15 Zodiac Signs That Celebs Proved Can NEVER Stay Together

Zodiac compatibility is something most persons ignore completely when considering a significant other. But it is possibly just as important as certain other traits that attracted you to your mate. Each zodiac has a different energy pattern and they are not compatible with every other zodiac sign. For instance, why would fire signs be compatible with water signs? Finding a compatible zodiac for a partner can inspire growth in you as an individual and for your relationship. When taking a leap into love, you should both benefit from the relationship.

Some celebrity couples shocked the world when they broke up! In fact, in some instances, the world was so much a part of their relationship and kind of played the role of a third wheel! It all had to do with compatibility. The world has also seen some celebrity couples breaking up and getting back together and breathing a sigh of relief (all the best to Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth). Love them or hate them, celebrities have actually proved to us mere mortals that zodiac compatibility is a real thing. Though some celebrities broke up with their s/o even though the pair was totally compatible. Read below for the 15 zodiacs that are not compatible.

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15 Cancer and Scorpio

In the world of zodiacs, these two zodiacs clash in that they are both jealous, possessive and vulnerable. One of these Zodiacs usually always wants the upper hand. Even royalty stands no chance against these zodiacs. The Princess of Wales (God Rest her Soul) and her Prince were a Cancer and Scorpio respectively and their marriage ended in a divorce that broke the heart of every little girl who believed in finding love and a happily ever after with her Prince. Also, Khloe Kardashian and ex-husband Lamar Odom were Cancer and Scorpio, and that marriage resulted in a lot of heartbreak for the reality tv-star and businesswoman. Both marriages were heavily publicized. Nonetheless, if KoKo is really pregnant with her current beau, we wish for a safe delivery and healthy baby for the happy couple.

14 Aries and Taurus

The most famous Aries/Taurus celebrity relationship was that of Twilight power couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, also known as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Teenage girls all over the world wanted to be Stewart and were devastated when the couple on and off screen split due to infidelity on Stewart’s part. Maybe her treatment of Pattinson could have contributed to her fall from grace as she was never really forgiven by her fans! The ram and the bull are both alpha animals of their species. Both are strong-willed and stubborn. Compromise is an issue and the signs will frequently butt heads as the Taurus will require details the Aries is not willing to give. Poor Rob was probably demanding more than what Kristen was willing to give.

13 Leo and Scorpio

Leos are very proud and boastful by nature. They tend to have an expensive palette, to be self-centered and demand that they are treated like royalty. Sounds familiar, right? All arrows point to Kylie Jenner, the queen of Instagram selfies and provocative photos that leave little to the imagination. So, it is unlikely that ex-boyfriend Tyga, who is a Scorpio, would have catered to all her whims. Scorpios are very distrusting, jealous persons who bow to no one. They broke up a few times and got back together, but it just didn’t work out for the couple. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife too fit the Leo-Scorpio incompatibility bill. He cheated and had a child with their housekeeper and she refused to bow down and left him in true Scorpio style.

12 Libra and Virgo

Maybe it could be because their dates are so close that they are not compatible. Amber Rose is a Libra, who are social and can seriously hold a grudge. Her ex-husband Wiz Kalifa is a Virgo. Virgos are some of the most insecure people, so it is possible that Amber’s OTT (out to there) attitude could have made Wiz feel threatened in their relationship. She filed for the divorce though. Virgos are perfectionist and uptight, they also hate to accept their wrongs and because they are perfectionist they would easily find fault. The Libra will be unwilling to conform to the Virgo’s ideals of perfection and this is where there will be a break down in the relationship. Soon enough will be enough and there is nothing left to do but walk away before someone gets hurt.

11 Sagittarius and Pisces

Together, Sagittarius and Pisces can be very creative and romantic. However, things fall apart when they rely too much on each other. They are indecisive so commitment becomes a struggle. A Sagittarius can promise a lot but deliver little and hates clinginess. Pisces though are a little too trusting but they like being alone too. This may seem like a good match since both are romantic but it never works out. Paula Patton and Robin Thicke gave hope to high school sweethearts everywhere, but they separated after about 21 years together. The ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ singer and ex-husband Kevin Federline separated after 3 years of marriage. Federline had split with his pregnant ex-finance in July 2004 and in the same month became engaged to Spears. If it wasn’t for the signs being incompatible then you can call it Karma.

10 Taurus and Sagittarius

These two signs are completely opposite in nature and in terms of how they are in a relationship. Taurus dislikes complications and can be possessive sometimes whilst Sagittarius likes freedom and hates being constrained. In a relationship, these two are odd because the Taurus may prefer a quiet evening indoors alone with their significant other whilst the Sagittarius wants to have fun. The Taurus in a way will constrain the Sagittarius. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj had been seeing each other on and off since 2015, but in January news broke via Nicki’s Twitter Page that she was single. The rappers it seemed, were just as incompatible as their signs. But Nicki’s a free spirit and loveable girl so she would find love soon despite trying to focus on her career.

9 Sagittarius and Aquarius

The Sagittarius and Aquarius are actually compatible signs in relationships. They are so compatible that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's, as well as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's, failed relationships left a few people scratching their heads. Brad and Jennifer were married for 5 years before he called it quits. The Friend’s star was probably just as shocked as everyone else was since they had recently come from vacation. Of course, for years and even still, there was speculation about whether or not Brad’s former Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s co-star and ex-wife had anything to do with it. JT and Britney’s relationship was brief but everyone thought it would end in marriage because they both looked so good together.

8 Two Scorpios Together

Two Scorpios together are supposed to have a relationship that is ‘lit’. They are both passionate and are super compatible, especially in bed! What came as a shock was the separation of momager Kris Jenner and former Olympian Bruce Jenner. The couple had been building an empire with their kids. What came as an even greater shocker was Bruce changing into Caitlyn and not spelling it with a K like all his daughters’ names. Leos go well with other Leos because who else wants to put up with their arrogance and dominating personalities. In fact, they may understand each other the best. Whilst Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship was over a decade ago, it is still remembered because they were a power couple. They were engaged but never got around to exactly tying the knot! What happened? Well Jennifer married Marc and Ben married another Jennifer; they both had kids and they both divorced.

7 Aries and Capricorn

Whilst the two can complement each other and become a power couple, this relationship can be demanding and draining mostly for the Capricorn. Aries are brats and very demanding whilst Capricorns are generous. Of course, every rope does have an end as there is only so much a person can take before tripping off. Big Sean and former Glee star Naya Rivera’s separation came as a shock. The couple were engaged and had even sent out some really nice Christmas cards with Naya in a red dress. They ended their engagement and not long after Naya married a long-time friend Ryan Dorsey. The marriage obviously didn’t survive because she’s back on the market and, well, he moved on to Arianna and then Jhene Aiko. Sean, it seems has a thing for singers.

6 Cancer and Aries

Arianna Grande and Big Sean represent this duo well. Their whirlwind relationship came as a shock and as quickly as it started, it ended. Although Big Sean was a big influencer in Arianna’s style; the world noticed her changing when Nickelodeon’s sweetheart was hooking up with the rapper. Cancers take relationships very seriously and are very imaginative and emotional. They can also be suspicious at times. Aries are up for adventure and always in search of keeping occupied. It is plain to see why this relationship would not work. The Cancer would always imagine what their Aries partner was doing when they were out and that could put a strain on the relationship. The Cancer’s love for home-based activities will dampen any plans the Aries has for them to spend outdoors.

5 Virgo and Aquarius

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards had an ugly divorce. She claimed that he was making threats to kill her so she filed for divorce and separated from him whilst pregnant. It takes a lot of strength for a pregnant woman to decide to leave her husband; it had to be really bad. Virgos are perfectionists and possibly the most insecure of all the zodiacs. They would need reassurances throughout the relationship. An Aquarius is too laid back and to encourage the Virgo is their search of perfection. They also hate people who disagree with them and are uncompromising. The Virgo is practical and very critical so these two signs are always going to clash. Charlie didn’t have a chance staying with Denise once he added his alcoholism into the mix. They hate broken promises and he probably promised on numerous occasions to stop drinking.

4 Gemini and Pisces

These signs have relationship issues stemming from their inability to understand each other’s thoughts. The Gemini is willing to do research and learn but Pisces is a dreamer. Geminis are talkative and communicate best that way, whilst Pisces are more into non-verbal methods of communication. Because Pisces need downtime and value alone time to channel their creativity, the Gemini may think they need to lighten up! Heidi Klum is a Gemini and a known talker especially on Project Runway and now on America’s Got Talent. Imagine her telling ex-husband Seal to lighten up; she might have done that however it would be said in English when translated from her native German tongue. Seal also fits the Pisces profile being a musician. After 7 years of marriage and 4 kids together, the couple split.

3 Libra and Aries

The first couple that may come to mind is Nick Cannon and Mariah Carrey. But people just don’t go around randomly knowing other people’s zodiac signs, right? Nick and Mimi had a shocking relationship and it was another shocker when they announced their separation after six years of marriage and having birthed the two most gorgeous babies. Some people blamed the age difference but Libra and Aries are opposing signs. Aries are fast-paced, brave and out to there and this can throw off the Libra who is charming. So, Nick and Mariah didn’t work out, though most people wished them the best. She moved on and was engaged after and well Nick has a baby who was born this year. He has also been battling Lupus so keep him in your prayers.

2 Taurus and Scorpio

Well, if it’s one thing, Tyga has a knack for picking signs he is not compatible with. His ex and baby momma Blac Chyna is a Taurus. They are the perfect example of opposites attracting and subsequently not working out as there is a learning curve to the two signs understanding each other. After three years together and a son, they broke off their engagement. Scorpios are passionate and they get that passion from their Taurus partner because they are going to argue a lot. They both hold grudges and are always seeking revenge. Best not to get these two signs involved because they are not going to work out for too long. Initially the relationship will be passionate but eventually fluctuating moods between the two would cause some problems.

1 Gemini and Sagittarius

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fit the bill of this pairing. It’s not that their signs are incompatible, the signs are just opposed to each other. It may be a good match on paper since they are very similar, are both intelligent and love to travel. But in the long haul making decisions can be difficult as both partners are usually often too busy with their own social life and trouble usually brews because they can both be flirts. Brangelina was one of Hollywood’s most beloved couple. Their relationship started with rumors that Brad Pitt cheated on his wife with her. But once that scandal died down and they had six kids; 3 biological and 3 adopted kids; and she had a double mastectomy, we almost forgot about that scandal until their separation was announced.

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