16 Babies Who Miraculously Cheated Death

It is truly amazing, the uphill struggle many babies seem to have just in order to make it through their first few years. It seems like there are so many odds stacked against them. Now, I guess to be fair, most babies do make it through easily enough in the developed world. While third world countries have some of the most ridiculous numbers in terms of mortality rate.

But even in the developed world, there are some incredible stories of babies who have just barely made it. Often times in spite of their parents. It is astonishing just how many parents seem not to actually want their children, and will really try to ensure that they don't have to deal with them ever again. Attempted murder is a strangely common thing with regards to infants.

But then of course, some of these incidences happen simply because parents want to protect their children. Though to be honest, I don't think shooting your children to save them from global warming is very responsible...or very protective. And maybe flushing a baby down a toilet, or tossing one down a garbage chute might be a bit on the nose. So here are 16 babies who miraculously survived impossible odds!

16 Shot In The Chest...And Mom's To Blame

This poor baby will have one hell of a life to live when she grows up. It turns out that her parents were so distraught over the thought of global warming destroying the Earth, and killing everyone that they decided to take matters into their own hands. So did they try to help and save the planet? No, of course not. They shot their two year old in the back. Then they shot their seven month old in the chest. And then they shot themselves in the head. While it's probably best that this little girl doesn't grow up with parents like that...they were still her parents. And they not only abandoned her, but tried to kill her. Amazingly, she was found three days later, having been shot in the chest. And having not had food or water. But she survived!

15 Tossing The Baby Out With The Garbage

An 18 year old girl decided that she was not ready to be a mother. Keeping the pregnancy a secret between her and her family, it seem they could all be accomplices in this horrible act. She threw her baby down a garbage chute which was an eight story plunge for the newborn. Fortunately, the chute was jammed with garbage, which acted as a cushion for the baby. And luckily, the garbage worker heard cries before the compactor crushed the infant. I've no idea just what befell the mother who tried to murder her child, but the baby survived, and was in stable condition very shortly after being brought to hospital. That entire family should be up on charges though. And let's be honest: tossing a baby down a garbage chute is no way a subtle method of making a mistake disappear. Even the baby had been crushed, he would likely have still been found.

14 Surviving A Syrian Bomb Blast

A lot of people don't really think about the specific human consequences of war-torn countries. In Aleppo in Syria, for example, a bombing by the Assad regime nearly resulted in the death of a baby know only as “Baby Hassan”. It's likely not largely thought about, but if Hassan managed to be rescued from the rubble of the bomb attack...who's to say how many babies had been in that vicinity...and how many didn't make it? All the same, it is still crazy to know that, in spite of being right by the blast, little baby Hassan has survived, relatively unscathed. The whereabouts of his parents were unknown, but it is of course more than likely that they did not make it out of the blast alive. And given the state of the nation, it's unlikely that there will be any real in depth search for them.

13 Baby On The Train Tracks

Ok, so this is a story about a baby literally going down the toilet. However, there was nothing malicious about this act. A woman in India was on a train, and was starting to feel some incredible pain. So she went to the washroom on board, thinking she was getting sick. Instead, it turns out that she was actually starting labour, and she gave birth to her baby right then and there. The baby fit right into the toilet, and shot right out, onto the train tracks below! The mother rushed to the door of the train car, and flung herself off to find her baby. The husband, seeing his wife jumping off the train, pulled the emergency brake. When they found the woman, she was cradling her newborn, who managed to come away pretty unscathed.

12 Buried In A Mud Pit...By Mommy

A baby was found in Brazil, almost entirely buried in an armadillo hole. Practically submerged in mud for about 24 hours, this baby was thought to be dead at first discovery. The head was sticking out of the mud hole. The placenta was still attached to the baby. And a group of flies was just swarming all over the exposed flesh of the baby's head. After pulling some dirt from the baby's mouth, it began to cry, to everyone's amazement. It turns out that a mother of four who lived nearby, had buried her fifth child there. She never said why she did this. But she was caught thanks to her stupidity, and the neighbours' spying. They noted blood on her hands and dress the day before the baby was found in the hole. And it appeared that she was not visibly pregnant anymore. Thank goodness for both her irrational actions, and the keen eyes of her neighbours.

11 Boy Falls Out Window, And Lands On His Feet - "I Fall...Really, Really Far"

Alright, so this kid is perhaps not a baby, but his story is still sufficiently amazing enough to include it on this list. Dylan Hayes, who was four years old, must have either had some very unobservant parents, or he was far more clever (and stupid) than they initially thought. When the mother was cleaning her carpets, she had moved her couch up against the window, where Dylan climbed up, to try and talk to the neighbours below. Falling through the screen, he fell three storeys down to the rocks below. Spinning twice in the air, he landed on his feet! His mother raced to the ground floor, and found him there, seemingly perfectly fine. She brought him to the hospital regardless, but he truly just walked away from the incident. All he had to say on the matter was: “I fall...really, really far.”

10 Baby Pronounced Dead, Then Cries In Her Coffin...

Luz Milagros Veron translates to mean “miracle light” in English. This was the name of a baby girl who was apparently born dead. The doctors said there was no sign of life, and that she was a still birth. This of course traumatized the parents. After about 12 hours of recovery, the mother insisted that she and the husband be able to see the infant's body in order to say goodbye. It's a very good thing that they insisted. Even though this supposedly dead baby had been sitting in a sealed coffin for half of a day, when the parents arrived, she began crying! She was in fact alive. I bet the doctor who delivered the child really felt his face get a bit red when he found that out. There has yet to be an explanation as to how it was that this little girl who was pronounced dead, suddenly came to life in her tiny coffin hours later.

9 The World's Youngest Baby

Amillia Taylor is now hearty, healthy, and living life like a proper lady apparently. But the beginning of her life was far from hearty, or healthy. Amillia is the youngest child to have ever survived birth. She was born a day shy of 22 weeks into the pregnancy. And the only reason the doctors worked to save her at all was thanks to one doctor suggesting that the baby was too big to have been so early into the pregnancy. The parents of course followed this course of lying, in order to give their daughter a fighting chance. “When she arrived, Amillia weighed less than 10 oz and was just nine-and-a-half inches long, with skin which tore like rice paper.” Imagine being about the length of a pen, and weighing about as much as a t-bone steak. It's amazing that she survived.

8 Baby Gabriel Flung Out Of Car In Crash

This is perhaps one of the saddest of the stories in this article. Gabriel James Wilcox was born perfectly healthy, and stayed in hospital with his mother for two days while she rested. The entire family was there, ready to take Gabriel to friends and extended family for a visit. But something happened on the way to visit little Gabriel's grandparents when they were hit head on by a 19 year old girl in a crummy car. Gabriel was flung out of the car, and found quite a ways from the vehicle. Both parents were dead at the scene, and his brother died not long after in hospital. Gabriel was taken to the same hospital as his older brother, but he had sustained virtually no injuries, and was released to his grandparents the very next day.

7 Baby 59 Gets Flushed

A newborn in China, known as Baby 59, was discovered in a toilet pipe after neighbours heard cries coming from the sewage. The tenants of the apartment where this baby was flushed, were not found. But it's safe to assume that this was an attempted homicide, for sure. However, workers came to separate the pipe, and retrieve the child. After being taken to hospital, many locals arrived with all sorts of goods for the baby. Including food, clothing, and offers to adopt the little guy. Considering that he was flushed down a toilet, he still had his placenta attached, and spent who knows how long in that pipe, he recovered incredibly well. It is strange that some media sources stated that they had no idea how the infant ended up in the pipe...I'm pretty sure he didn't just fall in.

6 Falling Off A Cliff!

I am not sure what it is about four year old boys, and falling from great heights, but here is the story of a Northern Californian boy who fell from a cliff. Somehow managing to fall off the edge of a cliff, this boy plummeted about 230 feet into a cave below. He had just narrowly missed the water at the bottom of the seaside cliff. This boy did not simply walk away from the fall though. He was lifted out with a broken leg, a broken wrist, and a broken face. He was placed into a coma when he arrived at hospital, and received surgery for his leg. And while he didn't walk away after his hospital visit, it is clear that he did eventually get back on his feet. Hopefully he'll have learned to stay away from the edge of cliffs though. Especially ones that are well known for crumbling...maybe the parents could have thought about that one.

5 Upside Down In A Freezing Cold River

An 18 month old girl managed to survive over 13 hours in some very cold water in a river in Utah. Somehow the mother of the little girl managed to either drive over the barrier on the bridge, or shot down around the side of it. Though officials aren't certain, she still managed to end up putting the car upside down into the river. The mother was found dead. If she didn't die from the collision, then she drowned. The baby, who was in a proper car east, was upside down, but just out of the water. But being upside down, in such a cold environment for over 13 hours must have been an awful experience. Everyone can be thankful that she'll likely not recall the incident, being so young. It is still incredible that she survived the crash, as well as the cold. Rescue crews could only be in the water for a very short bursts of time. That's how cold it was.

4 Falling Down The Well

It seems that four years of age is the perfect time to be the stupidest you can be. A four year old boy ended up falling down a well after allegedly hearing his dog barking outside. The dog had been missing for a week. So when the boy heard the bark, he immediately ran out of the yard in search of the pup. Well he didn't find the dog, but he did somehow find himself down a well. How he didn't notice the big hole is beyond me. Regardless, it took three hours for the boy's grandmother, as well as local authorities to find the boy in the well. He hadn't sustained any injuries to his head, amazingly, but must have been pretty scared all the same. And wouldn't you know it: the even found the dog shortly after the boy's rescue. The family all back together again, I wonder if the parents will second guess leaving the boy alone with grandma from now on.

3 The Youngest Heart Transplant Patient

Baby Oliver Otto has broken a world record, without even knowing it. This little guy was born seven weeks early, which is by no means a record. He was also born with a very bad heart. So bad that he would not survive without a transplant. Incredibly, at only six days old, Oliver Otto became the very youngest human to have ever received a heart transplant. But one does have to spend a thought beyond little Oliver. While it is amazing that Oliver received his heart transplant, and survived...that also means that there was a baby of about the same age who just didn't make it; his or her organs then used to save other babies like Oliver. So while it is a seemingly miraculous story, it still revolves around death, no matter which way you look at it. But that doesn't mean we should downplay Oliver's life-saving transplant by any means.

2 Out Of The Rubble Of An Earthquake

There was a massive earthquake in Nepal in 2015, which some may recall. Of course there was plenty of destruction, and plenty of death all around. But it is wonderful to see survivors being rescued from the rubble, able to continue on with their lives. It is even more wonderful to know that some of those survivors have quite a full life left to live. For example, Sonit Awal was just a four month old baby, pulled from the dust and rubble of the earthquake. This little baby was trapped in the remnants of his home for almost a full 24 hours before being rescued. It seems likely that his parents didn't make it, but this little boy will be able to live on, all the same. He somehow hardly sustained any injuries. Perhaps the worst physical issue with him was being completely covered by a thick dust from all of the destruction. His lungs must not have been feeling the greatest.

1 Refusing To Abort

Katy Evans was told that there was virtually no chance for her baby to survive. She was given a one percent chance of survival. And Evans was also told that if the baby did in fact make it, he might be born without arms or legs, or without the ability to breathe! Evans was open to severe infection, and illness due to the complications of her pregnancy, but still she decided to stick with it. The doctors and nurses tried to recommend an abortion, but she refused. As did her husband. Little baby Leo was born just under five pounds, and by now has completely caught up on any development the doctors believed he would never have had. It's crazy to think about surviving such incredibly small odds. Leo is in the one percent of babies who make it through such complications. A very lucky little boy indeed.

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