17 Celebs Who Went Under The Knife...And Got Absolutely Destroyed

A lot of celebrities undergo plastic surgery. You can make the argument that celebrities' entire careers depend on their image or brand. If they look unattractive or old (which is even worse), they may find themselves out of work. This societal pressure inflicts a number of celebrities with self-esteem issues. It doesn't help that the general public ridicules celebrities for getting old. Remember when Brendan Fraser was seen at the Oscars? People are still laughing at him for losing his sex appeal, but they need to give him a break -- he's nearly 50.

In order to try and make themselves look like they did when they were young, people undergo a number of cosmetic procedures. From facelifts, Botox injections, lip injections, and a number of other ridiculous procedures -- the price to pay for staying young is more than most people can afford. But celebrities usually have more money than they know what to do with. Unfortunately, the surgery doesn't always work out.

Like anything, people tend to go overboard. In this article, you'll find a number of celebrities that took their plastic surgery too far, others that should have never tried to fight aging, and one unlucky celebrity who trusted the wrong plastic surgeon to fix his face.

17 Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York City socialite who's only really famous because she looks absolutely ridiculous. For a time, she was married to billionaire Alec Wildenstein, whom she divorced in 1999. She received $2.5 billion in the divorce settlement and $100 million each year for 13 years after her divorce. She once said that her annual food and wine costs are $547,000. Needless to say, she lives an extravagant lifestyle.

According to her ex-husband, Jocelyn Wildenstein paid close to $4 million for so many cosmetic surgeries to make herself look more like a cat to please him, though she denies the claim. Wildenstein claims that she loves her look, saying that she got exactly what she wanted from her plastic surgeons.

If that's exactly what she wanted, the doctors should have refused. It's like when someone wants to get a gang tattoo, the artist usually refuses. The same thing should have happened here, for Jocelyn's sake.

16 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is gorgeous; don't get me wrong. The former television star has aged surprisingly well. Her boob job made her somewhat of a laughing stock, the sex tape with Tommy Lee didn't help with her image, and the fact that she constantly looked like a hot mess in the early 2000s made her look trashier than she actually is. Her plastic surgery procedures were unneeded and leave her fans wondering what she might have looked like without the surgeries.

The former Playmate of the Month changed her look for the cover of a 2014 No Tofu magazine. She looks a lot more sophisticated than her previous public image portrayed her to be -- and it paints a picture of what could have been.

She's really classed herself up in the past few years -- but it's hard to ignore her cartoonishly large breasts. They really don't suit her at all, but they're what she's now known for.

15 Steven Tyler

The internet said it best: Steven Tyler is starting to look like an old woman -- and he only has himself to blame. You have to wonder if the celebrities that are dyeing their hair and undergoing plastic surgery truly believe that they look great.

Steven Tyler was never the best-looking rocker to begin with. He had a certain look that a few women were bound to find attractive, but majority of his sex appeal had to have come from the fact that he was the lead singer of Aerosmith.

It's relatively obvious that the 69-year-old rocker has had some plastic surgery work done. Surprisingly, Steven Tyler has remained open about the types of surgery that he's had done. He's kept it pretty simple, only receiving Botox injections and a facelift. That said, he should have avoided plastic surgery altogether. He's sort of tarnished his rocker image among the younger generation and become more of a punchline than a sex symbol.

14 Michael Jackson

The life of Michael Jackson is nothing short of a tragedy. The abuse he faced as a child followed him for his whole life. He was essentially stripped of his childhood by his father and forced into a music career at an early age. His father also abused him over his appearance. He was a public figure over four decades, and as his vitiligo worsened and his public persona became a little unusual, people began think of Michael Jackson as a punchline rather than a person. Comedian Lewis Black had a bit in his 2005 routine, saying that if you ever forget the punchline to a joke you can just say Michael Jackson and get people to laugh.

It's clear that the pop star had body-image issues. He had a number of procedures done, which include rhinoplasty, a forehead lift, cheekbone surgery, lip alteration, cleft chin creation. The autopsy report confirmed that Michael Jackson had scars behind his nostrils, one behind each ear, two on his neck, and cosmetic tattoos on his eyebrows as well as his scalp. It may surprise you to know that Michael Jackson was either bald or balding -- the autopsy report confirmed he was wearing a wig.

13 Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was the face of female comics throughout her 55-year career as a comedian. Her "tell it like it is" style of comedy paved the way for contemporary comedians in future years, but she was often criticized for making jokes about sensitive topics, such as the Holocaust and the victims of the Ariel Castro kidnappings. When criticized, Rivers refused to apologize, saying that she would never bow to political correctness.

As Joan Rivers aged, she went under the knife a number of times. She had eyelifts, facelifts, a nose job, a boob job, and a number of other procedures. She had it all. She often said, "I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware."

Unfortunately, to millennials, Joan Rivers wasn't known for her comedy -- she was known for having way too much plastic surgery. As funny as she may have been, her inability to age with grace distracted many viewers from her comedy.

In 2014, Joan Rivers passed away at the age of 81 after complications during a minor throat surgery.

12 Donatella Versace

Donatella Francesca Versace (yes, that Versace) is an Italian fashion designer, vice president of the Versace Group, and owns 20% of the business. At the age of 61, Donatella Versace has a net worth of an estimated $2.3 billion. As one of the richest women on the planet, you think she'd be able to get some decent plastic surgery.

Before she started getting plastic surgery, she wasn't the most attractive woman in fashion. She wasn't ugly by any means, but being surrounded by world-class models may have had an effect on her body image.

People began to notice the effects of her plastic surgery in 2002. Up until that point, she may have had minor procedures but nothing that was too invasive. She continued to get lip injections, Botox, and alter her facial structure. She didn't wake up one day looking like how she does now -- but you can definitely track her progress over a few years. It's unfortunate that she went under the knife so many times, but she's stated that she isn't a believer in natural beauty for women.

11 Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore was born male but transitioned to a female at the age of 19 when she was able to get sex reassignment surgery. As long as she can remember, she says that she always knew she was a girl and was often confused why her parents were dressing her up in boys' clothes. But it's not the sex change that destroyed Amanda Lepore; it's all of the other procedures that she's had done. These procedures include: three breast augmentations, butt implants, broke her bottom ribs to make her waist smaller, lip injections, fillers, Botox, a nose job, hairline lowered, and a forehead lift. It's unknown how much money Lepore has spent on plastic surgery.

Despite completely altering her body to look like a movie star from the early 1900s, Lepore has made a career as a model. Her unique look has positioned her as one of the most famous transsexuals in America.

Lepore says she loves her body and the glamorous lifestyle that she's grown accustomed too. There's nothing wrong with loving yourself. In fact, it's encouraged. But you have to admit, Amanda — you look a little too much like your plastic figurine.

10 Axl Rose

Axl Rose used to be a stud. He was the lead vocalist for one of the most iconic American rock bands, Guns N' Roses. He's considered one of the greatest singers of all time by a number of different magazines because of his wide vocal range.

If you're a fan of Guns N' Roses, you'll know that the history of the band is unfortunately complicated. Following an extended hiatus, Axl Rose essentially hijacked the Guns N' Roses band name for his own benefit and continued to tour with new members.

Like most old rockers, Axl Rose is trying to relive his glory days. He can no longer hit the notes that he could sing as a young rocker, and he's starting to look less like a rocker and more like that weird uncle that's trying to stay hip. There's something sad about rockers that can't move on from the past.

Instead of aging gracefully, Axl Rose took a gamble on plastic surgery. He's clearly had a face lift and is well acquainted with Botox, but it didn't help him as much as he probably wanted. He went from dream boat rocker to looking like an out-of-work WWE personality.

9 Katie Price

Katie Price was pushed into the limelight after appearing on Page 3 of the British newspaper The Sun. She used her sudden popularity to expand into a number of different industries, including fashion, music, television, and books.

Price used to be naturally beautiful but decided at the age of 19 to upgrade her breasts from 32B to 32FF. She has since had 7 other enhancements and reductions, as well as liposuction on her hips and thighs and a nose job. After having her procedures, Price was barred from appearing on Page 3 of The Sun due to the company's decision to only use "all natural" models.

Her boob jobs have cost her more than just a pretty penny. The procedures have left a number of scars on her chest, but Price says that she doesn't regret any of the operations. In fact, she stated in an interview that she's more than likely going to turn to Botox and lip injections as she gets older. Hopefully, she doesn't get as many procedures done on her face as she has on her breasts.

8 Shauna Sand

You're probably looking at the photo of the former playmate Shauna Sand and thinking she looks hot. There are no noticeable signs of plastic surgery besides a nose job, but it looks pretty solid. It's not about what you can see in this photo, though -- it's about what you can't see.

Shauna Sand appeared on the TV show Botched (a show where people with horrible plastic surgery try to get it fixed) to try and repair a boob job that she was given several years ago. During the procedure, her nipples were disfigured, and her plastic surgeon passed away in a car crash before he could finish repairing them.

We can't show the photos here -- but a quick search on Google will give you the photos that you're looking for. It's not as bad as you might think, but her breasts were left with rope-like scarring that she's trying to get fixed. In the episode, she said that she wants to be topless again.

7 Mickey Rourke

After numerous boxing-related injuries, Rourke needed reconstructive surgery to mend the injuries on his face. Magazines later wrote about how Rourke's face was "horribly disfigured" after the surgery. Rourke himself admits that he went to the wrong guy for his plastic surgery, further saying that the plastic surgeon left his face "a mess."

At least he has the awareness to acknowledge he made a mistake picking a plastic surgeon. That takes a lot of confidence -- but it takes even more confidence walking around with the face that he has now. Kidding, of course.

6 Pete Burns

Pete Burns was the vocalist and songwriter for the 1980s pop group Dead or Alive. You may remember them by their only song that became popular -- "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)." It's safe to say that Pete Burns definitely had a unique look. His look was how he stood out from other minor celebrities -- for better or worse.

Burns is said to have had nearly 300 corrective procedures, including several nose jobs, cheekbone implants, and several lip augmentations. There were several complications from these operations. The medication used during some of his surgeries caused him to develop blood clots in his legs, heart, and lungs. His teeth also became severely damaged from blood thinners.

In 2016, Burns passed away unexpectedly following a sudden cardiac arrest. He was only 57 years old.

5 Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley, aka "The Starchild," is one of the lead singers and rhythm guitarist of the band Kiss. The band is built on their brand more than their music, which is why it's so important for members of the band, like Stanley, to maintain their image. When performing onstage, Paul Stanley paints his face white with a black star over his right eye. Each member of Kiss paints their his differently. Arguably, it's the only memorable thing about the band.

Band mate Gene Simmons has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery (and he looks weird AF without his sunglasses on), so it wouldn't be a surprise if Paul Stanley had done the same.

Judging from photos when he was younger, Dr. Michael Salzhauer stated that Paul Stanley appeared to have had a face and browlift, his eyelids changed, and an augmentation of his nose and lips.

He looks a little unnatural for a 65-year-old man, which suggests he's had a little too much work done.

4 Joan Van Ark

Joan Van Ark is an American actress, primarily known for her 327-episode run on the soap opera Knots Landing from 1979 to 1993. She looked great on the show -- but now, it looks like her skin has been stretched over her skull too tightly. She looks like she's in pain.

Though she hasn't admitted what procedures she's had done, people have speculated that the 73-year-old has had a facelift, lip injections, cheek implants, and Botox injections. This is a perfect example of a former television star trying to retain her youthful appearance by going a little overboard.

When asked about why she thought plastic surgery was more prevalent in today's society, she responded, "It's the norm now. The whole nine yards is what's expected in a way."

3 Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini is to Italy what Paris Hilton is to America. She's essentially a celebrity who's famous for being a celebrity. These people are typically referred to as socialites, and you probably hear a lot of people complaining about them.

Once upon a time, Michaela Romanini turned heads. Today, she turns heads away. This is due to her undergoing countless procedures that started from a very early age. Most notably, Romanini had somewhat of an addiction to lip collagen injections. She continued to get injections over the years, and now her lips are completely blown out due to being filled with too much collagen.

It's a shame what self-esteem issues can do to celebrities. She went from a beautiful woman to someone who is literally unrecognizable. If she walked into her high school reunion (if she weren't a celebrity), nobody would believe that she was Michaela Romanini.

2 Lil Kim

Lil' Kim was made famous after performing a freestyle rap for The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls. She was one of the most famous female rappers in the 1990s and early 2000s. For a while, Lil' Kim was regarded as the Queen of Hip Hop. But, somewhere along the line, her career took a nosedive. It probably has something to do with the fact she served a year in prison for lying to a jury. Prison sentences tend to kill entertainment careers.

Besides an obvious nose job, it's believed that Kim has undergone skin bleaching, a procedure on her eyes to change the shape, Botox injections, and a possible facelift. She looks absolutely nothing like she used to when she was the Queen -- and that's a bad thing. Part of what made Lil' Kim stand out was her sex appeal. If you take that away, you're left with a washed up rapper who starts feuds with people more successful than she is. Wait -- didn't Lil' Kim get destroyed by Nicki Minaj a few years ago?

1 Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone is the mother of Sylvester Stallone. She used to work as a dancer and promoter for women's wrestling back when she was a younger woman. Today, she mostly lives for her children and grandchildren but runs a business as an astrologer and psychic. A woman of her age has to be careful not to overwork herself, but she spends her days tap dancing, playing piano, and eating a metric ton of spinach.

How old do you think she is? She's 95 (Sylvester Stallone is 70, soon to be 71). She doesn't look 95, but she looks like she's had a ton of plastic surgery.

In 2013, Jackie Stallone publicly admitted that a number of her procedures were a little botched. She's unhappy with her appearance, saying she looks "like a chipmunk with a mouthful of walnuts."

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