16 Spoiled Brats Having Total Meltdowns On Camera

"But daddy! I told you I wanted a blue car!" oh please...

In today's intrusive times, it's said that the average person is filmed 70 to 300 times per day and those numbers are just counting CCTV recordings and not including cell phone coverage from the person standing next to you in line or from across the store -- if you dare to act out of hand. It's as if through smartphones and YouTube we have become a sort of united army against bad behavior, the punishment being public humiliation via the internet. We're now suddenly all videographers, even little kids have smartphones!

Thinking of calling that customer service representative who kept you waiting a choice four-letter word from the naughty dictionary in a room full of smartphone-armed people? Think again unless you want to see yourself go viral by the time you get home. If you think about it, all of this can work in our favor as extra moral motivation to be the good, decent people that we know we should be and go about our daily business remembering the golden rule: do to others what you want them to do to you.

Sadly, here are fifteen people who forgot all about the golden rule, technology or perhaps just didn't care!

16 World's Most Inconsiderate Dad Buys Daughter A Convertible In The Wrong Color

Someone please call E.S.B.S. immediately and report this man. You know, Entitled Spoiled Brat Services. While this isn't the worst tantrum ever, the reason for it is pretty embarrassing... or at least it should be to normal people. However, I'm afraid that this birthday girl finds her behavior to be perfectly justified. After all, doesn't Dad know that red cars tend to get pulled over by the police more frequently? All kidding aside, the fact that Dad seems to be only slightly bothered with his darling daughter's bratty attitude is more than just a little disturbing. Instead of feeling sorry for him, methinks that he's getting a small taste of the storm that he had a hand in creating. On the plus side for this family, the brother seems to have a pretty level head on his shoulders. His suggestion of repainting the car is a good one -- but only if she works for the money to pay for it herself.

15 Garbage Man Deserves Ridicule For Not Being Able To Stop On A Dime

Words are hard to find for this one but I'll try anyway. I must agree with this level-headed sanitation worker: was it really worth it? Because he didn't pick up an extra trash bag (apparently full of kitty litter) and some used carpet padding (that wasn't on the order), this lovely ray of sunshine hopped in her car and raced down the road to catch up with him and from what I gather, swerved in front of him to get him to stop when he no doubt was desperately trying to escape her crazy. It sounds like she brake-checked him, calling it an "emergency" and now is sure that he's going to lose his job just like she lost her mind, clucking and rolling in the grass, putting on an impromptu play for his (and our!) amusement while they wait for the police. I'm glad sanitation workers get paid a nice salary. This gentleman certainly deserves it!

*Skip to 3:50 ... you won't regret it.

14 Poor Wife Returns From Vacation To Find Awful Husband Wrecked Her Kitchen

How dare he! Puke yellow of all the colors, really?! Hey, it looks more like a trendy soft corn meal yellow over here to me but who am I to say? Come to think of it, I'm not sure that one is in a peachy position to complain after returning from a week-long vacation to a newly remodelled kitchen that cost $60,000. If she knew he was remodelling it, why didn't she insist to stick around and help with the choices? Instead of "Who the f*** needs two stoves?" how about, "All of this for me? Thank you!" Rather than "You couldn't even change the lightbulb?" she could have gone with, "I feel so special that you went to so much trouble." But she knowingly made her beyond bratty choice of statements. I feel very sorry for this poor guy and the "kick ass ice machine" that he lovingly purchased for this total ingrate and I completely agree with the little comment that someone threw in after she stormed off!

13 Selfish Grandfather Makes Granddaughter Almost Miss Important Appointment

We all have bad days. It would be terrible if through the course of our decent, well-rounded lives, someone shot a rare video of us displaying less than stellar behavior, but I get the feeling that this green-pigtailed grinch (this video was shot around Christmas time) has put this nice gentleman (and basically everyone that comes into her path) through the ringer plenty of times. Perhaps she has a medical condition that causes her to meltdown if she doesn't eat mall food court meals at a certain time? Or was suffering from low blood sugar when this video was recorded? Please! Anything to justify this ridiculous attitude. It's as if this girl never matured emotionally. Just kept growing but never evolved past the "me, me, me" stage. The foot stomp at the end is classic three-year-old and well, she is sporting pigtails after all.

12 Evil Airline Staff Conspire Against Sweet Older Woman And Her Dog

Calling the police officer who's been asked to escort you off of a plane full of inconvenienced passengers a "louse" usually isn't a great way to come out of the situation with a smile. Not only that but she further indicated that she "didn't care" if her soon-to-be ex-fellow-passengers had to wait any longer for her. She seemed thoroughly bothered by the situation that she caused! The nerve of some people. You know, they say that a dog's behavior is a good indication of its person's behavior. I think that this video makes a very strong case for that argument. Example: per the uploader's comments, the dog snapped at the crew and the woman snapped at the crew with a choice five-letter word. The doggie biscuit does not appear to fall far from the angry woman threatening lawsuits. Maybe she'll continue her travels via car where her canine companion can take frequent potty breaks and she can yell her troubles away through an open window.

*Particularly high-pitched and annoying shrieking begins at 2:00

11 Police Trooper Wastes A Busy Citizen's Time

Let it out. Get all the angry out. No matter your feelings on law enforcement during this controversial time, you have got to admire the patience of this super calm police trooper. If I had to guess, I might say that his wife is into yoga and drags him to class with her before he heads off to a long day of pulling speeders over. He's just so relaxed. More relaxed than I am just listening to this guy through a set of computer speakers! The speeder is angry from the get-go (even after he admits to getting pulled over for speeding before!) but as soon as the trooper mentions how much his fine will be, he completely LOSES it! Imagine if he caught a trooper on a bad day and tried to pull this kind of an attitude. I think he's the luckiest man in the world. If you can't pay the fine, don't do the crime!

*Meltdown commences at 1:40

10 Inconsiderate Husband Refuses To Take Wife To The Lake

Now I must see this lake. I get that lakes are generally nice. But what in the world is so amazing about this lake? She is screaming that she just wants one day (ONE DAY!) but I get the feeling that she's had plenty of days where she gets her way. After not getting her way this time, she immediately jumps on social media to rant about her "selfish husband" and his rude tire rotating needs. That is a total brat move -- for a child! I can't imagine what her friends and family say in response to her posts. They can't sound like logical arguments. Doesn't this wife know that proper car maintenance is important for safety on the road? She doesn't seem to care much for saving money or running important errands while the husband values his vehicle running well. Maybe that's why it's rumored that this husband filed for divorce the very next day. Update your Facebook status to that!

9 Upset Teen Reasonably Shuts Down Party-Ruining Mother

What was this mother thinking? Gifting her daughter with a brand new luxury car not on the day of her party so that all of her little friends and enemies can see it and be jealous? Instead, poor Audrey must suffer the humiliation of having just some of her friends witness the extravagant gift. They also get a front row seat to some of the brattiest behavior ever captured on MTV's ultra obnoxious show, Super Sweet Sixteen and that's saying a lot. On the other hand, Audrey might be a pretty level-headed kid after all. She throws a fit, acts like an entitled monster and the world's worst daughter but then redeems it all by punishing herself and taking away her own party. Good job, Audrey. Seriously, who does this teen think she would be punishing by not having a party? Who would be upset more than her?

8 Girl Gets Taken To Jail For Minding Her Own Business While Shooting A Gun Into The Air

Poor Nadya just can't understand why she's in jail being processed. She didn't even shoot anyone! She just shot a gun into the air. Sheesh. Why is everyone making such a big deal out of nothing? Perhaps the officers might have been a bit more understanding of Nadya's claims of innocence if only she didn't start fighting back when the jail nurse was trying to take her blood pressure. Then again, yelling out "I got a glock 19 and I'm shooting back!" probably didn't help her case too much. Also, for the record, telling cops to check for the bomb in your Jaguar might not be the smartest move. Nadya might have a convincing smile that tricks some into believing she's a good girl but after seeing her terrible behavior after her arrest, it's not so hard to believe that she shot a gun into the air after a road rage incident. I'm sure her lawyer wasn't too pleased with this footage.

7 Parent Of The Year Recipients Reward Humbled Daughter For Excellent, Well-Rounded Behavior

A Christmas tree up year round so that their daughter gets a present every single day for being a pleasurable child? Well now, we can't blame Alicia Guastaferro for her terrible outlook on life. She says it herself: "I think that pageants define me as a person." Awful. She then follows it up with: "I don't care what anyone says." That, of course, hints that some people have had a problem with that kind of attitude. Her parents don't seem to care either and have programmed her so well to believe that she is on a higher playing field than the rest of us, the poor girl is probably doomed to live out the rest of her entitled, spoiled life wondering what in the world is everyone else's problem? What will happen when Alicia moves out of her parents' house and doesn't find a new present for every day of the year under her tree? My guess is a complete and utter nervous breakdown. #parentingfail

6 Airline Pilot Gives A Perfectly Normal Take-Off Speech

Okay so, she completely loses her mind here. But things could have been worse, right? Luckily, she had her tantrum while planted safely on the ground. Just listening to a pilot ramble on about her divorce and the state of current politics, not to mention insulting passengers, would have had me reaching for my carry-on bag and making a beeline for the nearest exit like the passenger in the video did. And just for the record, wearing normal clothes while flying a plane is a big deal. The pilot's uniform is a way to identify the pilot so that the passengers know that the plane didn't just get hijacked by some random with a death wish. But I love her approach if she had to lose it on a plane. Please, conduct all mid-life crisis meltdowns before take-off. Thank goodness for that. You are now free to move about the country, looking for employment elsewhere.

5 Mexican Food Establishment Refuses Burrito Refund, Chaos Naturally Ensues

Apparently, the size of her burrito was unsatisfactory according to her standards and when her repeated bullied demands of "give me my money back" were not met, she decided that trying to trash the store by knocking the heavy cash register towards the workers was an appropriate response. Assault by cash register? Just for good measure, I'm also including the two impatient girls who were in line behind her. Yes, I'm sure they were waiting a good amount of time seeing as how the very long line was made to wait for the burrito complainer to finish her tantrum but still... to see the woman in front of the line knock over a cash register and then yell, "Anyway, where's my food?" Not the classiest approach.

4 Meanest Mother Refuses To Lift Grounding For Birthday Party Request

If already being grounded (for sneaking off with her boyfriend and staying out until 1 am) isn't a good enough reason, a broken tailbone and an earache should be reasonable enough for this shouting teenager to understand that she needs to stay home and miss whatever important, life-changing party she wants to go to. But if those reasons aren't good enough, her incessant shouting definitely is. How obnoxious is it to constantly scream down the hall? Does this fifteen-year-old really think that if she yells long and loud enough, maybe her mother will change her mind and let her go? Whatever the case may be, I'm thinking that this mother/daughter relationship hasn't improved much since the public posting of this very embarrassing video. The golden child of the family seems to be Big Bro who's too busy making some lunch to deal with his bratty sister's issues. Way to go, Bro.

3 Parent Refuses To Give Child Back Rightfully Earned Phone

The sad thing about this video is that it was uploaded in 2011 so that means that the then 15-year-old boy in question is now an adult and probably still, and may be forever, single. Because really, what girl would date this guy after seeing this embarrassing video? His mother calls it "2-year-old" behavior but I've known 2-year-olds to act more mature than this. He begs for his phone back while laying on the floor of his mother's bedroom and after she tells him that he's not getting it back tonight (implying that he'll probably get it back tomorrow) and to leave her room, he decides to stand in her doorway. "I'm not in your room," he tells her with a know it all smirk. He then proceeds to threaten her with weak attempts that don't seem to phase her in the least. Where are you now, Christian? And will you find a date that's willing to overlook your 15-year-old self's meltdown? Maybe just hoping that she'll never find the footage is a more realistic way to go.

2 Thoughtless Husband Has The Nerve To Get Wife A Present That Doesn't Match With Anything

You know what does go with everything? Manners! Quick, Chuchi, look under the tree! Did Santa happen to leave behind the gift of courtesy, decent etiquette and basic sophistication? No? Too bad but hopefully the following year, this ungrateful wife and mother will get the attitude adjustment she so richly deserves crossed off her Christmas wish need list. Everything is wrong with this picture from the mother calling the father an "a**hole" in front of the kids to her disapproval with his gifts while the children are saddened by her embarrassing, entitled behavior to the father who's more worried about the lighting to make this awful video than he is with what a nightmare of a role model his wife is for their children. Did you happen to catch the mother telling her daughter to "Move!" when she tries to help her open the present? I hope this lady gets nothing but coal next year.

1 Boyfriend Drives Off With Girlfriend's Leg Outside The Car After He Stole Her Red Beans And Rice

As I'm sure you already know, stealing a bite of one's red beans and rice is a very serious offense. One so serious that it can lead to the condition known as "loss of appetite." That and a completely uncalled for bratty attitude. Sticking to your guns is important for things like good causes and personal safety and not so good for things like refusing to put your leg back in the car when your boyfriend calls your bluff and tries to slowly drive away to take his holy terror of a girlfriend back for a brand new order of food without the one missing bite. This red beans and rice loving lady takes stubborn to a whole new level when she plays his game by calling his bluff. I can't help but wonder how long this lasted and how far they got before one of them backed down? Did they take this to a freeway level? The only thing that I'm sure didn't get taken to a new level is this relationship.


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