20 Creepy Photos Captured By Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are a pretty creepy idea in themselves. The thought that someone could be spying on you at any time without your knowledge is awful, especially if it was in your own home or a private place like a bathroom.

However, sometimes people set up hidden cameras for a specific reason. It might be because food keeps going missing out of the cupboards, or because there are strange noises coming from the attic at night. It could be to help a parent keep an eye on their child while they are out of the room, or to monitor an entrance in case anyone approaches. A camera might even be set up in a hidden location where there are rumours of a haunting.

Most hidden cameras don’t catch anything interesting, at least not interesting enough for the owners to upload it to the internet. Every now and then, though, it will turn out that a hidden camera was put in place for good reason. When they get the footage back and look through it, that’s when everyone realises that something creepy is going on.

These images were all captured by hidden cameras, and they all have us thoroughly creeped out. Just imagine what might happen if you put up a camera in your own home – do you think you would find anything as creepy as this? You would certainly be hard pressed to come up with something creepier, especially when you read the stories behind some of these chilling photos.

20 The Bear Just Wanted To Play Piano

The fact that this hidden camera was in place was extremely lucky, as when one couple returned home to find their kitchen trashed, they had no idea what had happened. They sat down to take a look back at the footage and immediately found the culprit. The bear had managed to wander in and had done a lot of damage by strolling around looking for food. For one moment, he also stood in front of the piano and placed his paws on the keys, then looked around a bit. He even looked right at the camera. We can only dream that he was planning to practice his Mozart, but then turned to see the camera and realized that he had to keep his impressive skills a secret. No one could know that he was a skilled player, or he’d be put into the circus.

19 A Carer Kicking An Elderly Patient

This elderly woman is an Alzheimer’s sufferer who lived in Argentina. She was so unwell and frail that she had to be looked after by a carer, who had been with her for three years at this point. The family started to wonder if she was being abused after a neighbour thought that she had witnessed something, so they placed hidden cameras to see what was going on. Tragically, they captured abuse on camera right away. The carer was kicking and pushing the elderly woman around with her feet, and then stood up to grab her by the back of the neck and shake her back and forward. The video of the unprovoked attack was used as evidence against her in court as the victim could not remember clearly enough to testify.

18 Stranger In The Kitchen

This image came about when an actor named Joe Cummings, who lived in Manhattan, started to notice food going missing from his kitchen. His girlfriend told him she wasn’t the one eating the food, and he became determined to get to the bottom of it. After putting the hidden camera up at a high vantage point, he waited to look back at the footage. To his shock, he watched a woman climb down from a high cupboard that no one could reach, stand on the table, and make her way down with the benefit of a stool. She was sleeping in the cupboard, urinating in his sink, and eating his food. She even watched television while he was sleeping in another part of the house. She was arrested after Joe took the footage to police.

17 Doll Moves On Its Own

This footage was set up by a father who wanted to check up on his daughter while she was playing in her room alone. She had said that something was bothering her in the house, and when he watched the footage back, he could start to believe her. While she was playing in her room and not paying attention to anything else going on, a doll sitting on the floor behind her suddenly seemed to move of its own accord. It moves its head first to one side, and then to the other, while the girl carries on humming a song to another doll. She was unaware of anything happening behind her until her father watched the footage back later on. He then uploaded the footage online to show the world.

16 Papers And Crayons Roll

Another incident was caught on camera by the same father after he set up in the living room. The little girl would sit here with paper and crayons to do some drawing, but she had already been interrupted before. This time, the footage at first captures the papers suddenly blowing over the desk and towards the child. She gets up and runs from the room. In her absence, the movement becomes stronger. All of the papers are blown off the desk and crayons also fly into the air and land on the floor. It looks like it would need something stronger than a stiff breeze to cause that – particularly in a room which does not appear to have windows in that direction. Viewers are left wondering whether it’s a real haunting or whether it was staged somehow.

15 What’s She Staring At?

This one is another creepy baby camera capture. It seems like the child is old enough to be sleeping in a smaller bed which is an adapted cot, with one side of the railings taken down so that they are free to get in and out of bed themselves. In this case, it seems like the child decided to get out at some point during the night and simply stand in front of the bed, staring at something right out of shot. We hate to wonder how long she stood there in the same place for. How creepy would it be to find hours of recorded footage of your daughter standing stock still and staring at something unknown with an open-mouthed expression on her face? Hopefully she was either just sleepwalking or had got out to do something and was about to move on.

14 Little Boy Gets Caught on Camera

Cody Wray was a normal father who set up a security camera inside his home, just in case anyone broke in without their knowledge, so that they would at least have evidence for the police to use. Imagine his surprise when he went back through the footage and found creepy images of his son standing on the arm of the sofa in the living room at 2am. The six-year-old was spotted doing a lot of things, like running around, doing cartwheels, and turning the lights on and off rapidly. Basically, he got up in the middle of the night to do everything his parents had told him not to do. There’s a rebel in the making! The mystery was quickly solved, but in the moment he found his footage, Cody must have been seriously creeped out.

13 The Moment Of A Home Invasion

This image is seriously creepy because of the facts behind it. The homeowner who installed the hidden cameras never knew that they would end up being used in a real criminal case after her home was invaded. She is on the couch in this image, being restrained by one of two intruders. The other woman in the picture, however, is not being attacked. It turns out that she befriended the homeowner and tricked her into letting her into her home. Once there, she let in the other two, who were actually working with her all along. With this deception, they gained access to the house so that they could rob it. If it hadn’t been for the camera, they might have got away with it. This is a compelling case for getting cameras installed.

12 Blue Demon Baby

One of the downsides of hidden baby monitors is that they often don’t process light the normal way, because they have to function in darkness. This means that some things might appear strange when they are recorded – like this baby, who appears to have glowing demon eyes. As the camera is not so great at capturing movement, the baby’s face also appears a little distorted. Imagine looking at your own baby monitor and seeing this. That’s the moment you realize your baby is literally a demon. Now you have to deal with that knowledge during the daytime too. Good luck getting any sleep ever again when you know you have to watch your baby for further signs of demonic possession. This feels like another Paranormal Activity movie in the making.

11 Man Who Thinks He’s A Tiger

This footage is creepy at first, but it becomes hilarious when you learn more about it. A camera was set up to watch this trail for wildlife, and it soon caught something very wild indeed. A man who had taken LSD told police that the drug allowed him to wake up and become his true self: a Siberian tiger. Naturally, therefore, he stripped off all of his clothes and went for a four-legged run in the forest. Needless to say, we don’t want to see the uncensored version of this! He actually is believed to have travelled 15 and a half miles in this manner, which is a fairly impressive feat. The reason? He said that he had picked up a scent and needed to track it down. Thankfully, no deer were harmed.

10 Creating A Second Ghost Child

When you glance at this image, your brain automatically tells you that you are seeing two children sleeping in a cot together. One of them is quite clearly distinguishable right in the middle of the bed, swathed in a blanket. The other one… wait, what is that? When you look a little closer you realize that it has to be some kind of optical illusion caused by the placement of an extra blanket and some toys. It really genuinely looks like there is another child there, though. There’s only one solution: it has to be some kind of ghost possession. The more you look at it, the more you can convince yourself that there is another child in the bed. It gets creepier and creepier as time goes on, too.

9 The Office Haunted By Ghosts

This series of images was taken in an office in Manchester which was apparently haunted. When strange things started happening, they decided to take a look at the hidden camera footage to see whether someone was breaking in at night. What they saw was alarming. In one part of the office, computer screens would turn on and off again by themselves repeatedly. Then, this chair suddenly pulled out from under the desk, turned, and rolled right the way towards the other side of the room. Footage from other spaces within the building showed cabinets opening and papers flying all over the room, with the drawers then slamming shut again on their own. Strange shadows also pass over the walls at certain points, and doors also open and close by themselves.

8 The Burglar Who Kept Coming Back

One pensioner in Derbyshire, in the UK, found her home being burgled five times in a row. The thief would sneak in, take her money from her handbag, and then sneak back out again. Although he had previously triggered the alarm, the arthritis in her knees prevented her from managing to chase him down. That’s when the hidden cameras were installed in her home. As she dozed off in an armchair, the culprit came back into the home. He looked at her to make sure she was asleep, then rifled through her handbag and took the money. This time, the police had his face on camera and he was brought to justice for the thefts. “It was very frightening to wake up knowing there was somebody in my house but I was determined not to let him get away,” she said. “I wanted to break his kneecaps with my walking stick so he couldn’t escape.”

7 Rocking Horse Thrown Off Chest

The owner of an antique toy shop now believes it may be haunted after cameras caught a rocking horse being lifted up and thrown to the floor off the top of a chest, after rocking for a few moments. Mysterious white spots also seem to drift across the footage during the incident. The owner said, "It was just completely bizarre - and I'm a sceptic. It just starts slowly rocking - just stopping and starting and then it flips off, as if someone is getting off the toy. As soon as I found it on the floor I immediately went to rewind the CCTV to see what it was. The thing is I've tried recreating the movement. I've tried moving the toy backwards and forwards in the way that it does on film, but it's just impossible to recreate it. That movement just looks like it would have to be somebody on it. There's absolutely no explanation."

6 The Burglar Inspecting The Baby

This chilling image shows a burglar checking out a baby in a crib with a flashlight. He broke into this home to take advantage of their possessions even though the family was sleeping inside the house at the time. As he was passing by the baby’s crib, he lifted his light and spent some time looking at the sleeping baby. Although it was completely creepy for him to do this, it’s lucky that he did. He turned his face to the side and was captured on the baby camera that he obviously didn’t spot as it was hidden up above his head. That led to his identification and arrest, so he made a big mistake breaking into this house. It’s an extra use for nanny cam footage that most people likely don’t think of.

5 The Deer And The Girl

This one is creepy beyond words. First you have the two deer, one of whom is looking right at the camera with his creepy glowing eyes. The other is looking over to the side, drawing our attention to the third character in the scene – a little girl who appears to be dressed in nothing more than a nightdress and is clutching a blanket to her chest. Taken from a trail camera which is set up to look for hunters and track wildlife, this is not the kind of thing that you would ever expect to see when looking back on the footage. We have to wonder what happened to the girl and why she was out there – and why the deer were so comfortable around her. It’s definitely a haunting one.

4 Contorted Demon Dancing Baby

Imagine that you are watching your baby’s nanny cam footage and you see this happening. Just… what is that? All of the nope, that’s what. It’s a horrible, nightmarish moment that no one should ever have to see. If this doesn’t put you off the idea of being a parent, then we guess that nothing will. The baby is captured in a moment when he was rolling over or else changing his position in some other way, and his head just happened to drop down while he did it. His open eyes caught the light on the camera and reflected back as two demonic pools of light, which could probably suck your soul out if you looked directly into them. What a horrible moment. Let’s never talk about this again.

3 The Face In the Blanket

This pile of blankets doesn’t seem to be much at first. It just looks like an area where perhaps a homeless person has been sleeping, with a bit of debris around the edges that we can’t quite make out properly. But when you look closely at the blankets themselves, that’s when it gets creepy. It looks like you can make out a face in the folds of how it lays! This is a super creepy thing to find out when you are looking at a hidden camera feed. Although there isn’t really a face there, it’s a huge coincidence that the drapes would fall in exactly such a way that you feel like you can see one. That’s enough to send a shiver down our spines, especially if you saw this in some creepy abandoned area.

2 The Wraith-Like Figure

This image represents three different screenshots taken from a hidden trail camera’s footage, rather than just one image. There’s a very creepy, pale figure who appears to pass by the camera and then move further out into the field with a meandering path. He picks his way over various obstacles that appear to litter the floor, in the absolute darkness without a light or anything reflective near him. He appears to be very slim and dressed in a long garment which hangs off him in a ragged manner. The way that he moves means it is difficult to get a good look at him, as the camera footage is blurred. Some even believe that this is footage of the Grim Reaper moving around to go and find his next victim.

1 The Prankster In A Mask

When the police installed a hidden camera in a field where they thought crimes might be taking place, they were in for the shock of their lives. Instead of criminal activity, when they looked back at the footage, they instead found creepy shots of people with animal masks and wigs on their faces who were crouching down and staring right into the camera. It turns out that some pranksters had found out about the location of the camera and decided to give the watchers a scare by dressing up. Identifying them proved to be difficult, as they always wore masks on their faces and there was no further footage covering the area. This is one prank that seems to have been executed well, though doubtless it was not appreciated by the authorities.

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