20 Photos Pres-Elect Trump Doesn’t Want You To See

The man recently elected to be the forty-fifth President of The United States, Donald Trump has to be among the most talked about figures in the world. Able to win the electorate vote, yet edged out in the popular vote, he has his work cut out for him if he wants to be embraced by the people who voted (and even rioted) against him. Whether you love or hate the man, or even feel ambivalent about him, it is nearly impossible to argue that there haven’t been some unfortunate moments in his life.

Due to the incredibly intense amount of scrutiny that he will be under since he began his political career, a bevy of photos have come to the surface that signify things that The Donald would like forgotten. That is what inspired us to put together this list of photos that Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see. It is our attempt to inform the masses about the unlikely man that will soon lead one of the most powerful nations in the world. Considering he was elected to the highest office in the land despite a plethora of controversies coming to light in the midst of his campaign, you may be thinking that he doesn’t give a crap about these types of things. We think you are forgetting about his clearly massive ego and propensity for stating that he is the best at everything. As a result, we’d argue that anything that makes him look bad would absolutely drive him nuts and maybe lead to him lashing out on mediums like Twitter at three in the morning.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion, the requirements were pretty simple. Donald does not need to be featured in the photo, but there needs to be something about it that directly connects to him. Images of scanned documents are also up for grabs. Obviously, we weren’t able to actually ask him how he feels about the photos in question so we can’t say our choices are one-hundred percent disliked by him, but there are reasons he’d rather these photos be forgotten. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

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20 Smugness Personified

via fortune.com

Are you a fan of Donald Trump? Do you hate him? Do you think he is just another politician and they all are as good or bad as each other? No matter what your position on the man, there is one thing that you really can’t argue; The Donald has one of the most expressive faces in the world. Unfortunately for him, that is not always a good thing and due to the over the top nature of his facial expressions, you can easily read a lot into his every look. For instance, in this photo of him at one of his campaign events, in our opinion at least, the guy looks either self-satisfied or like he is about to have a glorious bowel movement.

19 A Kiss?

via bustle.com

It’s funny, throughout much of the Presidential race Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, seemed to be at odds. During the second Presidential debate, The Donald even went so far as to openly state that he and his Vice President were not on the same page when it comes to something as important as how they will deal with Syria. In fact, there was a period in which people around the world were openly discussing the possibility of Pence leaving the ticket entirely. You wouldn’t think that they were ever at odds in the slightest when looking at this photo where it looks like Donald is about to plant a wet one on Mike. While it is obvious that it looks like that strictly due to timing and angle, we’re guessing Trump would still not appreciate this in the slightest.

18 Bad Hair Day

via vanityfair.com

Did you know that Donald Trump has an infamously ridiculous hair-do? What a silly question. Of course, you did, but when it comes to someone who takes himself as seriously as Donald Trump does, it seems like he would have real difficulty dealing with the idea that each hair isn’t in the place it belongs. After all, it's certain the majority of his hair seems unmovable considering only a small section somehow broke free of the trappings that usually ensure they don’t move an inch.

17 Crazy Face

via businessinsider.com

Oh my lord, Donald Trump really looks like a crazy person in this particular photo. When you watch an animated movie or a cartoon television show and they draw the villains as though every single gene in their body is fraught with nothing but evil, it seems a little over the top, wouldn't you agree with us? Who knew that people sometimes look like that in real life, let alone the President-elect? Every single aspect of Donald Trump’s head here looks like it is about to explode while seething with anger, and we have no idea what it is that has him so upset (or passionate). Again, we are really not sure what emotion he is feeling, except that there's a lot of it on display.

16 The Stalker

via abcnews.go.com

During the aforementioned second Presidential debate, the town hall format meant that the two candidates were not stuck behind podiums in a static pose. As a result, the world was given an unforgettable series of moments in which it looked like Mr. Trump was a stalker tracking Hillary Clinton’s every move. Almost always putting himself in the background when his opponent was speaking, he stole attention from her but looked like a weirdo at the same time. Think that he has no issue with the reactions an image like this will receive? The Saturday after this event involved a moment in which Alec Baldwin portrayed him in a manner similar to a shark stalking his prey while on Saturday Night Live. An amusing moment, clearly Donald didn’t think so considering he was so upset with the entire skit that he called for the show’s cancellation.

15 Emmy Hair

via vanityfair.com

A photo taken at the 2004 Emmy Awards on the red carpet, it shows the Donald from behind and in a moment in which his hair has gotten especially unruly. As we’ve previously mentioned in the number 18 entry, we believe that he takes his looks, and especially his hair, extremely seriously and would be very upset to realize we’re laughing at the absurdity of it here. With a single tuft of hair sticking up from the rest of the flock, we’re guessing that whoever that is who is comfortable enough to put their arm on his shoulder got an earful later that night. After all, they could have warned him that his trademark coif looked even more ridiculous than it normally does.

14 First Pitch

via nytimes.com

Being athletic is far from a prerequisite for a politician and over the years we’ve seen a bunch of celebrities throw out the first pitch poorly too. Have you seen the time 50 Cent’s throw went incredibly wild? Yet most of them don’t look anywhere close to this ridiculous when they get this baseball honor. Looking like he has to put every fiber of his being into the effort if he is going to get close to the catcher, the resulting image is one that we laughed out loud at every single time we look to at it. Worse yet, there are several more photos like this one where he looks every bit as ludicrous as he does here and is wearing completely different clothes, which (you guessed it!) means this is his go-to face when throwing a ball.

13 Voting Peek

via variety.com

There have been a lot of accusations leveled against Donald Trump over the years but between his trademark bluster and army of lawyers, he managed to keep them tightly under wraps for many, many years. While a lot of skeletons in his closet have surfaced during the run-up to his election to the presidency, you’d still think that he would try to seem straight up when he knows oodles of photographers are present. In this publicity event, he and his wife went to the polls in order to vote in front of photographers but he still felt the need to peek as Melania casts her vote. It left us wondering, was he worried that his wife may cast her vote for someone else?

12 Getting Booed

via Komentaresme.sk

When Donald Trump decided to attend a US Open event in New York, the city that birthed him, he was met with a chorus of boos from the majority of the crowd present. Included in the rabble was Alan Cumming, a proudly bisexual man, who joyously shared how fun it was to join the chorus on Twitter. While this may have actually been a moment to show that he has grace under fire, Trump opted to go the other route. Instead of taking the boos in a good-natured fashion, he chose to cross his arms and sport a look on his face that is the definition of smug and pompous. We can't say we're surprised that's the route he chose to take.

11 Trump Foundation Painting


The Donald J. Trump Foundation is supposedly meant to give grants to various charities of their choosing. When Donald decided to run for President the media began to look into the organization and found some extremely dubious uses of the cash, including the settling of lawsuits filed against Trump. On top of that, it turned out that Donald used funds that people donated thinking it was going to be used for the betterment of others, to pay for a painting of himself that he bought from an auction. While that is bad enough, we guess he could have argued that he bought it to be displayed at the foundation’s offices but that turned out to not be the case. Pictured here, the painting in question is seen where it hangs today, on the wall of a sports bar located in one of his buildings.

10 Seriously Tacky Couple

via twitter.com

This may be shocking but the Trumps, the President-Elect, and his First Lady are a pretty tacky duo. We know what you are thinking, the people who’ve bragged about their opulent apartment and everything they own can’t possibly be this cheesy, but you would be very wrong. Looking as though they are coming straight from the set of a soap opera, we’d assume that it was meant as some kind of joke or parody but with these two involved that is clearly not the case. While Donald still loves to brag about all of his property and accomplishments today, we still believe that even he has to realize that this photo makes him look silly these days.

9 Tiny Hands

via abcnews.go.com

There are a lot of things to make fun of Donald Trump about, but it turns out that one of the funniest aspects people have zoned in on is his small hands. While it is something that should have been a one-time never to be brought up again joke, the fact that The Donald felt the need to address the comments over and over again made sure it will never be forgotten. With the internet now fraught with jokes about his paws, including some images with baby hands photoshopped onto his body, this photo says it all. A real photo of the man looking angry or sad (again, we're not sure) while holding his hands up for the world to see, he has finally seemed to drop the issue so he probably hopes the rest of us do, too.

8 Alfred E. Smith Event

via boingboing.net

An event that was entertaining in the past, the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation’s white-tie event, which is traditionally attended by the major nominees, was surprisingly controversial this year. Typically a place where the guests of honors speak in front of the crowd and gently roast themselves as well as their opponent, this is not an event to give your typical stump speech. If anyone told Donald that he clearly didn’t listen. After opening up strong and lampooning his wife’s speech that plagiarized one Michelle Obama gave previously, things went awry fast. Opting to take shots at Hillary that went against the spirit of the event, he was actually booed at a charitable white-tie event which can be seen here.

7 Trump University

via newyorker.com

A business venture that was sold to the public as an education company that would teach anyone how to get into the real estate business, Trump University has since been shut down. The subject of current litigation that will see the current President Elect facing a class action lawsuit in court!  Unless it gets settled, it may be possible to see Trump in that terrible position in front of the world. The very fact that his lawyers have felt the need to file a request that statements said about their client on the campaign trail are inadmissible, including any discussion of the Access Hollywood tape, says it all. If only Donald could get his hands on every piece of evidence that links him to the troubled business, including this photo, he’d clearly love to leave it behind him.

6 Protests

via businessinsider.com

When Donald Trump was elected President on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, there were some people who were overjoyed but many others were aghast. Someone who made statements during his run that offended many people across the nation and made many fear the idea of his Presidency, his success resulted in a variety of protests. In major metropolis’ like New York City, Chicago, Oakland, Portland, Washington and Detroit, thousands of people walked the streets holding signs against him and chanting things like not my President. It must be a hard pill for an egomaniac like Trump to swallow that so many people are that upset that he is meant to represent them that protests are breaking out.

5 Tax Return

via conservativeoutfitters.com

Throughout Donald’s public life there is one thing above all others that he boasts about the most, and that is his business acumen. Due in large part to the fact that he and some of his businesses have a history of filing for bankruptcy, something the successful rarely do; many are dubious about his claims. That led to many people asking him to release his tax documents, something presidential nominees typically do, in order to back up his claims. When Trump steadfastly refused to, amidst claims that his lawyers told him not to, the calls for him to do so only increased until suddenly a leak did it for him. A single year’s return, a page of which is pictured here, it revealed that he lost 916 million dollars in one fiscal year. Worse still, it gave tax experts all the ammo they needed to contend that he likely hadn’t paid taxes in the twenty years since. Opting to lean into the controversy, by claiming that dodging taxes meant he was smart, he still seems to bristle at any conversation of his finances he can’t control

4 Hard to Deny Now

via galeon.com

Donald Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer and has been involved with the wrestling company several times over the years, including when WrestleMania was held in one of his Atlantic City buildings. While he has been more than happy to discuss his affinity for the business in the past, this image of him in the front row of that event is very embarrassing for him. You may be wondering why, and let us explain. The gentleman seen directly to his left is a mobster named Robert LiButti, someone Trump has claimed to have never known. Maybe it’s a coincidence you say, they could have been strangers who just happened to have seats beside one another. According to Edith Creamer, the dead mobster’s daughter, she and her father were the invited guests of Donald.

A photo that seemingly may connect Donald with the criminal element, it may just be an accusation but it certainly makes his claims he didn’t know the man a lot harder to believe.

3 One of Many Accusers

via yahoo.com

This is a former Apprentice contestant, with her famed lawyer Gloria Allred, and she alleges that Mr. Trump forcibly kissed her, groped her breast, and kissed her without consent. A single photo that features the woman who represents many of his accusers and one of the women who has come forward, were using it to stand in for the majority of those he may have wronged. Some have claimed that the timing of these claims means we should take them with a grain of salt but those people should think about the fact that one person coming forward can inspire others to do the same. No matter what you think about the accusations, there is no doubt that Donald would prefer to leave them all behind him, other than to possibly sue the women involved.

2 Ku Klux Klan Endorsement

via forward.com

There is no evidence that Donald Trump actually sought to get an endorsement of his campaign for the Presidency from The Crusader, the newspaper of The Klu Klux Klan. In fact, we’d be shocked if he did, as that type of publication singing your praises would not be seen as a good thing by the majority of the population. The fact that Donald re-Tweeted David Duke in the past does nothing to make us think he was happy to see them publicly endorse him either. Still, when the things you say and the policies you champion inspire America’s most infamous white supremacist organization, the KKK, to champion your cause that should sober everyone up. That is why Donald should hope that this photo of the newspaper cover, where he receives the magazine’s unreserved endorsement, disappears forever.

1 A Far Worse Accusation

via independent.co.uk

Remember earlier when we said the photo of one of Donald’s accusers was the stand-in for most of the women who’ve claimed he abused them in some way? We couldn’t include this accusation alongside the others. A photo of a single woman in front of several microphones, the person you are looking at is a lawyer speaking for her client. Jane Doe, the name her client is going by, claims that Donald Trump r*ped her in 1994 when she was only thirteen. Also going by the name Katie Johnson, the victim reportedly didn't come forward in person due to death threats. While zero evidence has been released to back up her claim, the fact that the President-Elect is in the midst of defending himself from such an accusation is mind-boggling! While Donald has denied all claims with vigor, his lawyers have been ordered to appear in court on December sixteenth, a month before he is sworn in, to defend him against the claims. Is there any question that the President-to-be wants the world to forget all about this one in particular?

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