7 Weirdos You'll See On Plastics Of Hollywood (And 8 Potentials)

It’s no secret that some people take plastic surgery to the extreme. They utterly and completely transform their bodies to an often insane degree. It’s famed how many celebrities have undergone surgery, often looking the worse for it. But even common folks can be swayed to undergo surgeries to look differently. Coming soon is Plastics of Hollywood, a reality show focused on 12 people who participate in “doll” surgery. That is, surgical procedures to make themselves no longer their old looks but something wild. From Barbie dolls to aliens to famous people, these folks truly go all out in their desire to change their looks big time.

It’s not just in the face as many undergo full body modification to degrees that even experienced plastic surgeons are taken aback. The series will no doubt promote this and showcase these wild looks off. But there are more people than just on this show who do these truly wild procedures and want to look so vastly different. Some do it for love, others for some quirk and a few even turn their new looks into a career. It’s hard to fathom for some people and amazing how far folks can go for this. But it makes for a fascinating look at the psyches of people wanting to be something else. Here are 7 people who will soon be seen on Plastics and 8 who should be considered for future instalments and marvel at just how far folks will go to be something else entirely.

15 SHOULD BE: Anastasiya Shpagina Looks Anime

Looking like a Barbie doll is one thing. But making yourself look like an anime character is something else. The Japanese style of comic and animation focuses on ladies known for their wide large eyes and body dimensions often beyond human range. But Anastasiya Shpagina is a 19 year old Ukrainian native who’s determined to look this way for real. At just five feet, two inches and 85 pounds, she has the small frame needed. She has had nose jobs, implants and other cosmetic work to make her face look as smooth as possible in keeping with Japanese features. She’s also had work done for her eyes and while much of the wide-eyed look is three hours of makeup, Shpagina is making plans for surgeries to make them this huge in real life. She defends her actions on her popularity with Facebook users and many loving her variety of outfits. While making herself look anime is wild, it’s a fun look that can be on a show in the future.

14 SHOULD BE: Herbert Chavez Wants To Be Superman

Wanting to be Superman isn’t a bad idea. The greatest superhero of them all is known for his power, his strength and his never-ending conviction in the best of humanity. Sure, dressing up in the suit constantly can be weird but if your heart is in the right place, it’s okay. But going as far as to look exactly like the comic book character is something else.

Growing up in the Philippines, Chavez fell in love with the character as a kid and wanted to emulate him in every way. He has spent 18 years undergoing surgeries to look just like the original comic book version of the Man of Steel. He doesn’t go for an actor but rather the original artist vision which includes surgeries for the square chin, dimple and even some unique bits for the hair curl.

However, he goes a bit far as doctors refused him after 23 surgeries when they discovered Chavez was injecting himself with an “ab filler” illegal in the United States. His surgeons also crack that “this Man of Steel needs to hit the gym” as Chavez can’t quite replicate his muscles. Still, it’s remarkable how much Chavez looks like the comic icon and should fly onto the show sometime.

13 CONFIRMED: Louis Padron Is An Elf

Elves are magical creatures, carrying an air of mystery and a great motif. From Lord of the Rings to other epics, elves are popular beings and thus cosplayers love going out as them. Louis Padron just decides that makeup isn’t quite enough. Bullied as a child, the Buenos Aries native turned to fantasy literature as an escape and fell in love with elves. Thus, he wanted to become one, spending nearly $5000 a month on his procedures of dye and sunscreen to make his skin look pale as possible. Bigger is spending $30,000 on liposuction, a nose job, chin, tucking in cheeks and full body hair removal. So far, his large pointed ears are prosthetics but Padron is planning a procedure to have them lengthened and pointed. He’s also planning an operation to make himself six and a half feet tall and change his hairline while also finding a way to make his hair permanently white. It’s all an insane amount of work yet Padron (who sells cosplayer merchandise) thinks it’s needed to become this fantasy figure for real.

12 CONFIRMED: Jennifer Pamplona Wants To Be Kim Kardashian

You would think that being a model for Versace was enough to get you noticed. Jennifer Pamplona thought differently. This gorgeous Brazilian model had a good career going but wanted something different. She says she was inspired by the death of her boyfriend Celso Santebanes in 2015 of cancer. He was known as a “human Ken Doll” and his death deeply affected her. Thus, in honor of him, she began a series of surgeries (once doing nine in 24 hours) to make herself look like a curvy Barbie doll. She also acknowledges how she also models herself on Kim Kardashian and going a bit wild with it all but she enjoys it. She’s not the only lady to try to look like the reality TV star but she takes it to a wild limit and the series looks ready to give her more attention. She’s spent more than $100,000 on procedures, including removing four ribs and massive butt injections. And so far, her following is showing she’s got a love of fans that could give Kim K. a run for the money.

11 SHOULD BE: Mikki Jay Makes A Profit As Jacko

Whenever plastic surgery is mentioned, Michael Jackson springs to mind. Even years after his sudden death, Jackson is infamous for his constant surgeries that transformed his face into a pale plastic horror. It did add to his fame and made impersonators go wild replicating him. One would think that would fade after his passing but if anything, it’s increased.

Meet Mikki Jay, a British woman who began impersonating Jackson in 1992, just before the fall of his career. While some make themselves up to look like Jackson in his prime, Jay chose Michael during this period and had much of the same surgery done to herself. These included a nose job, injections, cheek implants and treatments to whiten her face. However, this isn’t just fandom, it’s actually a career choice as Jay is now considered the foremost Jackson impersonator in the world.

Indeed, Jackson himself met with Jay after a show to give his approval in a photo together. Right after Jackson’s passing in 2009, Jay shifted herself to do a “tribute act” and has played in numerous venues around the world, making nearly a million dollars per year (much of which she donates to charities in Jackson’s name). While it’s a wild copy, you can’t fault her for bringing the King of Pop back to life for a bit.

10 CONFIRMED: Vinny Ohh Is A Genderless Alien

Probably the most famous face for the show, Vinny Ohh has gotten major press over the years. At only 22, he has endured over a hundred procedures to completely transform his body into a genderless alien. The makeup artist claims he feels neither male or female and thus wants to reflect that in his life. He has already spent $50,000 on this and has plans that will cost another $150,000. From the age of 17, Ohh has had two rhinoplasties, brow fillers and wears black contact lenses and alien talons on his hands. His upcoming plans include removing his nipples, belly button and genitalia.

Ohh is fully aware of his public perception but defends it as he feels he’s just being himself, an outsider totally and doesn’t see the need for “gender distinctions.” He claims to be taking part in the show to change perception of folks like this and odd that a man who looks so alien seems to care about humanity so much.

9 SHOULD BE: Vanilla Chamu Is Porcelain

You know those lovely porcelain dolls in stores? Usually the high-end ones, dolls that look great, maybe not for kids but clearly meant for collectors. Vanilla Chamu fell in love with those dolls when she saw some in her native Japan. The model then began her quest to become such a doll for real. “Before” photos showed her as a mousy girl no different from anyone else. Then she began roughly 30 procedures, spending more than $150,000 for eye lifts and more.

True, it’s a popular bit in Japan for women to take on surgeries to look more “Western” but this is something else. Breast implants, dimple creation, multiple injections and, believe it or not, a surgery meant to lengthen her height. Her latest picture show her with abnormally large eyes and lips which frankly look quite terrifying. She may want to be a doll but some can argue it’s not the pretty sort.

8 SHOULD BE: Krystina Butel Wants To Be Her Caricature

We all know what caricatures are like. You see them in political cartoons constantly and the famed Brown Derby in Hollywood has drawings of famous figures. It’s also a constant thing at fairs or boardwalks, artists doing quick drawings of people. They’re meant to be over the top, exaggerating a person in their face and body and not meant to be taken seriously. No one told that to Krystina Butel.

Back in 1999, Butel was on holiday when she got a drawing of herself that looked rather…interesting. In her eyes, it looked “glamorous.” As soon as she was 17, Butel immediately started doing surgeries to look as much like that drawing as possible. She has spent $150,000 on surgeries to enhance her chest to an insane degree (35K), lip injections, Botox and a semi-permanent shade of makeup. Amazingly, Butel is continuing with more surgeries and dedicated to ensuring she’s the spitting image of this drawing. Looking like an old picture is one thing but this is something totally out there.

7 CONFIRMD: Pixee Fox Is A Real Life Jessica Rabbit

Since her debut in 1988, Jessica Rabbit has been one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time. A knockout redhead, she showed the ample curves, tiny waist and other features that are humanly impossible. She’s a standard for cosplayers but Pixee Fox is taking it to an insane new degree. A former Swedish model now living in North Carolina, Fox became obsessed with looking like Jessica and didn’t settle for just a costume. First came breast implants to boost her size. Three nose jobs, nip tucks and butt implants continued the resemblance. But the most shocking is that Fox has had several ribs removed in order to maintain the ultra-skinny waist of Jessica.

It’s cost her roughly $150,000 and has added to her fame but there’s a danger. Doctors are using her as a major warning of how too much body modification is not a good thing, the ribs risking her long-term health. It goes to show that there’s a reason cartoon characters are not supposed to look real.

6 SHOULD BE: Henry Damon Wants To Look Like A Nazi

Trying to look like a Nazi may not be a good idea, not even a comic book one. The Red Skull was created in 1940 and has been the sworn enemy of Captain America ever since. Defying death countless times, the Skull continues to emulate the Nazi ways in his never-ending quest to take over the world. It used to be that his visage of a red skinless face was just a mask but after being exposed to his own “dust of death,” his face truly became a skull. Wanting to look like that is crazy but Henry Damon wants it. The Venezuela native is obsessed with looking just like the Skull, undergoing surgeries that basically remove his nose and tattooing his skin a dark red. He also undergoes procedures to put implants in his forehead to replicate the Skull’s look and planning on a procedure to remove all hair from his head.

Damon even wears black contact lenses to replicate the comic book villain. Surgeons state the man is mentally healthy but one has to wonder what makes you want to look like a mass-murdering psycho.

5 SHOULD BE: Jo And Kerry Burton Do EVERYTHING Together

Twins have a bond that can never truly be understood. They love to dress alike, often living close by and doing their best to help each other out. There are even theories of a psychic connection of some sort between them. However, there are limits which Jo and Kerry Burton seem to be going beyond. It all began when Joe decided to have cosmetic surgery on her nose at the age of 21. Rather than having herself look different from her sister, Kate decided to have the exact same procedure done on herself. As it turned out, there was a mistake so Jo’s nose curved one way and Kate’s went the other. So they had that corrected, only the first of many matching procedures. These include matching boob jobs, nose jobs, eye-lifts, tattooed eyeliner and spray tans.

They also time out their Botox injections so they age at the same rate. The twins laugh about surgeons scribbling initials onto their bodies so they don’t mix up and give the same woman two procedures. While on the one hand you can admire the sisterly bond, the lengths the Burtons go to just to keep looking the same are pretty wild..

4 SHOULD BE: Nileen Namita Thinks She’s Egyptian Royalty

The Egyptians were doing cosmetic stuff long before modern technology. They invented techniques of painting, therapy and other bits to look as regal as possible with many wanting their subjects to believe they were gods on Earth. That carried to death as mummification was meant to try and maintain the body as long as possible. It’s an air of mystery and one that Nileen Namita wants to replicate.

The woman is obsessed with the Egyptian queen Nefertiti and has undergone various procedures to look just like drawings and statues of the ancient ruler. It’s not just infatuation as Namita claims to have had “strong dreams” and thus thinks she really is the reincarnation of the queen. She’s spent several hundred thousand dollars on no less than eight nose jobs, three chin implants, nine facelifts (major and minor), five eye surgeries and at least two dozen more "minor tweaks."

This has taken a pretty big toll on her family and their finances. Indeed, Namita became a major story when her daughter, Rachel, was shocked to learn she was being dropped from her private school because her mom couldn’t afford it anymore. Nileen didn’t even bother discussing it first, believing she was needed to “revive” Nefertiti more than her daughter’s education. The woman still insists on continuing and remarkable how she really has a royal attitude.

3 CONFIRMED: Frenchy Morgan Is A Blow-Up Doll

Born Angelique Morgan, the lady takes her name from being born in Paris. She moved to Los Angeles to try her fame, including a stint in Playboy and even part of an E! reality show about the famous Mansion. She then popped up on Dr. 90210 to focus on her plastic surgery where she intends to look like a blow-up doll. She gained infamy taking part in Celebrity Big Brother where she had a wild row with Louis Jordan where she tore up his prized pants. She also took part in Love Island and enjoys flaunting her very considerable assets on beaches in a variety of hot bikinis. Morgan has gone numerous implants to boost her chest to a wild degree and butt implants as well. She insists her body is just good exercise but that’s pretty hard to believe given her surgery fondness. Morgan looks ready to stand out among the various characters of the show and how much of a doll she is.

2 CONFIRMED: Bryan Ray Wants To Be Britney

Britney Spears herself jokes about how she’s become an icon for male impersonators. She’s even had fun judging them in Britney lookalike contests. But she may be a bit disturbed by how far Bryan Ray takes it. The man has cited Spears as an idol and a favorite and has spent $80,000 on procedures to look like her. These include several Botox injections and fat in his cheeks, laser hair removal and lip fillers. He's also gotten a nose job to match Spears' and a skin care regimen that's meant to make him "eternally youthful" (his words).

He became obsessed with Britney in 2003, the year she had her famous lip-lock with Madonna and has followed her since. He knows all her songs, her moves and even photos of meeting Britney a couple of times. Bryan cites her as his inspiration and followed her through dark times as well. You can expect Ray to show off on the series and even do some Spears numbers to take his fandom to a new degree.

1 CONFIRMED: Rodrigo Alves Is A Ken Doll

Believe it or not, Plastics of Hollywood has not one but two guys who boast about being a real-life Ken Doll. While Justin Jedlica is known, Rodrigo Alves is the more famous of the two. He has spent over half a million dollars on various procedures that have turned him from a human being to someone looking truly plastic. Born in Brazil but living in London, Alves began his quest in his late teens and shows no signs of stopping.

As the heir of several properties in Buenos Aries, he has more than enough money to spend on his surgeries and has endured over 33 major surgeries and a hundred cosmetic procedures. This includes adjusting his eyes, cheek and nose and smoothing his skin to an insane degree as well as lightening his hair. It does seem Alves is cutting down, now working on his real body to keep in shape but still doing stuff like adjusting his eye color. The show is likely to give him more fame and showcase an astounding case of how you can be too rich and have too much to do.

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