16 Dumb Criminals Caught Through Social Media

What exactly constitutes as “oversharing” on social media? We can all pretty much agree that things like posting nudes, and sharing each other’s dirty laundry counts as part of the “oversharing” category. However, even though we all may agree, we need to consider the whole group of people that confessed to crimes they committed on their social media accounts.

You may not think too much about logging out of your personal profiles and online accounts, but if you are one of the following criminals, you’ve just left the door wide open and full of evidence. The people featured in this story not only prove to us that not all criminals are the smartest crayons in the box, but also that social media, while fun to be on, gives you no sort of privacy whatsoever. Even though the majority of us are well aware that anything we post on the Internet is now part of the immense web, free for all to see, some of the people in this world just haven’t got a clue.

Whether you think it’s cool to siphon gas from a police car, or you’re trying to brag about how many identities you’ve stolen, you might want to think about keeping that news under wraps if you even want a shred of hope of getting away with it. One more rule, if you think you are “getting away” with whatever crime you committed, keep those thoughts to yourself until you are dead and gone. Only after you’re dead can you really say that you truly got away with it.


16 Troy Maye & Tiwanna Thomason - Caught Over A Steak

You may not think much about it as you upload a delicious snapshot of tonight’s dinner to your Instagram account along with the hashtag "food porn," but for some, like Troy, that post was the thing that got him arrested. Back in 2013, Troy Maye and his then-girlfriend, Tiwanna Thomason were in a restaurant called YOLO in Harlem, New York. What they didn’t know as they bragged about the 700,000 stolen identities they had for sale was that they were giving information to a person who was working undercover with the IRS. Just two days later, the pair agreed to meet with the agent at Morton’s Steakhouse for the sale of 50,000 stolen identities. Although Troy had promised 50,000 stolen names, birth dates, and socials he came up short; really short. When authorities investigated the drive, they found out it only contained the identities of 46 people, along with a name, “Troy Maye.” After calling Troy out, Troy responded that he wanted insurance that he would see the money from the fraudulently filed income tax returns before handing over the rest of the identities. Together with the drive, law enforcement used the picture of steak and mac and cheese that Nathaniel “Troy” Maye had uploaded to his Instagram account to pin him to the deal at Morton’s and both him and Tiwanna were arrested.

15 Whitney Beall - Periscoping Her DUI


Driving while drunk is a horrible idea, we all know the reasons why. Driving drunk and recording yourself driving drunk is an even worse idea, and we didn’t think that could be possible but then Whitney Beall proved us wrong with her Periscope video. In the video she, obviously drunk, is appearing to handle a moving vehicle, in slurred words she says that she’s, “Driving home drunk. Entertainment please.” After a viewer tipped of Florida authorities, they were on their way to catch her. Not only did she smell of alcohol but she failed several sobriety field tests before she was taken into police custody. To top it off, she threw up in the back of the cop car on the way to the police station.

14 Rodney Knight Jr. - Always Time For A Selfie

Back in 2011, Rodney Knight Jr. broke into the house of Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher and made off with more than some money and electronics; he got a prison sentence as well. When Rodney broke in through the basement, he stole a winter coat, $400, and two laptops among a few other things. After Rodney tried on the winter jacket and found the money, he decided to take and upload a picture to Facebook from one of the stolen laptops, the one that belonged to Marc Fisher’s son. Unknowingly or not, the picture of the robber was uploaded to young Fisher’s Facebook account which was then used by authorities to hunt down and catch Knight.

13 Markesha Wilkerson - Livestreaming At Chuck E. Cheese


Markesha was just out enjoying herself one afternoon at a local Chuck E. Cheese restaurant and decided to share the moment, as many of us do, using Facebook’s “Live” feature. Unfortunately, Miss Wilkerson along with appearing to have a good time, also had more than a couple of warrants out for her arrest. Because she had to let the world know that she was at Chuck E. Cheese, she ended up having her day cut short when the local authorities showed up to arrest her.

12 Rashia Wilson - Queen Of Tax Fraud

The self-named “Queen of IRS Tax Fraud” landed herself in hot water after taking to Facebook to brag about how much of a boss she is, well, was. In her post, she goes on to say that she is a “millionaire for the record,” and that indicting her won’t be easy. She also claims that she had the Tampa Police Department under her control. They proved her wrong when they found her insane spending habits and crazed remarks enough to investigate. She, along with others performing income tax fraud, were arrested at the conclusion of the investigation dubbed “Operation Rain Maker” which was given its name because of how suspects were "making it rain" before they were caught.

11 Charles Rodriguez - An Ill-Planned Vacation Photo


Charles Rodriguez stole two cases of jewels from a man outside of Manchester, England in 2011. After he stole the $130,000 worth of gems, he fled the United Kingdom for Colombia. The British authorities may have known where he went, but since the two countries didn’t have an extraction agreement, they had to sit tight for a few years. They didn’t have to wait forever before Charles decided to take a vacation in Britain where he took photos of himself and uploaded them to his Facebook. Those photos alerted the police force that he was back in town and after he tried giving border control a false name, his fingerprints were tested and revealed his true identity and he was taken into custody.

10 The Reddit Confessor - Just A Nerd

A guy who was known to the Reddit world as “Naratto” has since been deemed a jokester even though he once took the Internet’s front page and the rest of the world by storm. One day he made a meme with the “confession bear” that read: “My sister had an abusive meth-addicted boyfriend. I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it as an overdose.” Big words, even for a confession bear. Not only did the feed get tons of comments, but one Reddit reader tipped off the authorities to the murder confession. Later, Naratto’s sister commented online that she nor her brother knows of anyone who has overdosed, that her brother was just a gamer nerd and that the whole thing was a stupid prank to get more attention online. Naratto later came forward and admitted the same.


9 Jonathan G. Parker - Don't Check Facebook At A Crime Scene


Just like the criminal in #14, this guy also has a problem with breaking into someone’s house and posting to the social media site, Facebook. Jonathan G. Parker broke into a house and stole two diamond rings but not before he chose to take a seat and log into his personal profile. After the owner of the house noticed that someone other than herself was logged into Facebook on her laptop, she immediately took it to police. Since Jonathan didn’t have a good reason as to why he was logged into this woman’s computer, he was taken to jail. It never pays to stop mid-crime to update your social media accounts.

8 Jesse Hippolite - Looking For Partner In Crime... On Facebook

When looking for a literal partner in crime, we would think one would lean towards Craigslist for their more shady endeavors, not a place like Facebook. However, contrary to what we thought, Jesse Hippolite must have deemed it a great idea to take to the social media website and just 45 minutes before he held up a Chase Bank, he posted “I Gotta Get That $$$$$ Man!” before he apparently asked who would like to join. He also made the mistake of wearing the same logo sweatshirt he is seen wearing in other Facebook photos in other past heists he had done. All of which became more evidence against him.

7 Hannah Sabata - Confessed In Viral Video


Hannah is the teen that named herself the “Chick Bank Robber.” She’s also the girl who, after both stealing a car and robbing a bank, made a video about her best day ever and uploaded it to her YouTube account. She got away with $6,000 dollars before she made the video which featured her confession on subtitled boards while the band Green Day played in the background. They won’t be able to wake this girl up when September ends because she’s looking at serving 10 to 20 years for the best turned worst day of her life. Hannah literally handed over her confession when she uploaded that viral video.

6 Michael Baker - Robbing A Cop Car? Time For A Pic!

Michael Baker made a monumental mistake when he siphoned fuel from a police car. The supposed “joke” got even worse when he flipped the camera “the bird” when his girlfriend snapped the picture. If you are trying to be cool, defy the police, and actually get away with it, you should be more careful to not include your face along with a big goofy grin. Michael and his girlfriend later said that it was just a joke, but the Jenkins police officials failed to find the humor in it and they arrested him on charges of theft. It turns out that stealing from the police DOES get you in trouble, who would have thought.

5 Michael Ruse - Talked About Case On Facebook


When Michael Ruse beat up a friend’s dad, he thought he had gotten away with it. Unfortunately for him, he posted that exact thought on his Facebook profile while the court proceedings regarding the case were still in process. The post he made on Facebook was printed out and anonymously turned into the court prosecutors. With the new evidence in hand, Michael had no choice but to confess to his crimes. Even if you think that you got away with it, you should never, ever be dumb enough to post that thought where millions of people have access to it. Once it’s out in the internet world, there’s no getting it back.

4 Corey Christian Adams - Looked For A Hitman

This guy really takes the cake when it comes to dumb criminals. After a woman came forward with the accusations that Corey had raped her while she was intoxicated, he sought out a person that could handle the problem. And by that, we mean a hitman. Corey, angered at the accusations, went to Facebook to offer a deal of $500 for the “girls head.” Since murder is a pretty serious crime and all, we hope that he was just kidding about the $500, that’s not even enough to throw a shoe at someone let alone bury them six feet under. Prices on the Black Market may fluctuate through the years, but we’re sure that the pricing for killing is slightly steeper than that.

3 Steve Stephens - Murder Video Uploaded To Facebook


You may have heard of the name Steve Stephens from the news reports around the country that showed his face along with the crime he committed. An unlucky grandfather named Robert Godwin Sr. crossed his path and Stephens recorded himself walking up to Godwin before the two exchange a few words and Stephens puts a bullet in the poor man’s head. He then went on to post the video to Facebook. After leading police on a three-day chase, Steve committed suicide and the story ends there. Steve’s ex says that she has no idea what caused the rampage and that she would like to think of him as a “good person who did a bad thing.”

2 Misty VanHorn - Sellings Kids For Bail Money

This Oklahoma mother of two was trying to turn back time and send her babies back. Not really, but she was trying to sell them on Facebook for a measly $4,000. They say that you can’t put a price on a mother’s love, but it appears like Misty has found a number she was willing to settle on. It’s absolutely sick to think that someone would be willing to just hand over their children forever for just a few thousand dollars. After Misty had made her offer online, the person she made the offer to went to the authorities. The authorities, of course, arrested her and put her children in protective custody. It is said that she was trying to get the money so that she could bail out her boyfriend who was in jail during that time. Mother of the year right here.

1 Brendon Miller - Dropped Your Baby? Time For A Status Update!


If you are a parent that drops their infant on its head, the first thought any normal person would have would be to go to the emergency room at a hospital, where there are professionals. Brendon Miller made a different decision when he accidentally dropped an infant and then wrote about it on Facebook. Although the child did get taken to the hospital later, Brendon didn’t feel the need to share certain pieces of vital information with authorities. Because of the previous Facebook post where he confessed to dropping the kid on its head, police charged him with aggravated assault as well as endangering the welfare of a child. Anytime something serious happens to a child, or anyone for that matter, make sure that they get the proper treatment, no matter who’s fault it is.

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