20 Photos That Will Drive You Absolutely Insane

There’s a reason that so many people are into documenting life events and major moments via photographs – there are many, many gorgeous photos in the world, from intimate portraits to stunning landscape shots. Every time you go someplace new or interesting, you bring your camera or smartphone with you so you can potentially take shots of any beautiful sights you encounter. And yes, it can be incredibly rewarding to look through photographs from the past and bring back all those memories, whether of a particular vacation or a particular person.

However, photographs can also be used to document moments or things that drive you crazy. People take shots of things that just don’t make sense, or irk something deep inside of them, and share them on the internet, because, well, why not annoy the whole world? Perhaps you come across a park job so terrible that you absolutely must document it and share it with everyone. Perhaps there’s something you spot that just doesn’t look right. Perhaps you’ve spent way longer than you’d care to admit trying to find that damn cat in the photo, but all you see is leaves.

If you want to subject yourself to some torture, check out these 20 photos that will drive you absolutely insane. We just have to say, if you make it to the end, you have our respect – half of these will leave you looking away from your computer screen or smartphone in straight up irritation.

20 Paving Problems

via: youtube.com

Look, we get it – when you’re out in the world, trying to repair something or get some type of construction work done, unpredictable things can arise. Perhaps a stubborn tree with deep roots is growing right where you had planned to erect a fence. Perhaps the humidity from a nearby body of water is making it tough to get things to dry outside. Whatever the reason, life happens, and it can easily throw a wrench in your plans. However, let’s be serious, it would have been so, so easy to fix this. Solution one: strip the slab of pavement of all paint so it’s just plain old asphalt. Solution two: repaint so the lines on the road and on the patch match up. It’s not that hard and as it stands, it just looks like a strange paving project gone awry. If you pulled up beside this, you’d just keep driving.

19 Tile Terror

via: ebaumsworld.com

Not everyone is a perfectionist, and to some, seeing things in a state of disarray really has no affect. You may enjoy a clean environment slightly better than a big mess, but frankly, you don’t care either way. However, there’s something about a sight that is almost perfect but just a teeny, tiny bit wrong that will drive anyone up the wall. Take this tile floor for example – it’s row upon row of tiles, arranged in an intricate pattern. You can see diagonal lines of gray tiles intersecting with diagonal lines of white tiles, and straight lines of gray tiles alongside straight lines of white tiles. It’s all so symmetrical and lovely and perfect – except for that one wrong tile towards the right hand side. Perhaps you didn’t even see it to begin with, but now, we’re betting that all you can do is stare at it in fury. Seriously, who does that?

18 Can You Spot The Little Critters In The Photo?

via: youtube.com

On first glance, this shot seems like a beautiful picture of some type of lush forest. Surely it captures a moment of peace where there are no animals nearby, and the trees are just basking in the sunlight, right? Well, not quite – there are actually two creatures in this picture, but all the business of the leaves and branches and grass manage to camouflage them very effectively. Still can’t spot them? Check out the middle, beside the bark of the tree and mess of bushes, there are two little creatures tucked away. Once you spot them, it seems obvious, but if you were looking at the shot with the assumption that it was just a landscape shot of trees, well, you probably would never have seen them. That is, unless you’re such a fan of ‘spot the cat’ shots that you’ve just automatically started looking for four-legged creatures in any photo you see.

17 Just Not Right

via: imgur.com

There are some things that seem so simple they may as well be foolproof, and this seems like one of them. If you have three lights, a left, right, and centre, you would think that you would just list them on the light panel in that way – left, centre, and right. That way, it all makes sense – the left switch controls the left light, the one in the middle controls the light in the middle, etc. However, the person setting this lighting panel up had a sick sense of humour, as they opted to put the light switch to the light in the centre on the left, and the switch to the light on the left in the centre. Literally all you want to do when staring at this panel is scratch off the words and put them in the proper place. Even if it takes a while to remember which light is which, it would be better to just not have them labelled whatsoever.

16 On the Edge

via: trendzified.net

Everyone knows the feeling of something getting a bit too close to the edge. Perhaps you set your coffee cup down on the coffee table without looking, and glance back to see that it’s placed precariously close to the edge. Perhaps you slide something along the table, bit by bit, trying to move it without a friend noticing, until it’s nearly toppling over the side. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, this photo makes us want to close our eyes and erase it from our memory. I mean, sure, it’s impressive to be able to balance all those things on the edge of the table, but it’s also incredibly irritating! I mean, they’re just so close to toppling over the edge, every single one of them. It takes every bit of strength within you to avoid the urge to touch your screen and attempt to somehow move them back to the middle of the table.

15 Empty Lot Idiot

via: imgur.com

Okay, everyone who has driven up to park in a lot that’s almost entirely empty has faced the question of where to park. You pull forward, obviously, to make sure that leaving is a breeze. Perhaps you like to park as close to the store as possible, or perhaps you want to park far away so that you don’t have to deal with people walking in front of your car as they head into the store if it gets busier by the time you leave. Whatever your parking preference is, you know that you still have to park somewhere in an actual space – you know, between the little lines that signal where a parking space begins and ends. Not this red car, though. This driver saw an empty lot, filled with empty stalls, and figured, "I’ll just park right here". In the middle. If there’s ever a car begging to be keyed, this would be the one.

14 100 Layers of Hell

via: vice.com

Everyone remembers the 100 layer challenge craze that was going around a while ago, where people were putting layer upon layer of product onto their faces and bodies, from nail polish to extensions to mascara. It became a craze because people were oddly thrilled by seeing the layers build up – on the one hand, it was awful, but on the other hand, it was totally fascinating. However, this foundation 100 layer challenge takes things to an entirely different level – and will likely drive you insane. I mean, first of all, you can visible see all the goop and mess that the endless layers have produced. It looks like she’s melting. It makes her face look totally different than the rest of her body. Let’s be honest, if you saw this woman in the street, it would take all your resolve to not run after her and just wipe it all off.

13 Where's The Lurking Predator?

via: imgur.com

Before you gloat with pride that you’ve obviously managed to spot the three creatures towards the bottom of the page, check yourself – that’s not the animal that’s hiding in this shot. Yes, there are three animals scattered amongst the rocks and dirt in this picture, and their neutral colouring almost makes them blend into the background of the shot. However, there’s a fourth creature in this photo – a predator who is lurking and waiting to pounce on his pray. Do you see him yet? Take a closer look – amidst the rocks near the top centre of the page, if you look a little closer, you’ll see a teeny, tiny face and just the hint of its body as it crouches in the rocks, watching and waiting. Seriously, no wonder there are so many animals who get tracked by predators. Those predators sure know how to hide in just about any landscape!

12 Four Spots Are Better Than One

via: blog.autopartswarehouse.com

Okay, if you drive a larger vehicle like a truck or station wagon, you pretty much have to accept that you might find parking a little bit more difficult than someone in a compact car would. After all, there’s just more car to fit between those little lines – sometimes, if the other cars aren’t perfectly centered in their spots, that may mean you need to drive around and look for another space where you can actually fit. That is, unless you’re the driver of this truck, who just doesn’t care at all. I mean, it’s bad enough to take up two stalls by parking on the line. To take up four stalls is just completely insane, and rude. Even the most kind-hearted person might leave an angry note if they encountered this truck. I mean, what was so important that you were in such a huge rush you couldn’t at least pull forward to minimize your awful park job?

11 Scrape Your Worries Away

via: linkbeef.com

Everyone knows the infuriation you feel when something like a pair of scissors is encased in what seems like utterly unbreakable plastic – after all, if you had so many scissors laying around that you could easily find one to slice open the plastic, why would you be buying a pair of scissors? This photo is just maddening, because this scraper is precisely designed to take any debris off any surface that you want – whether you’re scraping gum or paper – but you’ll have to peel off the stupid sticker paper off the scraper with your fingers. You know there will be plenty of remnants, which will drive you nuts every time you use it and just wish you could scrape your scraper with, well, your scraper. It’s scraper-ception, and it’s insanely irritating. Sure, you could just google easy ways to remove the adhesive from this type of sticker, but it’s just not the same.

10 Williams vs. Williams

via: linkbeef.com

This is a snapshot of someone’s phone getting an update on the tennis game between Serena Williams and Venus Williams. It’s pretty obvious why it’s insanely annoying – the notifications are designed to notify you when something happens in the game, and it doesn’t specify which Williams sister is leading at any given time! I mean, how are you supposed to follow the exciting tennis match? It’s such an easy fix, too – all you would need to do is add a letter to the front, and have the notifications reflect the status of S. Williams and V. Williams as the match goes on. Whoever put together this system didn’t think it through to consider the possibility of two individuals with the same last name playing one another. It’s just annoying. If the notifications fail to notify you of the things you want to know, well, why are they even there at all?

9 Avocado Nightmare

via: youtube.com

Everyone knows that avocados are delicious, but everyone also knows that eating avocados is kind of a logistical nightmare. Sure, once you just have all the green goodness, it’s so easy to mash it up and enjoy it however you want. However, you just never know quite how ripe it is, and it goes from completely unripe to so overripe it’s inedible in what seems like seconds. It’s just a risk you have to be willing to take. And, though cutting it in half might be a bit tough at first, eventually you get the technique right, and you’re whizzing around that pit like a total pro. And then… this. It’s bad enough to open an avocado and see the interior isn’t quite the perfect level of ripeness as you had hoped. It’s worse to know that all your hard work was for nothing, because you have about a teaspoon worth of actual avocado around the massive pit. Ugh. It makes you just never want to eat avocados again.

8 Window Dressing

via: buzzfeed.com

There are many, many architectural structures that aren’t even remotely close to perfect. I mean, look at the Tower of Pisa – one of the reasons it has become such an architectural icon is precisely because it isn’t perfect or symmetrical. However, that design principle only works if the whole design is organic and imperfect – if every element but one if symmetrical, it ends up looking totally wrong. This façade of a bright red building shows three rows of four columns of windows – each carefully accented by bars covering the lower half of the windows, each with a crisp white trim around the window. Except the window in the lower left corner looks like someone knocked it askew, like a picture on a perfectly symmetrical gallery wall. Like… how does this even happen? The construction crew just got too tired when it came to the twelfth window and decided to do it laying down?

7 Find The Fox On The Hillside?

via: reza.hekmatkhah.com

At first glance, this image just seems like a gorgeous shot of a lush hillside, with rocks and wildflowers scattered amongst the grass. You might look at it and imagine laying down on the grass and relaxing, or scampering through the field. You might be trying to imagine what lies beneath the boundaries of the picture – is it green hillside terrain as far as the eye can see, or is there a tiny village nearby? Wherever your mind goes, there’s one thing it probably doesn’t spot right away. What if we were to tell you that there’s a creature hiding in this shot – chances are, you didn’t spot it right away. If you look closer and really try to isolate different parts of the shot, you may see that nearly smack dab in the middle is a mischievous little fox, doing his best to camouflage himself in the great outdoors.

6 Supermarket Insanity

via: trendzified.net

Let’s be honest, if you saw this in the store, you would probably stop and stare at it in dismay for a few moments. On the one hand, it’s obvious what has happened – they stocked the shelves with bacon at one point, but when it ran out, they decided to put juice in its place. And props to whoever set up this display – the juice are all lovely and symmetrical, arranged in sections according to the flavour. However, we just can’t get past the bacon sign at the top. I mean, obviously it’s not bacon on the shelves – it’s juice. So, why not just change the sign? Why not leave it empty until the bacon shipment comes in? There’s a reason that grocery stores have signage throughout – it’s how you find the item you were looking for. Putting the wrong items by the wrong signs is madness, and it’s a slippery slope before you end up wandering the supermarket not sure of where anything is.

5 Pencil Gone Rogue

via: imgur.com

There’s something strangely satisfying about seeing certain things in their packaging, all lined up and symmetrical and perfectly packaged. It almost makes you hesitate to open the item in question and ruin all that perfection. However, that’s certainly not the case with this package of mechanical pencils. Whoever packaged this pack of 24 mechanical pencils wasn’t paying close attention and somehow managed to sneak one pencil in while it was facing the opposite direction as the other pencils. Look, it’s not as if the item is damaged – it’s a perfectly functional pencil that will work just the same as all the other pencils. However, you have to admit that the sight makes you shudder a little bit, and want to reach in and flip it around. I mean, how does this even happen? Surely they have the packages filled by some machine – how did just the one end up going rogue and facing the wrong direction?

4 Phone Cord Phobia

via: ebaumsworld.com

Nowadays, not many people have phones – smartphones have become so common that most people just use their cell phone as their overall phone line. However, back in the day, that wasn’t the case – you would have a home phone that you would talk on, twirling the cord around your finger as you dished with your BFF about the cute new boy in your homeroom class. Well, the cords that most phones used to have limited your movement, as you couldn’t exactly walk and talk the way you can with a cordless cell phone, but they had another big negative – those stupid curly cords were always getting tangled up. You never really knew when it was going to happen, and once it did, you could only watch in horror as it got curlier and curlier until your cord was a fraction of its original length. It was an utter nightmare.

3 Monk Mania

via: imgur.com

While most people nowadays just binge watch shows on Netflix, once upon a time, if you wanted to watch episode after episode of your favourite television series, you would have to buy it on DVD. You’d collect season after season as they were released and line them up neatly on your bookshelf or a shelf in your entertainment unit. They were designed to go together, so generally, while the image of the cast members or the colour of the packaging might change, they were similar enough to look nice together on a shelf. Unless you had a rogue season, like this show did with its seventh season. Seasons one through six have a photo of the main star on the bottom of the spine, with a red and white background above. The seventh season, for some reason, has the star’s photo at the top. I mean, why? Why would you do that?

2 Where's The Cat In This Pantry?

via: attackofthecute.com

Many photos where you’re supposed to pick out a certain item have a particular thing in common – the photos themselves have busy backgrounds with a ton of stuff going on, so that your eye is constantly being drawn to something new and you can’t quite isolate the thing you were looking for. This picture is the perfect example. Chances are, when you look at this photo, your eyes start scanning the shelves as they might in your own pantry. You see things like plastic bags stuffed on the bottom shelf, and two cans of Jif stacked atop one another. If you continue scanning the items, though you’ll see someone hiding in the package of paper towels – a cat. Once you spot it, it’s obvious, but it takes many people a while to figure out what they’re supposed to be looking for in the busy pantry and where exactly it’s hiding.

1 One Lane Road

via: blog.autopartswarehouse.com

Look, we get it, parallel parking can be really, really hard. Particularly if you’re trying to squeeze yourself in between two cars in a tight spot, it’s tempting to just drive a block or two and find a parking spot that doesn’t require the same level of skill. However, if you’re going to decide to parallel park, you need to commit – you need to hug that curb, even if it takes a few tries to get it perfectly aligned. This isn’t even a tough job – this car literally could have pulled straight forward into the space. Instead, though, the driver opted to park literally feet away from the curb; you could almost fit a second car in between the edge and the curb. It basically reduced the one driving lane and one parking lane road into a, well, no lane road. Thanks, buddy. Glad to see your parking skills are on point.

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