15 Weirdest Threads Ever Found On Reddit

Reddit is one of the greatest inventions of the internet age, as people are able to congregate over shared interests and experiences. Oftentimes, people find communities on Reddit where they otherwise would have felt alone and isolated. Reddit does a lot of good for the people of the internet, from giving advice to posting leaked information about our favorite video games and sports teams. Without Reddit, you can be sure that over half of the YouTube videos you see would never have been made.

Reddit has many faces. There are trolls, bullies and nay-sayers, but there are also people willing to give their advice on any topic you propose. The trolls and bullies are actually much rarer than you might think, as admins are able to clean up abusive comments and topics before they cause any harm. There are also some pretty strange and obscure aspects of Reddit. From long, creepy stories to subreddits dedicated to the letter G, Reddit holds nearly all of the internet's oddity. These 15 posts and subreddits are some of the weirdest out there, but don't feel slighted if your favorite post misses the list. There are millions of topics posted every day, and there is not enough room to discuss all of the creepy/bizarre/strange stories in just one article.

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15 The Button

The Button was a kind of social experiment for Reddit users - a real social experiment not the "pranks in the hood" kind. The thread started on April Fools' Day in 2015, when a button with a timer was posted. Users who had created accounts before the button was created were allowed to push it, and once you pressed the button you couldn't press it again. For over a year, the clock never reached zero on the timer, and theories developed as to what the purpose of the button was, and if there was something behind the scenes that the public was missing. Reddit users spread the word of the button, urging people to press it and keep the timer moving. Sadly, after over 10 million presses, the clock reached zero in June of 2016. Nothing happened, as was expected, but the experiment was interesting. A simple button with a timer and no explanation was enough for 10 million people to be interested enough to press.


The GGGG subreddit is a strange one indeed. What do people discuss on this thread, you ask? Well, not much in all honesty. The thread was created in 2010 for the purpose of conversing in Morse code with one another. A mixture of upper and lower-case Gs would signify the user's message, and would only be understood by others who can understand Morse code. Very predictably, the thread was soon taken over by the general public, who either didn't know or didn't care what the previous Gs meant and morphed the thread into something completely different. It is now a place for discussing and posting insightful, clever, and mundane uses of the letter G. Memes, pictures and comments are still posted on this thread daily, and nearly seven years after the thread's creation, it is still active. You can still see daily posts of "ggggGGggGGGGGGgggg!!!!!!" or a photo of an elevator's ground floor button. It's not always the highest form of comedy, but those on the inside of the joke get it.

13 Slipping Through The Crack


For those who aren't familiar with the game Magic the Gathering, it's a card game that deals with beasts, heroes, spell casting and enchanted artifacts among other fantastical aspects. It's a fun game, but it gets the stigma of being played by typical nerds. This isn't an incorrect stereotype, as many of the people who take the game seriously are also interested in other stereotypical nerdy activities.

One Reddit user attended one of the biggest Magic the Gathering tournaments, and documented his experience in a hilarious fashion. He posted a series of pictures on a comedy subreddit, showing him posing next to the best of the exposed butt cracks. The post got a lot of attention, and the original poster was banned from Magic the Gathering tournaments. He appears to have been forgiven by the community, but his hilarious photo album is worth a million year ban.

12 Shower Thoughts

Everyone has shower thoughts - even if you don't have them in the shower. Shower thoughts is more of a name for any time you're alone and allowed to think deeply about something. A lot of strange and alternative thinking comes out of this Reddit thread. You won't find people telling you you're stupid or overthinking something either; that's what these posts are for. On this thread, you can have a genuine discussion about the fact that if animals could speak, cats would be the most likely to correct your grammar. Whatever is on your mind, if your friends aren't around to discuss it with, the Shower Thoughts Reddit thread is always listening and worth checking out. You can certainly find some weird stuff on there, but it will likely change the way you think about some things.

11 Testing


A 2009 post containing the phrase, "test post please ignore," may have become the perfect embodiment of Reddit. Of course, as anyone who has used Reddit might expect, no one ignored this test post, and instead continuously up-voted and commented on it. The post became one of the most popular posts in the history of Reddit, with over 21,000 up-votes. It's not clear whether the original poster was genuinely testing, or if he had some sort of plan to use reverse psychology to get his post to the top, but either way he succeeded in creating one of the most confusingly popular posts of all time. This post made one thing clear: the people of Reddit can't stand being told what to do. You're not my dad!

10 Toaster Rights

In this harsh political climate, with so much decisive rhetoric all over the place, it's good to know that there are like-minded individuals congregating over the suppression and under-representation of toaster rights. This subreddit is exactly what you think it would be: a series of threads surrounding the rights and lives of toasters. It's unclear how this subreddit started or what sparked this toaster activism, but thousands of people have joined the community and are continuously posting pictures, GIFs, videos and stories of toaster related incidents. The general sentiment on the subreddit is that toasters are abused every day, and that we should be able to toast our bread and respect the role of the toaster without abusing it. While it's all in good fun, there is a serious tone to these posts that resonates with the toaster-friendly audience of Reddit. If you see a toaster getting abused, stand up and say something.

First they came for the toasters, and I did not speak out - because I did not toast bread.

9 What's Your Secret?

What's your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out? That's what one Reddit user asked in 2012, and received thousands of responses that ranged from hilarious to disturbing. This post really shows the beauty of Reddit; where complete strangers can anonymously discuss their embarrassing truths and mistakes among others who have had comparable terrible secrets. Many of these posts have since been deleted, but most of the original confessions are still available, so if you're feeling down or discouraged with your life you can take a look at people who have had it a lot worse. Some of the top posts involve a man who lives in a bunker behind the house he recently sold, a boy who was raised as a girl by a disillusion mother, and a man who faked his death and moved to Kenya. They are interesting, heart-wrenching and detailed posts, and the community of Reddit was largely supportive when these people came forward with their secrets. The internet can be a tough place, but for many of the people posting on this thread it helped a little.

8 Resume Troubles

This 2014 post on the TIFU (Today, I F*cked Up) subreddit got a lot of attention for being a real face-palm moment. The user posted a series of pictures with the caption: "So I was happily sending away my resume online using various job seeking websites. Not getting much in the way of response, until I received this one yesterday." The pictures showed an email the user received from an HR rep at a company he applied for. The HR rep made reference to the fact that he would slide into the new position "with more ease than a phallus into a well prepared anus," and followed up by advising the Reddit poster to change his display picture. A closer look at this person's picture shows a Ewok meme with the words, "Prepare your anus." The fact that this individual sent his resume out to employers with such an aggressive Google+ picture is hilarious, and hundreds of users gathered to revel in this person's misery. I'm sure this person has a job now, and he learned a valuable lesson about employers' stances on fire memes.

7 Español

An ask Reddit post from 2010 brought the trolls of Reddit together for one epic troll job, that went down in the history of Reddit troll jobs. A user posted a thread about the fact that his Reddit is all in Spanish. He couldn't figure out the problem, as all of his settings were set to English and the only thing he couldn't read was Reddit. Of course, in one of the most predictable moves of all-time, the Reddit trolls jumped all over this post and commented various phrases in Spanish. The contents of the comments were usually benign, as they were just for the purpose of messing with this poor kid. The user eventually figured it out and was able to laugh at the thousands of Spanish comments he got, but this post remains as a testament to the power of a good troll.

6 Life Saving Mystery

A user on Reddit posted a thread about a mystery occurring in his apartment. The story detailed the man waking up and finding post-it notes in his apartment. The first one he ignored, but when these creepy notes kept appearing in places around the house, telling him to do things, he freaked out and set up a webcam. After another note was found, he checked the webcam and found nothing. His recycle bin had been emptied though, which he did not remember doing. The only clue was the handwriting, which he took to be his landlord's. He posted this story on Reddit, and the number one comment turned out to be the truth.

One insightful and cool-headed user theorized that the original author of this post was the one writing these notes to himself. He proposed that he didn't remember because of a possible carbon monoxide leak, that causes headaches and memory loss. The original author replied, saying he does get headaches, and plugged in his CO detector to see what happened. Sure enough, there was a CO leak in his apartment and he was being poisoned and forgetting his actions. It's a good thing he posted on Reddit, as this may have been his demise if he didn't.

5 Pregnant Man

One man made a comic about his funny experience, but it turned out to be a lot more serious than just a goof. The post was made on a popular comic subreddit, and it depicted a man finding a pregnancy test an ex girlfriend left and peeing on it. Turns out that, according to the test, the man was pregnant. That's kind of a funny situation, as it's known that pregnancy tests aren't 100% accurate, so I'm sure this guy just thought he'd make a meme out of it and go about his day. As it turns out, though, registering positive on a pregnancy test as a man indicated testicular cancer. The man got tested and treated, but without the help of Reddit he may not have been diagnosed until it was too late. The thread devolved into people discussing men's health, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just another example of how Reddit saves lives.

4 Potato?

In another installment of the TIFU subreddit, a man posted a story about how he tried to pull a little goof on her girlfriend's family at their first dinner. The man wanted to make a good impression, so he decided to do a bit for them. When he saw baked potatoes, he acted like he had never seen or heard of a potato before. The parents didn't really find it amusing, and started asking him about it, so he doubled-down and pretended he had no clue. The father didn't buy it, and the more he acted like he didn't know what a potato was the more the father thought he was being played with. The story ends when the writer is thrown out of his girlfriend's parents house, only to continue his act of not knowing what a potato is.

3 Escorts of Reddit

One user posted a very thought-provoking question to the prostitutes of Reddit, asking them to detail their first night on the job. Everyone has those awkward first day stories, and prostitutes are no different. There are certainly some horror stories in the comments, but there are also some funny and otherwise interesting encounters. Many of them have the tint of sadness, and most of the people posting were just simply girls who were short on cash. Some stories are even empowering, as one woman tells the story of her fetish work, and how many men confided an intimate part of themselves that they were never able to share with the outside world. It's some intriguing reading, as the stories transition from funny anecdotes to a chilling encounters.

2 Elaborate Prank

One woman posted her story on the relationship subreddit, detailing her recent experiences that have her questioning her own sanity. The woman tells the story of how she heard a co-worker narrate himself looking at the weather, but when she asked what he said, he looked confused. A similar thing happened on the floor of her work when she thought someone called her a "bitch," and at Walmart with a man stocking the shelves. She even claimed that her boyfriend told her that he was making salmon for dinner. She smelled salmon and heard him preparing salmon, but when he brought in the dish it was lasagna. When a shirt she had for years changed colors, she took to Reddit to ask if she was the victim of an elaborate hoax or if she was losing her mind. Reddit users advised that she see a doctor with someone she trusted, and an update to the post revealed that she had a brain tumor.

1 Dr. Ramsey

This post on the LNM (Let's Not Meet) subreddit is one of the most chilling stories I have ever read. It got a lot of traction at the time of the posting, and the people who run LNM verified it as much as they can. LNM is focused on true stories of creepy encounters, and boy does this one deliver.

I suggest you read the entire post, as some storytelling mechanics will be lost in this TLDR version, but the story starts when the writer was a young girl. She was approached by a man who called himself Dr. Ramsey, a local pediatrician. He was a bit creepy that day, but the user soon found that Dr. Ramsey was following her and calling the house. Her parents and brothers took notice, and it was later revealed that Dr. Ramsey was telling the writer's parents that he would r*pe and murder her and her sister. Multiple other disturbing encounters with this man ensue, and the family was terrorized for 18 months. The story ends abruptly, as one day, Dr. Ramsey just disappeared. There is a good amount of ambiguity here, but the story leads you to believe (as many of the commenters do) that the girl's father had a role in extinguishing Dr. Ramsey.

Sources: Reddit

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