15 Wives Who Had "No Clue" Their Husbands Were Serial Killers

What would you do if you learned your spouse was a serial killer?

There are a lot of sick people in this world. Hopefully, you had the good sense not to marry one of them. The women on this list certainly can't say that they did; there's no doubt about that. All of them married guys that were brutal and psychotic serial killers. Now, it's one thing to make a mistake and get conned by someone in a romantic sense -- that kind of thing has happened to a lot of us over the years. But it's another thing for you to end up marrying someone who is, at the very least, crazy, and, at the most, murderous. There's no doubt that in this scenario, there's something wrong with you that made you fall in love with someone like that.

But what if you fell in love with someone like that, learned about your spouse's murderous behavior, and still stayed married to him? What would that say about you? The wives of these serial killers are, in some cases, sick themselves; they either go along with their husband's murderous ways or pretend that they know nothing about them. In a certain sense, even worse, though, might be the women that are married to psychotic murdering husbands and don't have any idea whatsoever about their husbands' dark behavior. Are you kidding me?  How totally pathetic is that? In case you were wondering, the answer to that question is "really pathetic."

Here are 15 Wives Who Had "No Clue" Their Husbands Were Serial Killers

15 Andrei Chikatilo

While there are some women whom we have to give a bit of a break to -- like, okay, maybe it wasn't that obvious what was going on -- we can't say the same about the wife of Chikatilo. He committed 100 murders, but she claims she never knew anything about them. I mean, sure, he had blood on his clothes a lot of the time, and yeah, he was fired from his teaching job because he molested children, and yeah, occasionally the cops would call him in and question him about a random murder, but she said that she had no idea. This is the type of serial killer's wife that's really confusing. Is it that she was covering up for him, or was the truth about what her life was really like just too much for her to deal with? We'll never know.

14 Russell Williams

Williams was a Canadian armed forces colonel who was eventually convicted of murder. He admitted that he had done other killings. This guy was a cross dresser who would break into numerous houses and steal mementos, such as women's panties that he then hid all over his house -- you know, the house that he shared with his wife. Now, I understand, he did actually hide these things, and he was a colonel and all, so I'm sure that he seemed to be someone that was all on the up and up, but still, when he was captured and with all the things that the police found all over his place, one would think that maybe his wife had an idea what was going on? Apparently not, but again, who really knows?

13 Dennis Rader

Next on our list is good old Dennis Rader, who was also known as the BTK killer, which stands for "Bind, Torture, Kill." Rader actually killed a whole bunch of people and then stopped for quite a long period of time, but despite that, he continued to send a whole bunch of letters to the police taunting them and leaving them clues. This is obviously not a very smart thing to do. The only thing that may be dumber than this is marrying this creepy weirdo. His wife finally divorced him in the year 2005, which was the same year that he was finally arrested. Rader had a few restraining orders filed on him over the years; one would think that would be enough to get someone to divorce him, but hey, who knows? Maybe his wife never knew.

12 John Wayne Gacy

We all know of John Wayne Gacy. After all, he's one of the most famous serial killers of all time. But how many people know that he was married? To be fair, his wife did actually divorce him, mostly because he was odd and also because he was, without a doubt, a homosexual. And she filed for divorce before it was discovered that he had murdered 33 men, but it does seem she was most certainly around for a couple murders. But hey, I'm not trying to be insulting towards her. The fact of the matter is that a lot of these other wives stayed with their murdering husbands right to the bitter end. At least Gacy's wife had the common sense to get out while she could, although being the woman that married Gacy is nothing to be proud of.

11 Peter Tobin

Next on the list of total creep shows who had adoring and supposedly clueless wives is Peter Tobin. His wife was 20 years younger than him, he was constantly mentally and physically abusive, and he would often bring home prostitutes, whom he treated equally badly. He wouldn't let his wife go into the basement, which she was cool with despite how horrible it smelled and the drains being always clogged. Finally, the cops figured out something was going on and arrested Tobin for murder. He had killed three women in all... or at least that's how many were actually proven. His wife should feel lucky that she's alive; in fact, I'm sure she does feel lucky to be alive. That doesn't mean, however, that she shouldn't have figured things out a bit quicker. Some women might be alive if she had.

10 Marcel Petiot

One day, there was a really bad smell in Petiot's neighborhood and also the smell of smoke coming from his house. When the firemen arrived at his home to make sure all was cool, they found the remains of women scattered in the chimney fire; they found even more in the basement. Petiot, who was a doctor, was married. His wife and other people that knew him said that he was a totally nice guy, and all that was great, of course, but the thing is, he was not only murdering people but was also keeping the bodies in his house and burning parts of them in his chimney. One has to think that his wife either had a clue about the whole thing or was one of the dumbest people ever. Neither is a particularly good look.

9 Gao Chengyong

Gao Chengyong is known as "China's Jack the Ripper."  His wife suspected nothing about his behavior and said he seemed like a super nice guy until the police drew his blood to check his DNA.  According to this report, “After drawing blood that day, his mind seemed to have become preoccupied and his hands would shake during dinner,” she said.  She also said her husband would disappear for days at a time, but always returned with money which she assumed was from casual work." Yeah that makes sense right, your husband takes off for days at a time, then just comes home with money and you don't wonder what he has been doing? If that is the scene in your home than your husband may not be a serial killer but he is definitely up to no good.Qingfeng confessed to murdering 11 women.

8 Albert Fish

Who in the world would ever go out with Albert Fish, let alone marry him? Fish was one of the oddest killers of all time. He was not as famous for the number of people that he killed but more for all of the completely perverted things that he did, not to mention how plain weird he was. I would get into more detail here, but to be honest, it's the kind of thing that you should probably read about on your own instead of me just springing it on you like a big surprise. But let's just say he was a really freaky dude that was into kids, self-mutilation, cannibalism, and murder. Despite all of this, however, there was a lady out there who was just dying to become Mrs. Fish. What the heck is wrong with some people?

7 H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes is one of the more well-known serial killers out there. He was not a typical murderer; he was more kind of an evil-genius type. He designed a hotel in which when people came to stay, they would be murdered, robbed, and their bodies sold to medical schools. This all sounds way too ridiculous to be true, but it actually was. Maybe we have to give his wife a bit of a pass. Holmes was a doctor, he owned a hotel, and he was obviously a pretty good con man. Between all three of those things, it doesn't seem too hard to imagine him conning some woman into marrying him. I mean, come on... the guy was an evil genius after all. His poor wife never had a chance.

6 Harvey Carignan

Carignan went by the nickname "Harv the Hammer." This one needs to be on this list because his wife actually divorced him because of all the times he beat her and her children. Shortly after they divorced, he beat his next girlfriend to death with a hammer.  In fact, he's known to be the killer of at least 5 victims, and he killed all of them with a hammer, so you know... great nickname.  This whole thing might seem kind of odd, but he was married to a woman, seemed totally psychotic, beat her and her children, and she left him. Wow, what an interesting concept... Don't get me wrong; I know that leaving an abusive husband isn't easy, but when it comes to serial killers, get out while you can.

5 Jerry Brudos

Here's another fantastic catch. I mean, come on... what lady would be lucky enough to hang out with Jerry Brudos?  I mean, not every woman can put up with her husband bringing home women's breasts as paperweights and being required to stay in the house naked while wearing high heeled shoes. But if you can, then Jerry would probably be a really good potential husband for you. He also used to bring women home and actually strangle them to death, but still, his wife had absolutely no idea about any of it. And if you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you. It really is more than obvious that a lot of these women knew what was going on and were either just too scared, or too crazy themselves to do anything about it.

4 Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway is one of the most famous serial killers of all time. That kind of thing happens when you kill 49 women; people tend to notice. You know who didn't notice, though? His wife. He was even questioned by the police numerous times because of prostitutes that had vanished, and he said it was just because he looked like somebody else they were looking for. I mean, come on... what is up with this kind of thing? I know who he looks like: a totally creepy serial killer. His wife finally filed for divorce but only after he finally confessed that he had killed 49 women. Boy, that must have been a bad day for his wife, who although not a serial killer is obviously serially dumb.

3 Herb Baumeister

Herb Baumeister was a killer, no doubt about that. A bunch of gay men in Indiana had gone missing, and Baumeister was a suspect, but he didn't allow the police to search his home. Right around the same time, his kid found a human skull on the property, which was enough for his wife to let the cops come check the property out. When they came for a search, they found the remains of 11 men on the property. Herb ended up killing himself and left a suicide note saying that it was because of his bad marriage and failing business that he killed himself. Yeah right, Herb... are you kidding me? Sure, it had nothing to do with all the bodies found on your property. Do you think we're as dumb as your wife?

2 Robert Lee Yates

The wife of Robert Lee Yates had a problem that a lot of wives do: she thought that he was having an affair. She thought this because she found him trying to destroy a bunch of receipts from seedy hotels. The thing is, though, he wasn't meeting someone for an affair; he was hooking up with prostitutes, and he was killing them. He killed at least 13 women and was caught when the police found a body underneath his and his wife's bedroom window. Tell me that wasn't a shock. I bet that his wife would have been more than fine with the affair if it meant he wasn't killing everyone he could get his hands on in the general vicinity. He was sentenced to 408 years in prison.

1 Mikhail Popkov

Popkov is a serial killer from Russia. He was a police officer who is thought to have killed over 80 women, most of them prostitutes. He was known as "The Werewolf." When he was first arrested, both his wife and his adult daughter stood by him, saying that there was no way he could have killed all of these women and what a nice guy Popkov was. But then, he admitted the whole thing. Boy, how embarrassing right? To be all "There's no way my husband did this! He's totally the best!" and then have him say, "Well, actually, yeah... I completely killed all of those women, and I kind of enjoyed it" is the type of thing none of us could imagine. Unless, of course, you're married to a serial killer right now.


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15 Wives Who Had "No Clue" Their Husbands Were Serial Killers