20 Events That Will Convince You That Parallel Universes Exist

In most comic books, there’s a concept known as “alternate universes.” This concept allows writers to explore different timelines featuring the same characters, or even involve multiple versions of the same character in one single story. For the most part, we like to think that parallel universes are just a writing tool used to promote one character or create amazing storylines...but science and eyewitness events definitely suggest otherwise.

Though very rare, once in a while people end up seeing glimpses of a world that cannot be explained. Perhaps it’s something that just is physically impossible, but happened anyway. Or, maybe it’s literally seeing portals open up. Whatever the event is, there are just some things that make us wonder if there are alternate realities out there that can’t be seen.

What’s interesting about the idea of alternate universes is that it’s actually one that is potentially scientifically possible. So, it’s possible that somewhere out there, there’s another version of you wondering what would have happened if they chose the path of life you took. And, it’s also very possible that there’s an entire universe where people never existed at all.

Comforting or alarming as you may find it to be, there have been instances in which people have claimed to have seen alternate universes, dimensions, and timelines...or to have disappeared into one, never to be seen again. Here are some of the most convincing stories about alternate universes that leave both scientists and laymen alike scratching their heads and wondering what really is going on in our universe.


20 The Green Children Of Woolpit

The Green Children of Woolpit is a story that has made many people question their reality, and it’s a story that has been documented for centuries. According to eyewitness written accounts dating back from the 12th century, two strange children were found in a pit outside the British village of Woolpit.

The children, a boy and a girl, seemed very distraught and were unable to speak the local language. Not being able to speak English was strange enough, but what was stranger was that they were both bright green.

For days, neither child would eat anything that the villagers brought to them. It was as if they didn’t recognize what food was. The boy died as a result, but the girl eventually began to eat beans and other legumes. After the locals taught her the language, they began to inquire about her origins.

According to her, she and her sibling were from a strange place called Saint Martin’s Land. She said that “everything was green” and that the world she came from was in a constant state of twilight, with no sun to be seen. The two of them got lost after hearing a strange noise, and then found themselves in the pit where they were discovered.

There’s no place in history known as Saint Martin’s Land, and there’s definitely no place on Earth that is constantly on the verge of night. So, where did these two strange kids come from?

19 Lerina Garcia


Lerina Garcia woke up in her apartment, only to realize things didn’t quite seem right. Her bedsheets were different. Her items were moved around, and stranger still, the pajamas she wore to sleep weren’t the ones she woke up in. Baffled, she decided to go to work...only to find that her office had moved, and that none of the coworkers she remembered knew her.

By this time, Lerina had gotten so freaked out by all the subtle differences that she decided to head home early. But, things got even stranger. When she came home, her ex-boyfriend was there. However, he wasn’t her ex anymore. According to him, they were together the entire time...and the man she was dating for months was nowhere to be found.

Lerina’s story made rounds on the Internet after she started blogging as a way to plead for help. She believes that she’s stuck in an alternate dimension, and that she can’t get home. Could Lerina Garcia be suffering from a mental disorder, or did she really wake up in a parallel universe?

18 The Man From Taured

Imagine going to an airport, passport and ID in hand, only to find out that the country that you came from never existed. This is what happened to one interdimensional traveler during one strange day at the Tokyo International Airport in the 1950s.

The man seemed normal in every single way. He was well spoken, fluent in Japanese, German, and French. He was well dressed. However, police stopped him when he produced a passport from a country that no one heard of. It was a country called Taured.

When questioned, the man seemed perplexed and told Tokyo officials that Taured had been a country for centuries. When asked to point it out, he couldn’t find it on a map and quickly became agitated and nervous. He then asked to call the hotel he stayed at, only to hear that the hotelier never heard of him.

Officials didn’t know what to do with the now-panicked man from Taured. So, they decided to rent a hotel room for him and had people guarding exits to the room until they came up with a solution. The man was placed in a room, and his belongings were left in an airport.

Despite all the security overseeing the man, both the mysterious stranger and his belongings disappeared into thin air overnight. Where did he go? More importantly, where did he come from?

17 The Beatles Never Broke Up


In 2009, a man who calls himself “James Richards” was walking his dog at Del Puerto Canyon when a sudden accident caused him to knock himself out. When he awoke, he found himself in a room filled with unidentifiable electronic equipment, with a bandage on his head.

He was greeted by a “greasy looking” man by the name of Jonas, who explained that he had found him outside of the house. This was strange, since the area in which Richards walked had no houses anywhere nearby.

Jonas explained that he decided to help James by traveling into his dimension and rescuing both him and his dog. According to him, in his dimension, interdimensional travel was very common. And, instead of the US government funding NASA, they funded a dimensional travel project called AR-PD. He also said that there were brokers who gave people the option to live life on other versions of Earth for a nominal fee.

Fascinated, James began to compare and contrast the two worlds. TV, foods, and other similar issues seemed similar enough. But, one thing caught his attention. In this universe that Jonas resided in, The Beatles never broke up. Jonas gave him a cassette to listen to, and he posted it online. Do you think it’s legit?

16 Sightings In The Bridgewater Triangle

There are definitely some locations that seem more likely to have interdimensional travelers than others, and one of these locations is the Bridgewater Triangle. This small triangle of land is located in Massachusetts, and has long had a reputation of being cursed with poltergeist activity, random ghosts, UFO sightings, and more.

One of the more unusual sightings that seems to happen on occasion in the Bridgewater Triangle is the sudden appearance of pterodactyl-like creatures. In this universe, pterodactyls and other dinosaurs have been long extinct. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t still alive in another universe. Could we be seeing ghosts from this world, or living creatures from another?

Other strange occurrences definitely lead added credence to the idea that there may be alternate universes showing their faces here. People have also seen strangely dressed beings that disappeared in a blink of an eye, ghostly animals, as well as the appearance of “portals” throughout the region. Paranormal experts believe that the reason why there’s so much high strangeness is because the Bridgewater Triangle regularly intersects with alternate dimensions...and sometimes there are “leaks” between each reality.

15 Mandela Effects


One of the more common things that people cite as evidence of an alternate universe are Mandela Effects. These strange situations occur when large swaths of people remember an event happening completely differently from what really occurred. For example, one of the most common Mandela Effects cited is Darth Vader’s famous line, “Luke, I am your father.” This line, often quoted by superfans, was never actually said in the movie.

Another commonly cited Mandela Effect would be the movie Shazaam, starring Sinbad. This movie, though many people remember it, never happened. What’s really bizarre about this is that people all recall the film having the same plot. So, did it actually exist in another dimension? And, if it did, what does that mean about the people who remember it?

14 My Friend Was A Time Traveler

Not all stories of parallel universes are found in the pages of old books, or on paranormal television shows. Some of them are experienced by random people who don’t really know what to do when confronted with the paranormal. On Reddit, many people who experience these events go online to discuss them, hoping that maybe, they can get some answers.

One Redditor began to talk about his childhood friend named Gavin, a genius kid who regularly invited him over to play video games. One random day, the user said that he had decided to go over to Gavin’s house unannounced. When he knocked, a 40-year-old man who looked unusually like Gavin answered the door. The user almost immediately thought that it was Gavin’s dad...until he realized that Gavin didn’t have a dad. Even so, the user asked if Gavin was at home. “I’m Gavin,” said the man with a laugh.

The user, baffled, asked for his 16-year-old friend by the same name. This made the man very uncomfortable, and he said that the kid wasn’t going to be there until later. Unnerved, the user left.

When he asked his friend who the older Gavin was, his friend had no idea who he was talking about. Even stranger was the fact that his friend was home at the time that the user went to see him. So, did our Redditor experience a time slip that let him meet an older version of Gavin?


13 Jophar Vorin


Late in the 1850s, a man by the name of Jophar Vorin was arrested in Germany. The strange man looked European, but spoke no language on the continent. He spoke very broken German at best, and when interrogated by police, Vorin said that he was from a country called Laxaria in the continent of Sakria.

Perplexed, the cops continued to ask him about the details of his country, to see if there was a mistranslation going on. When asked what languages he did speak fluently, Vorin said that he spoke Abramian and Laxarian. From what Vorin said, the continent of Sakria would have been where America is, since it was “separated from Europe by vast oceans.”

What’s stranger still is that he didn’t recognize any forms of Christianity – something unheard of during the time. He claimed that he was a form of Christian called Ispatian, and that it was widely practiced in his area. According to him, he had gotten shipwrecked en route to search for his brother...and somehow ended up in Germany.

After he was released from his arrest, he was never heard from again.

12 Time Traveler Photos

Once in a blue moon, you’ll find historic photos that look perfectly normal at first glance...and then you’ll notice that some people in the photo or film aren’t quite dressed right for the times. Or, in some cases, it appears that they may be holding a cellphone. And, there’s more than one of these kinds of authentic photos out there.

One of the most well-known photos of a potential time traveler from another dimension was spotted on the Virtual Museum of Canada website. The photo, which was taken in the 1940s, shows a man who is clearly wearing 2010s hipster gear watching a 1940s reopening of the Gold Bridge in British Columbia. Where did he get the goggles? And moreover, how is he wearing printed tee shirts when those just weren’t ever really seen until the 1960s?

Could this be a visitor from another reality, giving a quick glance at life in ours?

11 The McDonald’s Trip From Another Dimension


Another fascinating account of a Redditor finding themselves in an alternate reality happened when user ninjanerdbgm decided to go out for a meal at the local McDonald’s with his dog. He began to get a strange feeling as he pulled into the drive through, a sensation that he likened to having a “wave of static electricity” pass through him. His dog, too, seemed affected by the bizarre energy. The user also claimed that, for a moment, the world seemed to get blurry.

When he came to, his surroundings were very different. The streets seemed to glow with an unearthly shimmer. Streetlights that were lining the road were replaced by trees, and the McDonald’s itself seemed to be a larger, more different building.

As he drove up to the drive through’s window, he noticed that the car in front of his was a model he never saw before. He said that it had a Sicilian Eagle emblem on it, with a cursive G on its chest as the logo. The car’s model was also apparently called the “Vapor,” and that it still had a normal-looking license plate.

The drive-through itself was also different. Rather than the static-y speaker we are all used to, it featured LCD screens with videos of people laughing and eating. The food was also pricier, and paying also was different.

The worker didn’t recognize credit card as legal tender, and instead asked him to put his finger in a scanner device. Startled and weirded out, ninjanerdbgm decided to pay cash instead. Shocked, the worker agreed to take the cash...but wouldn’t give change. According to the worker, McDonald’s would only give “cash vouchers.”

As the transaction began to complete, things began to “glitch” like a badly written video game...and when he came to, he was back in this world. He seems to be a lot luckier than many who have been in alternate universes, since not all ever go back home.

10 Carol Chase McElheney

Another driver who found herself in her own personal Twilight Zone was Carol Chase McElheney. While driving from Perris to San Bernardino, she decided to take a quick drive through her childhood neighborhood in Riverside. As she began to drive, Carol described that she was getting a strange, ominous feeling throughout her body.

And, when she began to drive through town, she realized something was very, very wrong. Though she had regularly visited Riverside and had grown up in the town, she didn’t recognize any of the buildings. The house numbers were the same, but every home looked totally different.

Even the place where her grandparents were buried wasn’t the same. Rather than it being a well-kept cemetery, she found a weed-filled, unkempt, empty field in its place. Worst of all were the people, who just seemed “wrong” to her. Though she couldn’t explain why, McElheney felt like actually approaching people in town would result in something horrible.

However, the next time she went to Riverside, everything had gone back to normal.

When asked what she believed happened to her, Carol explained that she felt that she was temporarily transported into a universe where Riverside was a way darker, more sinister place.

9 The Event At Gadianton Canyon


In 1972, four girls had decided to go on a drive through Southern Utah as part of a leisurely weekend getaway. They came onto a fork in the road and decided to drive through Gadianton Canyon as a shortcut...and that’s when things got weird.

The pavement turned to a white cement road, and that made them assume that they took a wrong turn. So, they made a U-turn and went back to where they came from...but rather than find themselves in a desert, the girls found themselves in a pine forest. Since this was before the time of GPS, they decided to stop by a tavern to ask for directions.

Then, one of the girls screamed. They all looked behind them to find three wheeled, pitch black, egg-shaped vehicles speeding right towards them. Terrified, they floored their car and quickly found themselves back in the desert, where they lost control of the car and crashed into a creek.

Police who found them initially didn’t believe their story until they saw the tire marks. According to actual police reports, the tire tracks from the girls ended 200 meters into the desert. How they got a mile and a half deep into the desert can’t be explained. There’s no physical evidence of their travel between the beginning of the desert and their car’s location...and the hubcap from the car was never found.

8 The Markawasi Stone Forest

Peru’s Markawasi Stone Forest has been the subject of a slew of different legends in its time. It has been known for being a paranormal hotspot before settlers even came by. Between the strange, human-like faces on the rocks and the overall eerie vibe, it’s easy to see why many people think that there’s something that isn’t quite right with the area.

Dr. Raul Rios Centeno is a paranormal investigator who has personally seen something that couldn’t be explained...and that left physical damage on one of his patients. The doctor said that he saw a 30-year-old patient who was suddenly hemiplegic after an outing at the Stone Forest.

When he asked her what happened, she said that she was at a campground near the Stone Forest with friends when she had heard people laughing and music playing. They followed the music, and found a strange cabin made out of stone that was lit with torches. She said that she could see people dancing and laughing inside, but that something felt very “cold” and “wrong” about the party.

Curious about the weird meeting, she stuck her head through the open door, and saw that the attendants were all wearing 17th century clothing. She tried to enter, but a friend grabbed her and pulled her out in a panic. The part of her body that was left paralyzed was the part that entered the cabin.

Brain scans showed that her brain suffered strange symptoms after her entry...and that there were high energy levels in the parts in charge of her paralyzed half. As for the cabin? When they went back to search it, the cabin had disappeared.

7 People In The Clouds Of NY


In late 2016, a number of news agencies went nuts when reports began to surface of people seeing people in the skyline of New York City. A New York local had taken a photo of the skyline, and all seemed totally normal...until you look closer at the photo.

The photo shows silhouettes of what appear to be large people in the clouds, looking down at the denizens of the city below. YouTube account Paranormal Crucible was one of the first to show the strange photo.

Skeptics are saying that this could be a case of fata morgana, an illusion that can happen on cloudy days. But, believers are saying that this was a glimpse of angels...or of interdimensional beings taking a look down at us.

6 Miriam Golding’s Train Station Story

Fate magazine published a strange account of a woman by the name of Miriam Golding, who had a trip into another world in the fall of 1934. The strangeness all started when she was riding an elevator with her fiancé in the middle of Chicago. The elevator got very crowded, and she decided to get off at the next floor in an attempt to get some breathing space.

When she got out, she took a look around, and found that she no longer was in the store that she was visiting. Instead, she had found herself in a massive, sprawling train station filled with people rushing in every single direction. Confused as anyone else would be, she approached the information booth to ask where she was...only to be totally ignored by the booth attendant.

She then tried to get the attention of a traveler, who also ignored her. Everyone seemed to ignore her, so she decided to go outside of the station. When she had found her way to the outdoors, she realized that the weather wasn’t like that in Chicago. Rather than being chilly, it was a warm, balmy, even summery day.

She began to panic, and then she noticed a confused-looking child who was being ignored just like she was. She approached him, and he seemed equally relieved that she could see him. She laughed and said, “I guess they left you at the wrong stop, too...”

The two talked, and she found out that he was last playing tennis in Nebraska when he somehow found himself in the mysterious station. They continued to walk through the area, until they came to a beach-like area. After seeing some women calling them over, they tried to go towards them. The boy swam but couldn’t reach them. She closed her eyes, and found herself back in Chicago.

Her fiancé found her, and looked relieved. According to him, she vanished into thin air. Stranger still, her fiance’s sister claimed to see her talking to a young boy while at the beach later on. And, she even called them over. Could she have had a dimensional slip?

5 The Vanishing Tavern


In 1962, a man by the name of R.W. Balcom and his wife had gone out to Lake Tahoe from their home in Live Oak. On the way, they found a cute little restaurant off of Route 50. The restaurant looked very old-fashioned and rustic – much in the same way that cute little farmhouses looked.

Despite their misgivings, they tried out the restaurant and found the food to be incredible, the service to be splendid, and the overall ambiance to be charming. On their return trip, they decided to go back to the old restaurant...only to find out that it had vanished. When they asked locals, the locals seemed confused. They never heard of such a restaurant in the area.

4 Kathy Cramer’s Disappearance

Sometime in the middle of the night on August 15th 1960, a little 6-year-old girl by the name of Kathy Cramer mysteriously vanished from her room. Her parents, panicked, called the police. No sign of a break-in was found, and no noise was reported.

A search for little Cathy was sparked, and involved police, detectives, firemen, even local army reserves and police-trained dogs. Worryingly, nothing was able to be found by anyone. Even the dogs couldn’t find her scent, making it seem like she had vanished without a trace.

Then, at 3AM that night, Cathy’s parents walked into her bedroom...only to find their daughter sleeping soundly. When asked where she went, Cathy only said, “I’m not telling.” What happened to the little girl? Moreover, how could a simple child avoid being found by dozens of professionals?

3 The Mysterious Park Disappearances


David Paulides spent the better part of a couple decades researching a strange, little-known phenomenon happening throughout US and Canadian national parks. More specifically, he’s made a point of uncovering a strange trend of mysterious disappearances. In most cases, it follows the same pattern: someone is there, then they suddenly appear to vanish out of sight. Then, they are either never seen again, or their remains are found miles away in areas they couldn’t have possibly climbed to.

However, once in a while, the person who disappeared will be found, often in a dazed, unharmed way without any recollection of where they were. They often have no idea where they went, and they never seem malnourished, sunburnt, or suffering any other form of illnesses you’d get from staying outside too long.

In 1946, Katherine Van Alst was one of the people who vanished without a trace. The young girl’s parents searched everywhere for her, and after six days of having been declared missing, she was found walking out of a strange cave in a calm daze saying, “Here I am.” Van Alst had no idea where she had been, or how she survived.

2 High Strangeness At Skinwalker Ranch

If there’s one location that has become world famous for its insane levels of high strangeness, it’d have to be Skinwalker Ranch – a large, nondescript farm out near the Uinta Basin of Utah. This area gained a reputation for being cursed land among Native Americans, and is rumored to be an interdimensional vortex. And, considering that people who visited regularly claim to see “holes” opening up in the sky into other worlds, that kind of reputation is expected.

Along with strange lights and UFO sightings, people at the ranch have also seen strange hyena-like creatures that attack cattle, then disappear into thin air. Others swear that you can hear tiny voices discussing something in a guttural language without any speakers in sight. Even more claim that they see humanoid people who run at superhuman speeds, and that wolves in the area appear to be bulletproof.

1 The Mysterious Cities In The Clouds


In many parts of the world, thousands of people have seen strange, detailed cities forming in clouds. The spectral cities, which are most regularly visible in China, are of various colors and have clearly defined architecture. In some cases, photos of the phenomenon have even shown towers and castles, with trees surrounding buildings.

Skeptics believe this to be another case of fata morgana, but something doesn’t seem quite right about them. The buildings seem to have very sharp lines, and they aren’t really reflections of anything nearby. One would think that the mirages would be hazy, or would at least look like some of the architecture that is nearby. After all, most mirages are reflections...or very weird tricks on our eyes.

However, these mirages are photographable and very detailed. Could we be seeing parallel universes floating above us?


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