15 Pics Of Gun Nuts That Are Chilling AF

Not surprising: that there's no shortage of attention-seeking, "look-at-me" selfies all over the place these days (and as we know, people will go to great lengths to be noticed). And some of these poses, selfies, and other photos involve guns, which are a total hot-button issue right now with all the senseless shootings going on.

A little surprising: people haven't seemed to wise up (like, at all) about gun safety. Whether it's a mall shooting or an accidental death because a kid got hold of a gun or anything else, you would think that by now, people would know better. But nope. And as if they're proud of their stupidity or just want to flaunt their cool guns, the following photos illustrate that there are a whole bunch of dummies walking around out there with these deadly weapons. This is not a comforting thought.

Very surprising: It's not all rednecks on this list (but don't worry; there are some).

So while the fact that some of the dumb/the weird/the messed-up/the disturbed among us have guns should definitely freak us out, the photos of them with their beloved guns are pretty damn funny. So, it's your choice: be amused or be very, very afraid for the future of humanity when you look at these photos of 16 weirdos and their guns.

15 Don't Rob This Guy's Trailer, Ya Hear?

I have to give credit where credit is due -- if I were a burglar, I don't think I would be bugging this guy. He's done a pretty good job scaring people away by alluding to the fact that he won't hesitate to shoot before calling any authorities (oh, and that Confederate flag isn't too welcoming either). Yeah, I'm pretty sure that even if I didn't have the intention of robbing this beautiful home, I would stay far, far away. This redneck looks like he could come unhinged at any moment. He's very open about the fact that he'll shoot first and ask questions later, and while sometimes, that's necessary, something tells me he's not the guy to be employing that method of thinking.

14 A Comfy Nap on the Couch

Well, "comfy" is relative, although these two look pretty content under their blanket of guns. I'm just going to be honest here and say that I have no idea what's actually going on in these photos. Taking a nap under a pile of guns doesn't sound like the safest (nor the most comfortable) thing to do. But, as so many photos are these days, these two gun-lovers' pictures are likely just for show and social media. Maybe they're dead. Maybe they're trying to make a statement. But who knows? All I do know is that those are almost certainly too many guns for any one person to possess, and besides that, I notice some booze in the background. And dozens of guns and bottles of alcohol do not a safe environment make.

13 Kindergarten Class Photo

No joke -- this is an actual class photo of Russian kindergartners holding guns. In America, this would be unheard of, and there would be riots in the streets over this sort of thing, and while I'm not against guns myself, I must say this photo does rub me the wrong way. Five-year-olds posing with deadly weapons doesn't exactly scream comfort and safety. This photo was taken in Saint Petersburg, Russia where they were celebrating Patriotic Day ahead of Defender of the Fatherland Day. The parents were not amused and called it unacceptable. But Yury Dorozinsky, deputy head of the battle reenactment club that visited the school that day, said, "Why can't children hold a weapon? It's silly to teach children patriotism using layman's terms. Telling without showing would not be right." Unfortunately, what's "right" when it comes to a classroom of kindergartners is not up to Yury Dorozinsky or even the school. Then again, who knows? It is Russia, after all.

12 Bank-Robbing Baby

But really, the baby is the victim. There are so many things wrong with this photo, I don't even know where to begin. Parenting sites and their trolls would be up in arms (no pun intended) over this picture that shows the worst parenting ever. First of all, there's the fact that this baby is taking a nap on a bed with no guardrails... and that has cash and guns well within reach. The poor kid just has to roll over, and he'd be on top of it all! It kind of looks like the parents robbed a bank or something and just tossed their kid on top of all the loot -- and the weapons they used to get it. Props for the stuffed animals, but that's where any sort of parenting ends in this situation. I really hope CPS got called on their asses, especially since the worst part of it is that the parents or guardians wanted to show it off, and did so by taking a photo. Hopefully, it was all just a joke (still not cool, but better than if not).

11 But They Weren't Loaded!

Continuing with the theme of bad parenting, these two moms take the situation from neglectful to dangerous. Oh, I'm sure the guns "weren't loaded," and that it was all for a good laugh. But this isn't funny in the slightest. Even if you know a gun isn't loaded, you still must act like it is, which means you don't point it at anyone, ever -- the first rule of gun safety. This photo on the left went viral in 2013 and was immediately taken down so the woman could not be found, although she's thought to be from Argentina. One expert said, "It definitely looks like a cry for help. I don't know that a child that young fully comprehends the idea of a gun, though he or she can probably sense the implied threat."

Meanwhile, the mother on the right lets her toddler eat the gun. This photo also went viral, and like the other one, people speculated that the gun could be fake and the whole thing a prank. Even if that were the case (which it hopefully was), it's not funny, and the people who think to do these sorts of things are the ones raising the next generation of idiots. And the cycle will repeat itself (shudder).

10 The Animal and The Puppy

This wannabe badass took things a little too far when he took these ridiculous selfies that don't make him look cool, and, in fact, make him look the exact opposite: like an idiot. Apparently, this dude from Alabama was trying to impress the ladies online when he decided to dress like a thug and point a gun at his puppy's head, then take selfies and post them online. The moron mustn't have realized that (a) this is not sexy and (b) this is a crime. Instead of some lovin', he got the police called on him by people who saw his posts that qualified as animal abuse. The fact that the degenerate finds this behavior humorous is sickening, and he obviously has mental health issues (and nothing better to do). As one source said, "The animal needs to be thrown in a small cage, and the dog needs to go to a nice home."

9 Girls Who Look Like They Want to "Do" Their Guns

I get it. Anything can be made to look sexy nowadays. That includes weapons designed to kill, apparently. Yes, there's something hot about a chick who knows how to handle a gun and can take care of herself, but when girls do it in this very obvious, attention-seeking way, just for the sake of posting on social media, it becomes so much less attractive. They just look dumb and quite vain. Like, why are you licking your gun? Why are you kissing your gun? That's some object sexuality sh*t right there. Of course, we know it's all for show and attention, but there are people out there who are genuinely attracted to and become intimate with inanimate objects (like the chick who married the Eiffel Tower). These two wackos are just two more reasons why the world is f*cked and why sex and violence are being taken further and further every day.

8 This Chick

Oh Lordy... I don't even know where to begin with this person. I really wish she didn't have a gun -- I'll say that much (and while I am wishing, I'm going to go ahead and also wish she doesn't procreate). That look on her face is just a tad bit Fatal Attraction, if you know what I mean; I wouldn't want to be her object of affection gone wrong. This girl does not look like she messes around. Well, maybe she messes around with her wardrobe (or lack thereof) and the tastefulness of her photographs, but all around, she's clearly mentally unfit to own a gun, and I can tell this by this one single photo. Think about it: she's naked save for jean shorts and a camo bandana, her leg is raised much higher than it should be (or anyone thought it could be), she's groping herself with one hand and holding a gun in the other, and her eyes are seething with rage, all the while her rolls rolling all about. Nope.

7 Crazy Cat Man

This person is like a crazy old cat lady (only he's a dude), and he's possibly a terrorist, judging by the beard and the gun. He gives off this sweet and innocent vibe, but I detect something sinister behind those eyes and that furry smirk. The disheveled dude just looks mentally unstable, and even his kitty cat looks a little creeped out. It's an all-around unsettling picture that leaves me wishing he didn't have a big gun because, at the end of the day, there's no telling what he intends to do with it. Kill the cat? Kill me? Go on a rampage? Or maybe he can just go back to being a hermit and fading into obscurity, which is the best we can hope for. Otherwise, calamity could ensue.

6 This Guy

Ok, before you get all WTF about this picture, let me explain that as cringeworthy as it is, there's a logical explanation for what he's doing. Well, kind of. It depends if you consider cultural tradition logical. In Phuket, Thailand, there's a celebration called the Vegetarian Festival, and much unlike its peaceful name, it's quite the freak show. During this festival, men impale all sorts of things into their faces: swords, needles, knives, and even guns. They do this because they believe that it will bring them good fortune and that the Chinese gods will protect them from harm. I'm fascinated by all this, of course, but seeing the pictures makes me concerned for the safety of the crowd -- and, of course, for the dudes with guns shoved into holes in their faces. And there are plenty to see, if you dare (just Google it -- but beware).

5 Gun in the Bum

We've all seen those articles about the craziest things people have tried to sneak through airport security, and those other articles about the even bigger risk-takers among us who get caught sneaking things in their bums or other crevices. Besides being just plain gross, it's disturbing on so many levels. Like, you really need to sneak something on a plane that badly that you're willing to put it inside of yourself? Unless they're smuggled drugs or a weapon, I fail to see the point. But nevertheless, people do not disappoint with their idiocy -- like this guy, who apparently thought hiding a gun in his rectum was a good idea. It's actually a very bad idea, and, of course, he got caught. It's 2017, and there is no sneaking metal through metal detectors. Makes me a little worried that someone who doesn't know that bit of common knowledge could even obtain a gun in the first place.

4 JoBurg's Dumbest Policeman

This dude made headlines in his city of Joburg, as in Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city (it seems gun stupidity knows no borders). As you can plainly see, an on-duty officer is simply chilling on the street, leaning against his shotgun like there's no possibility of him actually needing to use it for anything else. I'm no police officer myself, but I'm pretty sure cops need to be on guard at all times and that this is a gross negligence when it comes to the notion of "protect and serve." In fact, it seems like he just blatantly doesn't give a f*ck. Any criminal could just run by and swipe the thing out from under him, and he'd be on his ass before he realized what hit him. This photo was taken in 2006 during the University of Johannesburg protests, and it made headlines that people were outraged by.

3 Carrot-Top-Wannabe/Orphan Annie/Diaper-Wearing Adult

Just the titles we can give him alone should disqualify him from owning a gun! I don't really have words for this photograph, probably because I don't even know what I'm looking at. These days, the weirdos are everywhere, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. But still, the adult diaper, creepy face paint, and wild hair are creepy. Oh, and the very large gun he's walking around with on a public street -- yeah, that creeps me out too. I would be nervous seeing a regular-looking guy out in public with a gun, let alone this clown. You can trust no one anymore, and running into this adult baby/clown/Carrot Top wannabe/Orphan Annie is not something I would hope to do. Like, put on some pants, dude! Yeah, enough about him.

2 Shotgun Wedding

Finally! A nice, normal-looking girl who appears as if she could be trusted with a firearm. But wait... her mental capabilities come into question because she's wearing a wedding dress... to go hunting. This bride and her new husband, who are from Atlanta, literally got off the plane from Jamaica where they got married and headed out to hunt. She was still in her wedding dress, for goodness sake! Most women cherish their wedding dresses forever and wouldn't think of getting all muddy and bloody without taking it off. And as happy as some guys would be to have such a gung-ho wife when it comes to the outdoors, I can think of a few things they would want to take care of first after saying "I do." But for some people, I guess, consummation is second to killing stuff. When killing is that important to you that you have to do it before you change out of your wedding dress, something's wrong with you.

1 Meet Hairy

We don't know what Hairy's deal is, but he's probably lived in Mommy's basement for too long, and the effects of that are starting to show. Either because of sheer boredom or perhaps roleplay, this man I've named "Hairy" embraces his hobby of I-don't-know-what, and it's creepy AF. He kind of seems to be honest, like one of those people that keep to themselves, are kinda nerdy, but have a deep-seated hatred for a person or people, and may or may not be planning to blow them to smithereens. Either way, his photos are the most amusing and/or disturbing of them all, and so the best was saved for last. Hope you enjoyed your education on why you should be thoroughly freaked out about all these crazies and their guns!

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