15 Weird Facts About The Bogdanoff Brothers

The Bogdanoff twins, Igor and Grichka, are two very interesting and bizarre people. And they have a whole lot of controversy around them. And considering they are just two rich guys with doctorates in physics and mathematics, it is surprising just how much media attention these two get. Not to mention the incredible amount of internet attention they now have, thanks to rampant meme culture.

Of course they did, in a lot of ways, set themselves up for this sort of strange popularity that they have. Their physical transformation through plastic surgery alone put them out there as almost freak shows to the public. But still they seem to thrive in that spotlight. A couple of failed science shows might be part of the reason for their enjoyment of any media attention.

Then of course, beyond their horrid surgical work, they have become one of the scariest, and most ridiculous memes out there. To the point where some seriously consider the reality of some of the theories put forward in the meme. Did you know that the Rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs? Or that the brothers have ancient royal lineage? Or even that they will fund the first city on Mars and call it Bogdangrad? Or that they're in contact with aliens? At least one of these is true, so read on and find out!

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15 Before The Big Change

The two dashing men above are actually the Bogdanoff twins, believe it or not! They were surprisingly handsome back in the 80s, and early 90s. And they were incredibly popular. Having grown up in France, they found their way on to television for a couple of pretty superficial reasons. First off, they were handsome, and secondly they were twins. It was ultimately that easy for these two men to get into the spotlight. By the time they started to host their science shows in France, they had already begun working on publishing in several scientific publications. But they were by no means highly suited to host their shows in terms of credentials. At this point they were just science enthusiasts who looked good...and then it all fell apart not too long into the 90s.

14 Severe Surgery

It is incredibly clear that these two men went a little overboard with regards to their cosmetic surgery. They did, in fact, become addicted to cosmetic surgeries. And it is very easy to see that. Just why this is has never been totally sussed out though. There have been all sorts of rumours though. People have speculated that they have some sort of growth hormone disease. While others have just assumed that they were afraid of aging, and ultimately ruined their good looks long before age would have taken them away. Their chin and cheek enhancements are so overdone that they have essentially made themselves look like ventriloquist dummies. Many liken them to crazy cat people...which might be insulting to cats. Either way, the twins have become media sensations thanks to their strange addiction.

13 The Bog Pill

The "Bog Pill" is a very strange online conspiracy theory that originated on 4Chan, and then exploded on Reddit, and YouTube. It should be no surprise to anyone aware of 4Chan that this conspiracy theory is absolutely ridiculous. And it is of course meant as a joke. But the crazy part about the whole thing is that there are people now who truly believe much of the complete bull from this theory. People now believe that the Bogdanoff twins have a monopoly on DNA testing labs. There are those who think that the twins have created nanobots in order to create a collective consciousness; essentially ridding the world of free will. Surprisingly, no one thinks that these two are lizard aliens like the Bush family. They do however believe that the twins are in contact with aliens, and will be the first to populate Mars.

12 "Bogda Bogda Bogdanov"

Somehow, even at almost 70 years old, these two men have an incredible cult following. This is the opening ceremony of a music festival. And everyone in the crowd is singing along to a song that is mostly just singing the last name of the brothers. I'm sure about the remaining lyrics of the tune, but for some reason there is a constant gesture of eating something. Are they telling people to swallow the conspiracy that is the cult of Bogdanoff? That's almost certainly not the case. But considering just how difficult it is to find out anything about these two men, it is still strange to see a hoard of people chanting their names, while they do some awful dance number on stage. There is indeed some degree of mystery behind the twins. But in spite of that mystery, they have a massive following.

11 Married To Royalty!

Alright, so Igor Bogdanoff has six children. Now that's not really all that chilling. Especially since four of those children were born before he started going nuts on the surgery. But somehow Igor has managed to marry royalty and/or nobility...twice. After a fling with a comedian, Igor went on to marry the Countess Ludmilla d'Oultremont. Some time after that, he married Amélie de Bourbon de Parme, the daughter of a prince. And it has to be said that Amélie is one year younger than Igor's oldest child. That got to be an awkward family get together. There are all sorts of questions that arise with a relationship like that. But I think they all must ultimately end up revolving around the idea that Amélie must be some sort of gold digger. Perhaps her family's wealth had been depleted? Or she really did see the man beneath the plastic face.

10 The Bogdanoff Affair

Both Igor and Grichka have doctorates in physics, and mathematics respectively. However, there are many in the scientific community who think that they should not have been granted their titles at all. The content of both of their theses read like complete nonsense to those in the science community. Some believe that they purposely did this in order to point out the flaws of the peer review system in universities. But ultimately it seems that they truly thought that they hit on some great science...even though their papers clearly show they know nothing of the science they write about. The scary thing is that these men are said to have huge IQ scores, and many hold them up as pillars for scientific information. Their thoughts on quantum science have spread like wildfire.

9 Ancient Bloodlines

Ok, so the above photo is a little deceiving. The photo on the left is a likeness of an ancient pharaoh named Akenhaton. So far as anyone really knows, the Bogdanoff twins are not actually descendants of pharaohs. However, as it turns out, the two men are descended from royalty. Their grandmother was the Countess Bertha Kolowrat-Krakowská. That family of nobles has been recorded as early as the thirteenth century, and many of the theories about the brothers stem from this fact. Apparently this historical family has some sort of mystical powers. These have ended up with the twins, giving them psychic abilities, and unbelievable intelligence. Realistically this is all complete bull...or is it? Ultimately it depends on whether or not you've swallowed the Bog Pill or not.

8 One Of The Most Powerful Memes

Considering just how many memes there are out there in the world, it is absolutely crazy to think that the Bogdanoff twins have reached uber meme status. This is perhaps more of a chilling fact than the notion that the two men are in contact with aliens. Sure, Pepe is his own meme, and it's no shock that he is used to represent the twins. But there's something to be said of the fact that one can really only talk about these men by the use of memes. Especially since they themselves are memes. Almost every search that could be made about them online results in reference to the Bog Pill, and the conspiracies surrounding the two men. It is almost as if they exist solely in the form of memes. There is very little known of their actual lives...like they're not of this world.

7 Multilingual Masters

Both Igor and Grichka speak German, Russian, French, and English. Now that's not specifically chilling, or shocking, but the there are quite a number of stories revolving around just how they went about learning to speak these languages. Apparently they learned most of these languages simply through contact with others. Which is pretty incredible. But the biggest story is that they apparently learned French, fluently, within one week. Does that seem pretty unbelievable? Well apparently their IQs, are over 200 respectively, so perhaps it stands to reason that it's possible. Though it's far more realistic that these two are not anywhere near that intelligent. And just happened to be born in France...so it makes sense that they would speak French. But that depends on what you're willing to swallow.

6 Aliens And Angels

So this really does depend on how much you're willing to believe about these twins. The religious, or the alien abductees in the world may be more interested in this than those at least semi-intellectual readers out there. Either way, it has come out that apparently the twins have the ability to communicate with aliens. This is almost certainly not true, but they are working on a process by which they will be able to do so (if aliens are out there to pay attention). But there is something even more far fetched, but still believed by many. "Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them." These two men are rumoured to be those angels...who apparently have regular conversations with the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

5 Seventy Years And Counting?

You might not be inclined to believe it at first, but these two brothers are nearly seventy years old! Not that you'll ever really notice much with regards to aging between these two. At least not from their faces. Almost everything about their faces will hide age for about as long as the plastic that makes up over half of them. So perhaps these two men did beat age to a certain degree. But there was one hell of an exchange in the process. Permanently smiling, and looking like they've been sculpted from some sort of putty...surely it's not the way they intended everything to turn out. Or perhaps they are just the right sort of eccentric celebrities that they drink up every bit of attention they can get. Including doing everything they can to make themselves noticed. And they are noticed.

4 They Love To Be Fly Boys

This of course plays into some sort of conspiracy theory. Both Igor and Grichka are actually pilots. And they have flown almost anything that can be. Jets, planes, helicopters, gliders, and they even claim to have flown a driving vehicle that can transform. Yup. Apparently in under two minutes, this car can transform into a flying machine. And it is apparently now on sale in the Czech Republic. What's interesting about that is that there has yet to be a car that can transform into a plane (though there is one in the works in the U.S.). So it makes one wonder just how much of what these guys say is true. Or are they privy to certain projects that only their royal blood and old money can get them? They are apparently looking to plan an expedition to Mars, with plans to populate, and bankroll the first cities there.

3 Acromegaly

"Acromegaly is a hormonal disorder that develops when your pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone during adulthood." Basically what will happen is bone size will change in certain parts of the body. One of the areas is the face. So what many theorize is that the Bogdanoff twins actually did not have an addiction specifically for having continual plastic surgery. The thought is that the brothers actually might have Acromegaly, and have tried to make the best of a bad situation by altering the affects of the disease. Which would actually humanize Igor and Grichka a whole lot more. It would make them seem far less obsessed with their celebrity status, and far more concerned on hiding some sad, and awful truth about them. And that's not even a conspiracy theory. It's actually a plausible, human horror.

2 Temps X And Bogus Science 

Igor and Grichka have both hosted several science education, and science fiction television shows in France. But I have to say that it's a good damn thing that Bill Nye is a more famous educator. Considering the crazy ideas that both Bogdanoff brothers promote. Aside from the constant push of quantum computing, and harping on about physics that they know seemingly know nothing about...their scientific ideas go a little bit beyond the bizarre. And that has nothing to do with their plastic surgeries. It has everything to do with their incredible notions that they have predicted all sorts of scientific discoveries. As well as their current predictions of alien visitation and communication. Not to mention prediction of a collective conscious, made possible by the quantum computers that they seem to be really invested in.

1 Growing Up In The Countess' Castle

There is a part of the great conspiracy that is the Bogdanoff brothers that has some crazy notion of these two men owning castles all over the world. While this is a bit bogus, they did indeed grow up living in the castle of their countess grandmother. And they had all of the pampering one could well imagine from being raised in a castle. They had servants to make their lives lavish. They had old money to have all the things they wished. And they had libraries where they were first inspired by astronomy and physics. Unfortunately much of what they read seem to slip past their minds a little bit. And that has carried on through from childhood to senior living. But all the same, that adds a lot more understanding about the aloof, and off beat manner of these two semi-intellectual, physically frightening men.

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