20 Stupidest Laws That Still Exist In The World

Whenever you start to think that you live in the worst country in the world, read this list to remind yourself that ridiculous laws exist all over.

If you think that you live in the worst country in the world, then you must seriously have no idea about the many stupid laws of different countries. Each and every country has its setbacks and silly laws which make them ridiculous. For example, do you know that you can be fined in Dubai for having a dirty car? I mean, come on! It is the person’s choice whether he or she wants to clean the car or not. Similarly, there are many U.S. states that don’t allow black men to sit at the front side of the bus. It is surely racism, and this might be the worst of all. The U.S. state is great at many things, but they also have some stupid laws, many which condone racism. In the United States, there are people who still believe in racism and even promote it. So, is it actually the United States? Well, after knowing these, you might feel a bit better about your own country.

There are many kinds of stupid laws a country can have. Some of them are very funny, while other make you ask yourself some questions: Does this still happen in 2017? What am I doing on planet Earth? Why am I still alive in a world like this? Check out the twenty stupidest laws of the world which definitely need to be changed.

20 In Florida, Unmarried Women Are Not Allowed To Skydive On A Sunday


Doesn’t it just sound so crazy? What if you want to go skydiving with your family or friends or loved ones on a Sunday but you can’t just because you are UNMARRIED! It clearly does not make any sense, and I am sure you also find it ridiculous. However, most Sundays at Skydive Jacksonville, this law is broken by at least one unmarried woman and nobody takes a notice.

Of course, who would charge you for breaking a law as stupid as this? This is clearly a law that has simply never been changed. But it's hard to believe it's technically still a law, even if no one respects it. In fact, all the unmarried women should break this stupid law, and maybe one day it will be abolished for good!

19 In Iran, You Are Allowed To "Do It" With Domesticated Animals, But You Can’t With Wild Animals


Are you kidding me? Who on earth wants to have s*x with animals?! Well, surely there are sick-minded people who have intense sexual fantasies in their heads, but a mentally stable human being surely does not want to have s*x with an ANIMAL.

Iranian seriously need to reconsider this law. You are not allowed to have sex with wild animals because they might hurt you, or what? Yet for some inexplicable reason, it is completely okay to have s*x with domesticated animals. We are very bewildered as to why the "domesticated" part makes any difference at all in this disgusting act. They should change this law to “A human being can’t have s*x with any animal.”

Not only Iran, but also Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Hungary, Finland, and Romania also allow people to have s*x with animals. That’s sick!

18 If You Are A Married Woman, You Can’t Drink More Than One Glass Of Wine In La Paz, Bolivia


Here comes another weird rule! Many countries have set bizarre laws about drinking for moral reasons, but this one is seriously stupidest. In La Paz, a married woman can’t have more than one glass of wine in public. This law was made so that the drunken women don’t flirt with other men. Like, seriously?

On the other hand, men are allowed to have as many drinks as they want at a bar or in public, because apparently men never behave like that. We would argue that men don’t need to be drunk to flirt because most of them do it all the time (no offence). This law does not make any sense!

17 Don’t Bring “Noisy Footwear” To Capri, Italy


Capri is an island in Italy which is famous for its beautiful sights and upscale lifestyle. If you are planning a trip to Capri, make sure that you don’t put “noisy footwear” in your luggage, however. Technically, you might go to jail! Noisy sandals are banned there because the people of Capri prefer quiet and peace. I wonder, are flip flops really that loud? Apparently this has been enough of a problem to have become illegal! Well, it sure is a weird law.

I am sorry to all the flip flop lovers, but if you don’t want to get fined by the cops of Capri, then you must not bring any noisy footwear to the area. This is one that we never would have thought of.

16 It Is Prohibited To Swear, Yell, And Spit In Alberta


Alberta, the corn capital of Canada, is famed for its bountiful sunshine and rich mineral deposits. However, the beautiful place has some of the stupidest laws ever, like the fact that you aren't allowed to spit in public. If you dare to do so, you will be charged with $75. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Surely it is great to keep it clean but one should not be charged for SPITTING.

This isn't the only ridiculous law. If you are angry or yell at someone, it will cost you $150. And if you are caught a second time, then you will be characterized as a serial killer and the charge for that is $250. It is good to take manners seriously but these laws are totally insane. This way people are not able to express their emotions and, as a result, they lose their power of freedom. When tourists visit another city or country, they would be easily scared or won’t be able to defend themselves in a bad circumstance. The government needs to give it a thought!

15 If You Live In Oklahoma, You Can’t Make An Ugly Face At A Dog


Does it make any sense? Surely not! Oklahoma government is more concerned about its dogs than its people, clearly. Firstly, we don't know what's so dangerous about making an ugly face at a dog? Despite the expression, looks don't actually kill. What if you are in a playful mood with your dog and want to do some funny things like making an ugly face? You will be fined for this! Sometimes people can make "ugly" faces without even realizing it. Does Oklahoma want everyone to be constantly making sure their face stays in a neutral expression around dogs, lest their facial expressions should be interpreted the wrong way?!

Besides, what if you don’t need to make a face to look ugly?

14 In Wilbur, Washington, Riding An Ugly Horse Costs You $300


Back in the days when technology did not overcome everything, North Americans depended on horses for regular transportation. Some sensible laws were made regarding this fact, while others were put in place that are totally weird. The stupidest law about riding a horse is that you can’t ride an “ugly” horse and if you do, you will be charged with $300. Who gets to decide which horse is ugly and which isn't? Ever hear the expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"

Calling an animal “ugly” is not only stupid, it is actually cruel. All animals, even the funny-looking ones, are important. Surprisingly, PETA did not pay any attention to this law. Horses are the most faithful animals and calling them ugly is shameful.

13 In Hartford, Connecticut, You Can’t Teach Anything To A Dog


Just ask a dog lover how he/she feels about this. These cute creatures are very good learners, but if you live in Hartford, you are not allowed to teach them anything. It definitely does not make any sense. Technically, training a dog is "teaching" it good behavior. Nobody wants his dog to poop and pee everywhere, right? Also, if you can’t teach them anything, then you can’t play with them, as it also leads to learning. Dogs are constantly learning, so a law like this is a little bit absurd.

Do people have dogs in Hartford? And if yes, do they break this stupid law and teach them? Just a thought!

12 Children Need a license To Play Games On A Sunday In Tennessee


If you live in Tennessee, or you spent your childhood there, then you must know what I am talking about. A Sunday is a fun day but when it comes to Tennessee’s children, it technically should different for them, if we are paying attention to the law. In Tennessee, children are not allowed to play games on a Sunday if they don’t have a license. Are you kidding me? Like who wants a license for children so they can spend the afternoon playing games?

I wonder how children of Tennessee spend their Sundays. If it were up to Tennessee, spontaneous fun would be banned entirely! Poor kids!

11 A Man Can Beat His Wife Once A Month In Arizona


This is one of the most ridiculous laws we have ever heard about. What kind of human being would create such law? Beating any human being, whether man or woman, is stupid and completely wrong. I don’t understand how someone would want to beat his wife, yet we know that, sadly, many do. The last thing we need, however, is a law to condone this kind of behaviour. While we know that, historically, men beating their wives was not as taboo as it is today, we still can't believe this law still exists in the state of Arizona!

When hearing about this law, one must wonder what a woman is supposed to do if her husband beats her. Can she go to the law? Technically, if her awful husband keeps his violence to once a month, he is technically obeying the law! It's absolutely sick. Arizona should get rid of this misogynistic law.

10 If You Have A Mustache, Don’t Go To Eureka


If Eureka, Nevada is on your to-visit wish list, or you are about to go there for work, then let me tell you that you better shave your mustache. A man with mustache is not allowed to kiss a woman.

Does this make any sense? Absolutely not. It is surely stupid, but it is pretty funny, too. What is the connection between mustache and kissing a woman? Do mustaches have some kind of negative effect on women that we have never considered? You better shave your mustache or just stay away from Eureka women, which would probably be very difficult to do, because the town has many super gorgeous women.

We suppose all the men have to choose between their facial hair or their love lives!

9 If You Are Pregnant Then You Can Urinate Anywhere In The UK


A piece of advice for all those people who live in the UK: stay away from all the pregnant women you know, because technically they are allowed to urinate anywhere they want. This means that a pregnant woman is able to urinate in a policeman’s helmet, in your hand bag, in your planting pot, or just anywhere that strikes her fancy.

Okay, we totally understand that she is a pregnant woman but STILL. She's pregnant, but she is still living in civilized society! The thought of someone just urinating openly is a little sickening. Peeing over anyone or anything is totally insane, even if you are pregnant.

8 If You M*sturbate In Indonesia, You Are Sentenced To Death


Keep those hands where we can see 'em! There is no secret that some Asian countries have the harshest penalties for drug related crimes, r*pe, murder, and general immoral behavior. However, these immoral behaviors include masturbation, lewd gestures, and swearing. A lot of the people we know would rot in jail in Indonesia!

Most people have a concept that the penalty for masturbation is death, which is not completely true. Cutting the head off every citizen or tourist would create lots of problems for the country's tourism and trade. But if you are found masturbating in public, you are punished with a maximum of 2 years and 8 months in prison. Surely, this is an immoral behavior, but 2 years and 8 months is such a long time period, isn’t it?

If you are going to visit Indonesia, then save yourself from trouble. Don’t forget the old saying, “When in Rome do as the Romans do, and you will be fine.” Well, same goes for any other place in the world!

7 In Vermont, Ask Permission From Your Husband To Wear False Teeth


We live in the world which is full of wonders, where technology has made the world a global village. But in Vermont, a wife still needs to take her husband’s permission if she wants or needs to wear false teeth. I can’t believe that! What about women’s freedom and equality of men and women? Women have come a long way, but apparently their teeth are still under the jurisdiction of their husbands.

Similarly, in Michigan, you can’t cut your hair unless your husband gives you permission. These laws were clearly from another time, but they still exist! Does a woman have to ask her husband whether she can breathe or not? Ridiculous laws!

6 Bahrain Male Doctors Can Examine A Woman’s Genitals, But Can’t Look Directly At Them


Seriously, Bahrain? Who made this stupid law? I mean, you can touch a female’s private parts while examining it, but you can’t look directly at them? What kind of doctor can do anything helpful or productive without looking directly at the affected areas? In Bahrain, a male doctor is allowed only to see their reflection in a mirror. We are not sure what difference this makes in terms of a woman's modesty. It just seems to be an extra obstacle for the doctor to overcome when trying to serve his patients.

Just thinking how many Bahrain male doctors broke this law! Do you think they actually follow this stupid law? Maybe Bahrain needs to make some serious legal updates.

5 In Nebraska, A Mother Needs A State License To Give Her Daughter A Perm


If you are a mother of a daughter who lives in Nebraska, or you are expecting a baby, it is better that you don’t make any plans about your daughter’s hairstyle. In Nebraska, you are not allowed to give a perm to your daughter’s hair until you have a state license. Like seriously? A mother who went through one hell of a time to give birth needs a state license for styling her kid's hair? What an important and helpful law!

Do Nebraska mothers really get a state license so they can give their daughters a perm? Maybe they do. Although something tells me that most moms won't go through another hassle, especially since we know their lives are full of them already! Of course, mothers are love!

4 Pickles Must Bounce In Connecticut


In Connecticut, a pickle is not considered as a pickle unless it bounces, and you can’t sell a pickle which does not bounce. According to a 1948 article, two scheming pickle packers tried to sell pickles which were not good for human consumption. This is how this law was made! At the time, Connecticut’s Food and Drug Commissioner affirmed that a real prickle always bounces, if it does not then it can’t be sold.

Connecticut people must stop following this law, don’t you think? It’s been more than 50 years when that “unfit prickle” incident happened and so much has changed since then. This law should be changed, as it does not really have any relevance anymore. Nowadays, people eat such unhealthy food that pickles that don't bounce are the least of our problems.

3 New Jersey: Don’t Kill Someone While Wearing A Bulletproof Vest


In New Jersey, you are not allowed to murder someone if you are wearing a bulletproof vest. So, you mean it is completely okay to kill someone if you don’t wear a bulletproof vest? That’s just crazy!

New Jersey court must have a look at this stupid law, which seems to suggest that the problem with killing someone is what they are wearing! We don't see what wearing a bulletproof vest changes about the act of murder.

Has anyone ever thought about it in New Jersey? I mean, killing someone while not wearing a bulletproof vest might be less of a crime than plain ol' murder. This is one stupid and useless law.

2 You Can’t Dance In South Carolina On A Sunday


The best part is that it is illegal to work on a Sunday in South Carolina. For all the dance lovers, there is a bad news that they can’t dance on a Sunday. You can't work, you can't dance. What can you do? If you are planning a trip to South Carolina, just know that you can’t dance there on a Sunday, otherwise you could technically be fined.

It is a weird law, isn’t it? Sunday is a holiday and you spend time with your loved ones. What if someone wants to dance with his/her love? Sorry everyone, South Carolina says you simply can't.

1 Women Can’t Drive A Car In Saudi Arabia


This law is truly the most ridiculous on the list, because it is actually observed by citizens. If you have ever been to Saudi Arabia or live there, then you surely know what I am talking about. In Saudi Arabia, a woman is not allowed to drive a car. In the era of digitalization, there are still stupid norms and values like this. What about the freedom of a person regardless the gender?

Moreover, there are many Asian countries which have a concept that women are always bad drivers. This is totally ridiculous! These stereotypes have no basis in reality, and should not be influencing our laws. I wonder when people will finally think that women are equal to men. We all know that women are more than capable!

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