5 Times Criminals Married Each Other In Prison (And 10 People That Married Prisoners)

Most people consider anyone who is, or has ever been in prison as a threat and hardly ever accept, or treat such individuals with kindness as they would other people who have no record. Most people also consider rapists and murderers to be the worst kind of criminals out there, because it's unimaginable how a normal person would take the life of another innocent human being, especially if the victim poses no significant threat, or how they can scar a person for life.

A number of people serving time in jail, even those serving life sentences for crimes deserving death, end up there for a single mistake they would take back if it were possible. Some commit these crimes in their youth, owing to influences and stupid mistakes they should have avoided, but end up paying for them for the rest of their lives. However, since in committing the crimes they automatically set themselves up for the punishment they deserve, it's important for the law to take its course by offering justice across the board.

The people who fall in love with others serving time behind bars are special in every way, because they go against every sound relationship advice they can be given. Choosing to marry someone who is in jail means you cannot spend time with them as you wish, go for trips, socialize with other friends, or buy them anything the guards won't take away, just to say the least. Therefore, it's hard to understand why and how these people get themselves in these relationships since most people wouldn't dare.

Some couples here met in prison, married in prison, and are still serving time together, others are of the same sex, others are already dead, but most of these consist of an inmate getting married to a free citizen. Which of these marriages is the weirdest?

15 Glen Flett And Sherry Edmunds-Flett

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The story of Glen Flett and Sherry Edmunds-Flett is different from many other stories here, because it's one about hope, and what a couple can do to bring a positive impact in the world despite having a weird beginning. Glen was in jail for killing Ted Van Sluytman after robbing the guard of an armored car for a store's cash deposits.

Sherry Edmunds only went to B.I.F.A. (Black Inmates and Friends Association) as a volunteer together with the chaplain of the Queens University, where she was a student. In the prison, she met Glen, the only white man on the BIFA executive at the time, but little did she know the two would get married someday. Although Glen was transferred to another prison in British Columbia, the two kept talking over the phone.

Glen soon became a Christian and was baptized, and after a few years asked Sherry to marry him, which she accepted and the two got married in prison. The best part about this story is their organization called L.INC, which helps people coming from prison to live a normal life and helping them heal.

14 Charles "Tex" Watson And Kristin Joan Svege

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Charles "Tex" Watson is one of the members of the Manson family, who are well known for engaging in criminal acts. Watson is still in prison for working together with other members of his family to kill a pregnant Sharon Tate and four others at her house in Benedict Canyon, L.A.

The following day, he went to Los Feliz and took part in the killing of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. The killings were part of Charles Manson's vision of "Helter Skelter." When Watson was arrested on November 30, 1969, he stopped eating and drinking, which resulted in him losing 55 pounds so he faced trial in 1971. He was found guilty of seven murders.

Later, Watson converted to Christianity and married Kristin Joan Svege in 1979 in prison. Since during earlier years conjugal visits were allowed, he fathered three boys and one girl with his wife. However, with the banning of conjugal visits in 1996, Svege divorced Watson in 2003 after meeting another man. Watson is now an ordained minister and a graduate of California Coast University.

13 Luka Magnotta And Anthony Jolin

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You have probably heard of Luka Magnotta, a murderer from Canada who was the subject of an international manhunt back in 2012. Luka is guilty of brutally killing a Chinese international student named Lin Jun, and thereafter dismembering him and mailing parts of his body to politicians and schools. In addition, animal rights groups were after him for creating and uploading videos of himself killing kittens. The police arrested him in a cyber café in Berlin.

Luka is on this list because, in 2015 he announced he was searching for "prince charming" and therefore signed up for a Canadian inmates dating site. From there he met Anthony Jolin, who was in the same jail as him, and they got into a relationship. Both Luka and Jolin are serving life sentences since Jolin is in for killing an inmate a few years back.

These two dangerous criminals married each other on June 26, 2017, in prison. These two won't have access to where spouses reunite because that space isn't available for two detainees.

12 José Perez And Brie Morris

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José Perez and Brie Morris got married on Valentine's Day in 2014 behind bars and at least got the opportunity to share a kiss in public. José is serving a 20 years to life prison sentence for a second-degree murder he committed when he was just 16 years old.

These two exchanged their vows in a small room in prison, which cannot be described as spectacular in any way, but at least they had a few friends over. After the wedding, José was proud because, for the first time he would get to spend "ceiling time," the time inmates look up to the ceiling before falling asleep, as a married man.

Brie has been waiting for her husband to get out of prison for more than three years, and she will have to wait for about three and a half more years as she awaits his release. When he does eventually get out, he will have a college degree, a wife, the ability to get a great job, and possibly a child or two.

11 Richard Ramirez And Doreen Lioy

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Richard Ramirez was an American criminal, born on February 29, 1960, and died on June 7, 2013. He was one of the most dangerous criminals in the United States between June 1984 and August 1985, the period he received the title "Night Stalker" for being a serial killer, a burglar, rapist, and even a Satanist. His crime spree caused fear among residents living in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where he used weapons such as knives, handguns, a hammer, a tire iron, and a machete.

Since he was a Satanist, Ramirez didn't show any remorse for the murders he committed, and when he was being sentenced to 13 death sentences, the judge remarked that his deeds were cruel, callous, and vicious, far beyond human understanding.

However, regardless of his cruelty and actions, Doreen Lioy, a freelance magazine editor, went ahead and married him seven years after his conviction. Doreen claimed he was funny, charming, and kind, traits no one else saw in him. However, the two had separated, but he was already engaged to someone else before his death.

10 Suzane Von Richthofen And Sandra Regina Gomes

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Suzane Von Richthofen and Sandra Regina Gomes tied the knot at the Penitenciária Feminina Santa Maria Eufrásia Pelletier, a woman's prison in Brazil, back in October 2014.

Suzane was born into a wealthy family, and she ended up going to the best schools in Brazil, traveled abroad on several occasions, and lived in a mansion with everything you could think of including a swimming pool. However, she chose to throw all that away by killing her wealthy parents at age 19, and she is still paying for her crimes.

On the other hand, Sandra Regina Gomes, whose mother died of cancer in 2009 came from a humble background and didn't even make it through high school. She is in jail for kidnapping and killing a teenage boy who lived in her neighborhood back in 2003, which she did with three other men. She received a 27-year prison sentence for her crimes.

9 Lyle Menendez And Rebecca Sneed

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Lyle and Eric Mendez are brothers who are currently serving life sentences in prison for killing their parents. These brothers bought shotguns and a few days later killed their parents inside their Beverly Hills mansion back on August 20, 1989. Their father was a wealthy businessman and their mother was a homemaker and a socialite.

They shot their father, Jose Mendez, in the head from point-blank range and their mother Kitty Mendez several times on her face and torso, and then shot their kneecaps to make it look like a mob execution. Lyle claimed their father molested them, and so they committed the acts as a form of self-defence, but they were still found guilty of murder.

However, even after committing those crimes, the brothers got married when in prison. Lyle first married Anna Erikkson, a former model, but she divorced him when she discovered he was being unfaithful. He went ahead and married Rebecca Sneed, a magazine editor who became an attorney, but their marriage was recently on the rocks owing to news of Lyle living as a gay man in prison.

8 Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. And Rosalie Martinez

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Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. became the prime suspect in an investigation revolving around three unsolved murders after an anonymous caller tipped off investigators concerning the case. Bolin killed and raped many women, some of them included Holley, a Church's Fried Chicken manager on Jan 25, 1986; she was found dead, possibly the result of the 10 stab wounds on her. Also, on Dec 5, 1986, he killed Collins, a Chamberlain High School senior, who was found stabbed and her skull crushed, and Matthew, an employee in one of the Tampa banks whose throat had been slit and head bludgeoned.

Bolin is on this list because, in 1996, he married Rosalie Martinez, his former public defender in a ceremony held over the phone. The weirdest thing here is despite knowing all the details of the case, Rosalie left her lawyer husband, with whom she had four children with, and her position in the public defender's office to be with Bolin. Officials in the jail reported she was caught in compromising positions in Bolin's cell.

7 Chucky Mamou And Sandie Blanton

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Sandie Blanton is one of the women who ended up falling in love with at least two prisoners at two different times and even married one of them. The one she married was Chucky Mamou, a criminal on Death Row for abducting, raping, and killing a teenager, but of course, he claims he didn't do it.

Sandie got into this relationship owing to her decision to start writing letters to inmates who were awaiting execution, so she fell in love with Mamou. Sadie visited Mamou in prison for two years, and felt a close connection with him, regardless of never having a physical relationship. Their bond grew so strong that they got married in 2008 although it was Mamou's dad who stood in his son's place during the wedding and even slipped the ring on her finger because of prison restrictions.

Six weeks into the marriage Sadie discovered her husband was writing sexual letters to another woman, and she decided to end the relationship. However, she soon fell in love with another Death Row inmate, Reginald Blanton, who was serving time for killing his friend by shooting him in the head.

6 Ronald Cook And Marc Rodriguez

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Ronald Cook and Marc Rodriguez became the first same-sex couple in New York to marry in jail in 2011. These two met at Auburn Correctional Facility in 2002 and their relationship grew slowly over a period. Marc Rodriguez was gay and everyone knew about it, even calling him "Sunshine," however, Ron hadn't been in a gay relationship before.

Of course, other prisoners and some officers had some hateful comments about their relationship, but they continued spending their free time together and passed notes between cells. Rodriguez spent time behind bars for four years for robbery and got out in 2004, but he didn't want to go home so he moved near the prison to be close to Cook.

On the other hand, Ronald Cook got a 12-year prison sentence for rape and other crimes related to sex, but of course, he denies involvement in any of those crimes.

5 Ted Bundy And Carole Ann Boone

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Ted Bundy was probably one of the most notorious criminals in the United States during the 1970s. Bundy was a kidnapper, a burglar, a rapist, and a serial killer, who beat up and murdered numerous women in the 1970s. Although Bundy denied taking part in the murders for over 10 years, he later confessed to killing 30 women between 1974 and 1978, but investigators believe the number of victims could be higher.

One of the crazy things Bundy did was decapitate at least 12 victims and keep their heads in his apartment, as a memento of sorts. When Bundy was incarcerated, he tried to escape at least twice, and in the process committed further killings.

However, even with such knowledge, Carole Ann Boone went ahead and married him in a courtroom in February 1980. Two years later, Carole gave birth to a daughter and claimed Bundy was her father, despite the restrictions of conjugal visits for inmates. Bundy was executed on January 24, 1989, in the electric chair.

4 Mikhail Ivan Gallatinov And Marc Goodwin

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Mikhail Ivan Gallatinov and Marc Goodwin made history in Britain by becoming the first same-sex couple to get married while serving time in prison. Both these men are serving life sentences for committing murders.

Gallatinov was a predatory pedophile with convictions of offenses against children, who went ahead to kill Adrian Kaminsky. According to the judge, the murderer was cold-blooded, chilling, callous, and motiveless, and this earned him a life sentence with a minimum of 20 years in prison. On the other hand, Goodwin is serving a life sentence for killing Malcolm Benfold, a 57-year-old man in Blackpool, England. This was a homophobic murder, since before attacking his victim and beating him to death, he talked about gay bashing, although he was also apparently looking for money to buy alcohol.

These two dangerous criminals tied the knot in March 2015, in a children's play area in the prison's visiting center. The 20-minute ceremony had a handful of guests, including friends, relatives, four prison officers, and six security officers who were on duty.

3 Susan Atkins And James W. Whitehouse

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Susan Atkins was one of Charles Manson's "family" members, who together with other followers, committed nine murders in different locations over a five week period. She was convicted of eight murders and sentenced to death, although the sentence was automatically commuted to life in prison. Atkins stayed in prison from October 1969 to September 2009, one week short of spending 40 years in prison.

During her time in prison, Atkins married two times. She first married Donald Lee Laisure and became his 35th wife, but they got a divorce because he wanted to marry another woman. Her second husband was James W. Whitehouse, a man who was 15 years younger than her and a Harvard Law School graduate. This marriage lasted from 1987 until her death in 2009.

Although Atkins had changed so much over the years, even becoming a born again Christian, participating in prison programs, teaching, and even intervening during a suicide attempt, her request for parole always resulted in denial.

2 Dilli Koirala And Mimkosha Bista

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Dilli Koirala and Mimkosha Bista are a man and a woman in prison together in Western Nepal who got married in February this year, in one of the most unusual weddings ever. The small prison has a population of 53 prisoners, 3 women and 50 men, who stay on separate sections of the prison where both genders don't interact.

Dilli Koirala is in jail for killing his wife and he has to wait for 14 years to complete his 20-year sentence. On the other hand, Mimkosha Bista is in jail for killing her husband, but she only has to serve four more years to the end of her sentence. Therefore, this couple has to wait for at least 14 years before they consummate their marriage, unless if the prison will allow conjugal visits anytime soon.

Weird enough, these two saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, and they have the groom's mother to thank for the matchmaking since she is also in the same prison for helping her son kill his first wife. Clearly, these two deserve each other because they both killed their first spouses, and at least they both know what the other is capable of doing.

1 Phillip Carl Jablonski And Carol Spadoni

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Phillip Carl Jablonski used to be in the military and he went on even to serve the United States overseas; however, today we just know him as the serial killer serving time for killing five women. The first woman he killed was Linda Kimball in 1978, a woman he was living with and they even had a child together. She had left him since he wanted to rape her mother, but he killed her when she had come to pick up some things for the baby.

As he was serving 12 years for the murder, he met and married Carol Spadoni while in prison, although it's hard to tell why she even thought he could make a good husband. However, barely a year after coming out of prison, he killed Carol and her mother in 1991 at their home. A day earlier he had sexually assaulted and killed Fathyma Vann, a fellow student at their local community college. A few days later Jablonski killed Margie Rogers in Utah, following a violent robbery.

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