20 Photos Of Walmart Parents You Need To See To Believe

Walmart is one of those magical places where you can see all of the dregs of humanity together in one great boiling pot. Here you will find the people who think nothing of wearing a swimsuit to do their grocery shopping. Those who are proud to wear weird and wonderful costumes that just don’t quite fit their old, large, or mangled bodies. This is where you can go to see things that you never would have thought were genetically possible.

The people of Walmart are intriguing enough, but amongst them there are subsets which we can delve into even further with the most shocking results. One such group is the parents of Walmart. In no other place will you see parents who are so negligent or ignorant about their children. Nowhere else will you see them dressed so strangely, or allowing their children to do the same. You will certainly not see parenting techniques of the kind that they proudly use in any other part of the world.

What is it about stepping inside the doors of a Walmart that makes people behave in such a different way? We will probably never know the secret, but it likely has something to do with low prices and the ability to buy everything under one roof. All we can do is sit back in amazement and enjoy. You have to laugh at these examples of parenthood under Walmart – because if you didn’t, you would probably have to cry. And then call social services.

20 The Parent Who Forgot Their Child

We’ve all done it once or twice in our lives. You leave the store, you go to your car, and you get ready to drive away. Maybe it’s then that you realize you left one of your purchases behind. Some of us have been unlucky enough not to remember until we’re all the way home. But this parent really has to take the prize, because they managed to forget their own child in the cart. Who does this? It’s kind of unbelievable that the kid didn’t say anything or make any noise to remind their parent that they had been left behind. Hopefully whoever took this photograph also made a call to ensure that the kid was rescued and taken into custody by someone who would actually look after them. Forgetting a small item is one thing, but a kid? That’s a whole other level of talent, if you can call it that.

19 The Parent Who Tows Their Kid

Obviously, we don’t know the story behind this mother and why she has to use this kind of device to get around. It might be that she genuinely can’t use her legs properly for some reason, and if so, that’s a shame for her. That doesn’t mean she gets a free pass to be a bad parent, however. Her son has latched onto the back and is being towed along behind her. If this was a car, he’d be dead, so it’s probably a blessing that it’s just a motorized scooter. Maybe teaching your kids to be THIS lazy isn’t the best way to give them a good start in life. Plus, there’s a likelihood that he will get injured this way, either through floor burns or through bumping into things. All she has to do is to turn around and tell him to get up off the floor and walk on his own two feet, but she doesn’t seem interested at all.

18 The Parent Who Dressed Their Child In Plastic

So, here’s something we all learned when we were really young: don’t put a plastic bag on your head. When we were a little older, we all also learned not to let young kids put a bag over their head either. Apparently, the dangers of suffocation don’t occur to this mother at all. She’s quite happy to let her child sit in the chair with a plastic bag over his head all day long. You can clearly see his distress from the fact that he appears to be crying his head off. She, however, is far more interested in what kind of special deals she can get to save some money. With parents in the world like this, it’s a wonder that the human race is surviving at all. You have to wonder whether she put the plastic bag on his head deliberately as a punishment, or literally doesn’t care what he is doing.

17 The Parent Who Hails Satan

This parent has extremely questionable taste in clothing. If he was just a single man walking around on his own, it would be a bad enough shirt to wear. Emblazoned with the slogan ‘Eat p*ssy, chug whiskey, hail Satan’, the letters are large enough that they simply can’t be ignored. But the whole situation becomes so much more regrettable given the fact that he is also carrying his young son around with him while wearing the shirt. Way to instil great moral values in your kid from the very start, Dad. Even if the child is too young to read, these pictures are now preserved for all eternity. You have to feel like this is the kind of parent who has no problem expressing similar statements out loud if he’s willing to wear them on his shirt, too. The mother probably should have seen the warning signs before procreating with him, but what’s done is done.

16 The Parent Who Wears This Outfit

There are some things that you can teach your kids by example. One of them is a sense of style, as well as a sense of what is appropriate for being out in public. This mother seems to be failing on both of those counts. She is wearing what has to be either a skirt or a scarf, but was certainly never intended to be a top. It’s not in her size either, whatever it may be. There also comes a time in life when you have to realize that if your cleavage starts around the level of your elbows, you could really do with a push-up bra. Or just any bra at all. This poor child has to be pushed around the whole store with a parent looking like this. Well, at least it looks like her hair has actually been brushed properly, which is another thing we can’t say about the mother. The good news is that they appear to be in the clothing section, so maybe there is hope.

15 The Parent Who's Holding His Daughter By The Hair

Sometimes, kids just don’t do as they are told. You want to get some shopping done as quickly as possible, and all they are doing is acting up. They can even wander off on their own, which is a really quick way for them to get abducted by a child killer. So, what’s a parent to do? Clearly you need to think of some way to ensure that your kids stay by your side at all times. This enterprising father has hit on the idea of grabbing hold of his daughter’s hair and tying, or holding, it to the shopping cart handle. Clearly distressed and in pain from the pulling, the daughter is now doing her best to keep up with him as he walks along. So… problem solved, we guess? Since you can see this guy’s identity so clearly, we have to wonder whether he’s had a visit from the authorities.

14 The Parent Who Acts As A Shelf

When you are a parent, it’s important to encourage your kids to be as healthy as possible. The better they look after their bodies, the healthier they will be – and the longer they will live. That’s what we all want for our kids, right? In this case, the parent is instead teaching their child about how great and useful it is to be obese. The kid is standing literally on the shelf of his parent’s behind. There’s large, and then there’s this. It also looks super dangerous for the kid to be hanging on like that, as if he could slip and fall to the ground at any moment. Not to mention the public spectacle they are making of themselves, since this isn’t something that you see happening every day. This photo is just so many shades of no all wrapped up into one. Hopefully the kid will realize that one day.

13 The Parent Who Thinks Their Kid Is An Item

There’s only one explanation for how this picture could have happened. Clearly the parent is a little sleep-deprived (or on something) and has failed to realize that their child is not just another item in the cart to be purchased. They’ve gone ahead and loaded up all of their groceries on top instead of putting their toddler in the child seat. Either that, or they decided that their drinks were a much higher priority to go in that slot. We’re not even sure whether this child can breathe under there, but they certainly should not have been squished into this position. This amounts to severe neglect if not abuse, and the parents should definitely be dealt with rather than being allowed to continue treating their child in this way. Looking at the type of food and drink that is on the cart, they are either getting ready for a party or they already have a diet which is so unhealthy the kid doesn’t really have much chance.

12 The Parent Who Puts Baby On The Floor

Forget putting baby in the corner, this parent just opts for the floor – any old part of it. Bringing a whole new level of priorities to Walmart is this woman who thinks that it’s more important to get a slurpee than it is to hold on to your baby. The mother already has another daughter and what looks like a second child as well, so we guess by the time she had the third baby she’d given up on caring. Meanwhile, the baby is just squirming around on the floor, where people walk in their shoes covered in dog muck and who knows what else. Given where it is, that carpet is probably also filthy with dropped food and drink. But hey, at least the older daughter looks happy enough to have her drink already. We could try being more scathing about this one but every time we look at it, words just fail us.

11 The Parent Who Uses A Plunger

There’s a correct way to use a plunger. It involves a toilet. It does not involve, as this parent seems to believe, using it to carry your children. While this might be an innovative idea, that doesn’t make it a good one, or one that they should have followed through on. The impressive thing here is that the plunger is actually strong enough to lift this young boy up off the floor. His parent is putting in the least effort possible, and hasn’t even picked him up far enough to stop dragging his feet. Whether this was a prank, a punishment, or just a way to test the strength of the plunger, it shouldn’t have been done. The sad thing is that some parents would actually find this funny, when in reality it is anything but. This could even be strong enough to damage the poor boy’s skin when the plunger comes off.

10 The Parent Who Likes It Against The Wall

There’s just no words for how wrong it is for a parent to make these fashion decisions. I mean, the kid doesn’t have a say in it most of the time. What a crime it is for this mother to put her child into a tie-dye t-shirt. Just kidding: obviously, the fashion choice we have a problem with is the mother’s shirt. It proudly declares, ‘I like it against the wall’. Even if this is some kind of pun or joke, there’s no excuse for wearing it when you are around your own daughter. This child is definitely old enough to read, and will probably ask what it means. The horrifying thought is that if her mother is comfortable with her reading that, she probably already knows what it means. Parents, do yourselves and your kids a favour and keep your bedroom life in the bedroom once you’ve had a child. They don’t need to know about what you get up to when the door is closed, and they won’t thank you for finding out.

9 The Parent Whose Kid Doesn’t Even Hang On

There’s lazy, and then there’s lazy. We’ve seen photos of kids hanging on to the back of mobility vehicles, maybe even clinging on for their lives. But this kid? He just doesn’t have the energy to care. He is laying out on his back as casually as if he was at home in his room, daydreaming while staring at the ceiling. He has worked out an enterprising way to wrap his ankles into the chair so that it will drag him along as it moves. Along he goes behind his parent, helpfully cleaning up the floors of the Walmart with his coat. His father doesn’t seem to care about what his kid is up to, or else he totally condones this kind of behaviour. Either one is really just as bad as the other, when you think about it. How can it be that so many separate parents all think that this is acceptable parenting behaviour?

8 The Parent Who Puts Her Child In Her Purse

We had a whole wave in the early 2000s of celebrities putting small dogs in purses. It was a bit of a status symbol, and it very quickly turned into more of a mockery. Most people left the trend behind and moved on. But not this lady, who decided instead to take up a notch. She is carrying around a small blonde toddler in her purse. It definitely brings a whole new meaning to the idea, but it’s also very weird and very wrong. Notice how she’s having to support the girl’s head to stop her from rolling back and falling right off the counter. We have to wonder just how big that bag is if it fits a whole child. And how does she carry it around? Surely not over her shoulder? We need an eyewitness account of this one because there are currently just too many questions left unanswered.

7 The Parent Who Cuffs Their Kid

What is it with parents not feeling like they can stop their kid from running off? Look, we get it – it’s hard to pay attention to a kid and keep them under your watchful eye at the same time as getting the weekly groceries in. But you don’t have to resort to this kind of technique. The poor kid has been handcuffed to the cart, and what’s more, he doesn’t even look that young. If he causes so much trouble when out shopping, maybe he should be left at home with a babysitter or sent to a friend’s house. Surely this has to be the kind of last resort which is only employed by law enforcement. Not only is it a very extreme measure, but it’s likely to hurt the young boy’s wrist and arm if he doesn’t keep up with the cart. Not only that, but it’s very embarrassing for him and could get the parents into hot water.

6 The Parent Who Lets His Daughter Push Him Around

You know what they say – she’s a real daddy’s girl. She has him wrapped around her finger. She just pushes him around all day long, and he lets her. No, we aren’t talking about a loveable father-daughter relationship, but about this Walmart family. The daughter, who is clearly a very young girl and only just walking herself, is pushing her father around in the baby seat attached to the shopping cart. Alright, so this one was probably staged as a joke about reversing the roles of parent and child. At least, we hope it was. Otherwise that guy’s serene expression is just waiting to be wiped off his face. We doubt that he’s getting very far with this mode of transportation anyway – just how fast can a toddler push a grown man plus a full load of shopping? It probably isn’t going very much faster than this still image.

5 The Parent Who Left Their Child Alone With A Bag

This parent is clearly one who has given up all hope and is waiting for a lucky “accident” to make their job a little easier. Here’s how you set up such an accident. Step one, give your young son a plastic bag and encourage them to play with it as much as they like. Step two, walk away and wait for as long as it takes for him to slip the bag over his head at last. Seriously, what is this thing with Walmart and parents letting their kids wear plastic bags as hats? We would say it’s Darwinism at work, though really it should be the parents who need to be eliminated. The kids are just too young to know any better. It is truly amazing, too, that people think the right course of action is to snap a photograph rather than maybe going and rescuing the child from suffocation.

4 The Parent Who Embarrassed His Kids On Purpose

This guy is kind of winning, but also kind of losing at the same time. He is wearing a very short pair of shorts – definitely too short for a man to wear – as well as a jacket emblazoned with an explanation for his wardrobe choice. It reads, ‘Ask my girls if they still think short shorts are “sooo cute”!!’ Clearly, this is one father who disapproved of his daughter’s wardrobe and decided to humiliate them out of the idea of wearing skimpy clothing. It’s good that he’s willing to protect his daughters and stop them from wearing revealing clothes too early, but it’s not just them that he is embarrassing. He’s also embarrassing himself with this outfit. Whatever your opinion on this look is, you still have to commend the guy for having the guts to turn up at Walmart dressed like this and walk around for the whole shop.

3 The Parent Who Wears His Kid Like A Scarf

This parent has just given up all hope. He’s put his little daughter up on his shoulders, waited for her to fall asleep in that position, and then just left her there. He knows where she is and that’s the limit of his care. He can’t be bothered to carry her in his (empty) hands. He can’t even be bothered to reach up and hold on to stop her from falling off. Most parents would cling on to their child tightly to ensure there’s no risk of them slipping to the floor. Not this Dad. You can probably bet that this isn’t his first child – he’s grown used to them and just lets them do what they like now. We don’t think that human scarves are going to catch on anytime soon, so definitely don’t try this one at home. Come to think of it, don’t try any of these entries at home – or at Walmart, either.

2 The Parent Who Does A Ride-Along Service

In fairness, we should start by pointing out that this appears to be a grandparent rather than a parent of the actual child in question. But that still means that they are someone’s parent, and they absolutely should know better. Is there some kind of trend of people pulling children along behind their motorized mobility vehicles? It definitely seems that way after spending some time in Walmart. Once again, this really isn’t something that they should be doing. While there’s not much likelihood of the vehicle going fast enough to hurt the child, she could still be hurt in other ways. She’s also behind her grandparent, which means if something does happen or someone snatches her, it might not be noticed right away. It looks like they’ve been going for quite some time, long enough for someone to pull out their phone and catch them riding by, which makes this all the worse.

1 The Parent Who Shames Their Child For Lying

This parent has apparently decided there’s only one way to get their child to stop lying, and that is to resort to public humiliation. Despite the fact that this kind of punishment should have gone out with the medieval age, this Walmart family is proudly bringing it back. Hanging a sign around the young child’s neck which reads “I am a liar” wasn’t bad enough. They also made it from bright yellow card which can be seen from far away. This kid has definitely been humiliated by his punishment, that much is clear to see. He is also lingering behind his family as if they no longer want to associate with him. The parents and older brother don’t seem concerned at all – the father is even supportively touching the mother on the back. Considering that most kids love to get attention, they might just find that this punishment ends up backfiring and turning their son into even more of a liar.

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