20 Of The Creepiest Images Captured By Security Cams

God only knows what went on back in the day before we had surveillance cameras, and to be honest, there were probably a lot of perverts and murderers that got away with a lot. These days, surveillance cameras are everywhere, even in places you wouldn’t normally expect to find a camera. Over the years, there have been many images released that have us questioning our sanity. How is it possible that these creepy things have been captured for all to see? Some things just can’t be kept hidden, and it's been proven over the years that even spirits can be captured on film. Are they aware of it? We’re not sure, but the thought creeps us out entirely.

What was captured right outside of people’s homes really impresses on the idea of keeping your doors locked at night. It can be a terrible thing to realize that you weren’t the only person at home the night before. People have caught some pretty bizarre things on camera -- visions of aliens, creepy creatures, and even what appears to be a child possessed. It’s terrifying when you think about it, and we don’t really want to put too much thought into the images because they might keep us awake at night.

If you think you’ve seen it all, you're wrong. Check out these creepy pics that were captured by security cameras. We’re just warning you that you might not be able to sleep after seeing these pics.

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20 The Redbox Girl

This is easily one of the creepiest images on the internet right now. It’s from camera footage of a girl outside of a Redbox depot. Now, we’re not sure if she just happened to be looking up at the oddest time and this is just a trick of the camera, but it’s creepy AF! We’re not even sure that your head is supposed to be at that angle or if there’s a reasonable explanation for it. All we know is that we've seen a similar pose like this in many horror movies, and we don’t like it one bit. If we were to go by the rules of a horror movie, we'd have to assume that this girl has been possessed, and now and then, the demon peeks out, like in moments like this one. We hope it’s a trick of the camera; otherwise, this could easily be a scene out of the next Annabelle movie.

19 A Google Earth Surprise

Not exactly a surveillance camera, but Google Earth is close enough. This truly is a creepy image that was caught in broad daylight. We’re not entirely sure what country it was captured in, but it certainly would be a surprise to see something that looked that sinister on the highway. What was he, this skull-masked person, doing there? Was he up to no good, or was it all for fun? It’s hard to say even though this is certainly an image that's not easily forgotten. Google Earth has captured many weird things that are totally unexplained, and this is just one of them. We would hate to run into this guy no matter where he came from; he’s just too creepy. Hopefully, no one met with foul play while this person was out roaming the highway. Evil things happen even in broad daylight.

18 Attack of the Ghost

Usually, the only time that you see a ghost attacking someone is in the movies. But in this photo, it looks as if a person is being attacked by some THING in the hallway of an apartment building. We’re not sure what this person did to piss off this ghost, but it looks like he’s getting a beating. It’s crazy that this was all caught on the security camera. If you watch the whole video, you'll see the ghost not only attacking the guy but also dragging him down the hallway! That’s insane, isn’t it? It’s amazing how something this crazy doesn’t make it on the news. An even better question would be, what happened to the guy after he was dragged down the hallway? Is he even alive anymore? We wonder, when the security guards saw the footage, was it right away so that they were able to help, or did they see the horrifying images the next day?

17 The Creepy Visitor

This is probably the last thing that you want to see when you look at your security footage. The last thing. Especially with the popularity of Stephen King’s IT and Pennywise, we wouldn’t want to see any clowns on our front porch. What was this creepy-looking clown doing right in front of their door anyway? What’s worse, of course, is that he's looking right at the camera without a care in the world. What is up with this clown? We guarantee that if they didn’t have an alarm on their house before, the people certainly do now. This clown definitely looks like he would be up to no good; in fact, we'd suspect he might be one of those killer clowns that you hear about. Let’s hope this is a Pennywise-inspired prank and not the real thing.

16 An Alien Walking

This image would give anyone a startle when they review the security tapes from the night before. We'd love to know what the security guy thought when he turned the camera on to see that walking outside a building. It has to be a hoax, right? But talk about a bizarre thing to do. Whether it’s fake or not, it’s one badass photo, and it would've gotten the reaction that it warranted because anyone would be freaked out by an image like that. The debate on whether aliens are real or not is still an ongoing issue that's never been settled to this day. If we're to believe some of the security cameras out there, then we know that there's a lot going on at night that we had no idea about. Maybe, sometimes, it’s better not to know.

15 A Child and His Deer

Well, we know that the deer is real, and it’s not the first time that a deer's been caught on a surveillance camera, especially during hunting season. This image was captured on a video camera, and we have to say that it’s disturbing, to say the least. The reason why it becomes more than just another photo is the image of a ghostly child behind the deer. The hunter was alone that night and had no children with him. So, who was the boy in the photo? It’s hard to say, but the forest has been known to be a place of some serious hauntings. The Blair Witch Project certainly took a walk in the woods to a whole new terrifying level. We may never know who the little boy is, but we're betting that the hunter went elsewhere the next time that he went hunting.

14 The Polka-Dot Clown

We can’t even say that the frequency in clown photos cropping up on cameras has anything to do with the reboot of Stephen King’s IT because these creepy clown sightings have been going on for years. We can’t even say what we would do if we saw a clown like this on camera. The door would be locked tight, and we might even board the windows, just to be safe. There's just something so creepy about this clown that it’s a little hard to handle. How would you be able to sleep after seeing something like this either on your personal property or a business property? It looks like it was captured on fairgrounds, so maybe it’s part of a circus, but usually, the clowns are supposed to look friendly at a carnival. We don’t exactly have freak shows anymore.

13 A Body Never Recovered

This is not just an average video image of a man running away. This is the last known video image of Lars Mittank, who was on vacation in Bulgaria. It’s the last image of him alive. The image was taken at an airport where Mittank literally vanished into thin air. No one has any idea what happened to him, but there have been many questions as to whom he was running away from at the time. The manner in which he's running gives off the vibe that he's terrified -- of what, we don’t know. But if you catch the video, you'll see Mittank running out of the airport as if the Devil itself is on his heels. Police spoke with the man’s mother, and she said that he had been acting weird before his disappearance and even showed signs of paranoia. Sounds like a classic theme from a horror movie, a guy running from something we can’t see.

12 The Shining

Tell us that this doesn’t remind you of The Shining? Maybe it’s a common theme to have hotels that are haunted by previous visitors. We wonder what terrifying thing occurred to have this unwelcome visitor stick around. We know one thing for sure: we wouldn't want to be the security guy that saw this on the video footage the night before. Yikes, that would be so creepy! We hope that the poor people in this hotel don’t actually run into that thing when they come off the elevator. There’s no way that it’s a real person standing there; it’s practically see-through. The poor security guards would be forced to investigate the intruder, and if it’s anything like The Shining, they better be ready for anything. It makes you wonder how many hotels we've all stayed at that could've had images like this on their cameras.

11 The Body of Eliza Lam

The creepiest part about this photo is that it’s the last image of Eliza Lam just before she died. She was just a 21-year-old college student, and she was seen on the security camera in the elevator of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California. They later found her body in a water tank on the rooftop of the hotel. Oddly enough, it was ruled as an accidental drowning, which makes no sense at all. If you watch the video footage, Lam looks terrified and even a little disoriented. It even looks as if she's talking to someone who's not there. Talk about creepy AF! Is there a chance that there was something with her that killed her later on? It’s a bizarre case that happened in 2013, and no one knows to this day how she managed to be on the roof, to begin with, or how she died in the water tank. It’s such a creepy story, and it really makes you wonder.

10 The Clown of Springfield

No, we're not talking about Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons. This is something much scarier. How would you feel if you checked out your security footage and saw a clown standing right in front of your door? We would probably poop our pants, especially since this wasn’t just one rare occurrence. There were many clowns around at the time. At the time, in 2014, there were a bunch of these scary-looking clowns that were running around the township of Springfield in Jacksonville, Florida. These clowns arrived well before Halloween, so it was hard to say if it was meant to be an early prank or if it was something so much worse. We’re not sure if these clowns were doing evil deeds, but they sure make for a terrifying image on the security camera.

9 A Woman Gets Abducted

Nothing would be more horrifying than to see someone get kidnapped on a security camera, especially if you were seeing it after the fact. Wouldn’t you feel helpless? The video is chilling to watch, and it shows Carlesha Freeland-Gaither being stalked by a stranger, a man named "Delvin Barnes." In the video, it shows her being stalked, attacked, and abducted. Imagine seeing that video? That would be horrifying. We would have to assume she ended up dead after all that, but thankfully, she was found 72 hours later, still alive, and Barnes was arrested. It just goes to show you how much is recorded that we don’t even realize. In this case, the video surveillance probably saved the girl's life because authorities could see the man and the vehicle involved. It was a good thing that they were able to find the poor girl alive.

8 The Underground Monster

Yeah, just watch that a few times, and let us know what you think. Personally, we hate anything to do with underground garages, and this is certainly another reason to avoid it entirely. Is it a person or a ghost? If we had to guess, we'd say, hell no, that's not a person! But if it isn't, then what on earth is it? Whatever it is, we'd want to avoid it at all costs. This ghost was caught on the security footage of a parking garage, and we can bet the guards weren’t too happy to see what lingers in the garage when they aren’t looking. We can see how it moves past the car and then virtually disappears. It's even worse for the person who owns that car. Did the thing get inside the car and then go home with the owner? That would explain its sudden disappearance.

7 The Hungry Ghost

Sometimes, even evil entities get hungry, right? In this case, we’re not sure what’s showing up on camera, but it appears to be a ghost in a restaurant. The restaurant had closed down for the day, so maybe the ghost decided to get up for a snack. This particular restaurant had cameras set up to make sure the establishment was safe from crimes, but they didn’t expect to see entities on the video footage. What could've happened at the restaurant to start a haunting there? Is this a former disgruntled customer? Or is it related to something that happened a very long time ago? They should look into the history of the restaurant to see if anything happened there. Hey, maybe these owners will get lucky, and it'll be one of those cleaning ghosts that prep the kitchen and wash the dishes. One could only hope.

6 The Ghost Lady

What on earth is that? Is there even an explanation for it? Some things just can’t be explained. Now, this could be a crazy mental patient with a creep factor of 1 million, or it could be a ghost lady -- we’re not sure which. Either way, it’s probably the last thing that someone wanted to see on a security camera, especially since the creepy-looking woman is looking straight at the camera. It’s like she knows they're watching her. Not to mention, the head seems to be at a really weird angle, and that sort of thing usually only happens with paranormal activity. If this photo doesn’t creep you out, then nothing will. We're betting that whoever watched this footage probably started looking for a new job immediately. Am I right? We know we wouldn’t be caught dead in the same building as the ghost lady.

5 Naked Peeping Tom

This is probably the last thing you ever want to catch on your home security system. Gross. There's so much wrong with this photo that we can’t quite put it into words. Seriously, what's going on here? A peeping Tom, that’s who! It turned out that this was a peeping Tom who was trying to get a peep at reality TV star Danielle Yancey. It happened in 2016, and this weirdo was naked, wearing a Ronald Reagan mask, and he had a sock over his junk. Where do these people come from? Talk about bizarre! It was quite the incident, and it was all caught on CCTV security. It’s certainly the mask that makes this photo super creepy. The combination of his creeping posture and the mask is just a little too much for us. Hopefully, they caught the guy.

4 An Alien Among Us

Aliens are real, right? Who’s to say? It can’t be proven one way or another. Well, if we go by this photo, we have to assume that they're real. It looks like there was a security camera installed outside the garage, and something pretty creepy was spied behind the garage door. What the residents saw behind that door probably sent chills up their spines. Wouldn’t it bother you to see a bizarre creature in your garage? We would probably never go out there again. When they zoom in on the photo, it really looks like there’s an alien skulking around the garage. What are the chances that this creepy photo is real? It kind of looks like the alien is crouching as if it’s hiding, but it's looking right at the camera. It’s a little too real-looking for us.

3 Possessed Baby

Is this a scene from Paranormal Activity? We think that it really could be, as it’s definitely horror quality. You would think so, judging by the bizarre photo. Here, we have a small child seeming as if he's standing on the railing of his crib. Bizarre, right? That’s not even possible. The kid’s eyes are lit up like flashlight beams, and he looks like he's floating in the air. It’s beyond creepy, and we have to wonder if the kid isn’t possessed. We wonder what the parents thought when they checked the camera and saw their child practically hovering about his crib. There's no explanation for how this child did this. It’s super creepy, and we're not sure what to think of the photo. What’s worse is that the kid looks like he’s reaching out to someone or something.

2 The Scared Child

This is a pretty terrifying picture for a few reasons. We have a ghost child that actually looks like it’s being dragged away. Is this how the child originally died? This picture tells a very scary story, and we’re not sure what to think of it. There's really nothing worse than ghost children. They're so much creepier than adult ghosts. The scary part about the photo is that the ghost is looking at the camera. He’s aware that it’s going to be seen, and he doesn’t care. It’s like he wants to be seen. So creepy! It’s hard to tell what's going on with the small boy. Is he being dragged, or is he coming out of the floorboards? The whole scene is frightening, and we'd hate to live in this house. It’s a pretty scary picture, you have to admit.

1 The Ring Girl

Does this photo look familiar? Tell us that this doesn’t look like the famous Ring girl. This image was found only two years ago in a house, and it’s a pretty creepy shot, we have to admit. It looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie, maybe even The Ring. This creepy ghost lady looks as if she's coming into the doorway of the home, and her face isn't shown. The head is bent, and the hair is long, just like the hair of the girl in The Ring. It’s so creepy; we can’t even imagine seeing this girl on a security camera. It’s just too terrifying for words. When you see a girl that looks like this, you can only assume that her intentions are sinister. This girl doesn’t exactly look friendly like Casper. This one has evil on her mind for sure.

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