15 Women Married To The Most Ruthless Men

Many would argue that nothing is stronger than the power of love-- but can it actually blind you from noticing you're in love with a complete monster? If you've ever broken up with an ex and wondered how on earth you ever found them remotely attractive; chances are the women on this list can relate to you-- some more than others.  Believe it or not, some of the most despicable, sickest men in the world managed to get married-- and some stayed married even after their true selves were revealed. Whether they were heartless dictators, demented killers or horrifying rapists; these men all managed to find partners in these women.

In some cases, these married women had no idea they were married to complete monsters. It wasn't until their husbands were dragged out of the house in handcuffs or stumbling across some deeply disturbing sexual paraphernalia that they realized they may have married the wrong guy. On the other end of the spectrum, some of these women got married despite their man's colorful past and in some cases, because of it. There's something deeply disturbing about being married to someone who is capable of such disgusting acts like murder and torture and for many of these women, this was a reality.

Below are a list of 15 women who were legally bound to some of the scariest, horrendous men in history. So next time you complain about your spouse leaving dirty dishes in the sink, or leaving their dirty underwear on the bathroom floor, just be thankful they're not a serial r*pist or monstrous dictator. Just sayin'.

15 Ri Sol-ju, Wife of Kim Jong Un

Believe it or not, even the ruthless leader of North Korea managed to snag a wife. North Korean dictator, Kim Jon Un is married to a woman named Ri Sol-Ju. The mild mannered Ri Sol-ju was a singer before she married Kim Jon Un and was first spotted by his side in 2012. Due to the fact that the North Korean government is extremely secretive, most of what we know about Ri Sol-Ju is based on what we've observed from the outside.

In the last few years, Ri Sol-Ju has kept quiet and seemingly has been in hiding of some kind. Back in 2016 she disappeared for an eight month period before showing her face at some social events alongside her evil dictator husband. We can't help but wonder what the woman was doing in hiding for eight years. Perhaps she was pregnant? Or worse, she was on the outs with her husband and possibly being mistreated.

14 Eva Braun, Wife of Adolf Hitler

Munich, Germany-born Eva Braun, was the mistress and wife of the notorious German dictator, Adolf Hitler. Braun met Hitler when she was working as an assistant to his personal photographer during the time he served as the National Socialist German Workers Party. Eva was a fairly soft-spoken woman and didn't pose as much of a threat to Hitler and his professional endeavors; which is probably why the marriage worked the way it did. The public rarely saw Eva Braun by Hitler's side, but she was reportedly very supportive of him.

Over the years of their relationship, Braun displayed obvious emotional distress and even tried to kill herself more than once. During the height of World War II and the chaos that ensued in Germany, Braun was kept in an apartment building where she took part in leisurely activities and rested. At the tail end of the war in attempt to escape what would be Hitler's arrest for his despicable concentration camps, the two decided to kill themselves...just a day after their wedding.

13 Linda Yates, Wife of Robert L. Yates

What would you do if you found out your spouse was living a double life as a despicable serial killer? For Linda Yates, wife of Robert L. Yates, that horrifying scenario was a reality. While going through some of her family's bills, she discovered charges to a motel she had never even heard of. When Linda asked her husband if he was having an affair with another woman, he denied it. Little did Linda know, an affair would be the least of her problems.

Finally, in 2000, Robert L. Yates was arrested while driving to work and charged with the murders of 13 women. Robert ended up pleading guilty of killing 13 women in addition to another attempted murder. In all of the killings, there seemed to be evidence of drugs and/or prostitution. The serial killer is currently serving life in prison on death row.

12 Julie Baumeister, Wife of Herb Baumeister

Julie Baumeister was married to serial killer Herb Baumeister in a suburb of Indianapolis. However, she wasn't aware that her husband was a complete psychopath before she married him. In 1994, Julie first got a taste of her husband's possible double life when her son found an abandoned skull in the backyard. Herb claimed it was an animal's skull and it was never seen again. Little did Julie know then that she was married to the most dangerous serial killer Indiana had ever seen.

Herb Baumeister was both a dedicated husband and father; a man that no one suspected to be as ruthless as he was. Turns out, Herb would frequent various gay bars around town late at night, find young men and ultimately kill them. After becoming suspicious of Herb's behavior, Julie tried to divorce him and let police search their house where they found the bodies of eleven different men. In addition to the murders that occurred at their house, police found ten more male bodies along Interstate 70. Before Herb could get convicted for his crimes, he committed suicide.

11 Nadezhda Alliluyeva, Wife of Joseph Stalin

Nadezhda Alliluyeva was the second wife of the evil leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin. Yeah, there were two women that were in love with that guy. Nadezhda worked as a code clerk around 1919 before she met her future husband who had already been married once before. Nadezhda attracted 41-year old Stalin with her aversion to fancy clothes and makeup. Nadezhda and Stalin apparently argued often and didn't seem to be too fond of each other.

As we all know, Stalin went on to lead Red Russia and establish a new cult of personality in every aspect. Nadezhda was dealing with her own mental problems and was believed to be bipolar. At a public event, the couple began arguing with each other before Nadezhda ran off into her room and shot herself. The Press said the woman had died from appendicitis, but that was far from the truth.

10 Mea Son and Khieu Ponnary, Wives of Pol Pot

When it comes to being married to a ruthless human being, these women could have written a book on it. Mea Son and Khieu Ponnary were both wives at separate times to controversial Cambodian Revolutionary and Prime Minister, Pol Pot. For over twenty years, Pol Pot was responsible for 1 to 3 million deaths of Cambodian people through awful acts of torture and inhumane work and living conditions.

Pol Pot's first wife, Khieu Ponnary along with her sister and her husband, became known as "Cambodia's Gang of Four" in homage to the radical group led by Mao Tse Tung. Later in life, Khieu became more and more schizophrenic and displayed erratic behavior, leaving Pol Pot no other choice but to divorce her and marry his second wife, Mea Son. Pol Pot continued to be married until he was placed under house arrest in the nineties and died.

9 Cathy Wilson, Wife of Peter Tobin

Somehow, Peter Tobin, a sick excuse for a human being, managed to get married three times. In this list, we're focusing on his lucky third wife, Cathy Wilson. Peter Tobin is a convicted sex offender and serial killer currently serving life in prison for the murders of three people along with counts of burglary and r*pe. Cathy and Peter were married from 1989-1993. During their marriage Cathy suffered from violent physical and sexual abuse, including being chocked and being forced to watch Peter torture prostitutes he would bring home. Just after their divorce, Peter Tobin was convicted for r*ping and drugging two school girls and was released a decade later.

Over the next couple decades following the divorce, Peter was questioned about a few women that had gone missing. One of his victims, Dinah McNicol, was found buried in their home's garden. Peter was eventually convicted of three murders (along with the other aforementioned crimes) and is still serving time to this day. In 2016, Peter Tobin was hospitalized due to a stroke.

8 Carol Hoff, Wife of John Wayne Gacy

You may think your exes are awful, but nothing compares to this sick, demented r*pist and serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. Carol Hoff married Gacy in 1972 and had no clue she was marrying one of the creepiest serial killers in American history. During their time living in their Norwood Hills ranch house, Carol grew slightly suspicious of bad smells and odd behavior. Gacy explained that the smells were probably dead animals under the house. Turns out they were dead bodies dead young boys and men who were murdered and r*ped by Gacy himself.

Hoff and Gacy's marriage approached troubled waters when he started becoming abusive-- he even had an obsession with gay p*rn. Even though many young mens' disappearances made headlines, Hoff never managed to connect them with her husband despite his suspicious behavior. And by suspicious behavior, we mean dressing up like a clown at children's birthday parties and charity events to lure victims. If that's not the definition of ruthless, we don't know what is.

7 Tammi Saccoman, Wife of Erik Menendez

Nothing screams romantic atmosphere like a dimly lit restaurant, a sky full of stars --or a dingy prison? Well, for Tammi Saccoman, prison was the perfect setting to fall in love with her husband, a murderer by the name of Erik Menendez. After watching the Menendez trial on TV, Tammi couldn't help but feel bad for Erik-- bad enough to compel her to become his pen pal.

Over a period of time, Tammi would fly to the prison to visit with him and they eventually got married in the prison's waiting room. Classy. Despite their lack of face to face contact in recent years, the couple has managed to stay married for a whopping 18 years. Tammi even wrote a book about her relationships with Erik entitled, They Said We'd Never Make It: My Life With Erik Menendez. We hope the money she made from her book keeps her warm at night because her husband sure doesn't.

6 Simone Duvalier aka Mama Doc, Wife of Francois Duvalier

Known as the First Lady of Haiti, Mama Doc was married to Haitian dictator, Francois Duvalier aka Papa Doc. Papa Doc rose to power as a President of Haiti who promised to help change life for the Haitian people. He definitely changed their lives alright, but not for the better. Together, Mama Doc and Papa Doc were known as Voodoo specialists and practiced some ruthless treatment against the people of Haiti.

Papa Doc's team of policemen, known as the Tontons Macoutes, would torture and murder anyone who worked against him. The couple also collected unjust taxes from both the rich and poor alike. When Papa Doc finally passed away, the reign of terror was far from over. Their son, Jean-Claude Duvalier declared himself "President for Life". Years later after her son was forced out of office, Mama Doc and her son lived in exile where she lived in poverty and died.

5 Carole Ann Boone, Wife of Ted Bundy

In the case of most serial killers, they acquire their spouses before they reveal their sick, twisted habits. But in Ted Bundy's case, his heinous crimes drew his wife Carole Ann Boone, closer and ultimately made her love him even more. While Ted Bundy was on trial for the r*pes and murders of three women, Carole Ann Boone served as a volunteer character witness to the supposed killer in 1970. One of Bundy's victims was a twelve year old girl-- but not even that frightened Boone away. It was there they fell more and more in love. Carole even became pregnant and gave birth while Bundy was locked up-- although there's no way to prove that child was actually Ted Bundy's. Bundy was then executed while serving life in prison, never even spending much time with his wife. That's probably a good thing.

4 Judith Mawson, Wife of Gary Ridgway

We've all made questionable choices when rebounding after a nasty break up, but this one takes the cake. Judith Mawson was freshly done with her divorce when she fell for Gary Ridgway who would later be known as the Green River Serial Killer. Unfortunately, it took Judith Mawson 13 years of marriage to find out she was married to a total animal. Judith claims she was completely blindsided when her husband was arrested for the murders of at least 70 women, despite the seemingly obvious signs. What were these signs, you ask? Oh, just replacing the carpets because of all the blood stains and coming home super late all the time. Maybe Judith was just playing dumb.

It wasn't until Gary Ridgway confessed to murdering all these women that Judith Mawson cut ties with him all together and stopped visiting him in prison. She turned to pain pills to deal with the shock and went into hiding for a couple years. She doesn't plan on forgiving her serial killer husband anytime soon.

3 Doreen Lioy, Wife of Richard Ramirez

Nicknames can be fun and oftentimes an attractive attribute to a significant other. Unless of course your nickname is the Night Stalker (obviously The Mullet Murderer must have been taken). Luckily for Doreen Lioy, a creepy nickname like that wouldn't ruin her chances with the notorious Richard Ramirez. Doreen Lioy actually began to fall in love with the Night Stalker after he was in prison for the r*pes and murders of countless people. She would write love notes to him in prison and found him extremely charming and intriguing. Different strokes for different folks.

After Doreen Lioy publicly confessed her love for Richard Ramirez, her entire family disowned her. That didn't stop Doreen from visiting her precious Night Stalker at least four times a week over many years until he was transferred to another prison and died of a form of Lymphoma. Talk about a love story.

2 Rosalie Martinez, Wife of Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.

Out of all the unlikely relationships on this list, this one is particularly interesting. Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. was convicted of killing three women in Florida back in 1986 actually managed to marry a law official who was on the case. Rosalie Martinez was a public defender working on a r*pe case of the convicted serial killer in the '90s and was so smitten by the man, she left her husband to marry him. Rosalie never believed her husband was guilty and still stands behind him to this day. Even though Oscar had openly admitted to holding a woman at gunpoint and r*ping her, Rosalie believed he was a good man at heart.

Rosalie had four children with her first husband and even gave him primary custody of them if that meant she could be with Oscar. The two are still together to this day and seem happier than ever. And Rosalie is still adamant about Oscar's "wrongful conviction".

1 Afton Burton aka Star, Fiancé of Charles Manson

What is it about cult leaders that is so alluring to some women? Well, we don't quite get it but apparently there are a handful of people that do. Case in point: Afton Burton--who goes by Star-- fell madly in love with 82 year old convicted serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson, even after knowing full well of his horrific past. Star first started writing to the monster of a man when she was a teenager and didn't stop until she was 29 years old. Star even drove from Mississippi to be with Manson in California where he's serving his life sentence.

Due to pressure from her parents, the marriage ended up being called off, but Star continues to be close to Manson and still has feelings for him. Many can't help but notice her resemblance to former cult member, Susan Atkins, and assume that there's got to be something deeply wrong with her. Needless to say, Star's parents were pretty happy to learn that Charles Manson wouldn't be their son in law after all.

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