15 Wild Fights At McDonald's Drive-Thru

In truth, some of these videos aren't for every set of eyeballs out there. Sorry, just the facts. The following fights are ridiculous and incomprehensible in every sense of the words. That makes for an article I shouldn't write, so naturally, I'm game. I kid, I'm kidding, right? Probably! Careful though, these are nuttier than I had anticipated. True story... Moving on.

How rare is the very thought of having an issue at the McDonald's drive-thru, right? Nope, not rare at all! Happens everyday! Some people, shockingly enough, take their drive-thru experience very seriously. They value it just like they value the value meal. You better believe that! These few take cheeseburgers way more seriously at midnight than most other people!

Ever acted insane after being shorted on chicken McNuggets and thrown a temper tantrum outside the drive-thru window; mimicking a childlike meltdown via your McNugget less life? No? Well, these cases are included in this article at no charge to you. Love ya, mean it! No warm cookies at the window, seriously? No fries, everything you've ever wanted instantly? Hard to comprehend, huh?

This article is meant to convey, in every way, the wild events that have happened at the McDonald's drive-thru. That's it, that's all, no harm intended. Some of these events are bad, while other videos are quite comical. This article will pull you both ways. It did me.

15 wild fights at the McDonald's drive-thru turned into a smorgasbord of videos that will blow your mind. Bacon... yes, bacon... in one of these cases becomes more valuable than the gasoline it took to drive back and forth to the restaurant. So settle in my friends and get started!

15 Chicken McNuggets Fight At 10:30 a.m.

Never, ever, in my wildest dreams did I think I would see a person snap like this woman does, all while being recorded. You would think after viewing this pic that the girl in question has to be on some sort of "majestic substance" and I'm not going to tell you you're wrong. If she's not high, then a small padded room, a straight jacket, and a shrink are the only things that should be on the menu for this disgruntled McDonald's customer. Apparently, the restaurant doesn't offer chicken McNuggets to its customers at 10:30 in the morning and this woman is having none of that news. She goes ballistic, getting out of her car, screaming like a demon. It's classic!

14 When You Order A 10 Piece And Get 9

I'm sorry, but I have a hard time not laughing at this; a woman throwing haymakers (punches) at an employee over her chicken McNuggets is just too much. I think it's safe to assume that after reading this article some people feel very strongly about the chicken McNugget. In fact, there may be no other food on the planet that has caused so many fights between McDonald's employees and customers. The worst part about this is that the girl can't throw a punch. At least not very well. She does put in the effort though! The McDonald's employee at the drive-thru does one hell of a job bobbing a weaving, though; I will say that much.

13 Line Not Moving Fast Enough?

Want to see an old fashioned, toe-to-toe showdown between customers at the McDonald's drive-thru? Well, you're in luck today people because this photo shows that very situation. Apparently, the line at the drive-thru wasn't moving fast enough when this group of patrons decided to take their rage out on each other. Yup, these things actually happen. The video I got this photo from contains some pretty choice language as well. See the woman in the orange? You can't miss her and that's a fact. The orange dressed woman puts a real ass whooping on one of the girls that gets in her face, clapping, and running her mouth. That was obviously a mistake as nearly 180,000 viewers can attest too.

12 Catfight For The Ages

Want to see a messed up photo of a catfight at McDonald's drive-thru via Huge Mega Watt Productions? If your answer is yes then here you go! This fight had its fair share of cursing, hair pulling, and finger pointing. Enough of each to last a lifetime, honestly. You can tell by the pile of angry females that this fight is for real and each party is extremely pissed off at the other. One woman even gets dragged by her hair across the pavement back to the car. Wild, huh? You almost have to see this picture to believe things like this even happen. They do, though, and it's a reminder of how people can be as nasty as the food that's served at a McDonald's drive-thru.

11 This Is My Hood!

If you ever find yourself in a place where a person is yelling at you repeatedly saying, "this is my hood, this is my hood," then you're in the wrong place most likely. True story! Who would have thought that place was a McDonald's drive-thru, though? In this brawl, it's apparent that someone has offended the wrong person. Did your parents teach you that there are some people you just don't screw with in this world? Mine sure did! These angry McDonald's drive-thru customers are sure to show you why some people aren't to be messed with. Especially when you're an outsider in someone else's hood! In that case, you'll probably get knocked on your ass as these guys do.

10 Milwaukee Man Dead

A few years back there was actually a homicide at a McDonald's drive-thru in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yes, folks, you read that correct, people getting killed over McDonald's food. It's hard to believe that emotions could run that high when ordering a late night value meal but in this case they did. The fight that eventually leads to one man's death is reported to have happened between two friends. I guess they weren't that close. That's just crazy if you ask me and I'm assuming you, readers, out there agree as well. A cheeseburger isn't worth killing your friends over, is it? Never take life for granted, especially at the McDonald's drive-thru in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

9 No Fresh Cookies?

Don't get me wrong. I love a hot, chocolate chip cookie just as much as the next person does... or at least I thought I did. I was wrong, shocking huh? I changed my mind after coming across this nutty photo of a girl that decided to record her displeasure at the lack of warm, available chocolate chip cookies at the McDonald's drive-thru. Sounds like a joke, doesn't it? It's not. This loyal, cookie eating customer finally had enough of the famous food chain's lackluster service. She didn't hold back in voicing her opinion either. The video this photo is from went viral and for good reason. It's complete entertainment as is evident by over half a million YouTube views and counting.

8 Brawling In The Drive-Thru

This photo sure does speak a thousand words, doesn't it? I know I chuckled when watching this half-assed fight between two people in the drive-thru. The questions from the people filming this altercation can't be heard through a photo but they're funny, no doubt! This certainly isn't the most action-packed picture on the list today, but it belongs amongst the group nonetheless. What looks like two people wrestling each other against their car turns into a slight scuffle when cooler heads don't prevail. Who knows what these two are so pissed about? Whatever it was though, they decided to beat the tar out of each other in the McDonald's drive-thru. A seemingly poor place to handle their problem.

7 Man Pulls Out A Gun

I had no idea that Salt Lake City, Utah would be the kind of place that a person would pull out a gun after a dispute with an employee at the McDonald's drive-thru. That's some hard core gangster stuff right there! I also can't comprehend why a McDonald's employee would hit the side of a vehicle as it's pulling away, instigating a fight with the passengers in the small SUV? That kind of action is bound to piss off any unhappy customer no matter where you live. It almost makes you wonder if the window at a McDonald's drive-thru should be bulletproof? After viewing this photo, I wouldn't doubt if the McDonald's brass have contemplated bulletproof glass themselves.

6 Car Window Chaos

Man on fire, here's a video that showcases the less than bright side of human interactions at the McDonald's drive-thru. Have you ever seen someone rip a person out of a window by their hair? No? Well, you're about ready too! In this case, a 17-year-old girl goes orbital on an employee and does the unthinkable. Kailin Holland, a resident of the great state of Louisiana, rips a McDonald's employee, head first, out the drive-thru window! The victim basically flies out, crashing onto the ground. I guarantee you've never seen anything like this attack. That's probably why Kailin was arrested and booked on second-degree battery charges for the assault. In all honesty, she deserved that charge at the bare minimum.

5 I'm Coming In There

If you choose to find this YouTube video, you'll see two guys at each other's necks. Why the customer was so pissed off, I don't know. What I do know is that walking up to a drive-thru window to fight a McDonald's employee is probably not the best way to get what you want. Who knew, right? The McDonald's staff member in this shot does a good job of fighting off a psychopathic customer that tries to climb in his window. Believe it or not, the customer gets darn close to getting in the building. I've never seen anything like this fight, that's for sure. After eyeballing this photo, you will definitely wonder about the people around you at the late night drive-thru window.

4 A 3 a.m. Feud

Talk about drawing a crowd... the next photo on the list definitely did that. Have you ever pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru and seen all kinds of people scattered everywhere? In New Orleans, at 3 a.m. for that matter? Me neither and I hope I never do. New Orleans can be a gritty city so you gotta watch your step. It's my favorite city in the States, but it's not for the faint of heart as this video will show you. Naturally, there's tons of chatter between the feuding groups of unhappy McDonald's customers. The feud isn't with the employees this time around, though. The problem is between several people who clearly have too much time on their hands to twerk. Or maybe it's a severe case of the munchies?

3 Colorful Language Included

Down right hilarious is an accurate way of describing this next photo of a fight at a McDonald's drive-thru. Shown in this picture a woman screams into the drive-thru window of a restaurant while standing outside of her car. Is she super mad? Yes, she is super mad, and she's not afraid to communicate that message to the McDonald's staff. She most definitely chooses to use some colorful language as well. Here's a shot that sheds some light on just how ridiculous some people act when they don't get what they want, instantly. I'm surprised the angry woman doesn't burst into a ball of flames. She's mad enough too.

2 Shots Fired Over Bacon

The next stop on the list today is a Grand Rapids, Michigan McDonald's. A distraught 29-year-old woman decided that the second time she didn't receive her cheeseburger order correctly was awful enough to pull out her pistol and pop off a couple of rounds. That's one trigger happy woman if I do say so myself. She sounds absolutely insane, doesn't she? Well, that's because she is bonkers, my friends. Shaneka Torres made the wrong decision when she chose to go orbital on the McDonald's staff at the famous fast food chain. What could make a woman like Shaneka want to shoot up a McDonald's, anyway? Bacon...yes, a McDonald's bacon cheeseburger can, in fact, drive some people crazy.

1 Customer Gets His Ass Kicked!

I'm not sure I've ever seen a person get their ass kicked by a man leaning out of a freaking window. Well, not until I came across this video of a furious McDonald's customer attempting to take out his displeasure on the drive-thru employee. What makes this video epic in its own right, is the twist of fate that falls on the face of the angry customer. Did the McDonald's employee get fired over his fight with this dude? Who knows? If so, he could probably do wonders in a boxing ring. This McDonald's staff member completely dismantles the angry customer time and time again. Have you ever seen a person get their bell rung? You will once you hit 'Play'.

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