16 Disturbing Stories Of Barbaric Cannibal Attacks

We have all heard the stories of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and others like them time and time again. Murderers, and even cannibals, to a certain extent, are sadly not out of the ordinary. What makes each killer unique and interesting, though, is their modus operandi. The most famous serial killers that we are familiar with such as Ted Bundy or Charles Manson had their system down pat- that is, until they got caught. The cannibalistic serial killers have their preferred method of doing things, too, and as gut-wrenching as any murder is, when you add in the eating of human beings, it becomes all the more unimaginable.

But not only serial killers are cannibals. There are many stories of people who only killed one or two people, and decided to eat them. There are stories of people who have been attacked by a cannibal and lived to tell about it. And going one step further, there are even people in this world who have self-cannibalized.  The crimes detailed here were committed by serial killers and "regular" killers alike. Their actions are some of the most depraved I have come across, and for this reason it is shocking that their cases are not as well-known.

There are some seriously deranged people walking our earth, and the following 16 people are only a small percentage of them. It is scary as hell, but it is also morbidly intriguing. Read on to learn about these less-famous instances of cannibalism and how exactly each one came about.

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16 Highway Zombie Attack

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In 2012, a naked man named Rudy Eugene was seen eating the face of another naked man, Ronald Poppo, on a freeway off-ramp in Miami, Florida. It happened just outside the Miami Herald, so much of the gruesome crime was caught by their security cameras. When police came upon him and ordered him to move away from the victim, Rudy ignored them, so they opened fire to make him stop eating the other man's face. Rudy was killed, but miraculously, Ronald survived the attack. It was suspected that the street drug known as "bath salts" had made Rudy so high that he turned zombie-like, and attacked Ronald, a homeless man living under the bridge. But toxicology reports showed only marijuana in his system, so the reason behind the attack will never be known. Ronald went through extensive reconstructive facial surgery, and now wants nothing to do with the outside world.

15 Online Ad Seeking Someone to Eat Him

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German computer repair technician Armin Meiwes was more than just a tech geek. In fact, when he describes the way he met, killed, and ate his lover, he seems almost proud to be a cannibal killer. 43-year-old computer technician Bernd Brandes had posted an ad online in 2001 that was titled, "Dinner- Or Your Dinner". In the body of the ad, it offered the chance for someone to "eat him alive". At the time, Armin was 42, and became the first person in German history to be charged with murder for sexual satisfaction, "love cannibalism". When he went to Brandes' apartment, Brandes swallowed 20 sleeping pills and a half a bottle of Schnapps before Meiwes cut off his penis and fried it for both of them to eat. Known now as the Master Butcher, Meiwes later chopped his new friend up, buried his head in the garden, and put the rest of him in the freezer. He had done this before, but claimed that after Brandes, which was his "big kick", he did not feel the need to do this again. He served eight years behind bars for manslaughter, and while in prison, became a vegetarian, interestingly enough.

14 A Czech Family Eats Their Young

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It is one thing to learn of a person who is a murderer and cannibal. It is quite another to learn of an entire family of murderers and cannibals, and even more than that, that they killed and ate their own children, which is possibly the most horrific thing imaginable, even beyond comprehension. Eight-year-old Ondrej and his 10-year-old brother Jakub were tortured at the hands of their family for years. The family, including their own mother, had stubbed out cigarettes on their skin, whipped them with belts, and tried to drown them as part of a religious cult. The boys were also sexually abused and kept in cages in their own urine. Everything came out when a neighbor installed a baby monitor for his child, but it picked up on the activities of the nearby Mauerova. Videos from the monitors showed the boys beaten, naked, and chained in a basement. On the Mauerova side, the monitor had been installed only to watch the boys in misery and gloat over it from the comfort of the kitchen. By the time authorities were involved, the boys had been skinned and partially eaten alive. They had even been forced to eat their own flesh. But they did survive.

13 Mr. Gay U.K.

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Anthony Morley, formerly known as "Mr. Gay UK", murdered his boyfriend and then cooked and ate him in one grisly English crime. Anthony Morley was a chef by trade, and one day he slashed the throat of 33-year-old Damian Oldfield, who was his lover. He also stabbed him, and cut parts of his flesh from his body. He then proceeded to cook the flesh with garlic and herbs to later consume. Morley did not like the human meat, so he spit it out and discarded it in the trash bin. The two had met on a dating game television show, which, when watched in retrospect, is quite chilling. In the show, Morley was crowned "God's Gift to Men", and he chose Oldfield from an audience of baying young men, all hoping to be chosen for the date. In the end, the rest of the audience was lucky, and Oldfield, whom they had all been jealous of, was not.

12 Genitals or Crocodile: Your Pick

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This is quite the interesting tale, because technically there was no attack and no victim, only a man who self-cannibalized and served his genitalia to a paying group of cannibalistic diners. The man, Mao Sugiyama of Tokyo, was asexual and had his penis electively removed at the hospital. He took his frozen penis and scrotum home with him and made it into a delicacy, garnished with mushrooms and parsley. He organized an evening for 70 people, but split the "special" meal only between six guests (the rest dined on beef or crocodile). He had initially considered eating his own penis, but decided against it. The guests listened to piano music and participated in a panel discussion before dinner, which for the six lucky men and women, had cost $250 to consume. Mao made sure to follow all laws on organ sales, processing of medical waste, and food sanitation requirements, even being supervised by a chef while he cooked. He said this was all done to raise awareness about sexual minorities, but faced criminal charges for indecent exposure, which in Japan includes displaying obscene objects.

11 Schizophrenic Attack in Wales

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Matthew Williams of Wales was discovered bent over his victim, Carys Yemm, and eating her, blood all over his face like a true savage. He had shoved a screwdriver into her face, thereby killing her, and proceeded to chew on her face. Blood dripping from his mouth, people who saw him say he looked like Darth Maul from the Star Wars films. He was demonic and black-eyed, and completely drugged out. It is said that he was so far gone he did not know what he was doing, even claiming that there was no girl beneath him when he was caught. This all went down at a hotel in Argoed, South Wales, after Williams had lured the 22-year-old back to his room. They'd met in a bar through mutual friends, and afterward, he had offered to call her a taxi home. Williams suffered from schizophrenia, which may have played a part in the gruesome attack, and was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at the time. He'd been released from jail just two weeks prior to the killing, and had met Carys around the same time. Unfortunately, his "voices" returned, he was doing all sorts of drugs, and although he had sought out help, it did not come in time. In the end, he was killed after being tasered by police responding at the scene of the crime.

10 Cannibalistic Love Trio

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Brazilian cannibal Jorge Beltrao Negromonte, along with both his wife and mistress, formed their own religious sect and became bloodthirsty monsters. Perhaps their most heinous and unthinkable crime was butchering a young woman and then feeding her toddler pieces of her dead mother for lunch. Jorge sees no difference between eating human meat and animal meat, so when he killed and consumed, he often mixed the two, even selling beef stuffed with human on the streets of Garanhuns, northeastern Brazil. Sentenced to 23 years behind bars for murdering three young women, the karate black belt acknowledges that he needs to be locked up because if he got out he would just do it again. It all started with his mistress, Bruna; when he met her, the killing was her idea. She even tried to raise the little girl whose mother they'd killed as her own. Jorge, his wife Isabel, and his mistress Bruna killed multiple women, ate them, and even made their meat into pies called Macaxeira, which they sold. Isabel and Bruna were sentenced to 20 years each.

9 Man Eats His Classmate

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Issei Sagawa was a meek man who stood only five feet tall, unthreatening and unassuming in every way. Those who passed him by would never have guessed that what he carried in the two suitcases at his side one night in Paris was much more sinister than mere clothing. In fact, it was the dismembered body of 25-year-old Renee Hartfeldt, who he confessed during his arrest in that Paris park that he had "killed her to eat her flesh." Renee was a foreign exchange student from Denmark, and after her murder, Issei became somewhat of a celebrity in his home country of Japan for his crime. He had specifically selected Renee for her health and beauty, and lured her to his place to work on a school assignment. There, he shot her in the neck, raped her corpse, and spent two days eating various parts of her body. He was caught whilst trying to dump her body, cut up in the two suitcases, in the lake. Due to a series of bureaucratic issues, Sagawa was a free man not long after, and could not be legally detained in France or Japan.

8 Mother Tries to Eat Her Newborn

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Not very long ago in 2014, a woman named Li Zhenghua from China was found gnawing on her newborn baby's arm. Having just given birth to the infant two days prior, the 24-year-old mother was left to nurse her baby, but instead started eating his arm, and refused to let go until a sedative was administered and her jaws were pried apart. She had been living on the street after being thrown out by her mother-in-law, and, heavily pregnant, was roaming around when she went into labor. It is believed she had been living on the streets for several weeks before having the baby, and shockingly, authorities had to decide if she would be given her baby back or not (how is that even a decision?), although nothing further is known about what happened to the mother or child.

7 Random Decapitation On A City Bus

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The killing of Tim McLean was one of those things that makes one question if anything or anywhere is safe, at all. With no ties to his killer, and no warning, one evening in 2008, 22-year-old Tim McLean was suddenly and brutally murdered on a city bus in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, by Vincent Weiguang Li. Tim fell asleep on a windowpane of the bus wearing headphones, and not long after, Vincent began stabbing him in the neck and chest, out of nowhere. When the driver pulled over and the frenzied passengers exited the bus, Vincent decapitated him and held up his severed head for the passengers outside to see. Then he began to cut up other parts of the body, still on the bus, and eat them right then and there. He attempted to escape by driving the bus, but the driver had engaged the emergency immobilizer system, and others had blocked the doors with crowbars and a hammer. Vincent tried to escape by breaking a window, but to no avail. After a standoff with police, he was tasered and arrested. Tim McLean's body parts were found on the bus, in Vincent's pockets, and the missing eyes and part of his heart which were never located were presumed to have been eaten by Vincent. Vincent was found not responsible for the attack due to insanity, and he was remanded to a mental health center.

6 Rich Old Men Taste Best

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Yoo Young-Chul murdered 21 people (exclusively wealthy older men and prostitutes), and was included in a list of the world's 31 most prolific serial killers, according to The Korea Times. In 2011, the U.S.-based magazine Life released the list, among which Yoo Young-Chul was the only Asian. But he was not just a killer; he was also a cannibal. His murder spree lasted from 2003-2004, and was motivated, says Yoo himself, by his belief that "Women shouldn't be sluts, and the rich should know what they've done." He mostly killed using a hammer, and then ate their remains. It is not surprising that he had a history of animal mutilation as a child. Yoo was sentenced to death for the murders of 20 of his 21 victims, and he became the first person in South Korea sentenced to death since 1997, and although some reports state he was executed in 2005, others say he still sits on death row.

5 Willing Participants Ready To Be Eaten

via metro.co.uk

In 2011, a man named Markus Dubach was having suicidal thoughts, and posted an ad online about being eaten alive. It was not supposed to be serious, but nevertheless, he wound up talking to Slovakian Matej Curko, who Markus thought was just playing along with the joke. When he realized that Matej was actually serious, he set him up and Matej was fatally wounded by police when he showed up to meet Markus in the woods. The police found knives, a meat cleaver, a saw, and a body bag on his body that day, and later in his home, they found human remains in his fridge. They belonged to two young girls who had, according to conversations recovered from his computer, voluntarily entered into the agreement that they would be killed and eaten. As far as Markus goes, he had had a similar experience corresponding with Matej; there were several messages between the two, but one especially chilling one from the killer read, "If you come to Slovakia, I'm seriously interested in eating you. This is not a joke or a game."

4 Metal Fang

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Shockingly and frighteningly, the necrophiliac cannibal killer Nikolai Dzhumagaliev is at large to this day. So just how afraid should the world (particularly Kazakhstan) be? Well, pretty damn afraid. Known as "Metal Fang" for his sharpened metal teeth he had custom-made after his own teeth were smashed out in a fight, he slaughtered and ate 10 people in 1979 and 1980, although the number of his actual victims could be as high as 100, according to police estimates. During his year of killing, Nikolai hosted lavish dinner parties for his friends, where, unbeknownst to them, they were consuming a banquet of flesh and organs. Nikolai believed that eating them would give him magic powers. When his crimes were finally discovered, police found Nikolai feasting on a body and covered in blood, but somehow he was able to escape into the mountains, naked and having only his hatchet on him. He was captured the very next day, and found not guilty by reason of insanity. Two years later, while being transferred to a new loony bin, he escaped. He was recaptured after two more years (and many more cannibalistic murders), but popular opinion has it that he escaped again, and like the first time, authorities are not telling people so as not to cause a panic. There have been many sightings of Metal Fang since the alleged escape, and he is thought to be responsible for a girl who went missing in 2015.

3 It's All About The Hands

Known as the Otaku Killer, Tsutomu Miyazaki killed and ate four little girls under the age of seven in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The crimes took place between late 1988 and the summer of 1989, and were preceded by bizarre behavior all through Tsutomu's life, such as eating his grandfather's ashes to retain his beloved relative inside of him. The four little girls were all lured to privacy by him, then killed, sexually molested and dismembered post-mortem, and he ate some of their hands, which is thought to be because Tsutomu himself was born quite prematurely and with small, deformed hands that he was always self-conscious of. He always took a trophy from each girl, like their clothing, and he sent postcards to their families, basically confirming their deaths. He was caught whilst trying to abduct a fifth little girl, but her father called the police. He said he thought he had done a good deed, and when his father committed suicide over the murders, Tsutomu said he felt refreshed. He was executed by hanging in 2008, and his last words to his court-appointed psychologist were, "I am a gentle man."

2 He Ate People to Save Money on Groceries

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Joachim Kroll was a German serial killer, child molester, and cannibal who is also known as the "Duisburg Man-Eater", the "Ruhr Hunter", and the "Ruhr Cannibal." From 1975-1976, he killed 14 people. As time went by, his killings grew more sick and twisted with each victim. Police began to find bodies, mutilated and with strips cut from their thighs and buttocks. This was his signature. Joachim would surprise his victims, strangle them right away, have sex with the corpse, mutilate them, and finally, eat their flesh. He said after being arrested that he did this to save money on groceries. His final victim had been a four-year-old girl, whose intestines were blocking his plumbing. He had body parts all over the place, and this little girl's remains had been stuffed into a toilet. When officers arrived, other parts of her were cooking on the stove and in the fridge. He confessed to everything, was charged with eight murders, and received life in prison, although he died in prison in 1991. The disturbing photo above is of him reenacting his murders for the police.

1 Bonding Over Eating Their Brother

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For a six-month period in 2009, two Russian brothers by the names of Timur and Marat ate their older brother Rafis after killing him. Strangely, the two younger brothers reported Rafis missing, but gave only vague details to police. The authorities became suspicious, and searched their house. There, they found the buried skeleton of the eldest brother buried in the garden. 28-year-old Rafis said he had to eat his brother, whom he blamed for his last stint in jail (10 years for murdering his neighbor), to avoid being caught for his murder and going back to jail. In the quarrel between the two, Marat had sided with Timur, and therefore helped him. Timur said, "Yes, we've decided to eat him. I did not want to return behind bars, so we have cut off his head and buried it and the body have cut in parts and kept in refrigerator. We have been cooking and eating his meat for six months."

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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