accidentally traveled through time?

7 The Disappearance Of Virginia Carpenter

Back in the 1940s, 21-year-old Virginia Carpenter was traveling to Denton for classes when she met a middle-aged woman who also claimed to be taking classes at the local college. The two decided to share a cab to the dorms, when poor Virginia realized she had left one of her bags at the local train station. Though her new friend had offered to come with her, Carpenter refused and went on her way back to the station via cab.

When she had gotten to the station, the train workers said that an employee would bring the bag back to her dorm in the morning. The cab brought her back to the school, where she was left in the parking lot next to a yellow convertible that had two men sitting inside it. Virginia seemed to know the guys, so the cab driver assumed she was safe and drove away. That night was the last anyone saw her...sort of.

Though police were desperate to find out where she had gone, no one could quite pinpoint her. Even so, people claimed they saw her several times over the next days. One said they saw her in a yellow convertible ten miles away from her school. Another saw her get off a bus in Texarkana, looking terse and worried. Right as someone had asked if there was a Virginia Carpenter in the station, she met up with an unknown man and walked out.

The last sighting happened in Chino, where the witnesses claimed that Virginia had become hungry, raggedy, and tired from hitchhiking. All she would say is that her name was Virginia, and that she had run away. Later on, three of her friends were victims of the Texarkana Phantom. Could she have known something that no one else did?

6 Ray Gricar And The Penn State Scandal


If you lived in Pennsylvania in the past 30 years or so, you probably have heard of Ray Gricar. The former district attorney worked in Centre County for decades and was infamous for being one of the toughest attorneys in the state. Everything seemed to be going pretty normal for him in 2005, but on April 15th of that year, he had called his girlfriend to tell her he’d be back home shortly. Obviously, he never returned.

Police searched for him, worried that he may have been killed by an angry gangster or upset a crime boss. They found his car by an antique store. The car was totally empty, except for his cell phone. No evidence of a struggle was found. Moreover, when they looked at his credit cards and bills, no activity suggested that anyone has put their hands on his stuff.

Strangely enough, what piqued investigators’ interest was his laptop, which had been found in a river. The hard drive was missing from the laptop, and that was later found nearby, crushed into tiny pieces. What shocked investigators the most was that his Internet accounts showed that he searched for ways to destroy a laptop earlier on – so it was his own doing. Nothing on the hard drive was recovered.

Many people believe that the case that he was working on may have had something to do with his disappearance. According to documents, Gricar was working to uncover Sandusky’s Penn State sex abuse around the time of his disappearance. Investigators were further intrigued when they found out that Gricar had mysteriously refused to charge Sandusky in 1998, despite having plenty of evidence to have put the pervert behind bars. In 2005, he continued to ask for delays in the charges.

And now, he’s gone without a trace. Many in the local community believe Gricar may have had something to do with Sandusky’s sex abuse case. But, we’ll never know for sure now.

5 Jean Spangler’s Final Act

Back in the 1940s, doe-eyed Jean Spangler was an up-and-coming glamour girl who was working hard to get her big break in Hollywood. Though she never quite got the recognition she deserved, she made a point to keep working at it. In 1949, she had just wrapped up a small part in the movie Young Man With A Horn...and then she went missing after she went to her ex-husband to ask for child support.

Two days later, police found her purse. It was empty except for a cryptic note saying the following: "Kirk, Can't wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away."

The investigation was sensationalized by media, but every new lead and tip they got seemed to bring investigators to a dead end. Even so, the investigation really seemed to kick off a strange series of events. Kirk Douglas, father of current A-lister Michael Douglas, went out of his way to stop rumors that he may be the Kirk mentioned in the note. A local underground abortion doctor by the name of Dr. Kirk ended up calling up his patients and threatening them over the phone. Stranger still, two mafiosos ended up disappearing around the same time as Jean Spangler. No one could find a connection between any of these events - at least, not a solid one.

No one knows what happened to her to this very day.

4 The Disappearance Of Mel Nadel


61-year-old Mel Nadel was a successful businessman and popular local personality out in Santa Fe. And, for a sexegenerian, he was surprisingly fit and was still extremely active. One day in 2009, Nadel had gone out on a hunting trip with his brother-in-law and a friend named Joe Muniz. The trio went up to the wilderness of Elk Mountain, discussed their plans, and set up camp. Around 4:30, Muniz and Nadel’s brother-in-law decided to take a hike while Nadel chose to stay behind and work on a hunting blind close to camp.

When the two came back at 7, Nadel was nowhere to be seen. His hunting knife, bow, and supplies were missing. It’s not like he could have gotten lost, either. Santa Fe was literally on the outskirts of this mountain, and all he would have to do is walk back. After waiting for a while, they decided to call a search party.

Because of how popular Nadel was, the search party became the largest in New Mexico’s history. What they found in the search was Nadel’s footprints, which promptly stopped without warning in the middle of a trail. Hunting dogs were used to track his scent as well, but much like the footprints, the scent, too, seemed to abruptly vanish. Rather than continue on to find where he may have went, the trained tracking animals ended up stopping mid-trail, looking extremely confused.

His bank accounts showed no sudden withdrawals, there were no signs of attack, and there were no reasons for him to want to disappear. It was as if he literally blinked out of existence.

3 David Lang’s Step Into Another Dimension

Via Top Secret Writers

In 1880, David Lang was a happy-go-lucky farmer with a wife and two kids. Nothing about him was extraordinary in any means of the word. So, when his friend August Peck had decided to come by to visit him along with his brother-in-law, he obviously wasn’t expecting to see the farmer do anything unusual.

Just as Peck had driven up to the house in his buggy, he heard a shrill scream echoing from Lang’s wife. He quickly saw what was going on that made Lang’s wife shriek in terror. David Lang, who had literally been walking towards Peck’s buggy not a moment before, was vanishing into thin air while he was walking towards them.

A strange circle later formed where Lang vanished, and it’s said that nothing ever grew in that area again. Animals, too, avoid the farm. Lang’s daughter had claimed that, at one point, she had heard her father call out to her as she was gathering firewood. The story was published in 1950, but many claim it was a hoax. Could this be a tall tale, or did Lang really disappear without a trace?

2 Diderici’s Disappearance

In 1815, one of the hardest places to escape from would have to be a Prussian prison. These well-guarded locales were known to house some of the most cunning criminals in Europe, and at the time, one of them was a prisoner only known as Diderici. According to official records, Diderici was busy doing 10 years for impersonating his dead employer and trying to withdraw money from his bank account.

While on his way to the exercise yard, Diderici disappeared right out of his shackles. Upon official investigation, 30 eyewitnesses all said the same thing. According to them, Diderici slowly became more and more transparent until he literally was no longer visible. Shortly after that, the chains that held him clattered to the ground. His body was no longer there in any way, shape, or form.

Authorities had no idea what to make of his disappearance, so they ruled it an “Act of God,” and quickly tried to hide it from view.

1 Worson’s Trip Into Invisibility

Via TriCurioso

During the 1830s, a British shoemaker by the name of James Worson had become a local legend for his running ability. He was fast, and had an incredible amount of stamina. Moreover, he loved to bet. So, when one of his friends waged a bet with him that he couldn’t run a well-known trail for 16 miles without stopping, he obviously agreed to it.

His friends had brought a horse and carriage with them so that they could watch the race. Everything was going great, and Worson was showing no signs of stopping...until he tripped. According to his friends, Worson had let out a piercing scream and had a look of terror on his face unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. And, just after he let out that yelp, he vanished into thin air. They quickly searched the area, and even got police involved. However, no trace of Worson was ever found again.

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