17 Creepiest "When You See It" Photos EVER

Taking pictures gives us a way to preserve certain moments. Being captured on film as you score a game-winning touchdown or when you slip the ring on the finger of your new spouse will let you relive the experience again and again. There are times when you wish a picture hadn’t been taken such as when your significant other snapped a shot as you were waking up with a hangover or when you fumbled the football just outside the goal line and cost your team the game. In both cases, the pictures stir up memories and bring back some of the emotions.

Photography has come a long way in recent years. The type of cameras and apps that come with most cell phones are miles ahead of what even the best-equipped photographers had a few decades ago. It’s nearly impossible to figure out if a picture is legit now. This doesn’t mean one should discount the authenticity of all photos though. For years, people have captured all sorts of inexplicable things on their cameras without any trickery. It only makes sense that with the increased volume of pictures being taken every day that there would be a rise in the number of weird things that are captured in photos. Here are the 17 creepiest “when you see it” photos ever. You be the judge.


17 Mirror Mirror

A young lady appears to be taking a selfie but she is blissfully unaware of the evil that seems to be lurking behind her. Maybe this is the “before” portion of a before and after pic. It would be quite interesting to see how she looked in the “after” photo. She is in for quite a shock when she puts the camera down, turns around, and looks in the mirror to apply her makeup. Actually, the fact that there is no accompanying “after” photo to be seen might tell what we need to know.

In case you haven’t spotted it yet, there is a menacing face staring out at her from the round mirror that is situated in the bottom left-hand corner of this picture. It is surely going to be a lot creepier for her than it is for us.

16 Flighty Doorway


There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly interesting about this picture. The photo looks like it’s several years old and, at first glance, doesn’t really appear to have any purpose except to capture a view of a landing, an old wooden stairwell, and the entrances to a couple of darkened rooms. But wait a second!! What do we see upon closer inspection? A glowing set of eyes is peering out of the darkness in the room on the left. Some people might think it’s some kind of alien gray while others might believe it’s a knob on the end of the railing. Either way, it’s a spooky find in an otherwise unremarkable photograph. It sure doesn’t appear that this mysterious entity was the focus of the picture but it is now.

15 I’ve Got Your Back

A young woman relaxed and posed for a picture while she sat at a picnic table in an otherwise deserted park. She was at ease as she rested her cheek on her hand and gazed towards the photographer. The camera’s flash went off and illuminated the area which revealed her surroundings. A few trees and a couple more picnic tables are scattered throughout the otherwise empty park. Or is it an empty park? Upon further inspection of this photo, we can see that this late-night park goer has some company. At the top of the frame and located slightly to the left of center, what looks like a darkly-dressed man can be seen standing still with his arms at his side. Whatever it is, it would have been a little disturbing to think that you were being watched when you thought you were alone.

14 Humanitis


Have you heard of a condition called elephantiasis? It is a condition that causes abnormal swelling of various parts of the human body. So, if humans can have elephantiasis then can elephants contract humanitis? It certainly looks like it judging from this picture of an elephant that is munching on some greens. Take a look at its ear. Notice the distinct side profile of a human face? The forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin are clearly visible as is an ear. The shape is absolutely perfect and leaves little doubt that humanitis in elephants actually exists. It should lead some of us to wonder if this pachyderm is aware of the condition or if he is an outcast among its herd due to the blatant disfiguration. Of course, many might think that this was just somebody with Photoshop who had too much time on their hands.

13 Two-Faced

What a nice picture of a happy couple. In this shot, a man is taking a picture of himself and what appears to be his female partner. We wouldn’t be entirely positive that this photo was actually a selfie if it wasn’t for the reflection of them in the glass behind them which clearly shows what he’s doing. There is an old saying that reminds us to believe nothing of what we hear and only half of what we see. That adage is relevant in this case as we can see something else in the reflection. Specifically, the woman’s face. How can that be if she is looking at the camera? She is definitely facing the camera but, at the same time, she is also looking the other way. Two faces? Apparitions? Trick photography?

12 Sheriff Woody and Friends


The characters from the movie Toy Story have assembled and are obviously witnessing something they probably haven’t seen before. Slinky Dog isn’t sure what he’s seeing while Hamm and Rex seem to be intrigued. Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody look horrified and ready to put an end to it while Mr. Potatohead is hoping that Mrs. Potatohead is learning something. Jessie should certainly be looking the other way!! It all becomes pretty obvious as to what they are all gawking at when you finally see the shape of the shadow that is being cast over the floor and wide-eyed toys. There is no real way to simply tell you what they’re witnessing in a SFW manner so you will have to draw your own conclusions. You can always tell the children that it’s the silhouette of a girl drinking a bottle of soda. Yeah, she’s really getting into that soda!!

11 Couch Ghoul

Here we have a photo of a spotless and comfortable sitting room. It is nicely decorated and clean as a whistle. Everything is in its place and it is ready to be used by anyone who cares to relax on a cozy couch, kick their feet up, and stare out the window over a cup of tea. There’s just something a little unsettling about the scene. It’s almost like someone or something is already kicking back and just waiting for some company. Ah, there it is. Behind the pillow on the couch to the left, we can see that something creepy is hiding. That just might be the best seat to offer your mother-in-law when she stops by for one of her unannounced visits. Make sure you offer her the tea after she sits down or else it might end up all over that nice couch.


10 Alice In Chains


A thick fog rolls in over the kiddy playground in this eerie picture. While it may not be raining yet, it could be raining tears of fear at any moment. The first row of swings sit almost motionless in the foreground as does the first swing in the second set. What’s going on with the next one? Not only is it moving but it also appears that it is being manipulated by some kind of specter. It looks to be the ghost of a little girl that is rattling the chains and beckoning someone to give her a ride. She is sure to scare the daylights out of any unsuspecting kid that unwittingly dares to play on those swings. Heck, it’s enough to frighten even the bravest of adults. Stick to the see-saw kids!!

9 Everything Floats Down Here

Cleaning manholes and air ducts are tough enough without any added aggravation. This guy is emerging from an enclosed space with what looks like a dead mouse that has been stinking up the place for a while. Most unpleasant. It’s not all that fun to be confined to a tight space that can be full of all sorts of surprises like spiders and other creepy crawlies. It’s especially a drag when the epitome of evil is milling about below you. Take a look at the bottom of the hole and you can clearly see Pennywise the Clown. Oh, you thought he was dead? Obviously not. It’s lucky for this worker that Pennywise prefers children to adults so this guy is probably safe. Then again, if the clown’s lust for blood and flesh hasn’t been filled for a few decades then he might eat anyone.

8 Hidden Horror


At first glance, this is a simple photograph of a front-end loader that is parked in front of a pile of gravel beside an old industrial building. A truck with a boom sits in the background and a few sparse shrubs fill out the scenery. The front-end loader is the focus of the photo but there’s nothing special about it. A bucket, a cab, some running lights, and tires that have plenty of rubber left on them. Then you see it. The ghostly image of a boy standing behind the bucket and in front of the tire. He looks a little young to be operating the heavy equipment but he is absolutely old enough to scare the wits out of you. Somebody should get him a hardhat before the safety inspectors come around.

7 Intimacy Ruined

Katy Perry and Rihanna are getting quite friendly with each other. They both have a hand on the other’s knee and they almost look as if they might start making out. Little do they realize that their privacy is being infringed upon in a very creepy way. Is that Justin Bieber trying to get an upskirt peek at Katy? It’s a good thing the blue-haired diva decided to wear a long dress that night! It might not actually be the Biebs that’s doing the skulking but it sure looks like him and he is a little odd at times. Maybe he dropped his Wonder Woman action figure and he is only trying to retrieve it. Whatever the reason for being down there, it sure puts a weird twist into this pic.

6 Face In The Crowd


The sign in the back indicates that it is graduation day for this class of happy students. These three pose for a memorable photo as their classmates excitedly mill about in the background. This is a time in their lives when they think about what the futures hold for them. It’s about looking ahead and not looking back. Especially when there is a spooky zombie-like photobomber right behind the two girls. Who knows? Maybe one of the girls turned him down for the prom? Maybe both did? It’s not hard to figure out why they would turn him down but the real reason for his disturbing guest appearance in this photo is unknown by everyone but him. The kid is a great candidate to be voted Most Likely to creeping people out.

5 There’s Always The One

Here is a great photo of a bunch of happy young ladies enjoying a night out over a few drinks. The group is focused on the camera and they all ham it up as the photo is snapped. Everybody is having a great time. Especially the guy that has weaselled his way into the shot in the background. What a stud!! He’d probably like to have a chance with any of these young beauties. Umm, except for maybe the third one on the left who is in the process of spoiling the night for a couple of her friends. That’s what happens when you pound back a plate of chicken wings and chase them with a couple apple ciders and a dozen shots of tequila. Hopefully, it didn’t set off one of those chain reactions.

4 Prom Queens


These two good looking gals posed for a selfie on their big night out. We can see that they spent a lot of time on their makeup and fussed over their hair while picking out the perfect accessories. They looked spectacular as they showed everyone their exuberant smiles. Everyone in the picture seemed to be having a great time except for the evil-looking and extremely pale person that is situated on the far right over the blonde girl’s shoulder. What’s the deal with that? We can only see a small portion of the person’s face but it is more than enough to conclude that there was at least one ticked off person at the prom. The DJ better start spinnin’ some Marilyn Manson soon or all Hell is going to break loose.

3 Me, My Selfie, And Eyes

Another pretty princess snaps a selfie while completely oblivious to the fact that she isn’t the only one in the picture. She’s brushed her hair, plucked her eyebrows, and found the right facial expression before she took the picture. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looked and she was probably pretty happy with the results. It would have been fun to see the expression on her face when she discovered the demonic face that was poking over the top of the door in the background. It’s really hard to say what exactly the creature is but she probably doesn’t want to find out. While she appears brave and confident here, there’s a good chance she’ll be looking over her shoulders quite frequently from now on. Wouldn’t you?

2 Don’t Look And It Will Go Away


Almost every kid has had that uneasy feeling that there was a monster under the bed or in the closet and most of us would combat these terrors by hiding under our blankets in hopes that the spook would just disappear. After all, we couldn’t cry out for Mom and Dad again because they would just cut us off of sugar and television for a week. That’s even scarier than monsters under the bed! This poor kid can hide under the covers as long as he wants but it doesn’t look like the ghoul that is laying to the left of him is going anywhere. He might be safe if he can avoid rolling over that way. Of course, he could slowly sneak out of bed, go to the kitchen, grab some Count Chocula, and watch a late-night horror flick.

1 Watch Yourself!!

This young lady posed for a picture beside some blinded windows and an antique chair. Antique chairs can be spooky enough but what is even weirder is the girl’s reflection in the mirror. What the heck is going on there? We should be looking at the reflection of her back but, instead, we are seeing her from the front. The mirror has the chair and the blinds properly reflected but not the subject of the picture. It would have been funny if she was planning on using this shot as a profile pic for a dating site. Maybe she wanted to show everybody that she has eyes in the back of her head? It was pretty cool when Pink Floyd used a similar image on their Ummagumma album but this is plain creepy.


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