15 Weirdest Fights To Ever Break Out In A Grocery Store

On a daily basis, fights break out everywhere in the world. In the United States many of these fights are recorded and posted on the Internet. People are usually interested in spectating and/or findin

When I was a young kid frequenting Costco in California, I loved walking around and checking out the different food sample stands.

5 Stealing Kid Against Mother


4 Brooklyn Central Market Fight – Hoverboard Rider

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Three people were arrested in a supermarket brawl involving a man’s nephew being told he was not allowed to ride a hoverboard in the store. This took place at the Central market in Williamsburg in June of this year. The man was with his daughter in her 20s also. The daughter stated that the two store managers pushed her to the ground and threw a peach at her face. The fight that ensued was the father yelling out racial threats and punching one of the store managers. In 2016, the "it" thing is now the hoverboard. Not a skateboard, scooter, or bicycle that was more common as a kid in the 80s, but a fancy, ridiculously high-priced board to ride that has caused numerous injuries to those that tried to ride one by throwing them to the ground way faster than intended, landing in a painful horizontal position. Should a hoverboard rider be allowed to enter a market on their hoverboard as long as they do not ride up and down the aisles on it?

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3 Mother Encourages Son To Help Her In Fight

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On June 9, 2015, this fight broke out at Walmart in Indiana between two women. They ended up rolling on the floor and swiping at each other while the customers in the store were filming the fight. One of the women was a mother who was with her son at the time, and she told her young son to punch the other woman in the face. He was seen grabbing shampoo and hairspray cans and throwing them at the other woman. Then he stomped on her head before the police were called. The police came and broke up the fight. It is unknown whether anyone was arrested or charged.


On June 22, 2016, this unusual fight occurred in St. Paul at the Snap Market on Rice Street in the North End neighborhood.

There were three girls that went in the store behind a group of women. The three girls were followed by a man that was urging them to fight while he was videotaping it. Their accusation for instigating the fight was an allegedly stolen phone. The women were punching each other and throwing various store items from the shelves at each other, which included objects such as an umbrella. The man was seen on tape bragging about the fight and looking proud. The suspects were identified and three arrests were made when the police arrived. One of the three girls caught was a juvenile, and the two others in the group were also pretty young. The video of the fight was posted on Facebook initially before it was removed, and then on YouTube. The rankings for views were very high after it was posted on Reddit. What an odd one, looking at the facts of how the fight was started makes me think that it could have been carefully planned ahead of time.

2 Fight over Last piece Of Chicken

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE fried chicken, but how far would you go to get it? On September 24, 2015, two men in a grocery store were fighting each other in the deli section of a Publix store over the last piece of fried chicken. One of the store employees tried to break up the fight after it had been going on for 26 seconds, but the employee did not succeed. The brawl took place in Tampa, Florida. I am as obsessed with consuming fried chicken as much as the next fried chicken lover, but common, pushing and shoving over the last one, albeit in public, appears to be a little exaggerated, and a downright shame. Don't you agree? I'm sure the customer could have tried another grocery store for some fried chicken...

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On June 15th of this year, in Marion County, MS, a woman was caught on tape and video surveillance at the Four Way Grocery store parking lot viciously running over a man, not just once but a few times with her car. Witnesses say that they got in a fight at the grocery store prior to the hit-and-run. When deputies arrived to the scene the man was still alive, but he did not end up surviving the accident. The berated, violent woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault at the time.

We don't have to elaborate on how sad of a story this one is...

A 24-year-old man started fighting with a woman who brought home groceries. When her 2-year-old son started crying, he punched him and the boy ended up flying across the wall and hitting his head. As if that was not already bad enough, he then told the toddler to get up and put up his fists like a boxer. The little boy was soon knocked unconscious to his death. He died of internal bleeding and severe liver damage after being rushed to the hospital. The man was held on $1 million bail. Most sites online are deeming the little son a hero for trying to intervene and protect his mom from being assaulted. He may have just saved her life.


Can you imagine how guilty the older woman must have felt after this incident? As a parent, would you press charges against the old woman?

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On May 6th, 2015, two men got in an altercation that took place in the evening in front of Foods Co. One of them was stabbed, and he ran inside the store desperate for help. Tragically, not only was he shot afterwards, but an employee that responded in an attempt to help the victim also lost his life in this tragedy. Foods Co was busy with many customers at the time of the shooting, but unfortunately, the crowded public eye did not discourage the shooter from taking again and firing. It is absolutely shocking and troublesome when you know that even in areas that have a high volume of traffic safety and security can still be easily jeopardized. You would never expect something like this to take place in this type of location, but we live in one crazy world...

1 Panic Over Goods During Hurricane Matthew

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This fight took place on October 7, 2016, in Orlando, FL as Hurricane Matthew was quickly approaching. Two women began punching each other, and then one of them pushed a cart into the other woman. The fight occurred over the last case of water left in the store in a panic over goods. Despite a few other customers trying to break up the fight, the two women continued to pull each other’s hair ruthlessly and even hit one another. After the cart was pushed into one of the women, she ended up in front of packages sitting on shelves, so she used those to hurl at the first woman. They finally stopped fighting after that whole scene. This one is just embarrassing. We really wonder who ended up with the last case of water in the end...


In 2013, on Black Friday, there were fights over several items at... can you guess which store? Yes, Walmart! Why is it that the vast majority of store fights reported seem to occur at Walmart stores throughout the nation? This fight was over a 23-inch television between two female customers. I guess a 23-inch screen looks much bigger when you are younger. Can we say this goes under “First world issues”? Almost every year Black Friday is the most common time in our country when selfish shoppers go overboard and grab at products, fight, and shove each other. They use any means necessary to end up with the last discounted item they have been wanting to get their hands on, whether it is an entertainment system, tablet, or other popular product. Sometimes they are even out to secure it for a family member such as a niece or nephew instead of for themselves, but that does not deter them from being ruthless about it. An image of the girls grabbing at the TV box can be seen online. It was also captured on video...

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On July 6, 2016, another Walmart fight was taped in Gates, New York (western New York). The seemingly most popular chain store to start trouble at, regardless of what location or state you reside in. The fight started out with two 17-year-olds that made fun of a 24-year-old woman about the dress she was wearing. Shockingly enough, other customers joined the fight until about a total of 30 people were fighting inside the grocery store. In the end, only four  people were arrested, the first of which was a 17-year-old girl who had picked up a can of food and hit a man in the head. She was charged with assault, and the remaining three customers were charged with disorderly conduct. This is the mother of all fights on the list- sounds like these New Yorkers were eager to join in the fight, thinking it was a free-for-all.

Have you ever been involved in a physical fight at the groceries or jumped at the opportunity to tape it? Have you ever witnessed a fight that made headlines? What would you do if you were held up in a store or had to make a crucial last-minute decision on your next move? These are some things we are forced to consider as we carry on in the not-so-friendly world today.

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15 Weirdest Fights To Ever Break Out In A Grocery Store