15 Weird Leaks About Alien Alliances With The Nazis

Over the years, ex-government officials have leaked some unusual things about world governments involving a complex interrelationship with extra-terrestrials. The trend began in the 1970s when Jesse M

Over the years, ex-government officials have leaked some unusual things about world governments involving a complex interrelationship with extra-terrestrials. The trend began in the 1970s when Jesse Marcel leaked his now famous allegations about the Roswell incident. It gained more traction in the 80s and 90s when more people, including Bob Lazar and Philip Corso, went public with claims about back-engineering UFO projects at Area 51.

Now, a few decades later, another series of leaks is deepening the mystery surrounding so-called black projects involving covert government headquarters and secret military projects. This time it involves the Nazis, who are now alleged to have been involved in a secret space program dating back to 1913. The source of the claims have already arisen before, but just this past year, a new source came forward to detail his experiences with US spy programs during World War II. The source, William Tompkins, alleges, among other things, that the Nazis were heavily involved with a species of ETs called the Reptilians, who were instrumental in making the Nazis a cutting military operation back in the early 1900s before WWII began. In addition to this and the now well-publicized Edward Snowden leak in 2014 about an alien link to the Nazi's submarine program, a former CIA agent has also stepped forward in past years to ratify similar sorts of secret programs going on behind the public’s back.

Whether you believe these claims are true is up to you. Here are some of the claims these ex-agents and other government insiders have put forward in recent years, a series of revelations that has helped forge a new bizarre conspiracy theory about the Nazis.

17 Nazis Have A Secret Underground Base In Antartica

Secret visits to Antarctica by the Nazis have already been documented by some historians. That they had a secret underground base there is another matter altogether. Really, it seems like an extreme way to develop secret weaponry without an opponent such as the Allies knowing, but it appears evident that the Nazis were at least exploring the option. In an interview this last spring, the 92-year-old Tompkins, however, said this is exactly what US spies discovered when they began their program on the Nazi SS and secret societies within the Nazi party. Tomkins, an aerospace engineer who says he received these secrets from the spies, stated in the interview that the Nazis began moving equipment and supplies to a clandestine Antarctica base as early as 1913. Some other reports state that the Nazis were in Antartica in 1938 or so, but Tompkins believes this move was far earlier.

16 Reptilians Helped Build The Bases In Antarctica

According to Tompkins, the Nazis built a vast array of underground tunnels with the assistance of the Reptilian ET species, whom Hitler and the Nazi party had encountered some time back. These caverns they created resided next to very old caverns that the Reptilians had already created beneath the ice in the years prior. Presumably, this was done to help the Nazis conduct a large program of some sort without being detected. If the special operation was done somewhere in Germany or other more populated areas of the world, it was likely that it would detected by US spies or other local residents. But is also believed that the bases were created to protect Hitler in the event that he was unsuccessful in Europe and had to retreat.

15 The Nazis Were Developing Anti-Gravity Saucers There

It is believed by some that flying saucers, or UFOs, are propelled through the air by the process of manipulating gravity, similar to when two magnets oppose each other in currents. Well, according to Tompkins, this isn’t just a sci-fi dream for speculative fiction or movies, but a reality, and he states that the Nazis were well into the concept long before many modern inventions. Tompkins apparently knows this because he was hired to work as an aerospace engineer in the government and that was one reason he was privy to all this information. He stated in a recent interview that the Nazis, back in the 1930s and maybe earlier, were working with the Reptilians to develop this technology on a mass scale, both in Germany and Antarctica. This certainly sounds like a good X-Files plot, and it probably is one already. Chris Carter certainly has taken a lot of stories like this and adapted them to screen.

14 They Were launching UFOs To The Moon And Other Planets

Long before there was a public astronaut mission to the Moon in 1969, Tompkins also claims that the Nazis were launching manned missions to the Moon, other planets, and even other star systems. This was all achieved with the help of the Reptilians, who loaned out some of their technology and helped the Nazis engineer some of it. This idea is not new and has also been reported by another secret space program whistleblower by the name of Corey Goode, who has also written about being given access to glass smart pads during his tenure in a government space program. The pad, which Goode said he had access to between 1987 and 2007, informed him that the Nazis had been running a secret space program out of Antarctica. Goode also alleges, like Tompkins, that the Nazi base in Antarctica was also adjacent to a Reptilian base in the nearby locale.

13 The US Stole Some Of These Secrets And Won The War

When Tompkins went on the Jeff Rense radio show recently, he was asked why the Germans didn’t win World War II if they had much more advanced technology than the Allies. Tompkins had an answer to this. He said that the US made arrangements to have many German scientists with knowledge of these secrets defect to the US. These scientists eventually came over to the US and worked in NASA and in the aerospace industry, harnessing many of the German secrets prior to and during World War II. But Tompkins also added that it was strange that the Nazis became privy to these UFO secrets and technology long before the US. Still the US, he said, didn’t have any downed UFO technology until the late 1940s after the Roswell crash.

12 The Reptilians Favored The Nazis

In different interviews with online media, Tompkins has stated that the Reptilians, being a more nefarious type of species, were partial to the Nazi agenda of conquest and extermination of certain unwanted segments of society. But the Reptilian agenda did not stop there, according to Tompkins. The species’ ultimate goal, he said, was to create a fleet of Nazi starships, similar to what was envisioned in Star Wars, that would ultimately be employed in taking over other star systems. He also added that the Reptilians were already implementing this type of program in numerous other planets across the universe and Milky Way. A lot of his co-workers in the Navy’s covert espionage program (UFO researchers have recently tracked down Tompkins' credentials and work documentation there) didn’t know what to do with this intel when they got it, Tompkins said. It just blew their minds.

11 The Nazi Intelligence Was Disseminated To US Engineers

The US espionage program that Tompkins said he worked for was called Solar Warden. Tompkins said he was hired by this program as an aerospace engineer to back-engineer the technology schemes received through spying and German scientists. After these craft schemes were discovered, Tompkins’ job shifted into working private sector corporations, including Lockheed and the Douglas Aircraft Company, to begin creating the submarines and aircraft the Germans had already devised. At one point in this process, Tompkins said he was tasked with drafting up a blueprint for a one-kilometer-long spaceship. After designing the anti-gravity ship, Tompkins sent the blueprints to contractors, who attempted to design, test, and analyze the advanced aircrafts.

10 The Nordic Aliens Helped The Allies

Between 1950 and 1963, Tompkins worked for Douglas Aircraft Company as a section chief. During that time, he also alleges working with two secretaries who were not human but a Nordic species of ET, who helped him along in the process of developing anti-gravity ship plans. Some UFO researchers believe that this story might be some indication that the US government was, at that time, beginning to work with a rival species to the Reptilians, the Nordics, in order to defeat the Germans eventually. While this claim might seem far-fetched, another worker at the company, Dr. Bob Wood, claims to have also been tasked with investigating UFO reports for the company during this same time period. Apparently, the two hadn’t met until Wood found out about Tompkins’ stories and claims in 2009.

9 The Germans Had Two UFO Development Programs

Another claim that Tompkins puts forward in his interviews and in his book, Selected by Extra-Terrestrials, is that the Germans had two UFO development programs. The first was a civilian-based program called the Vril Society that was fostered by a young psychic woman by the name of Maria Orsic, who claimed to have established contact with ETs coming from the Aldebaran system using telepathy. The saucer that was developed, he said, from this work was primarily a group of women psychics. The second program, Tompkins said, was the work of Nazi SS, which eventually shifted its entire UFO development program down to Antarctica to escape notice. Out of these two programs emerged the first manned missions to the Moon and Mars in the early to mid-1940s, according to Tompkins.

8 The Vril Possibly Had Advanced Spacecraft

In 2008, a Stanford grad and journalist named Linda Moulton Howe interviewed an anonymous CIA agent, who identified himself only as “Stein.” Stein reported that he had seen classified documents about the Vril German secret society during his stint as an agent. The documents were classified British intelligence and said that the Vril Society had engineered a new saucer craft that used an entirely new type of propulsion system, which was developed in the area of Peenemunde. The CIA agent went on to state, after being questioned by Howe, that the classified documents stated that the Vril were mediums who had contacted the aliens to obtain the knowledge of this technology, an anti-gravitational vehicle. A colleague of Stein’s working on the assignment with Stein told him the more he kept reading the classified documents, the more Stein would realize he knew nothing about what happened in World War II.

7 Hitler Was Obsessed With Underground Alien Theories

It has been said that Adolf Hitler became obsessed with forging a secret alliance with a secret race of subterranean aliens after reading a book by E. Bulwer Lytton called The Coming Race. According to some sources, Hitler believed that this underground race, talked about in eastern literature as well, would someday emerge and take over the planet by using its advanced technology. Hitler apparently believed the myth and was hoping the Reptilians, as they have become known, would ally with him in some sort of joint rulership of the planet. Apparently, Tompkins and others believe these beings may have responded to Hitler and decided to help him in his failed conquest of the planet. Interestingly, the novel concerns a group of beings below earth called the Vril-ya, which bears the same name as the Vril Society.

6 Foo Fighters Might Have Been German Spacecraft

While some believe that foo fighters, strange anomalous lights and objects in the sky, were some sort of UFO, there is a contingency of people who think they were actually German advanced vehicles that were pioneered during the Nazi secret UFO development program. Still others believe foo fighters were some sort of misperception by troops in World War II. We might conjecture that, since foo fighters caused minimal damage to airplanes and troops, they were designed as some sort of diversion for troops or as some sort of spy device. This scenario would be similar to today’s electromagnetic pulse technology weapons, or EMP, which are designed to cause electromagnetic disruptions around enemies.

5 The Germans Sent A Crew To Mars In 1945

After the Nazis were defeated in 1942, the German nationals moved their entire UFO back-engineering program down to Antarctica, according to Tompkins. They were able to do this through specially built submarines that were able to carry a large quantity of supplies and cargo. Through US naval operatives, Tompkins said he discovered that the space program carried on discreetly beneath ground in the remote caverns of Antarctica, where the program eventually launched the first manned mission to Mars in April of 1945. In total, there were 30 crew members that went on the mission, three of which were Japanese astronauts. The mission, however, failed, as the spacecraft crashed along the way, killing the entire crew onboard. If this is all true, then many of the historians will obviously have to rewrite the history books on space exploration.

4 German Advanced Aircraft Blaze Over DC In The 1950s

According to some sources, allegedly NASA insiders, the UFOs that haunted the skies over Washington DC in the early 1950s and which caused massive panic were German advanced aircraft, not ET vehicles. These aircraft came from the remnants of the Nazi SS party, which was still dwelling in the underground caverns in Antarctica by this time and all the while developing advanced UFO technology and aircraft. The sightings over DC peaked in July of 1952 when thousands of witnesses saw strange lights in the skies over the country’s capital. The sights, according to some, were orchestrated in order to force Washington into signing a treaty to protect the secret Nazi colony. Eisenhower allegedly relented eventually and signed the treaty, which enabled Nazi SS to infiltrate many US positions of power in high-tech corporations and politics.

3 Nazi UFOs May Have Attacked A Secret US Naval Mission

In 2006, a Russian documentary aired that detailed the existence of a top-secret US naval mission in 1947 whose mission was to explore Antarctica. The mission was called Operation Highjump and was comprised of 4700 military personnel, including an aircraft carrier. According to sources in the documentary, Highjump did not go well, and there were mysterious reports coming from crew later that a fleet of UFOs attacked the naval mission, destroying several naval ships and quite a few planes. The naval fleet also fired back at the UFOs, according to servicemen who said they worked on the board. Some UFO researchers believe the incident supports their claim that the Nazi SS had a secret base of UFOs there for some time after World War II ended.

2 Hitler Escaped To Another Secret Base In Columbia

In the 2008 interview with Linda Howe, Stein claimed that Adolf Hitler had a double during the war. This double was the one that died in 1945, not Hitler himself, according to the classified documents Stein saw. Stein also added that the classified documents he saw stated that Hitler escaped from Germany with Evan Braun to Norway after the war. From there, the pair went to a secret Nazi base in southern Colombia in South America. According to Stein, Braun apparently died during the journey, and Hitler, who had shaved his moustache off to mourn the event, appeared very sad when US spies saw him during the trip to the secret base. Stein also backed up the belief that there was maybe another secret Nazi base in Antarctica and that a secret US naval mission encountered an attack there that may have been either Germans or aliens. This could have been Operation Highjump.

1 The Vril Might Have Had Fossil-Fuel Free Propulsion In The 1920s

Some conspiracy theorists on the oil industry have believed for some time that the oil lobby and political leaders have been dragging their heels on already existing alternatives to fossil fuels for decades. They mention that many inventors have come up with eco-friendly solutions to the oil problem, but that corporations and government heads refuse to mass market them. Well, according to Stein, the Germans, namely the Vril, already had an advanced fossil-fuel free propulsion engine back in the 1930s. “Intelligence did not know exactly what the [Vril] propulsion system was,” said Stein in the 2008 interview. “But they knew the craft did not burn any fossil fuels.” The Vril craft were about 18 to 20 feet in diameter, Stein also reported, and some of the early versions of the craft existed as far back as the 1920s.


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15 Weird Leaks About Alien Alliances With The Nazis