15 Women Confess Their Most Disgusting Habits

Everyone has disgusting habits; it is part of being human. We are all fascinated by something a little weird or gross, and that is perfectly fine. Some people like picking at things, some people are just messy, and some are just lazy. Women have particular habits that they do privately that they would rather other people didn’t know.

Women have admitted to doing some pretty nasty things in the privacy of their own homes. What’s funny is that a lot of women do these things, but no one really talks about it. People are so embarrassed by their unsightly habits but forget that their peers are probably doing similarly weird things at their places. Regardless, ladies like to keep it classy and would probably prefer not to air the dirty laundry.

Men usually get the bad rap for being dirty, but women have some pretty dirty habits of their own, like spraying perfume over body odor, wearing the same bra for months, and picking at pimples. A lot of these habits are not the best for your skin or your health, but sometimes people can’t help themselves. Sometimes, people are just lazy and clip their toenails without picking up the clippings or leave food under their bed. Either way, these are not necessarily the best habits to fall into, but many of you are likely to be guilty of at least a few of these habits on the list. Here are 15 of the most disgusting habits women have confessed.

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15 Wearing A Bra Without Washing It For Weeks… Or Months

not washing bra
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Bras should probably be washed after every few wears. Bras can build up with sweat and dirt, which can get smelly if you do not wash your undergarments often enough. A lot of women go months without washing their bras because they are too lazy to go through the proper process of cleaning a bra.

That being said, washing your bra too much can do more harm than good. Many women just aren’t sure how often they should be washing their bras. Bras should typically be washed after three or four wears and you should absolutely never put them in the dryer. Bras are expensive and if you want to keep them intact for a decent amount of time, you have to take care of them and clean them accordingly.

14 Chewing On Nails And Cuticles

via: buzzfeed.com

Biting your fingernails or cuticles can be a nervous habit, but it is also a disgusting one. You know when you have a hangnail that you peel back just a bit too far? Your finger is left throbbing and you could wind up with a nasty infection. The bacteria from your mouth can get into the wound. Also, for the same reason that licking your lips can make them more chapped, putting your mouth on your fingernails actually corrodes the skin around them.

Fingernail chewing and cuticle picking can cause you to have chronic ingrown nails or deformities. Oh, and there is also something called hand herpes, the medical term of which is “herpetic whitlow,” which is basically when the infection gets in an open sore on your hand, and can result in fever and painful burning of the fingertips. It is best to try to avoid putting your hands in your mouth.

13 Squeezing A Pimple And Watching The Stuff Come Out

popping a pimple
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A lot of women have admitted to feeling satisfaction from popping a pimple in the mirror and watching the white puss ooze out of the spot. Some will sit in their bathroom for hours, going over every little thing on their face. This will not only make your pimples worse, but all the bacteria you are spreading on your face will just encourage more acne to pop up.

Popping a pimple actually just inflames the spot more and opens it up for infection. When you squeeze a spot on your face, the pressure forces the debris from the pore deeper into the follicle. Even if you don't think you are forcing it, you can still be pushing infected material further into your skin. Not to mention, it can cause major scarring that could be permanent.

12 Sticking Your Hands Down Your Pants While Watching TV

hands down pants while watching tv
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Men stick their hands down their pants while they are relaxing on the couch all the time but actually, quite a few women admitted to doing this as well. Women tend to stick their hands down their pants when they are hanging around watching television because it is warm and comfortable. A lot of women have also admitted to putting their hands underneath their breasts when they are at home for the same reasons as well as many who sleep with their hands between their legs.

It is not too gross of a habit to have, as long as you are in the privacy of your own home and you wash your hands before touching anyone or anything around you. If men can do it, why can’t women?

11 Eating In Bed

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Some people are okay with eating in bed and some people are not. There is usually no in between. Lots of ladies are guilty of coming home after having one too many drinks out with the girls and passing out on your pillow with a slice of pizza next to their face. Or, maybe you like to eat popcorn while watching movies on a Saturday night in.

It is a pretty gross habit to have because even if you eat over the plate, bits of food will still end up in your sheets and on your floors. It can get especially gross if you make a habit of leaving dirty dishes in the bedroom, which will rot and smell. It is best to leave the food in the kitchen where it belongs.

10 Putting Fresh Makeup Over What You Didn’t Wash Off Yesterday

last nights makeup
via: thesun.com

Many women are guilty of forgetting to wash their makeup off at night before they go to sleep. To take things one step further, some have admitted to putting new makeup on top of their old makeup from the day prior. While this is not a great habit to get into, we have all had a rough night or two where we have to pull it together quickly the next morning.

Leaving makeup to sit on your face overnight can totally clog your pores, causing breakouts and blemishes. If you end up passing out with your makeup on, it is not the end of the world, but it is not the best idea to slap some more foundation over top. Splash some water on your face or use a wipe and then start fresh with some new makeup. Your skin will thank you.

9 Cutting Toenails And Letting The Clippings Go Wherever

clipping nails
via: beautybulletin.com

Women who do not get regular manicures and pedicures in a salon often trim their own fingernails and toenails with a nail clipper. The gross part is that a lot of these ladies have admitted to clipping their nails and not paying attention to where the clippings go.

Typically, one would clip their nails into the toilet or garbage can, or at least be in a bathroom. This is an especially gross habit to have, because fingernails and toenails are like bones; they do not decay at all, so those nails will be sitting wherever they landed, piling up with bacteria until you eventually clean it up. When you clip your nails in the bedroom or living room, who knows how long they could be hiding somewhere?

8 Smelling Clothes To See If You Can Wear It Again Before Washing

smelling dirty clothes
via: persil.com

Lots of ladies have 'fessed up to smelling the armpits of their t-shirts, their socks, and even their underwear to see if they could get away with wearing it again. You will know if your shirt got dirty or if you sweat a lot in it; you don’t need to smell it to know if it needs cleaning. When it comes to a t-shirt you wore to the gym, socks, or underwear, they should all be washed after one wear.

If you leave those clothes for a day or so, the bacteria will just pile up even more. If something smells even the slightest bit bad, you should probably wash it and not wear it again. Your clothes can get even more stinky while you are wearing them and that is just a recipe for disaster.

7 Putting Our Purses On The Bathroom Floor

purse on the floor in bathroom
via: ssameci.info

If there is no hook on the back of the public bathroom stall door, you are probably better off just holding your purse while you squat. A lot of women will not think twice about placing their beloved handbag on the ground while they use the toilet. However, if you stop to think about how disgustingly filthy the floor of a public restroom is, you would probably reconsider your choice.

Public bathrooms are filled with bacteria, dirt, and other gross things we won’t mention. Women spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on their handbags, so it does not make a whole lot of sense as to why they are so willing to leave their bags on a dirty floor. Plus, you bring your purse home and probably place it on your bed or couch, spreading those nasty germs everywhere.

6 Picking/Tweezing Ingrown Hairs

tweezing an ingrown hair
via: wikihow.com

So many women describe the feeling of digging out an ingrown hair as so satisfying. If they spot a hair growing underneath the skin on their legs or bikini area, they take a tweezer and pick at it until the hair pops out and they can pluck it.

Ingrown hairs can be annoying, unsightly, and even painful. They occur after shaving or waxing whenever the hair is broken or cut below the skin’s surface. It is a natural reaction to want to pick an ingrown hair out of your skin. However, like with popping pimples, picking at your ingrown hairs will often just make matters worse. There are topical medications and ointments that can help reduce the swelling of ingrown hairs and help encourage the skin to release it on its own.

5 Using Dry Shampoo And Perfume Instead Of Taking A Shower

dry shampoo instead of shower
via: youtube.com

Showering takes a long time for a woman if you consider the hair washing and body shaving and then the time it takes to do your hair. It is not uncommon for women to use dry shampoo to give their hair a fresh feel without washing it. If your hair is already styled and your roots are just a bit greasy, some dry shampoo might be the perfect answer.

Women are also tempted to use perfume or deodorant to smell nice if they do not want to take a shower. However, it is pretty gross when you think about the fact that you are just spraying over the filth and covering it up with a pretty scent, but sometimes a quick spritz is all we have time for!

4 Picking Crumbs Out Of Your Bra

crumbs in bra
via: dreamstime.com

This is another reason you should clean your bras properly. A lot of the time, crumbs and bits of food end up falling down there. Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre and found popcorn in your bra a few hours later? It is not uncommon for ladies to take their bra off at the end of a long day and find a few “snacks” hidden in the crevices.

Bustier women have more of an issue with food falling down their cleavage because they are obviously working with a bigger surface area, leaving more room for crumbs to settle. The line should be drawn at eating the crumbs that you pick out of your bra. The food has been sitting in there all day, marinating in your sweat, so maybe don’t put that in your mouth.

3 Never Washing Your Makeup Brushes

cleaning makeup brushes
via: maven46.com

Did you know that you should actually be washing your makeup brushes every week? A lot of women never wash their makeup brushes, which can be a disgusting habit because a bunch of bacteria will build up which can cause all sorts of skin issues. Breakouts will pop up even if you are washing your face every night. Not to mention, dirty makeup brushes lead to gross-looking clogged pores.

Washing your brushes on a weekly basis with a cleanser and some water will be a lifesaver for your skin in the long run. No one wants to know that women use gross bacteria-ridden brushes to do their makeup.

2 Peeling Dead Skin Off Your Lips

chapped lips
via: youtube.com

If you like picking your pimples or pulling out your ingrown hairs, you’re likely to be peeling the dead skin off of your lips too. A lot of women bite their lips out of habit and some pick it off with their fingers. When you peel the dead skin off of your lip, you are actually just peeling off a scab before it is ready and making it worse. Now the skin has to work on overdrive to cover the patch of tender skin again.

Find some other ways to distract yourself. Chew gum and apply lip balm religiously. If you pick your lips when they are dry and chapped, they are only going to get more dry and chapped. Plus, where are you flicking all that dead skin off to? Gross.

1 Using Toilet Paper To Replace "Other Things"

woman toilet paper pad
via: cambio.com

Women have confessed to wrapping toilet paper around their underwear if they got their period somewhere and don't have any sanitary napkins. Despite the fact that lots of public restrooms and restrooms in office buildings have machines in the bathroom that sell pads and tampons, many choose to use toilet paper until they can get home or to the store. This is often because women are in a crunch for time or do not have any spare change on them.

However, many layers of toilet paper will not protect their underwear as well as a sanitary napkin would. Plus, toilet paper is not meant to be left up against that area, so you are going to have chunks of toilet paper all over you.

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