20The Bizarre List of 141 Things They Cannot Do

141 things that are prohibited to Jehovah's Witnesses sounds like an awful lot of things. Most people are aware of some of those things, like not celebrating holidays such as Christmas or Easter and not receiving blood transfusions. But there are so much more, and a lot of these things

are very bizarre. You can find the complete list online. But to highlight a few, JWs are not allowed to discuss politics, become a police officer if a gun is required (which it is), practice yoga, smoke, support AA, buy things at church garage sales, work for or shop at the Salvation Army, play competitive sports (professionally or on a school team), attend class reunions, join the YMCA, throw rice at a wedding, buy a raffle ticket, play bingo, sing the National Anthem, pray incorrectly, take another JW to court, believe in ghosts, read their horoscope, and the list goes on (trust me).

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