21 21st Century Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

In the history of the human race, there are some mysteries that remain unsolved and unanswered. These questions befuddle people around the world. Maybe the facts of a criminal case just don’t add up. Maybe someone disappeared without a trace. Maybe something strange happened, and that’s all anyone can say about the lingering questions about them. Whatever the case, all that matters is despite the best efforts of people around the world to try and piece together the mystery, we still don't know what happened. And it’s not just old cold cases that have caught the attention of people around the world. Some unsolved mysteries have taken place even in the era of smartphones and the internet, which is just even more surprising considering all the tools that are at our disposal.

But still, in places across the world, people have been disappeared or crimes have been committed, and yet there’s still no evidence to prove who actually did the crimes and what actually happened. And while hope may remain in some cases, a few of these mysteries are just confounding and seemingly impossible to solve. It’s horrifying to think that, even in this day and age, people are only one bad day away from all of a sudden disappearing or even losing their life. Here are 21 of the creepiest and unexplainable unsolved mysteries of the 21st century so far, and (what few) details we have discovered thanks to the investigations.


21 Who Hacked The Comcast Signal?

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This list is going to get very dark, very fast, so let’s start with an unexplained mystery that’s not fodder for the next thirty weeks of nightmares. In 2007, a broadcast of the Dora the Explorer/Bob the Builder-esque cartoon series Handy Mandy was interrupted for Comcast viewers in New Jersey. The signal had been hijacked, and had replaced the Disney children’s show with footage from an adult film. Comcast vowed to uncover who’d done it, and investigate the intrusion. But in 2009, Comcast viewers in Arizona had the Super Bowl interrupted by the same footage. Comcast was baffled, as the signal had been correct when they sent it out and that the footage appearing could not have been an accident. How did someone break into their signal and do that? No one knows. Alright, everyone had a laugh at the ultimate Comcast prank? Okay, good. Let’s get into some more horrifying mysteries.

20 Was Elisa Lam Hiding From Someone?

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In February of 2013, guests at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles reported problems with their water supply. Maintenance workers investigated the water tank, and found the body of a young woman. The young woman was identified as Elisa Lam, a student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. What pushed her to the forefront of the news were the circumstances regarding her death. Security camera footage from inside a hotel elevator is the last time anyone saw her alive. In the footage, she seems to be reluctant to leave the elevator, and even appears to be hiding from something outside the malfunctioning lift. She begins to act strangely, pushing random buttons and covering her ears from some unheard noise. She even appears to speak a few times, and makes odd gestures with her hands. Then she moves out of the elevator, and wouldn’t be seen again until the hotel employees found her unclothed body floating in the water tank. No sign of violence or drug use were found on or in her body, leaving people to wonder just how she managed to end up in the water tank.

19 Whatever Happened To Garnell Monroe Moore?

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In 2002, 7-year-old Garnell Monroe Moore disappeared without a trace, to the point where not even a theory of his whereabouts can properly be created. At the time, Garnell was living with his aunt Belinda Cash while his own mother was in prison and father had skipped town. He was last seen in 2002. In 2005, other relatives asked where he was. Belinda gave a series of confusing and contradictory answers, including claiming that he was away on a school trip (when in reality he had never even been enrolled in school). The relatives contacted the police, and Belinda changed her story to claim that she had left him at the social services building in West Baltimore. But upon further investigation, the building she listed proved to not even exist. So what happened? Where did she leave him? And where is he now?

18 What Does The Cipher Mean?

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On the eve of the new millennium, a 41-year-old man named Ricky McCormick was found in a corn field in Missouri, fifteen miles from his home. He hadn’t been seen in five days, and no specific cause of death was claimed. And like that, Ricky McCormick almost became another forgotten and lost soul. Instead, a detail the investigating police and FBI didn’t disclose with the public initially brought him back to the spotlight. In 2011, members of the FBI revealed that McCormick’s body had been found with odd pieces of paper in his pocket, containing an odd and specific coded message. The code has mystified the smartest codebreakers in America, prompting the FBI to post the notes online and ask the general public for help. The code has proven to be well-crafted and has yet to be broken, which is especially confusing because McCormick’s family claims he could barely write his own name, let alone come up with something so complicated. So how did the notes get in his pocket?

17 What Did Brandon Swanson See?

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Nineteen-year-old college student Brandon Swanson did what so many other teenagers have done at some point: gotten into a small car accident. He was seemingly unhurt when he crashed into a Minnesotan ditch in 2008, and called his parents to ask them to come and pick him up. His parents searched for him, but failed to find him. They spoke to him for forty five minutes over the phone, trying to figure out where he was. After a while, Brandon claimed he saw the lights of a nearby town and apparently started heading towards them. But he suddenly screamed “Oh s***!” and the call cut out. This was the last anyone heard about Brandon Swanson. Searches failed to find any evidence of him, and his last call actually came from twenty miles further away than he thought he was located. But the creepiest detail is that for two days after, his phone rang whenever it was called. It wasn’t broken or turned off or dead. But no one ever answered. Where is that phone? And who had it?

16 Who Was The Atlantic City Serial Killer?

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The Long Beach Killer isn’t the only mysterious figure from the mid-2000s who stalked the New Jersey area who managed to evade justice. The Eastbound Strangler – otherwise known as the Atlantic City Serial Killer – was responsible for four deaths in late 2006. Initial suspicions suggested the two could be one and the same, but their methods were different enough to suggest that the two were different people. Four prost*tutes were found in a drainage ditch in New Jersey. They had been arranged in a row, their faces down to the ground. They were all clothed, except for their socks and shoes (which had been removed from the bodies). Each of them had apparently been killed by strangling. Although two men were identified as the possible killer, no evidence was able to directly tie either of them to the case.

15 What Could Have Happened To Jonathan Luna?

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Jonathan Luna was a seemingly happily married man, proud father to two beautiful children, and leading a quiet but positive life as an Assistant United States Attorney in Baltimore. In December of 2003, he stayed late at the office and eventually left for home shortly after 11:30. He was found the next morning, dumped in a stream – in Pennsylvania, states away from his last known location. He also had multiple wounds in his chest and stomach. The murder investigation revealed he had originally driven to Delaware after leaving work, stopping at an ATM and withdrawing $200. He crossed a toll road, leaving blood on the pass he received from the toll machine. Most of his blood was found in the backseat of his car, but neither his body or his car had his glasses. He’d actually left them at work, which begs the question as to how he was able to drive without his proper eyesight. Somehow, members of the coroner’s office want to list it as a suic*de (seriously), claiming he stabbed himself over thirty times and then stumbled to the river, which is crazy.


14 Where Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 End Up?

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In March of 2014, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Malaysia towards China. 239 people (among them passengers and airline employees) were aboard the plane when it took to the skies, and none of them would be seen on land again. Despite the clear weather along the flight path and complete lack of distress signal from the cockpit of the plane, Flight 370 disappeared from radar screens suddenly and has not been found since. Some small debris has been found that is believed to be remains of the plane, but nothing else has been found from the flight. There are a number of theories about what happened to the flight and everyone on it, but it remains a baffling question to this day. How could a plane just disappear?

13 What's Happening In Henry McCabe's Last Voicemail?

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In 2015, Minnesota resident Henry McCabe went out drinking with his friends on Labor Day weekend. After getting inebriated, his friends dropped him off at a gas station convenience store. He was never seen alive again. Two months later, his body was found in the lake with no sign of foul play. But the voicemail he left for his wife says otherwise. At 2:28 AM, McCabe’s wife received a bizarre call from him where could hear him screaming that he’d been shot. When she called his brother, the latter part of the call was recorded – alongside his screams and moans of pain, there’s a strange growling that can be heard in the audio. After a moment, everything goes silent, followed by an unknown man saying, “Stop it.” Wait, what?!

12 What Was On Ray Gricar's Computer?

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Ray Gricar was the district attorney in Pennsylvania from the 1990s and into the 2000s. During that time, he became heavily involved in putting together a legal case against Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on allegations about s*xual abuse. Though he declined to press charges twice over the years, he had been reportedly working on the case towards what he claimed would be the end of his career. Then, in April 2005, Gricer called his girlfriend to tell her he was going on a drive. Eventually, his car was found and his laptop had been destroyed and left in a river. Attempts have been made to recover information from the computer, but even companies that have recovered info from crashed shuttles have failed to uncover its contents. To make matters stranger, authorities investigated his home and found a series of internet searches in his history, trying to learn how to thoroughly destroy a hard drive. What was on that computer? Where is Ray Gricar?

11 Where Did Zebb Quinn Go Off In Such A Hurry?

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In early 2000, teenager Zebb Quinn received a beeper message that prompted him to call someone on a pay-phone. He soon left, racing off in his car. Two weeks later, the car was found, full of strange belongings that didn’t seem to have belonged to Zebb – one of which happened to be a three-month old Labrador puppy, because this story apparently wasn’t strange enough for the universe. Some of the other evidence included an unidentifiable hotel room key and a mysterious jacket. Exclamation points were left on the back window in lipstick. But nothing gave investigators any information about the current status of Zebb, and he has since been pronounced dead. Recently, an acquaintance of Zebb's has been accused of murdering him, though that case is still ongoing and that man is already serving a life sentence for killing an entire family. Still, the craziest part of the story might still be the arrival of the puppy. Seriously, how does the dog play into all of this?

10 Whose Heart Was Found In Ohio?

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In 2016, two EMS workers were grabbing a snack from a convince store in Ohio when they noticed a large Ziploc bag in a nearby field. Upon inspection, the two were horrified to find a human heart inside it. Officials quickly got to work trying to identify the heart and who it had once belonged to, but were shocked when the heart failed to match up to any other found bodies. Analysis of the heart led scientists to determine it was freshly removed, and that must not have been out of a body for very long before the EMS workers found it. No one can explain where it came from and how it ended up there, but what we do know is that there are going to be some horrifying nightmares waiting for us tonight about body parts in bags in the field.

9 What Happened To The Crews Of The Japanese Ghost Boats?

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Every year, mysterious wooden ships wash up alongside the Japanese shores. But what makes it incredibly worrisome is that usually, corpses are found onboard the ships. The bodies have not been able to be identified, and no motive has been found behind the boat cruises. However, authorities are quick to point fingers at nearby North Korea, and suggest that these boats are either North Korean fisherman lost at sea, or more likely attempted defectors who weren’t able to make it all the way to freedom. But whatever the case may be, it’s still an incredibly unsettling prospect to imagine waking up one morning to find a boat full of bodies bobbing its way down the beach towards you and your family. Over 70 bodies have been recovered from these ships.

8 What Happened To The Jamison Family?

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The Jamison Family (Bobby Dale, Sherilynn, and their six year old daughter Madyson) were in the Oklahoma Mountains in 2009. There were reportedly looking to buy property in the area, but disappeared during their search. Their car turned up containing their phones, wallets, cash, and their starving dog. Four years later however, three bodies matching the Jamison family were discovered just three miles away from where the car was originally recovered. However, the bodies had decomposed to the point that no real form of death could be discerned from their corpses, leaving investigators baffled. There are many theories about the deaths (Sherilyn’s Mother is convinced they were on the run from some mysterious cult, while their Pastor claims Bobby Dale has been looking for a new home to escape the spirit possessing their house at the time), but none have been confirmed.

7 How Did A Woman Disappear On A Disney Cruise Ship?

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The Disney Cruise line is a mega successful arm of the Disney Corporation, offering families a fun and fantastical cruise experience. But one young woman who worked for the company actually disappeared as if like magic. Rebecca Coriam, a Youth Activities Coordinator on one of the ships was last seen March 22, 2011. Security cameras caught her having an intense phone call in the morning before she hung up and left her room, at which point, she vanished. A ship-wide hunt for her turned up no leads, and the Coast Guard failed to locate her body while searching surrounding waters. In recent years, people working aboard the ship have given shifty answers to her eventual fate, some even claiming that she was witnessed climbing over the side of her own volition. But higher ups at Disney have refused to cooperate in the investigation, prompting many to wonder what the company might be hiding.

6 Where Did Maura Murray Go?

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Nursing student Maura Murray emailed her supervisors in 2004, claiming that there had been a death in her family and she needed to be out of town for the next week. They agreed to it, and Maura departed the school. While driving through rural New Hampshire, she lost control and veered into a snowbank. A passing bus driver stopped and offered assistance, but she told him to keep on going and that she’d already called AAA. Still curious though, the bus driver left and called the cops. By the time police arrived, she had disappeared – without leaving prints in the snow. While investigating her disappearance, authorities learnt from her relatives that there hadn’t been any deaths in the family, and that she had been suffering from a mental breakdown at work just days earlier. It even turned out she never called AAA. Less than a day after disappearing, her boyfriend got a voicemail that sounded like it was just Maura sobbing uncontrollably. She’s never been found, leaving people to wonder what happened to her.

5 Who Did This Head Belong To?

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In late 2014, a small boy in Pennsylvania was shocked to find a severed head alongside the road. The head clearly belonged to an old woman from around the area, but questions arose upon further examination of her head. It turns out that the head had been given pristine care (besides the fact that it was removed from the body, of course) and professionally embalmed. Well, almost professionally. Instead of the typical false eyes that are used in embalmed skulls to replace the eyeballs, this head was discovered to have bouncy balls that were painted to look like eyeballs has been placed in the sockets. No local hospital, cemetery, or morgue could account for the head, and no match to any other body was reported. What’s the bigger question? Why the bouncy balls, or where is the rest of her body?

4 Who Came For Gareth Williams?

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This one full on has some spy drama, so get ready for some crazy international espionage. Gareth Williams was a Welsh mathematician and secretly worked for the British Secret Intelligence Service (a.k.a. real life James Bond people). He was found dead at a safe house in London in 2010, and the initial investigation claimed it to be an unnatural death and likely a murder case. This is probably because his body was found inside a bag, padlocked from the outside, on the bathtub. Two senior sources within the British police claim he was working internationally with the American NSA at the time of his death, and had been helping target Russian money laundering schemes. And some experts claim his is just one of the multiple targets killed by Russian agents in the UK. Which, if it were just a movie, would be really interesting. But it’s real life, and that’s kind of terrifying. Does that mean there are Russian agents in more cities?

3 How Did Kyle Fleischmann Disappear?

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This one starts at one start a Dane Cook comedy show. In 2007, Kyle Fleischmann was in Charlotte celebrating a positive series of events for him and his friends. When his friends left the bar, Kyle elected to stay behind. He ended up drinking more and dancing with a woman, before being accosted by one of their boyfriends. After last call, he left the bar (leaving his wallet and jacket) and got pizza at 2:30 AM. He tried to call his father’s office three times, then two of his friends before his phone died at 4:00 AM. The next morning, no one could find him. He disappeared off the face of the earth, and despite the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, no trace of him has ever appeared. What happened to Kyle Flieschmann?

2 Who Wanted To Hurt Aarushi Talwar?

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One of the biggest unsolved mysteries to come out of India happened less than ten years ago in the city of Noida. One night in 2008, thirteen-year-old Aarushi Talwar was found dead in her home. Initially, the missing live-in domestic worker named Hemraj Banjade was considered to be the chief suspect in the case. But the next day, his body was also found by police investigating the murder. The parents were soon suspected of the murder, but were quickly exonerated. Three men were arrested and tried for the murders, but let go when evidence failed to tie them to the crime. Her parents were eventually convicted of the crime, but released in 2017 due to lack of evidence. But the question remains: what happened to Aarushi and Hemraj?

1 Who Was Behind The West Mesa Tragedies?

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Albuquerque has primarily become known in the general social consciousness as the setting for landmark television drama, Breaking Bad. But a series of very real crimes made the city notorious in 2009. That’s when a vacant lot near the edge of the city limits was discovered to be a shallow grave full of eleven bodies. Many of the bodies were identified as prost*tutes from the area, although another belonged to a fifteen-year-old who had disappeared five years previously. Due to limited budgets with the local police, the 118th Street Homicides (or as they’re otherwise known, the West Mesa Murders) remain unsolved, which prompts the question: how did they manage to hide so many bodies in one place without anyone finding out?


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