20 Creepiest Subcultures Around The World

Within each culture is a series of subcultures that further define who those people are. While some subcultures are more commonplace, such as Cosplayers, BDSM, and Hipsters, others are probably things you didn’t even know existed. As it turns out, our world and the people who live in it are pretty frickin’ weird. These are some of the strangest, most bizarre, and creepiest subcultures on Earth.

Subcultures are labels that help classify the weirdness we see in other people. Now, understand that this isn’t an article showing hate to the things people like to do. We aren’t in the bashing business. The world is made up of a vast variety of different types of people that each enjoys doing different things. That’s one of the reasons why life on our planet is so incredible. We are, however, shedding light on a few lesser known subcultures that give us the heebie-jeebies. Once you read the ones we’ve chosen, you’ll see the reasons why.

Below are 20 of the strange and peculiar subcultures that people seem to find themselves drawn too, from people who wear full body suits made of spandex or faux fur to people that never grew up and those just trying to be something else entirely. Which one of these communities is the creepiest to you? Is there one that you feel needs to become accepted mainstream?

20 The Zentai

To start us off is the Zentai, one of the creepiest subcultures there is. The word “Zentai” came from a Japanese word and is translated into skin-tight garments that cover the entire body. When we say the “entire” body, we mean it, these suits, that are usually made from a spandex and nylon blend, are made to cover the person from the top of their head to the tip of their toes. Even their faces are covered with the Zentai suit. Because you can’t see the person’s face in a suit, those wearing one could face heavy fines in certain countries. This subculture is creepy because it’s based partially on amenity while wearing extremely bizarre and disturbing full body suits that outline elements of the body that we would rather not see. Wouldn’t you be terrified if a group of these started running after you? We know we would be.

19 Gyarus

Although there are subcategories of gyarus that could keep you entertained for days, we think the subculture as a whole is more than a little unhealthy. Back in the 1970s, there was a jeans brand that released clothing for young women that went along with their slogan “I can’t live without men.” If that wasn’t weird enough the trend of the gyarus has lived on and thrived within the Japanese communities. It seems, in short, like the young ladies compete with each other to have the trendiest clothing, the poofiest colored hairstyles, and the tannest skin among the group. While this subculture might not seem all that creepy, it’s never healthy to constantly change yourself trying to obtain a look that isn’t your own beauty.

18 Bagel Heads

There are TONS of creepy and freakish body modifications that people are into, but we don’t have room in this piece for all of them. Some people might think that another form of body modification is creepier, but we happen to think that those in the Bagel Head community are some of the creepiest. For one, the entire procedure is only temporary, the saline injections they use has effects that last only a few hours at best. That means that these people have to go get these injections all the time if they want to keep up their bagel headed appearance. The second reason this bunch is totally creepy is because they are injecting solution under the skin on their head, near their eyes and relatively close to their brains. Anyone who willingly chooses to potentially cause irreversible damage to their brain is pretty disturbing, to say the least.

17 Feeders

A “Feeder” is a person that feeds their significant other. You might think that it sounds romantic, but it’s not, it’s actually rather crazy. They feed their partner until they gain weight, and then they feed them more, and more and don’t stop. They get turned on by seeing their partner go from being skinny to being overweight or from being fat to being extremely overweight. These cases usually turn out with the woman being so overweight that she can no longer leave the bed, even to use the bathroom. This subculture is creepy and gross because of the psychological issues that go along with it and the total abuse of power in the relationship. Outside of the Feeder world, people that are that fat have serious mental disorders that make them overeat. The people in these relationships are only potentially creating those mental issues by practicing these “feeding” methods.

16 Doomsday Preppers

Ok, let us explain this one. The reason Doomsday Preppers made it onto this list is because of the crazy ones. We absolutely agree with the ones that have some extra water, batteries, and flashlights stocked because it is extremely important to be prepared. Not just for the zombie apocalypse, but for regular things like hurricanes and tornados as well. The Preppers that we think are creepy are the ones that build a bunker underground and do some weird stuff. We’ve heard of stories where they bring young women down into their bunker to live so they can repopulate once the world is gone. We’ve also heard of creepy stories of cults that double as “End of the World Preppers” who end up killing their entire following with poison so that they would die on their own terms. Being prepared isn’t creepy. Being cult-like and kidnapping people to keep as slaves to repopulate, is.

15 Internet Trolls

Trolls seem to be everywhere. At least online. No matter what you post, which website you go to, or who you are, there will be a “Negative Nancy” waiting eagerly in the shadows of online anonymity. Behind the nasty, often projecting comments these “trolls” leave behind, usually sits someone who just can’t stand the sight of themselves. Due to whatever insecurities they may have, like being overweight, single and still living in their mom’s house, they choose to lash out and attack anyone they deem fit. The facade these people put on to make it seem like their own lives are perfect while you are seen as the scum of the Earth is pretty creepy. Just like the world of online predators, anyone pretending to be something they are not, especially while they are personally attacking you, will always be a disturbed person. Especially those that go to the extremes and cause others to kill themselves or torture others.

14 Ballbusting

This insane subculture was bred from the darker side of BDSM and femdom and it’s practiced anywhere you find a dominatrix. Males who participate in this fetish enjoy having women smash, crush, kick, or torture their testicles. Not only does that sound incredibly painful and it can obviously lead to serious health issues, but it’s pretty extreme to have your balls “busted.” This is just one of the subcultures and fetishes that we will never understand. We get that some people think pain is pleasure, and to some degree it is, but to cause pain at a level that causes severe bruising, discoloration, and potentially permanent damage, is too much.

13 Blood Drinkers

Long before the introduction to the sparkly vamps in Twilight, there have been real vampires that actually drink blood. It’s more mainstream now in the U.K. and the U.S.A. but, there was once a day where they kept their dirty secrets well hidden. From what we gather, the people that belong to this subculture don’t go around in the cover of darkness, snatching up innocent bystanders, and draining their bodies in an empty back alley. These people gather together, cut each other or themselves up, and then lick and suck the offered blood off each other. Not only is this an awesome way to spread disease and infections, but it’s absolutely disgusting. Yet, there are plenty of people who put on vamp gear and quench their “thirst” on the bodily fluid.

12 Furries

There’s usually one day a year, at least in the U.S.A. where people enjoy dressing up as the wildest thing they can possibly dream up. For some groups of people, like fandom nuts and cosplayers, those dress up days come more than just on Halloween. For those who consider themselves “Furries,” dressing up is just another part of their day. They enjoy dressing up as cute animal characters. Some like to partake by just adding small animal characteristics, like a fox tail, into their lifestyles, while others like to wear full-body animal suits out in public. There are definitely creepier subcultures in this article but this one still has a creepy underlying tone. There’s something about giant animals with human characteristics that is really disturbing. There's usually a highly sexual connotation to the Furry lifestyle, as well.

11 Living Dolls

The people that live as “Living Dolls” are right up there in weirdness as furries. Just like furries, you can find groups of this subculture all around the world even though it is mostly practiced in the U.K. and the U.S.A. Living Dolls spend the majority of their day playing doll, posing themselves in doll-like positions, while wearing doll clothing made in their size. A large part of their morning consists of makeup, hair, and wardrobe that transforms these people into human dolls. It’s like a horror movie in real life. There haven’t been any recorded psycho living dolls, but just walking into a room full of them would be enough to scare anyone to death.

10 Bronies

“Bronies” is the term used to describe the adult followers of the popular children’s toy empire, My Little Pony. Some say that “bronies” is just used for the male counterparts of the following, but the term is inclusive of every sex, it just refers to the fact that they are an adult My Little Pony lover. These people, especially the males, are creepy in the fact that they are grown men dressing up as colorful little ponies. We get that the messages behind the My Little Pony stories, TV shows, and movies are positive ones, but they are meant for kids. Let’s say that again, this show was made for kids, and these adults are sexualizing a children's character. So, when male “bronies” dress up as My Little Pony characters, they look much more appealing to kids. While not every brony is out to get children, the line between pedophile and not is way too thin for our liking, making this subculture uber creepy.

9 Otherkin

The people who call themselves “Otherkin” are people that believe they are other animals, or they have a strong desire to become part of another species. Some famous examples of this is the woman that turned herself into a cheetah or the man who turned himself into a lizard, forked tongue included. There is another person that turned themselves into a dragon of all things. We’re all for being unique with body mods and personalized ink and such, but this complete overhaul is a little more than extreme. Although the otherkin you meet might be the coolest person on the planet, your first impression might be that they are completely crazy with a dash of creepy thrown in.

8 The Looners

Balloon fetish folk call themselves “Looners,” and man are they looney. Sorry, we just couldn’t resist. Looners enjoy the company of balloons on a sexual level. Yes, balloons like you blow up for a birthday party. Some looners prefer to enjoy their balloons in the privacy of their own home while others like to throw or attend looner parties. Again, this creepy subculture is practiced in the United States as well as the United Kingdom, and you can probably find other looners scattered throughout the four corners of the globe. If you enjoy rubbing balloons all over your body or you get off dry humping a large filled balloon until it pops, you might just be a looner too.

7 Forniphilia

This disturbing subculture happens all over the world. That means that all over the world, there are people being turned into “living furniture” usually under the instruction of a BDSM Master or Mistress. This super submissive fetish involves people being tied up to resemble interactive pieces of furniture like chairs, footstools, or tables. The dominating person sits on the human chairs, sets things down on the human table, and kicks their feets up to rest on the human footstools. The reason this subculture is creepy is because it’s a strange sort of slavery that some people really get off on.

6 Objectum Sexuality

Those who are part of the objectum sexuality subculture fall in love with inanimate objects. Sometimes these feelings turn into a full blown relationship between person and thing. These people are found all over the world but one of the most publicized stories of objectum sexuality happened in Paris, France, where one woman fell in love with the Eiffel Tower. Turns out, she decided to end her relationship with the Eiffel Tower, maybe it was already involved with too many people, and ran off to be with the Louvre instead. It is said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but falling in love and trying to be in a relationship with objects is pretty creepy.

5 Omorashi - Someone Who Loves Watching Others Pee Themselves

This is a subculture found in Japan and it’s frickin’ weird, gross, and disturbing all rolled into one. Omorashi is the sexual fetish of seeing someone, especially a well-dressed and dignified person, having to urinate or actually wet themselves in public. Well, obviously, this entire thing is creepy and disgusting. We all know that there are some weird people out in the world that have fetishes that involve bathroom elements, but all of them deserved to be clumped into the creepy, weird, and gross category. Certain things just need to remain in the toilet.

4 The Rubber Dolls

This creepy group of people reminds us too much of the people in The Purge for our liking. Some members of this subculture might take offense to being likened to a bunch of killers, but you’re wearing a rubber doll mask, so what do you expect? Rubber Dollers or “Maskers” wear these creepy rubber masks that usually look like women’s faces. This subculture really gets its creep factor from what the masks tend to look like. It carries the same creep factor that you would find walking into a room full of old, decrepit Victorian dolls staring down at you. If you can’t sleep at night now, you have the maskers to thank for that. They’re scary enough to keep you up at night.

3 Adult Babies

Adult babies are the people that chose to never grow up. Instead of flying to Never Never Land and living with the Lost Boys, they sleep in custom-made cribs, wear adult diapers, and only do baby things. Adult babies claim they cannot do anything for themselves and they must be taken care of by another person acting as the “parent.” The creepy part of this subculture is the extent that these people take it. They will use the bathroom in a diaper and expect another human being to clean them up and “change them” just because they like how it feels or because they are too afraid of the adult world to grow up. Well, most of us are afraid of growing up. None of us really know what we’re doing, yet we are still out here trying to do it the best way we know how. We don’t care much for these grown up babies, but we would be down with an adult onesie, you know, for the weekends.

2 Pro Ana & Mia

Out of all of these subcultures, besides the omorashi one, this is the most sickening. Pro Ana and Mia is a subculture that is all about pro anorexia and pro bulimia. “Ana” is short for anorexia, and “Mia” is the shortened name for bulimia. This community encourages each other to be the thinnest they could possibly be. These people use extreme and dangerous methods to attain and maintain their tiny body weight, and encourage others to do the same through forums and by sharing photos of sickly thin people they aspire to. In a world where there is already so much hate and so many body insecurities, we don’t need to encourage people to not eat or to throw up after every bite. It’s not healthy, simply disgusting, and unfortunately, practiced all over the world since it’s an online based community.

1 Formicophilia

Formicophilia is such a creepy subculture that it takes our number one spot. This subculture is comprised of people who get off on having live insects crawl around their naked body. Usually, when one encounters bugs, they jump on a couch and scream for their loved ones or they run for the bug spray. You do have some people that will run to grab a jar to house the bug in, for scientific reasons, but this isn’t about those people. This is about the people that see an insect running around on the ground and thinks, “I want it to run all over my body.” Absolutely not. This sexual fetish is the creepiest thing we’ve ever heard of.

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