20 Chilling Stories Of People Who Died And Came Back

Death. It’s scary. It means the end to everything you know. Everything you love goes away. Your heart stops beating and life as you know it ceases to be. Well, that’s if you believe that there’s nothing going on after you die. For others, they believe that there’s a place where you can have eternal happiness. A place where you can see your relatives who have passed on. A place where happiness flows easily and there’s not a care in the world.

While many would refer to this as heaven, there’s also the other place people don’t like to talk about. A little place called Hell. In Hell, people are tortured. They can’t seem to find happiness. Rather, happiness is an illusion they will never attain. It’s dangled in their face, yet they’re so far away from it that it breaks their heart.

Yes, the other side had intrigued people for thousands of years. But, what about the people who have seen the other side? These people exist, and there’s more of them than you think. These people have died at some point in their life. Clinically, they’ve been dead for varying amounts of time. Whether it be one minute or five, their stories seem to transcend time.

This list has compiled 20 accounts from people who have died and come back to life. They’ve seen the other side. For some, they were met with eternal bliss. For others, they were met with sheer terror. Either way, you’ll sure be chilled by these stories.

20 Class Presentation Gone Dark

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Death is such a strange concept. For some people, death can be a white tunnel with loved ones surrounding you. And for others, you may find it not so pleasant and white. This is the story of one such person.

The person in question had been giving a class presentation. While most class presentations are boring, this is one presentation that the people watching it will never forget. The presenter began to feel their heart and blood pumping through their body. That’s when they collapsed. According to the person who collapsed, they began to feel as if they were falling. Not only did they feel as if they were falling, but they said that they kept falling faster and faster. Into a black hole.

That’s all the person remembers. Falling. As they kept falling, they began to hear voices. It turned out that these voices were people who gathered around her, trying to get her back to her feet.

19 Ghosts Saying Your Time Is Running Out

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For many, dying is a terrifying thing to think about. To finally realize that your heart’s going to stop beating one day can be horrifying. And, for some people, this can manifest in some interesting ways when they begin to die. These stresses are a part of life. And finding closure is something that comes up when you start to think about the end of your life.

An old man lay dying in hospice care. According to him, he saw flames surround him as he drew closer to dying. Is this Hell? Or stress from a life not fully lived? He had cut off all contact with his family years prior. He also claimed to have seen a ghost child at the foot of his bed. The child was telling him his time was rapidly approaching.

18 Time Moves So Quickly

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Besides death, time is another one of those odd concepts that is hard pressed to be explained in full detail. Sure, you know that time is something you look at on a clock. But, in essence, time is a dimension. And this dimension is possibly what a young man fell into when he died.

He was having an asthma attack. Sadly, his dad came in too late and he stopped breathing. He claims that he floated out of his body. He could see his mom bustle through the house, and eventually end up in his room. He could see his own body, which was the color of blueberries and his skin was growing colder by the second.

He also says that, while he could see things, it looked blurry. And time passed by at a rapid pace. Perhaps this is what people experience in the afterlife.

17 Bubbles And Loved Ones

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Seeing family on the other side is a comforting thought. Imagine passing on, only to meet up and be greeted to this new place by family who no longer walk the Earth. It’s a vision many people have when they have died. However, this story is a bit weird when it comes to how the relatives were communicating with the person.

Suffering a terribly broken arm, a young boy needs surgery. The doctors have a tough time putting the breathing tube in, and the boy flatlines. According to the boy, he floated out of his body. He was positioned above the operating room and could see all the doctors scramble to help him.

He then entered a blue tunnel. In this blue tunnel, he saw dead family members in pink bubbles. He got a happy feeling from these bubbles. They were telling him that it wasn’t his time. He then turned around and went back to his body.

An odd spin on seeing family members who have crossed over.

16 Cannibals Who Eat Your Undead Flesh 

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A perforated stomach is a terrible condition to have. And it can lead to death. This is what atheist Howard Storm found out when his perforated stomach took a turn for the worse. His experience with Hell is a tad different from the others. Mainly, it’s much more violent.

His experience began with his soul floating out of his body. As he was walking around the hospital, he noticed a group of people at one of the doors. He walked to them, as it seemed they could communicate with him. They led him into a thick fog, with the hospital slowly shrinking away.

They were nice, until they all got further into the fog. That’s when they began to shove him. Not long after, they showed their true nature and began devouring his flesh. The man quickly began praying and was saved.

15 The Chasms Of Heaven And Hell 

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A woman dies on the operating table. As the doctors begin to try and revive her, the woman has an experience that would change her life forever. The woman awoke on the edge of a huge chasm. The side of the chasm she was on was comprised of dirt and rocks. Across the chasm, there was a beautiful field full of flowers.

She begins to float across the chasm and towards the field of flowers. Suddenly, hands begin clawing at her feet from the bottomless chasm. She feels pain as the hands grope her. Finally, she makes it across the chasm and enters the field of flowers. She’s happy and sees relatives who have passed on.

Before she could do anything else, she was whipped back across the chasm as she hears her doctor’s voice. She snaps back into her body and is back in the doctor’s room. It seems that this woman journeyed into a place resembling Heaven and Hell.

14 Temptation To Stay In The Dark 

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Cancer takes far too many people. It comes out of nowhere and can turn a perfectly healthy person into an extremely sick one within a matter of months. It’s something that scientists are trying to cure and great strides have been made in treating various types of cancers. Since so many people have passed on from cancer, it’s interesting to look at a story of one individual who was battling the disease.

A 15-year-old was going through chemotherapy when he started hemorrhaging in his colon. He had sepsis and his colon was the target of the hemorrhaging. The teenager describes his journey to the other side as “tempting.”

Has your alarm ever gone off, only to have your arm swing over and hit the snooze button? That’s what it’s like. You want to stay in the dark. But, then you realize that you have a life to live, and you come back. A riveting experience.

13 Seeing The Light

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The light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a classic example of what people claim to see when they’re crossing over. It’s been around for hundreds of years and will more than likely be around for hundreds more. In people who have had near-death experiences, there seems to be a common theme. Two colors tend to be seen and experienced more frequently than others. Those colors are black and white.

In this story, a person has just gotten into an accident in the snow. As the person couldn’t breathe well, they began to feel as if they were floating. Moreover, they began to see a white light surround them. They felt as if their limbs were falling off (not in a painful way).

They were relaxed and felt warm. Eventually, they were helped and they snapped back to reality.

12 Wandering In A Field

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As a concept, Hell is a scary place. It’s full of flames, heat, and misery. Some people claim to have visited the place in their near-death experiences. One such person, Angie Fenimore, claims to have had an engaging experience with what Hell really is.

Fenimore says that, at first, she saw her life flash before her eyes. However, she saw the events through the eyes of those who were opposite her during those events. The “life review” is common, but the part about the opposite viewpoint and perspective is strange.

She then continued to say that she was then banished to a field. She heard a person say, “We must be the suicides.” She said that she couldn’t talk to any of the people in the field. They all had their own problems to deal with and didn’t even want to talk to her.

11 Knowledge From The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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The light at the end of the tunnel, it’s a common description of what people see before they die. However, what a lot of people haven’t expounded upon is what lies at the end of this light? What sits at the end of the tunnel? One person claims to have gotten there.

The person in question didn’t have the best of childhoods. They believed there was no hope. So, he tried to kill himself at the age of 13. He says that he saw the light as most people have described it. But, when he got to the end of the tunnel, he touched the light. The light was filmy. That’s when he knew everything.

Knowledge rushed into his mind and reality, as we know it, ceased to exist. He knew he had to come back and that it wasn’t his time. That’s when he woke up. The knowledge rush is unexplainable, but gives an optimistic and spiritual take on death.

10 Visions That Kept Morphing And Changing

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There are also various accounts of people speaking with dead relatives as they approach death.

Parents shouldn’t have to bury their kids. It’s not what’s supposed to happen. But, sadly, this happens all too often. This almost happened to a seven-year-old boy. The boy was in a bad car accident. He broke his left shoulder, smashed his skull, and had excessive hemorrhaging in his brain. He was placed into a medical helicopter to be immediately taken to the ER to see if his life could be saved.

The boy claims to have witnessed a strange sighting as he slipped in and out of consciousness. When he would come out of the black that is unconsciousness, he could see the shapes of the buildings as they were flying by them. But, these buildings began to morph and change shape as he stared at them.

To this day, he doesn’t know if what he saw was the world around him melting away.

9 Seeing A Dead Relative After Motorcycle Accident

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Car accidents happen every day. While some end up being fender benders, other people aren’t so lucky. Sometimes, accidents occur that can cost you your life. People on motorcycles are at a higher risk for deadly accidents since they don’t have a lot of protection around them. Take the case of a motorcyclist who died for a short time after slamming into a light pole.

The motorcyclist describes his near-death experience as passing into a darkness. While this may sound like some other stories on this list, it gets a little stranger. The motor cyclist saw black, until he began to open his eyes. When he did, he saw that he was on the asphalt. And his brother was hunched over him. He was telling the man to get up.

The man’s brother had died years prior.

8 Visions Of A Hell Filled With Monstrous Creatures

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No matter what religion you believe in (if any at all), you’re probably familiar with the stories and concepts associated with Heaven and Hell. Heaven is the great place you go to if you’ve been good and Hell is the bad place you travel to if you’ve been bad. One man’s story takes place at an Australian church.

An American traveled to the church to give his account of his near death experience. While scuba diving, this man had the unfortunate luck of running into a fish that was poisonous. The fish stung the diver and he quickly began to see horrific images. While he was being helped in the real world, the man had seen things unspeakable. Monstrous creatures and hellfire were the main attractions of his disturbing visions.

If there is a Hell, it sounds dreadful.

7 Hanging Over A Pit Of Souls

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Comas are a tricky business. The brain is in a completely new state that it’s never been in before. Scientists are also baffled at what, exactly, happens in the brain during a coma. A man named Matthew Botsford may have the answer to that.

For starters, Botsford awakened to find himself hanging over a pit with creatures that weren’t anything even close to resembling a human being. He claims that he was shackled by both the wrists and feet and was left to hang over this glowing red pit. If that’s not enough, Matthew then began to witness what was pluming up from the magma of the pit.

He claims that each plume of smoke that arose contained a soul inside it. He also felt compelled to say that he felt alone. All of the screams, and he still felt alone. Isolated.

6 Guardian Angel Over His Body

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They can come out of nowhere. Accidents happen when you least expect it. Earlier on this list, there was an account of a man who was in an accident. While he was unconscious and slipping into death, he saw his dead brother stand over him. This story shares a similarity to that experience, but goes one step further.

This person was also in an accident. They crashed their motorcycle and lay dying on the pavement. While they were laying there, the man claims to have seen a woman stand by his side. She kneeled and began to comfort him.

She told him that everything was going to be OK, that he didn’t have to worry. Eventually, the man was saved. When he woke up in the hospital, he asked where the woman was. The paramedics claimed there had been no woman at the scene.

5 Memories On TV

Giving blood can be a great thing to do. It can help save people’s lives and make your day better knowing that you helped someone. It can also be a dangerous thing to do if you’re not medically cleared to do so.

A young boy slipped through the cracks and was able to give blood. But, he began to have complications while doing it. Before the boy knew it, he was in an entirely white room. Nothing in it but a television and a couch. What is odd is what appeared on the television as the boy sat on the couch, confused.

Some of the worst memories of this boy’s life began playing on this television. The boy couldn’t help but watch these terrifying memories play on the screen. After some time, the boy zapped back into his body.

4 The Line Of Loved Ones Waiting For Her 

The sunset is one of the most beautiful things you can experience while on this Earth. Imagine if you saw this in the afterlife. If you were in limbo, would you walk toward the sunset? A woman says that she had to make this choice when she died.

To fix some medical issues, doctors had to stop her heart. Clinically, she was dead. The woman says that she awoke under a stormy sky. She was on top of a cliff and began walking towards the edge. However, her friends and family who had passed on appeared in front of the cliff edge.

They formed a line and each told her something important. Then, a small child that was a part of the family who had passed on appeared and wanted to play. The woman decided to listen to the line of people and play with the girl. The skies began to clear and the woman was eventually sent back to her body.

3 Hell Is A Never-Ending Hall Of Mirrors

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Hell is imagined in a variety of ways: Flames, torture, wandering aimlessly. This last one can be attested to one man who died on the hospital table. He was having open heart surgery when his heart stopped. Clinically dead, the doctors rushed to get him back. While this process was going on, the man says he experienced Hell.

Now, he says that it wasn’t explicit that it was Hell. There weren’t any flames or devil-looking creatures with pitchforks. However, there were mirrors. Lots of them. He describes his experience as walking through a hall of mirrors. But, these mirrors never ended.

He described the mirrors as geometric in shape. And he just had a feeling that he was in Hell. Eventually, the doctors revived him. Now, the man can roam and live freely, far away from the hall of mirrors.

2 The Afterlife Is Just Nothingness

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The black void is something that can be worrisome to people. Many believe that the afterlife involves seeing dead relatives and being happy in Heaven. Sure, this is a cheery proposition. But, the afterlife may be duller than that. What if it was absolute nothingness? This is what one person claims to have happened to them.

They were stabbed 32 times. Left for dead. With so many wounds, it’s a miracle that the person ended up surviving. However, before they could continue with their life, they had to endure three days of nothingness.

They were losing blood fast in the ambulance. They were pleased with the EMT’s trying to save their life. That’s when the vision went. Finally, touch left and the person says they were suspended in darkness. Floating. Three days later, they woke up in a hospital. They couldn’t remember a thing during those three days.

1 The Peaceful Quiet

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Near death experiences range a lot in terms of emotions. Some people experience unbelievable peace and serenity. Others end up feeling the worst pain they’ve ever felt in their entire lives. While it’s ultimately up to you to decide which of these stories rings true to you, this story has a quiet calm about it. Why? Because a quiet calm is just what this man experienced.

He accidentally sliced his femoral artery. Blood was rushing out and couldn’t be stopped. He slipped into a pit of black. But, it wasn’t scary. Instead, the searing pain that had emerged from his blood gushing out had ceased to be. The pain was gone. And it was nice. That is, until he rushed back into reality.

The man ended up dying again, shortly after coming back. Again, a peaceful quiet. He was again revived and can still feel that peace in the black to this day.

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