15 Weirdos Who Got Surgery To Look Like Celebs, Animals, And Aliens

The belief of loving who you are has long stopped working for some people. Cosmetic surgery has given hope to those who are convinced that changing their appearance will change the course of their lives. They start small – Botox, breast augmentation, liposuction. But as they are never satisfied with the results, they easily make the next step and take their obsession with surgery to another level. And we are not talking about the common double-eyelid surgeries (if you are done with being Asian), rhinoplasty and hyaluron lip fillers. What’s next on the agenda is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive, painful, and sometimes highly risky surgical procedures the aim of which is to make one look like a real sex doll, an alien, Kim Kardashian, or a certain animal… Certain individuals spend years and their whole life savings in a completely conscious attempt to change their appearance for good and, as they believe, for the best.

Here, we present you with examples of cosmetic surgery that has been taken to the extreme. Symmetry and beauty are having a really weird moment with these fifteen people.

15 The Jessica Rabbit Wannabe


She is a “corset wearing, fake breasted, cosplay and fetish model.” This line is taken from Penny Brown’s official Facebook profile. The 28-year-old started her corset training in 2012 in an effort to resemble the exaggerated hourglass body of Jessica Rabbit. Since then, she augmented her breast size from H to the shrieking size of… hold on!... O! “I’ve always had a small waist, big hips and large boobs, but I wanted to make that more extreme, more dramatic, more stunning and more wonderful," Brown once said in a press release. She first wore the corset for four straight months and would take it off only to shower. As a result, she lost 15 inches off her waist, but mostly because the corset was so tight that it required some radical dietary changes. Medical experts claim wearing corsets is very dangerous as it may lead to moving around internal organs, which is why women left this fashion item in the Victorian Era.

Currently, Penny Brown is thinking of having further breast enhancements until her boobs are “as big as possible.” And she goes on wearing corsets although not only her skin, but also her liver, spleen and kidneys are already severely bruised.

14 See Who The Cat Dragged In – The Cat Woman!


So far she has spent the mind-blowing sum of $4 million to change her face. But was it worth it?

The obsession of the 76-year-old New Yorker Jocelyne Wildenstein started in 1978 when she married Alec Wildenstein – an incredibly rich man and infamous cat lover. Out of fear that he was going to leave her, Jocelyne thought that the best way to keep her man interested in her was to look more like their pet lynx. Despite her efforts though, the couple split ten years later, after Jocelyne caught Alec in bed with a Russian model. After becoming a single woman, she didn’t have anything else to do but to focus on her plastic surgery transformations. Meanwhile, she had become obsessed with big cats and blending her two passions in one came somehow naturally. The rest, as they say, is history.

Once one of the wealthiest women in the States, Jocelyne now claims to be broke after her former husband’s family trust cut off her annual alimony. In an exclusive interview with the film-maker Daphne Barak, the Cat Woman complained she didn’t have money even for food. Let alone for more plastic surgery!

13 The Woman Who Wanted To Look Like Her Own Caricature


This story teaches us that no matter how advanced our civilization is there are still some individuals who take the gift of human intelligence for granted. Meet the 32-year-old Krystina Butel from Wakefield, UK, who has spent $173,000 on plastic surgery in order to look like a ridiculous caricature portrait she had when she was 16 while on holiday in Ibiza.“When I saw the caricature for the first time, I was jealous of it. She was everything I wanted to be. For me, it’s about getting closer to my dream. As my funds have grown bigger, I’ve spent more and more on cosmetic work. With every surgery, my appearance has got more exaggerated and I’ve gone for the caricature look fully," she said in an interview last year.

Krystina’s partner, who initially encouraged her to follow her dream, has now split from her, as she declared her desire to spend even more money on further operations.

12 The Male Kim Kardashian


Yes, judging by the picture on the right, this guy used to be a cute little boy. 20-something years later, he looks entirely like another person. Who is not necessarily male! In order to get his favorite reality star Kim Kardashian’s huge lips, slim nose and pointed chin, the makeup artist Jordan James Parke spent nearly $ 130,000 on surgery. His passion for body transformations might have been triggered by his unconditional love for Kim, but now it’s the whole family he fancies. His latest surgeries have been inspired by Kylie Jenner. Just a couple of months ago, Parke had a second nose job, a chin implant, and a jawline and neck liposuction. “I wanted my chin like Kylie’s, with a really defined jawline.” He chose a certain Polish clinic to get this three-in-one operation done, because if he had flown to the States instead, it would have cost him $15,000 instead of $3,000.

11 The Mexican Lawyer Who Transformed Into A Vampire


In 2015, an incredibly weird makeover transformation surfaced the world. Maria Jose Cristerna is a former lawyer from Guadalajara, Mexico, a mother of four, an artist, and a tattoo parlor owner (of course!), who currently holds the Guinness World Record for female with the most tattoos and body modifications. She is better known as the Mexican Vampire Woman and she has had around 50 tattoos, piercings and implants. If you're wondering, yes, those are titanium horns implanted in her skull and vampire-looking fangs into her gums. The reason why she started so drastically modifying her body, however, is quite serious. She made the first changes after summoning courage to leave her abusive husband. She is now a celebrated face of various campaigns against domestic violence, and is often invited to speak at public events on the topic. Despite her, mildly put, extraordinary looks, she claims to be still a “traditional woman who likes to look after her family.”

10 The French Girl Who Became A Real Life Doll For Adult Entertainment


She used to be a regular simple girl from a small town. But now, at the age of 30, Victoria Wilde from Cannes, France, looks nothing like herself from 15 years ago. She has spent $49,000 in order to look like a sex doll. Only real. We certainly can’t call this one a “Bimbo” – the girl is a university graduate with a business degree. For years, she had a decent office job in the fashion industry, but eventually decided to turn her back on her academic background and ambitions, because, you know, it’s much easier to earn big money when you are beautiful. You may think that her endeavors have been in vain because the way she looks now is far from the stereotypical beauty. But check this out – currently Victoria makes $130,000 a year working as a model and promo girl in Latvia, France and Italy. And she really doesn’t care about the burn-in-hell cursing she regularly gets from various religious groups.

9 She’s A Barbie Girl In A Barbie World, Life In Plastic Is Fantastic…


Breast augmentation, ribs removal, multiple facial surgeries, contact lenses… Shocking news came from the mouth of Valeria Lukyanova, known as the Human Barbie, when last year she announced she was done with plastic surgery…for now. Although the undeniable truth is that the Ukrainian model does look like a living Barbie doll, she refuses to admit she perceives herself like one. Instead, she prefers to be seen as a celebrated DJ and respected… spiritual leader.

Currently, Lukyanova still has the long blonde hair and the slim limbs, but her most recent photos reveal that she is now more into working out. She has packed, tanned abs and developed impressive biceps, and the girly waist and the doll-like porcelain skin seem to be already in the past. So, what should we start calling her now? The Ripped Gym Bunny?

8 The Human Ken Doll And His 190 Cosmetic Procedures


Since every Barbie must be accompanied by a Ken, here is one perfect match. This 36-year-old American guy attracted national attention for undergoing 190 cosmetic procedures in order to look like the Ken doll. “I want to be 100% plastic,” he once said in an interview. And we believe him. But not long ago Justin Jedlica, who, together with his husband owns businesses in the Chicago area, went under the knife again. This time he was not happy with his, as he calls them, ‘Julia Roberts veins’ on his forehead. Although it may sound pretty harmless, this procedure was the most dangerous one ever as he could have gone blind.

So far Jedlica has spent $220,000 on five rhinoplasties, a cranial brow bone lift, shoulder implants, augmentation of buttocks, cheeks, chin and lips. “As a very detail orientated person I always find something new to critique and fix,“ he says. And we believe him about this, too, because now he is planning to get more surgery, including abdominal and calf implants.

The Human Ken has 89.8K followers on Instagram.

7 The Guy Who Became A Pussycat


In the last twenty years of his life (he died in 2014, aged 54), Mark Dolan was better known as the Stalking Cat – a name given to him in his childhood by Grey Cloud – a medicine man of his tribe. Dolan’s personal totem was actually a tigress, and, more than once, he told of how he was willing not only to become a female tiger, but also to blur the gender boundaries.

The description of his body modifications can fill many pages. Some of them are: Septum relocation (flattening the nose), splitting the upper lip, filing and capping the teeth, surgical hairline modification, surgically shaping the ears (with the earlobes being elongated), extensive tattooing, facial subdermal implants, and – our absolute favorite – the guy was constantly wearing a robotic tail.

Stalking Cat was one of the most celebrated members of the furry community.

6 The Twins Who Had Identical Surgeries


“Our father is not proud of us at all,” complains Emma Koponen, who, together with her twin sister Sara, has spent $25,000 on surgeries which were attuned to match up with the other. Both girls are obsessed with plastic surgery, but since they are supposed to look alike, they always make sure they have the same things done.

They grew up in Sweden, but moved to Spain to work as ringside girls. This is what they recall from their teen years in the Scandinavian country, “There was this girl in our class who had big boobs and we fixated on her – we were so jealous.” So far, the Koponen sisters have undergone three breast enhancement surgeries, and have their lips “filled” on a regular basis. There are more surgical interventions planned in the future – butt implants, nose jobs and dental veneers. All identical, of course!

5 The Man Who Is Transforming Into A Genderless Alien


The 22-year-old makeup artist and part-time model Vinny Ohh from California has spent $50,000 so far on more than 110 various procedures to transform himself into an alien. He started at the age of 17 with lip fillers, and then continued with two rhinoplasties and multiple cheek and brow bone modifications. He also wears black contact lenses, fake talons, and dyes his hair unusual colors. But he won’t stop here. Vinny claims he is neither male nor female, so the next logical step for him is to have his genitalia removed, which, he thinks, will bring him closer to the desired image of a genderless extra-terrestrial. The operation which will deprive him not only of his privates, but also of his nipples and bellybutton will cost an additional $60,000. “I am not trying to change into a woman. I want to become a hybrid. I could live without sexual organs so why should I have a penis or vagina,“ says Vinny.

4 Another Ken Doll’s Dream Gone All Wrong


Justin Jedlica shouldn’t be jealous. This “Ken” was indeed much younger than him and was rapidly gaining the attention of the media and fans. But, compared on the financial scale, the 23-year-old Brazilian Human Ken Doll was far less potent than his renowned competitor. Celso Satebañes spent ONLY $39,000 on cosmetic procedures to turn himself into the living version of Barbie’s boyfriend. Unfortunately, in 2015 Celso died of leukemia.

Being a doll enthusiast, Celso grew up in his native Sao Paulo in a house with shelves full of dolls. His parents additionally fostered his obsession by constantly telling him he looked like a doll. He started his transformation at the age of 16, after winning a modelling contest.

This beautiful boy certainly had big plans for life, but sadly, God had His own for him.

3 The British Kim Who Doesn’t Want To Be Kim Anymore. Too Late!


Will this obsession with Kim Kardashian ever stop? Judging by the number of her lookalikes who pop up like mushrooms all over the place, the answer is still negative. But trying to look like someone famous has its downsides, too.

Claire Leeson from Essex, England wanted to be like Kim. Apparently. But now she regrets it, although she has spent a “modest” $23,000 on changing her appearance for this particular purpose – to look like the reality star. Ever since she had breast augmentation, butt pads and some minor facial “renovations”, she’s been working as a Kim lookalike aside from her regular job as a receptionist. But now, ten years after her first plastic surgery, Leeson deeply regrets the fact that she looks like Kim, as she is constantly ridiculed on social media for the resemblance. “I was so low and insecure at the time,” she says “that I felt I should take the publicity because it was there.” Leeson is miserable because no one takes her seriously anymore and her Instagram is dogged by trolls who insult her.

2 The French Woman Who Turned Plastic Surgery Into Performance Art


She was born in 1947 as Mireille Suzanne Francette Porte, but adopted the name ORLAN (always written in capital letters) in 1971. Now, this hugely renowned performance artist lives and works in LA, New York and Paris. She is probably most famous for using plastic surgery to challenge the beauty standards that society has set for women. ORLAN has done unbelievable things to her body in order to prove her point. For example, she reshaped her face to resemble the “giraffe” women in Zimbabwe. She believes that changing her body can be interpreted as a powerful work of art. One of the many operations she’s had through the years changed her chin to mimic the one of Botticelli’s Venus, and another one made her mouth look like the one of Francois Boucher’s Europe. The artist claims that she’s always used plastic surgery not to better her appearance or to look younger, but to challenge the whole concept of image and plastic surgery.

1 The Guy Who Lived And Literally Died For Justin Bieber


It’s official: the Bieber mania is dangerous, so you’d better not do that at home!

He was probably the best-known Justin Bieber lookalike so far. The aspiring song-writer Toby Sheldon from Los Angeles spent five years and $100,000 on numerous plastic surgeries, including chin reduction and eyelid modification, in an attempt to look like the pop singer. On an episode of My Strange Addiction, Sheldon shared that when Bieber became famous, he got so jealous of his good looks and his baby face that he instantly decided to have it himself.

In August 2015, the 35-year-old song-writer was found dead in a motel room in San Fernando Valley. The cause of death was overdose after mixing painkillers and prescription drugs. The reason for the alleged suicide, however, was never revealed.

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