20 Stupid Memes Created By The Flat Earth Society

Card on the table here, I had no idea that the "Flat Earth" community was so incredibly large. I knew they were all very dense. But I had no idea they were so numerous, and significant.

Now of course, don't confuse what I'm saying here. They are indeed significant. But not in any sort of way that is going to impact the way in which the world turns. No, no. They are significant in that the internet is plastered with Flat Earth memes. To be sure, many of them are just made to cause irritation; trolling the Flat Earth theory, even though it's obviously bogus.

But then there are those who really do believe this nonsense. Meaning they really do believe the Earth is flat. To put that into perspective, they believe there is a true edge to the Earth. If you kept walking (and eventually boating), and walking you would eventually come to the literal edge of the Earth.

If nothing else, these crackpots have really given all of us something to laugh pretty hard at...or they've just given us reason to face palm very, very hard. Either way, here are 20 ridiculous Flat Earth memes.


20 Research Just Proves A Flat Earth

So apparently the theory goes that if you just do your research, the evidence will point you directly to the Earth being flat. Of course this is absolutely ridiculous. Much like the rest of the memes in this article. But welcome to the wacky world of the Flat Earth Society. There have been several accounts of people who decided they would debunk the flat Earth theory once and for all...but on the way, they apparently discovered the truth that the Earth is indeed flat. Of course most of these accounts are put out by the Flat Earth Society itself. And a lot of their reasoning seems to revolve (pun intended) around the Bible, and the way in which God created the Earth. So not only are they wrong about the Earth being flat...but they're also likely wrong about how it even got that way.

19 With A Telephoto Lens


So look, both photos are actually real. And what a wonderfully stupid question, yet again, from the Flat Earth Society. It's actually a pretty simple thing going on here. The top photo is by no means the entire Earth. And it's actually quite close to the Earth in comparison to the bottom photo. So of course it will appear flat. The lens is not pulled back enough to capture the entirety of the Earth, and therefore will not capture its full shape. Also there are a couple of things that could enhance the top shot to look flatter than it is. The first of which is the panoramic shot. Meaning several shots in sequence, along a horizontal point, pieced together to create one, long shot. And the other is the telephoto lens. This sort of lens gives a narrower field of view, but also magnifies the subject. the I hope every reader suspected: the Flat Earth Society is absolutely full of sh*t. Circumvent that, if you can.

18 So...There Are Dinosaurs In Space Then?

I'm really unsure about just how this meme supports the flat Earth theory in any way. It seems to suggest that the disc of Earth was indeed hit by an asteroid. Then the Earth disc seemed to rattle a bit. And then...the dinosaurs were somehow discarded from the Earth, and launched into outer space. I guess nothing has hit the Earth since then to launch any other creatures or people out there. It's strange to think that all the dinosaurs ended up in space...especially since there are so many fossils to be found of them on Earth. But of course no one ever expected clear, and logical arguments from the Flat Earth Society. Especially not in the form of memes: the internet's most notorious way of trolling all manner of people.

17 How Does This Work?


Ok. I'm sorry but it's sometimes difficult to get the words out when it comes to some people's stupidity. Anyway, this is not quite how the Earth works. What's interesting though is that they almost got it right. And the fact that they still have the penguins standing on the surface, shows that they sort of give themselves away. They're accepting the force of gravity, which keeps us all on the Earth in the first place. But it's not like it's snow on top of snow. Between the North Pole and Antarctica, there's all sorts of rock, soil, water, rock, soil, magma, rock, soil, water, rock, and soil. If you didn't change the axis when flying out into space, and then flew to the opposite end of the Earth, you would fly in upside down. So They're right, while being very wrong.

16 Curved Glass Is Different Than Curved Earth

Sometimes people really have to be joking...and I have a feeling that at least this one is completely a joke. If not, then I'm even less aware of how stupid people can really be than I thought. But hey, to the meme. For starters, reflections on glass are actually different than reflections on water. In case no one knew this. Also, there do actually happen to be flat surfaces on the Earth. But that doesn't mean that the entire Earth is one big, flat disc. That just means there are parts above the curvature of the Earth that sit flat. There's a reason that the horizon is the way it is on the ocean...because you're actually traveling along a spherical planet. A lake is a bit different. In many, many ways different, in fact. But at least they use really pretty pictures to try and manipulate you.

15 Because You're An Idiot


So to be fair to the Flat Earth Society, there are plenty of computer generated images of the Earth. And other planets, and stars, and other cosmic bodies. But that's not the case for all of the images if you do use the specific "Earth from space" search. In fact, the very image of Earth used for this meme is a non-filtered photograph of the real Earth, taken by the Japanese satellite Himawari-8. This was done in 2014. And what's great about the fact that it was taken by a Japanese satellite is that the Flat Earth Society can't b*tch about NASA being at the bottom of the global conspiracy (pun intended). And that's a great boost of evidence for the round Earth lobby. It's an insult to call it a lobby. It's just the truth. And it seems the Flat Earth Society can do nothing but breakdown their own arguments with their own memes. Wonderful.

14 Don't Drag Sean Bean Into This!

Ok, so this meme has been used for just about everything. But at least it's usually funny. This is just sad. One does not simply use Sean Bean to try and debunk the fact that the Earth is actually round. It's just a travesty, really. And ultimately, this meme was likely created by some troll on 4chan who had nothing better to do with his day than piss people off. And in a troll's case, it doesn't matter if they're pissing off inept, or intellectual people. Just so long as they're getting a rise out of someone. And in that way, I guess I'm helping them out here. One can hope that this is one of the memes that readers can just find their way to laugh at. Even if it's a disgrace to lump Sean Bean in with all of this. He dies in almost everything else. Don't kill his integrity!


13 Shaq Was Kidding Everyone!


So this was actually quite the media explosion for time. Shaq spoke out one day on his podcast about how it's pretty clear the Earth is flat. Kyrie Irving (another NBA player) had talked about his serious belief in the flat Earth earlier that year. The media exploded at Shaq's statements. "I’m just saying. I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity...You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It’s not. The world is flat.” Of course he spoke about his theory not too long after the media went nuts. “The first part of the theory is, I’m joking, you idiots." But that hasn't stopped people from pulling out the Shaq memes to support the flat Earthers. But he believes the world is round, like the rest of us.

12 Edge Of The Earth...But Then There's More Water!

Alright, so any ice wall like this just should have an army of giants, and wildlings pouring over it. And where's Jon Snow? But seriously, pretending that this is the edge of the Earth is pretty ridiculous. Especially since the ocean continues. So where does the water lead? Is there an edge of that ocean as well, where everything suddenly drops off into space? Obviously that ocean then leads to other land on the Earth. I actually have difficulty understanding how this Antarctic ice wall is used as a way to really bolster the Flat Earth Society's claims. It seems to be that they claim the entirety of the flat Earth actually sits within this Antarctic block of ice. And once it drops away, that's it. But...there is obviously no shred of evidence for that. Every bit of evidence flies directly into the face of that ridiculous assumption.

11 They Really Do Just Make Stuff Up


This might be one of my very favourite memes. If for no other reason than the fact that the Flat Earth Society got this one entirely wrong. So in 2012, Felix Baumgartner did indeed free fall from over 23 miles high (it was even over 24 miles high). To call it a space jump is a bit of a false title. Felix had not cleared the atmosphere by any means. The jump happened from within the stratosphere (keep in mind that both atmosphere, and stratosphere have the word sphere in them). It actually only took Felix 90 minutes to ascend to the jump point. And as it only took him jut over six minutes to descend, clearing a speed of over 817 mph (or 1300 kph). The Earth spins not incredibly much faster than that. Not to mention that he did not simply free fall in a straight line. It's perfectly reasonable for Felix to have only landed within 55 miles of his initial drop zone.

10 How Can They Be Serious With This Stuff?

So, maybe some people don't know this, but at the centre of the Earth (because it is a sphere), there is a pretty sizeable ball of magma. That just happens to be fact. And it keeps the Earth spinning. It's like the fire in a steam engine...that only spins round and round. Anyway, there are many layers to the Earth as it happens. And the surface of the Earth does not need to conform to a specific curvature. Which anyone would be able to notice just by looking out their windows. You see, the land on which we stand is formed over millennia by the shifting of tectonic plates, and the opening of underwater vents and volcanoes. You'll never find a perfectly spherical shape while standing on the land, because it isn't perfectly spherical. It's shaped by turmoil and fire.

9 Couldn't Agree More!


So somehow this was put out by flat Earth believers, as if to say that people know nothing about how the Earth is flat. So do research before rejecting it. Which is funny, because it's not like those who believe in a flat Earth actually did any research before rejecting the findings of pretty well every person who ever bothered to find out whether the Earth is round or flat. So this meme really is something should directly be thrown into the face of any flat Earth believer. Because in all honesty: if they could actually research before they reject something they know nothing about...that would be great. But of course that goes against everything that the Flat Earth Society stands for: willful ignorance, complete manipulation of facts, and pitiful attempts to distort reality for no other reason than to be annoyingly contrary.

8 I'd Rather Have Pizza...Just Sayin'

This Flat Earth Society sure knows how to make good things much less appealing. Pizza is one of the most popular foods around the globe (you know, because the Earth is in fact round). And now I'm not sure I'll be able to look at pizza without either getting a little angry, or feeling a little more stupid. They even had to have a box that says "Pizzeria Flatina"? Jeez. I mean, there's at least one good thing about their theory. They're almost on the way to finding the truth. At least it's a flat disc, and not a square. Could you imagine if the meme had the pizza shaped like a Dominos Tombstone pizza? Besides, the Earth is more like several panzerottis stacked together to form a sphere of delicious, pizza goodness. Maybe one day they'll figure out what makes the Earth go round.

7 This Is Something I actually Could Believe...


Given the fact that he hired a climate change denier to be head of the EPA, I would absolutely believe it if someone told me that Donald Trump thought the Earth was flat. All he is is a wealthy, celebrity idiot. And he's making America dumb again. So why not make the Earth flat again? Does it really hurt people to say President Donald Trump? It hurts me to say it. It makes me worry that there are far more flat Earth believers out there than I'd like to think. If people are easily mislead enough to vote for Trump...then it stands to reason that they'd be easily persuaded enough to believe that the Earth is flat. I can't help but wonder if that hat actually exists. And if Trump ever actually wore it. Even if just to get some extra fanatical voters on his side.

6 Child Abuse!?

Alright, this is just obscene! Teaching children that the Earth is round is far from abuse. If anything, teaching the so-called "controversy" is what is ultimately abusive to children. Imagine if you could be charged with child abuse for teaching the fact that the Earth happens to be round. It's interesting, because physical punishment is only really a thing that happens at schools in the southern states...which is not really surprising at all. But according to the Flat Earth Society, all schools around the world (pun intended) are abusing children, simply by having globes in their classrooms. The Flat Earth Society really does need to come up with better than that. Of course if they came with anything relatively intelligent, there wouldn't be so many memes about the theory.

5 LEGO Is Above The Flat Earth Theory


Alright, so the specific LEGO men they chose to use for this meme are at least fairly inclusive, and clever. It makes total sense that a redneck might believe in the flat Earth theory. At least the stereotypical redneck anyway. But to then add an intellectual-looking LEGO man sells the idea that all different types of people believe in this ridiculous theory. But the thing that really gets me down about this is that LEGO is so incredibly cool. You can even buy a LEGO Death Star from Star Wars! And while LEGO is all a bunch of blocks, the Death Star is still spherical. And based on the shape of a star or planet...which again, is spherical. Suggesting that perhaps the Earth might be...round. So not only is LEGO too cool for the flat Earth theory, but it also supports the round Earth theory by design.

4 Don't Teach The Controversy

No. Absolutely not. Teaching the controversy is the way of getting crackpot theories taught to children in school, in order make them dumber by the time they get out into the real world. It's the ploy that the religious right nut-bars in the southern United States are using in order to teach "intelligent design" (otherwise known as the crackpot, biblical theory of creationism). And really, it's pretty simple to compare the flat Earth theory, and the creationism theory. Both have absolutely no evidence, right off the bat. And both somehow still exist, and keep building numbers, in spite of incredible evidence to the contrary. It's actually mind boggling just how much pull these theories seem to get. Especially given the incredible heaps of evidence for that exist for both evolution, and the Earth being round.

3 Hey Look, It's The Real Edge Of The Earth!


Ok, so first of all, no super zoom camera ever actually caught this jet going over the edge of the Earth. How do I know that? Well because there is no edge of the Earth. The Earth is round. Photo Shop is a wonderful program, and all sorts of things can be done with it. In fact those who believe in the flat Earth theory would tell you that the spherical Earth was probably created in Photo Shop. Even though people knew that the Earth was round well before Photo Shop ever existed. How did they know? Well there are plenty of scientific reasons. But the photos of the Earth from the first space voyages are pretty convincing pieces of evidence to prove the round Earth fact. But people like to believe what they want to believe. It's fine to be contrary...just don't be stupid.

2 Obama Approves This Message

Just so everyone knows...former President Obama does not actually support the message on the sign. This photo has been used to make all sorts of memes. The original for this photo reads "1961", in reference to the mile marker on the Exit Glacier trail. But other, edited versions of this photo also include: "420", "dank meme", "no. f*ck you", "please do not touch this sign", and my personal favourite, "Bernie 2016". So thankfully Obama is not realistically supporting the flat Earth theory. Though he is inadvertently a part of flat Earth propaganda. But since he's  no longer can I say this? Well he just doesn't give any number of f*cks anymore. And nor should he. I'm sure he's been accused of far worse anyway.

1 They Think NASA Is Going AROUND The Truth...


I like that they make a "circumventing" joke here. It's cute. It's like they're poking fun at the fact that NASA believes the Earth is round...which it is. And if an answer from NASA is based on whether or not the Earth is indeed round, then the answer, I guess, just can't be straight at all. You know, because science is more complicated than "by the way, the world is round". It also happens to include statements like "hey idiots, we have photographic proof that the world is round". And that's before mentioning that traveling to space involves knowing the curvature of the Earth and its atmosphere. really is cute that the flat Earth people have tried to discredit NASA in such a way. But it turns out that NASA actually uses science, and testing, and facts in order to embark on missions to space, the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

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