20 Bad Parenting Memes That Are Savage AF

This may be a statement that goes without saying, but parenthood is one of the most important jobs out there. Obviously, there are plenty of essential occupations such as doctors for health, farmers for food, and so on. But when it comes right down to it, if the goal of human life is to maintain and grow our species (that's debatable for sure), not just breeding but also raising offspring is incredibly important.

For the vast majority of people, the innate responsibility required to raise a kid comes naturally. We're all scared when the thing is on the way, and even once it shows up, the fear may not leave. However, in most cases, no matter how overwhelming the entire process is, raising the kid is something most people are at least able to partially figure out. At the same time, however, the job isn't easy; and much like life in general, not everyone is up to the task.

On the one hand, it's tragic to see. Within every child is incredible potential to cure cancer, go into space, develop some new technology, and to achieve amazing things in general; but in every generation, plenty of young people grow up never realizing this potential. While such may be due to their own failures, much of the blame can be put on brutal parenting. As we said, it can be tragic and upsetting. But watching atrocious parenting in action can also be mindbogglingly funny. Here are twenty bad parenting memes that are savage AF. These folks should have reconsidered breeding.

20 Priorities

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Sure, bathroom selfies are a thing; and they will probably not stop being "a thing" for some time. But as with many things in life, there is a time and place for everything. Much like you don't try to plant a vegetable garden during a tornado and don't go hiking in a forest fire, it is a very bad idea to pick your kid's bath time to pretend to be a model. If you're asking why–like the person in this picture–you're terrifying. When a child is young, the bathtub is two things. The first of these is a place in which you can bathe. The second of these is a deathtrap.

Kids die every day in the United States from drowning, and many of these incidents occur with babies or toddlers being left alone–only for a short time–in the bath. Hopefully, this one made it out okay, and mom put her phone away.

19 Don't Blame The Teacher

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As we'll see throughout this hilariously disturbing article, bad parents pass on their terrible habits and lack of living intelligence to their kids. One of the nastiest things that often gets forced on the younger generation is an inability to accept and deal with responsibility. As an adult, you have to be able to take criticism of your actions and omissions and accept that you have to deal with the consequences. Most people get this, but as almost any teacher will tell you, bad parents often don't realize the terrible job they're doing until little Johnny fails every class and gets suspended for flipping over desks and throwing chairs. We know there are some dreadful teachers out there; but if a kid is dumber than a bag of hammers and acts out constantly in school while others in the class are doing well, that kid may just have a case of bad parenting.

The "socially awkward seal" template may not have been the best choice for this one, but the message is still a good one.

18 Again, Priorities

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There will be no shortage of great picture moments throughout a kid's life. Obviously, their first word and first time walking on two feet are better suited for video. But for their first day of school, their first time driving a car, graduations, and so forth, any kid that has even a marginally decent upbringing will have a great potential scrapbook of pictures (do people do scrapbooks anymore?) by early adulthood. Knowing the difference between "great photo opportunity" and "my child is probably terrified and I should do something" is one of those instinctual snap decisions that most people should get right. In this case, that kid is probably about to start crying hard, and someone should be doing something other than snapping pictures.

Then again, we don't know the context of this shot and maybe the parent was rushing over to help the ankle-biter, while the person with the camera was someone else entirely. The point, however, still stands.

17 The Ol' Blame Game

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We'll come back to this theme, but it falls into the same category as blaming the teacher. In essence, terrible parents are amazing at shifting the blame from their own inadequacies to just about anything at which they can point a finger—teachers, technology, their own parents, and in some cases, pop culture. To most of us, Cookie Monster and everyone else on Sesame Street are beloved puppets that are a cherished part of our upbringing. But to lazy parents who don't nourish their children properly and can't regulate a diet, he is the cause of little Timmy's inability to climb stairs without gasping for air and passing out. Like just about every other TV program and media outlet available for kids, Cookie Monster exists for entertainment and devours cookies in a silly way. He is a character, not a substitute. Much of the same can be said of SpongeBob and basically anything else in pop culture.

16 Multitasking

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Another theme that will start to pop up throughout this article is moderation. There are plenty of things that must be placed on a lower priority when a child is in the picture. Certain obsessions may need to be dealt with before having kids, and in the case of the young lady in this picture, she's clearly an avid gamer leaving her kid to lie asleep with his/her head on the keyboard. That's not the greatest example of diligent parenting. On the other hand, there is a story from Korea about a couple who were so obsessed with an online game (in which they were raising a virtual baby) that they spent so much time in-game that their real baby starved to death. This lady is a saint compared to those two; but still, it may be time to put gaming on hold if you're spending too much time away from your kid or have to rest it on the keyboard while you play.

15 Context?

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We have to admit that we aren't too sure what happened before or after this picture was taken. Maybe the kid was taking a few steps and then toppled over, and the dad is looking at the mom saying "wow, he's really getting the hang of this walking thing," and mom is over the moon happy for her little ankle-biter who is growing up so fast. Sure, that could be it, but based on the body language–whether accidental or on purpose–neither of them look particularly enthusiastic about helping their toddler of the ground. The "you touched it last" caption is of course a reference to the childish game in which something gets dropped on the floor and whoever touched it last has to pick it up. Treating a kid like that would definitely be a prime example of brutal parenting.

14 No Kidding, Right?

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The classic "Peter Griffin: Grind my Gears" meme comes from the Family Guy episode Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, in which Peter has his own news segment on which he rants about whatever is annoying him at that very moment. This one wasn't on the show, but it makes a brilliant point. When it comes to violent video games, they, like every other type and category of game, are meant for entertainment and come with nifty age suggestions, including early childhood, everyone, everyone 10 and up, teen (13+), mature (17+), and of course, our favorite, adults only. While these are just suggestions and an adult can buy whatever game they want for their kid, it goes without saying that if a game is called Grand Theft Auto or Modern Warfare and they have a big "M" (mature) on the cover, it may not be the best choice for a nine-year-old.

The blame for terrible gift ideas lies with parents, not gaming companies.

13 Do People Do This??

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There are tons of ways to socialize kids. Simply bringing them out in public in situations in which parents are comfortable and happy is a good start. Beaches, parks, and anywhere there are other young people or families are all good bets. Outdoor festivals? Maybe not the best bet. Small children, especially babies, generally don't like loud noises. Case in point, this poor kid shrieking at an outdoor event we cannot identify.

We get it. Chances are, this kid has a couple of hipster parents who think they're the coolest on the block and aren't going to let the life they have created stand in the way of enjoying some good outdoor music. If the kid grows up to be a success, it will have nothing to do with attending outdoor concerts as a kid. On the other hand, if they grow up to hate the outdoors and have agoraphobia, it may have something to do with an event like this. No, they will not remember it. Yes, it's a bad idea.

12 It's Not The Kids' Fault

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For the most part, children are cute, fairly funny, and a joy to be around. Kids are innocent and while many of them are far more energetic than most adults would care for, we understand that it is part of being young. Overall, most young children are likable as long as they have good or even passable parents. If a grown adult says "I don't like kids," then there is a slight stigma to that.. I mean, who doesn't like kids? Of course, any adult who does like kids will agree that there are a few things on Earth more irritating than a child who is being raised by incompetent parents. The Most Interesting Man in the Universe isn't wrong on this one. There are very few people who truly dislike any kids, but there is almost unanimous agreement that if parents are inept at discipline or just don't teach their kids how life works, those kids are not fun to be around.

11 Facebook VS Real Life

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Once your friends start having kids, you can see which ones have done it with the intention of raising someone of whom they can be proud and hopefully creating something better than themselves, and those who have become parents for the novelty and attention they get. The latter are nasty repulsive people, and most of us know one. They snap a picture of them and their kid doing something awesome. Then once the shot has been taken, they're back on their phone, and their unfortunate progeny is plopped back in front of the television for another six hours before it's next human contact.

If someone's "good parenting" is confined to what shows up on their social media feeds and timeline–but when a phone camera isn't around they barely pay attention to the kid–they are indeed a bad parent.

10 They're Just A Minor Nuisance When They're Small

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This is a great point that many negligent discipline-deficient parents don't think of until it is too late. Small children can only cause so many problems. They can flood a room by leaving a faucet on (okay, that's a big problem), they might flush a set of keys or a smartphone, or might just throw food while at the dinner table. The problem lies with parents letting kids get away with this stuff when young and having those kids turn into misbehaving teenagers. When they're young, they're almost harmless; but a teen who hasn't been parented properly is a real threat. If one tries to discipline them at that point, when they're a pile of hormones and adolescent fury, one might just encounter fists. It is much better to just bite the bullet and teach them when they're young, rather than risking a whooping later in life.

9 The Man Makes A Point

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While many people just associate this picture with terrible hilarious advice, the origin of this meme isn't very well-known. It comes from a web series called Hood Documentary and depicts actor Kayode Ewumi playing a character named Reece, also known as "Roll Safe," which is a popular name for the meme (but Googling "man touching temple meme" works too). As with all of the memes featuring this image, the caption isn't necessarily untrue. It's just terrible advice, which is what you will usually get on the internet.

Obviously, not doing any parenting most definitely does make one a terrible and negligent parent. The meme is satire, nobody should ever take this one seriously even if he does make a point...sort of. In fact, not doing any parenting is probably the quickest way to get a kid taken away from you, which actually makes the problem go away altogether.

8 Manners Aren't That Difficult

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Yoda's a smart guy. And while we're pretty sure he never fathered any kids (maybe some fan fiction out there would disagree with us), he was an integral part of the lives of many padawan learners throughout his time as a Jedi master. If you're not a Star Wars fan (you poor soul), this green fellow taught a lot of young children. Now you're up to speed. While a few of the young people he instructed did fall to the dark side, the vast majority were well-behaved and served the good in the universe.

He's right about this, by the way. Children do not pick up disrespectful manners and poor attitudes out of thin air. Kids all pick up on what they see, and if they see poor behavior out of their parents, then they will be reflective of that. But, most people have to see it every day—children who mouth off and have no clue about simple matters of etiquette.

7 This One Kind Of Hurts

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The sad reality in this meme becomes more apparent and troubling almost every day. Earlier, we mentioned the Korean video game-obsessed parents who left their child alone to slowly starve while they raised a baby in a game. The millennial generation (of which I am a member) has started to grow into adulthood and have kids. While some criticisms of this generation are overblown, we do like our screens an awful lot. Don't misunderstand. The majority of millennials will grow up and put down their screens in favor of raising kids, but there will be plenty who continue to focus on phones, iPads, the TV, and computer, and there is a lot of potential for kids to feel left out and unloved. The meme above is the wrong kind of savage, but it makes a point that is both clear and accurate. Kids love attention, and while giving them too much of it can lead to them being annoying and craving attention later in life, ignoring them altogether causes a whole other set of issues.

6 We Thought This Went Without Saying...

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We aren't sure who is losing their minds about the bottom caption, and we actually thought that these two would be flipped. Doesn't everyone recognize that problems start at home and just manifest themselves at school? Oh well, maybe not. Both are true to some extent, but given that there is generally at least some training to be a teacher these days, the potential for bad teachers is less than it could be. With parents on the other hand, the only prerequisite is functioning reproductive parts, which in no way guarantee any actual skill at this very important job. There are bad teachers, but they are becoming fewer and fewer. Bad parents, however, seem to be multiplying at a far quicker rate. Either way, saying "there are no bad kids, only bad parents" is almost a no-brainer. Being terrible is something that is learned.

5 Is Lying Bad Parenting?

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The "Scumbag Parents" image generally describes behavior that almost every parent does. There are tons of these, including other captions such as "Blames the computer when there is a problem with you. Blames you when there is a problem with the computer" and "Says this generation is terrible. Raised this generation." Generally, the meme is accurate and very relatable for anyone who is currently an adult.

In this case, lying to a kid about a beloved pet is cruel, but the intention is to lie so that the kid doesn't hate you for–in this case–giving away a puppy. At the same time, however, letting that same kid waste his/her time on something like looking for a lost puppy that was given away is just cruel. Lying about Santa and the Easter Bunny is one thing, but this kind of deception, if discovered, could negatively impact a parental unit's credibility with their kid(s).

4 Kids Or Partying?

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Kids shouldn't totally take over a person's life. They are a major addition, for sure, but allowing them to be the center of one's universe isn't good for anyone involved. With that said, it is necessary–like we mentioned in the meme with the gamer whose kid was asleep with its head on the computer's keyboard–to make some changes and make sure the child comes first. By all means, young parents should find babysitters so they can go out and maintain a social life. But if it looks like parents spend more time getting hammered than spending time with their progeny, that doesn't look good to anyone. Have you ever seen a hungover mother trying to supervise kids doing anything? You know what a mess it is and kids themselves are like tiny drunk people requiring at least a relatively sober and extremely patient supervising hand.

3 Lots Of Choices Hurt Kids

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"Don't judge me, don't bash me" posts on social media are the calling card of people who are dreadful and make terrible choices. Many of those who post this nonsense don't pick up on the fact that nobody is bashing/judging/hating because they are perfect; but people are bashing/judging/hating because criticism is necessary when people don't realize how stupid, destructive, and ludicrous they are.

While giving a toddler a tattoo is an extreme example (we have to hope this picture is fake, we really do, nobody can be that stupid), there are plenty more. Parental action and inaction can make or break a child and affect them for the rest of their lives. "My child, my choice" is a decent philosophy in some cases. But tattooing one, for instance, is a terrible choice. If the picture above is real, that parent deserves everything he gets when that kid reaches adolescence.

2 Deflecting Blame Again

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For those who never saw Office Space, the movie tells the tale of some employees at a software firm in the 1990's. Their jobs are boring and absolutely miserable in some days, in no small part due to their monotone and emotionless boss, Bill Lumbergh. He's obsessed with paperwork and treats his employees poorly, all while droning on and sounding as disinterested as possible. His catchphrase is to assign a task, repeat himself, and then say "that'd be great." The cult following of this film has led to this fictional man becoming his own meme, and it certainly is a good one.

In this case, it works perfectly; as terrible parents love to blame misbehavior on TV, movies, and video games rather than their own inadequacies. But, they really need to stop. That'd be great.

1 We Wish It Was Acceptable To Yell This In Public

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This screenshot–taken from one of the finest shows ever to hit television screens, Futurama–features Dr. Zoidberg, a humanoid lobster, shouting at a terrible musical performance. His exact quote, while the rest of the audience boos, is "your music's bad and you should feel bad!" The show is a favorite among many who spend too much time on the internet, and the meme can be re-purposed for just about any situation in order to show disapproval.

Is there a kid screaming on a plane while his/her parent does nothing about it? "Your parenting is bad, and you should feel bad!" Did a child just say something rude to you, while the disinterested adult just looked at you and shrugged their shoulders? Use the quote. It is best if shouted at someone very close by. Need a way to tell off terrible parents? Why not Zoidberg?

Sources: Newsweek, Know Your Meme, YouTube

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