15 Weirdest Things Ever Found By Fishermen

There are two types of people; those who love the ocean, and those who like to enjoy it from afar. No matter which type of person you are, however, I'm sure we can all agree that there is definitely something terrifying about the open water — as it can quickly turn on you. One moment, you can be sipping a pina colada on the deck of a boat and the next, you can find yourself stranded and out of liquor.

As most people already know, the ocean takes up 70 percent of the world's surface, and more than 90 percent of its depths are unexplored. This knowledge is quite unsettling, and can make a person think twice about dipping their toe into the ocean while on vacation. For the most part, people are comfortable with swimming near the shore or going on short boat rides, but there are some people, like fishermen, who spend most of their days out in the open water, throwing fishing nets into its deeps, and reeling them in to find out what the catch of the day is.

For the most part, fishermen are going to find tunas, salmons, trouts, sardines, etc., but every once in a while, they are going to come face-to-face with something they had no intention of seeing. The following are 15 real-life stories about fishermen who set out to sea only to discover the most disturbing of findings.

15 An Unknown Entity

No human has ever been able to reach the bottom of the ocean. In fact, we can only speculate on how deep its bottoms actually are, as most of our technologies are unable to reach such depths. However, the HMS Challenger was able to map 11km into what is believed to be the deepest point in the ocean; the Mariana Trench. But one doesn't need to go to those darkening lengths to encounter some extraordinarily bizarre sea-creatures, as they can also be found lurking near the ocean's surface. Roman Fedortsov, a fisherman who mainly works on a fishing trawler in the Northwest region of Russia, has taken to Twitter and Instagram to post some of his most terrifying underwater findings. Take for example, the strange and unsettling creature shown above, which appears to look more like an extra-terrestrial than it does a fish.

14 Mermaid Spears

For centuries, men and women have played with the thought of mermaids. Some to the point of actually believing that they are real — or claiming to have seen them with their own two eyes. However, many know that the sea can play tricks on people, especially when one spends weeks or months traveling by boat like fishermen and pirates did back in the day. While no concrete evidence has ever been found proving that mermaids do in fact exist, there have been some findings that bubbled doubt in even the most skeptical of minds. Fishermen from all over the world have reported finding strange spears inside deep-sea fish, some of which have been photographed and made public. Since these spears are not man-made, it is no wonder that many believe there to be mermaids living in unreachable areas of the ocean.

13 A 14-Foot Tiger Shark And A Human Arm

While this story may sound too strange to be true, it is factual, and it goes like this: When fishermen Bert Hobson and his son were out fishing, they hooked a small shark on their line. When they were trying to reel it back and onto their boat, however, a 14-foot tiger shark jumped up and ate the smaller shark — hooking itself in the process. Amazed by their catch, Hobson hauled the tiger shark all the way back to shore, and offered it as a present to his brother, who owned an aquarium in Sydney. Once placed in a large tank, the shark fell ill, and ended up vomiting up a bird, a rat, and a human arm. Everyone was shocked — to say the least — and forensic scientists soon responded to the call and took the severed arm in for examination. Thanks to a tattoo on the arm, it was later identified by a family member as the arm of James Smith — who had disappeared one week prior. Further investigation lead to the police uncovering a Sydney murder case, too cold to swallow.

12 A Fish With A Human Face

There are tales about sharks with human faces, mermaids, fish with human dentitions, and other strange-looking water creatures all around the world. One that has gained particular fame, however, is the story of the carp fish. The carp humanoid is a strange fish species that has similar features to humans. This rare breed has nearly the same eyes, nose, lips, and teeth as we do, which is why they have become such a phenomenon in South Korea.

A fishermen living in South Korea came across these carp fish years ago, and has taken pictures of them, some of which have gone viral throughout the Asian continent. This type of fish goes by many names; Koi carp, tangerine fish, humanoid carp, or the leather carp. However, only some of these fish have human-like features.

11 An Albino Cyclops Shark

While an entire species of cyclops has yet to be uncovered, there is a congenital condition called Cyclopia that has been known to affect several species here on Earth — humans included. However, it is still extremely rare for entities to be born with such a condition, which is why the discovery of an albino cyclops shark in Mexico sent ripples of shock throughout the world. In 2011, a fisherman by the name of Enrique Lucero Leon caught a dusky shark and hauled in his findings. Once the shark had died, Leon cut its belly open to start the cleaning-out process, only to find that the shark had been pregnant. Inside its belly were 10 shark embryos, one of which was an albino cyclops shark.

10 ... A Mermaid?

Back in 2013, a Japanese fishing boat set out their sails with the hopes of filling up their nets with hundreds of fish. Due to their many years of experience, the fishermen knew which depths of the ocean would be ripe with fish and decided to launch their fishing nets in these areas. A fishing net grew heavy and the fishermen came together to pull it out of the ocean and onto the deck. Once the net came out of the water, the fishermen were pleased to see that it was filled with hundreds of fish — that is, until they saw something else.

A human-like arm with webbed fingers jumped out of the net and swatted at the fishermen. Frightened, the men took a step back and watched as this mermaid-like hand tore the net and plunged back into the ocean — taking all of the fish down with it in the process.

9 A Humongous Eye Ball

Back in 2012, a strange discovery took place in Florida when a humongous eyeball was found floating near the beach of Pompano. This eye, which was found by a beachcomber, was quickly put on ice and handed over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission where it would later undergo further examination by marine biologists. When first asked about the eye's origin, Robert L. Pitman — a marine biologist — said, “It probably is a squid eye–other things with eyes that big (fish, cetaceans) have them imbedded in hard tissue. Squid eyes are in relatively soft tissue and more likely to dislodge as in the photo you sent. A quick DNA analysis could easily sort it out for you." However, this option was later ruled out when bones were found around the eye's tissues, leaving the eye's origin a mystery.

8 A Two-Headed Porpoise

Humans and animals alike have been known to be born with certain mutations — one of the most puzzling ones being disambiguation (siamese twins). For the longest time, it seemed that humans were one of the only species that could give birth to siamese twins, but every once in a while, mother nature reminds us that we're not that special. This was the case in June of 2017, when the first ever case of a two-headed porpoise was brought to the surface. Unfortunately, marine biologists did not get to examine this rare creature, as the Dutch fishermen who found it in his net threw it back into the Northern Sea — fearing that keeping it was illegal. According to him, however, the two-headed porpoise was already deceased, most likely from having been born with a birth defect and abandoned by its mother. Luckily, however, he snapped a few pictures of the two-headed cetaceans before surrendering it back to the sea.

7 A Fish With Glowing Green Eyes

When Scott Tanner and his crew left Nova Scotia's shores to pursue their 42-day fishing trip, they didn't expect to come face-to-face with a pair of glowing green eyes in the dark. However, this is exactly what happened. The crew spotted the strange fish from a distance, and decided to investigate. The fish was then captured by the crew when they hauled in their fishing net. They placed it on a conveyor belt and took ample pictures of it. Although many of these men had spent their lives out on fishing boats, they'd never seen another creature like it before. After returning the fish back into the ocean, Tanner returned home and instantly researched the mysterious fish, which was then identified as a knifenose chimaera. These types of fish are usually found along the ocean floor, and have glowing green eyes that make finding prey a lot easier.

6 Plesiosaur Or Basking Shark?

 The plesiosaur is an ancient sea creature that has been extinct for many centuries, but that didn't stop a Japanese fishing trawler crew from pulling out this creature from the ocean's depths back in April of 1977. At least, that's what they thought. While the story sprouted its share of controversy, the pictures taken of this creature were too clear to be debunked. The carcass had long been decaying in the oceans off the coast of New Zealand, but the water's coolness and sun-free environment managed to preserve its key features. It was later confirmed (though some still disagree) that the creature was actually a basking shark.

5 Someone's Skull

When Barry Hunter pulled his large fishing net out from the ocean, he saw that it was richly wiggling with fish, which caused him to smile, as he was a fisherman after all. However, his smile did not see him to the shore, as it was quickly wiped from his lips when he noticed that his fish were not alone inside the fishing net. Upon closer examination, Hunter found himself staring into the gaping holes of a human skull, but his obvious disdain did not cause him to throw it back into the depths of the ocean, it lead him to bring in the skull to the authorities for possible identification. Once the skull was properly examined, the police informed him that it matched the DNA of missing local Brian Allison — Hunter's old drinking buddy who had disappeared in 2004, when his commercial trawler sank to the bottom of the ocean. What are the chances?

4 An Alien-Fish

With so many different types of species inhabiting our oceans, it is a wonder that humans are still amazed by what they pull out from its depths. In this case, however, amazement is the furthest emotion that comes to surface, as horror and shock quickly take first place. It has often been said that there are some entities living in the ocean that could easily give aliens (or what we think aliens would look like) a run for their money, and the sea creature pictured above is one of them. This strange, toothy, and terrifying sea creature was found in the depths of Australia's oceans. After being further examined, it was said to be a strange variation of a deep-sea lizard fish.

3 A Body

The ocean is a mystery, but also a place where many coincidences take place, as all too often, fishermen end up pulling out human remains from their nets. With the ocean's size and depth being greater than all of Earth's territories combined, finding a human body in a fishermen's net is a lot like finding that pesky needle in a haystack. In early December of 2016, a fishing crew working off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, were disturbingly surprised when a human body found its way into their fishing net. The body was so mangled and swollen from its time spent underwater, that identifying its gender was an impossibility. The fishing crew immediately reported their findings to the US Coast Guards and waiting for the authorities to arrive to their location. It is suspected that the body belonged to a crew member who went missing in early November of that year.

2 A Ghost Ship

In 2016, two fishermen set out to sea and halted their boat when they noticed a strange ship drifting 50-something miles away from the shores of Surigao del Sur province, Philippines. Curious about the ship's disheveled appearance, the two men decided to board to ship and see if anyone was in distress. What they found, however, was the decaying body of a German adventurer named Fritz Bajorat — a man that had not been seen since late 2009.

The adventurer's corpse, which had been preserved by the ocean's salty air, dry winds, and hot temperatures, sat at his desk near a radio. It appears that Bajorat had written his wife (who he had separated with right before his last voyage) a chilling letter before his death. Unfortunately, she was never given the letter, as she passed away in 2010 from cancer.

1 The Body Of A Missing Man

When Dinh Nguyen and Tra Nguyen boarded their boat, Miss Jacinda, in April of 2016, they never could have fathomed that their trusty boat would soon capsize. Tra, who was the ship's captain, threw on a life-ring in an attempt to survive, but met his demise instead, as it was attached to the boat, causing the captain and his ship to sink in unison. Dinh, who survived, was later rescued by a passing ship. The search for Tra's body was unsuccessful.

Weeks later, a fishing boat sailed off from Ventura Harbor, Vietnam, in search for ridgeback prawns. Instead, their fishing net pulled up the bloated body of what the fishermen assumed to be a dead seal. However, once the carcass was lowered, they realized that it was a human body. Since most of the fishing crew had worked closely with Tra Nguyen for decades, they did not have any issues identifying his body.

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