17 Disturbing Things People Have Confessed On Reddit

The expansion of the Internet has caused a huge change in the way society interacts with one another. The explosion of social media sites have completely altered the way people communicate and that isn't even touching on the whole concept of online users hiding behind their anonymity in order to spew out the most hateful and egregious comments. While social media has received a huge amount of criticism for the cases of bullying and stalking, there is one site that can sometimes get overlooked by the general public.

Reddit started off as a social news aggregation that is very much like an open forum for basically anything in the world. There are discussions about every topic imaginable and people are able to rate content and contribute to various threads through their Reddit accounts. In recent years, Reddit has been criticized over whether or not the conversations are actually authentic since there have been cases of nationalist trolls using the site to propel their own agendas. The volunteer moderators haven't been completely successful with sorting out all of the users that have been able to exploit the poor enforcement of the user protections. There are many that have wondered whether or not the Reddit site will be able to remain unchanged in upcoming years and Internet users have become more savvy in working around different guidelines. Whatever happens in the future, Internet users will never be able to forget some of the most infamous stories that have circulated on Reddit. Check out our list of the 17 most disturbing things people have confessed on Reddit and see if you can get through all of them.

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17 Jolly Rancher Story

While there are a number of stories that have been cringe worthy over the years on Reddit, there are some that have become truly infamous. The Jolly Rancher story has become a story that continues to live on and is still talked about through different feeds. Two college students tried to keep their relationship going even though they went to different universities. After spending time apart, the two engaged in some oral sex and the boyfriend, Steve, popped a Jolly Rancher in his mouth to cover up the horrible new smell and taste she had acquired. He wound up losing the Jolly Rancher, but reached in to get it out and quickly pop it back in his mouth. Yet, he knew something was wrong when it popped open. In actuality, it was a nodule of gonorrhea "As in, the blister-like structure that gonorrhea makes filled with diseased pus."

16 V-----a Bacon

Since there are so many Reddit threads about men ejaculating into specific containers and men on the toilet, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are a number of highly disturbing threads from women. The Reddit user, nigabitch, shared a few photos in 2013 and the result was horrifying. While menstruating, she saw a particularly large piece of uterine tissue and decided to save it. She took photos of it and then did the unthinkable... she fried it in Crisco like it was a piece of bacon. She said that she got the idea to fry it up from another Reddit user and went through with it, taking pictures throughout the journey and sharing them online. She named it her "vaginal bacon" and claimed that "it smelled f***ing delicious."

15 Shoe Box Of Shame

When people began asking the question of "my greatest shame," there was one particular confession that stuck out in the minds of readers. The dilemma was posted by u/Lynfect and there were even photos to go along with it. The situation started because he had just bought a pair of shoes and felt that the empty shoe box would be a place where he could ejaculate and throw the used tissue into it. Yet, it spiraled and became his go-to place for when he would need to "relieve" himself. Then, he went on to detail how it began to smell horribly and he tried to burn it, which let off an even more disgusting smell. The photos of his self-described "C*m box" were posted online and to-date has reached over 80 million views.

14 Spider-Man Toilet Stall

In 2014, Reddit users were invited to talk about “the most shocking thing you’ve ever caught somebody doing?” and there was one that was particularly disturbing. The Reddit user explained that his high school had an inordinate number of special needs students and there would frequently go to the bathroom together. Rather than deal with these students throwing temper tantrums, the teachers allowed them to go together. The Reddit user explained what he saw when he walked in on them in the bathroom and the description was utterly disturbing. The explanation stated, "I go into the washroom and see both of them Spiderman'd up on top of the toilet stall taking dumps from orbit." When one of them became startled upon seeing someone else in the bathroom, he reportedly fell down and received "orbital strikes" from the other student. The worst part of the story was the "laughing like a maniac" comment that really created the mental image.

13 Witnessed A Suicide

It seems like the entire world has become desensitized to true horrors due to the graphic nature of television shows and movies but seeing it in real-life is a whole different story. The Reddit user, polybob, gave an account of something truly disturbing that he witnessed in 1999. Polybob was at a gas station and had just purchased a Diet Coke. As he was leaving the store, he reportedly saw police officers descending on a man and then the man shooting himself in the head. The man who committed suicide was Mark O. Barton, who had previously gone on a killing spree, killing his whole family people at his former employment and a nearby All-Tech Investment Group office building. There's no way to corroborate whether or not polybob truly was there to witness his eventual suicide at that gas station but if so, it's not surprising that he had nightmares about it for months afterward.

12 Worst Medical Experience In The Operating Room

The question was posed to readers about the worst medical experiences for professionals in medicine and an Operation Room nurse responded. The user, banzaipanda, went into great detail about her background and the experience of the other medical professionals working the OR on that fateful night. The patient was over 300 pounds and was suffering from a "Perirectal abscess," which meant a pocket of pus that needed draining around her anus. She alluded to the patient shooting IV drugs into her taint and the infection causing a tunneled cavern that reached all the way into her abdomen. Once the surgeon made his first incision, rotting tissue, fecal matter and pus came shooting out to create an Operating Room akin to something you'd see in a horror movie. It took multiple "alcohol showers" and three days of sanitation time for the Operating Room to finally get back to being normal again.

11 Incestuous Relationship With Mother

In 2012, a thread was started by the user, verifiedson. He was relating the experience of having a sexual relationship with his mother, starting when he was 14-years-old and ending right around the time he started college. Initially, the thread was started in relation to a researcher that was studying different examples of incest that were not traumatic. This Reddit user proclaimed that the experience was altogether positive and that he had no regrets that they once had a sexual relationship. He claimed that the father was aware of their sexual relationship and he even walked in on them during the act but he only responded with, "excuse me" and then retreated. There were a number of questions posed to this user, some mockingly and others legitimately curious about how this type of relationship would ever progress.

10 Wrestling With Sister

The thread, "I am a man who had a sexual relationship with his sister. AMAA." was started by the user, YouWhat111, in 2012. The user detailed how they were preteens when the first sexual interaction took place but it took awhile for them to gradually work up to full-on intercourse. He revealed that they took each other's virginity and opened up the dialogue for people commenting on how messed up that whole situation is. While there were the usual comments about a brother/sister sexual relationship, there were others that commented with their own experiences playing "doctor" with their sister when they were younger. The Reddit user went on to detail more of the experience but insisted that no one else knew about their sexual interaction. He said there was a time when the mother walked in on them while they were fully clothed and "wrestling" but he didn't believe that she really knew what was going on.

9 Popsicle Horror

While everyone has their own definition of what would constitute the worst job, it's hard to definitively give out that title unless you'd walked a day in their shoes. The Reddit user, Queen_James relayed a story that would make anyone rethink their life choices. While working "at a sketchy gas station in a sketchy part of town," there was one particular woman that stuck out during their time there as an employee. While watching out of the window, she saw an overweight African American woman using a discarded newspaper as a wiping devices so that she could urinate on the street. She then proceeded to remove a popsicle from the outside container in front of the gas station and alternatively licked and inserted this popsicle inside of her as she propositioned nearby men.

8 Foot P--------te

Not everyone is taking to Reddit in order to divulge the most disturbing things they have done. In fact, some of the most disturbing and thought-provoking incidents are reported by those that simply caught someone in the act. Reddit user, KerryAnne4488, relayed the story of how she would repeatedly give her female friend a ride from someone's house that lived nearby. While she assumed she was there to buy marijuana or something like that, she later found out that it was something far more bizarre. Her friend was actually working as a foot prostitute and the house she was going to had a man with a serious foot fetish. He would pay for her to come over so he could smell her feet and he would ejaculate while doing so. There were also other requests like leaving her sneakers over there or kicking him in the face.

7 Drinking Urine From Little Boys

When the Reddit user, NOPR, conveyed a story about an experience he had working at a movie theater, it caused many to look up the background details to their story. NOPR said, "I caught a guy drinking little kids' piss out of the urinal in the movie theater where I used to work." The story was in reference to a then 56-year-old, Alan D. Patton, that covered toilet seats with plastic wrap in an effort to collect urine. The water was shut off in the urinals and Styrofoam cups were placed there in order to collect urine. Patton is a registered sex offender after sexually assaulting four young boys in public restrooms. Patton's lawyer claimed that he suffers from a particular disease, which is "urophilia," a condition that causes sexual gravitation due to urine.

6 Man Has Intercourse With Banana

It is common for young adolescent boys to have some seriously innovative ideas about how to satiate their lust. The American Pie film received huge laughs when Jim Levenstein attempted to have sex with a pie. Yet, hearing about real-life instances aren't as funny as they are on the big screen. The Reddit user, haziee, relayed a story about witnessing a male cousin trying to have sex with a banana. However, the explanation was far from what you might think when you hear about potential sex with a banana. The inside of the banana was hollowed out with a thin spoon and then wrapped in duct tape. The entire contraption was then thrown into the microwave (presumably to soften up the rough edges to the duct tape?). The worst part of the entire confessional was the Reddit users characterization that the cousin tried "to take it to downtown pound town."

5 Larvae On T------le

There are a number of Reddit confessions that start off where the person is sitting on the toilet. These aren't the most glamorous confessions and regular Reddit users know to cringe and brace themselves for what will come. In late 2016, IronicPlague relayed his own story of sitting on the toilet. He thought that he felt a skin tag on one of his testicles and decided to rip it off. Yet, once he ripped it off, he realized it was something far more serious than just a piece of excess skin. He claimed, "I looked down and saw that my testicles were covered in blood and some kind of chunky cheese like s***." Once he wiped the area, he claimed to see a larvae slide out. In a follow-up comment, IronicPlague claimed that it was a Botfly and that he was probably bitten in his sleep.

4 Hunting For A Tampon

Some of the best stories on Reddit start off with a considerable amount of alcohol being consumed. In this particular case, Hojooo regaled the story of one particularly drunken night when he found himself having sex with an unnamed girl. The girl never said that she was going through her menstrual cycle at the time and even had a feminine hygiene product in her during the time of their sexual intercourse. Afterward, she emerged from the bathroom in tears and needed help to get the tampon out. It's hard to even fathom this entire situation since it was bad enough that this poor guy just realized that he had sex with someone that was on their period. Now, he had to "lay under her like a mechanic fixing a car stick almost my whole hand in and finally catch the string and pull it out."

3 Mysterious Empty Shampoo Bottle

There have been a number of Reddit users that have outlined their ingenuity in finding places to ejaculate at home. Reddit user, finniganTV, outlined a story he was told by a guy that was nicknamed "Stinky" and it became blatantly clear that his nickname could have been a lot worse. The story consisted of Stinky using an empty shampoo bottle as the location for where he would ejaculate in the shower and that he would continuously add to his supply and put a pretty sizable amount in the bottle. One day, a friend of his used his shower and inadvertently used the shampoo bottle to wash his hair. The worst part of this story was that Stinky was actually the man that ran the local music studio.

2 Mayonnaise Lubrication

This particular story was told by the Reddit user, Garglemesh113, and it involves an unfortunate use for mayonnaise. A friend told him of a story of a long distance couple visiting each other for Spring Break. During their tryst, they were in need of lubrication but didn't have any on hand. Instead, they decided to use mayonnaise and wound up repeatedly using it throughout their visit. Once the Spring Break trip was over, the girl was starting to experience tingling in her crotch area and was even brought to having several orgasms. Although she inspected the area and didn't see anything wrong, she visited a doctor's office for further inspection. It turned out that the mayonnaise had attracted flies, which in turn, created maggots that were inside her vagina. The maggots were squirming around inside of her, which was the cause of her orgasms.

1 Colby The Lab

A father turned to Reddit for help dealing with his teenage son. The family's 7-year-old Labrador Retriever (Colby) began acting withdrawn and "even depressed" which prompted the father to take it to the veterinarian. He was told that there was evidence of the dog being sodomized and found bestiality material on his son's computer. The father posted again when he found his son massaging Colby's testicles while "playing" with him. The entire ordeal became a drawn out back-and-forth where Reddit users wanted to know updates. The Reddit user, concerneddad1965, claimed that his wife didn't seem to believe him that it was their son sodomizing the dog and she ultimately left him. He was distraught that his family fell apart but many Reddit users were more distraught that the poor dog was still living with the wife and son.

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