15 Weird AF Cars Only Walmart People Drive

Let’s just say the cars are just as entertaining as the Walmartians themselves.

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside...

We can’t get enough of Walmartians – their outrageous outfits, hairstyles, fights, and antics are a constant source of amusement and still, we find ourselves wanting more. But there is one area we seem to be forgetting – their rides! I mean they don’t all walk to the Walmart, do they? (Do they?!) No, they are driving there and their vehicles... well let’s just say they are just as entertaining as the people themselves. Just strolling through the parking lot is like stepping into a whole new world.

We’ve looked around and found a selection of photos which showcase only the very best that Walmart has to offer. From the hilarious modifications and decorations to the downright strange, these cars have it all. After checking out the cars in our Walmart Car Show selection we’re positive that you’ll feel much better about your current ride – no matter what sort of condition it’s currently in. Because however bad it is we’re sure it can’t compare to these rides.

Feeling brave? Then take a walk with us as we explore these crazy gems and maybe we’ll spot a few Walmartians along the way too!

15 Bumper Cars

So you’re involved in a bumper bashing accident. It happens. People get distracted and before you know it you’re stuck with a damaged car. We’ve all been there.

Now most of us would get upset. We’ll leap out of our cars and confront the driver that hit us and demand their insurance information. But after a few minutes, we’ll calm down and start making plans to repair the car and get on with our lives.

Unless you’re this guy, that is. Instead of forking out for a new bumper he made this own plan and added a large log to the back of his car. We’re not sure how aesthetically pleasing this is but it will certainly be bad news for the next person who drives into the back of him.

14 Wrong Turn Lookalike

Imagine you have just finished doing your grocery shopping. You breeze out into the parking lot with your trolley and there, parked next to your car is...this.

If you’ve watched too many hillbilly horror stories like Wrong Turn (like I have) the next few minutes are going to be pretty harrowing.

Taxidermy and cars are not usually hobbies that intercept but this guy doesn’t seem to think so. Perhaps he ran out of space at home for all his prizes? We don’t know and we are certainly not about to start asking probing questions. We’re just going to let him pimp his ride however he wants. He won’t lose his car in a parking lot that’s for sure and not many people would have the guts to try and steal this thing!

13 Spy Car

You know how new cars come out with those cool built-in cameras that help you park? Yeah, this isn’t one of them. Although this guy obviously has security in mind – why else would he add two cameras at the back end of his car? Or could these actually be scanning other license plates in the parking lot? Or maybe they are for watching people coming out of the Walmart? I guess we’ll never know for sure.

This doesn’t look very practical either, does it? How are you going to open the trunk with these things in the way and what exactly was he hoping to achieve with this modification? Rather leave the spy additions to James Bond and Q – they know what they’re doing!

12 Watch Out For Flying Parts!

Go on, laugh, have a good old belly chuckle – someone is getting ready for the zombie apocalypse and when it hits you’ll be wishing this was your car! Okay, maybe not.

It looks 100% ready to survive any apocalyptic situation, though, doesn’t it? Yes, the paint job is lacking a certain something (paint is our guess) and you’d probably need a booster shot if you accidentally brushed up against it, but how many cars have a bomb cylinder in the place of the bumper? That’s got to count for something. They’ve even got started with securing the windows, well kind of. What sealed the deal for us was the friendly “watch out for flying parts” message on the back! Now, what more could you possibly ask for in a car?

11 Just Horsing Around

You know you’re in Amish country when... there’s a horse and cart in the Walmart parking lot!

This is certainly one of the most interesting “vehicles” we’ve come across so far and we are impressed by how neatly it has been “parked”. Although there does seem to be a leak of some kind and we’re not sure how happy the next person who uses that space is going to be. But when it comes to going green you can’t do much better than this and as long as the horse is secure we really can’t see the problem. Perhaps this Walmart should be doing more to cater to its Amish clients – would a water trough and a bale of hay be too much to ask for?

10 We Can’t Look Away

Before you say anything about this extremely colorful car (and its multi-hued driver) let’s take a moment to try and break down what is happening here. Because a lot is happening, that’s for sure.

We believe the car was once red, but apparently, the owner felt it needed a little extra something so he’s added hundreds of stickers and buttons to the exterior. The roof is home to an exotic maze of oriental style ornaments and what looks suspiciously like a hookah or two. How he sees out the windows or cleans his car are mysteries that only the driver knows the answer to.

Of course, he wasn’t about to be outdone by his car – his eye-catching rainbow tie-dye outfit is enough to make your eyes water!

9 On Location

Now if you were on the run from the law (or even just feeling a little guilty about some of your recent activities) this is probably the last thing you’d want to see when you pulled up to do your shopping. A parking lot full of military vehicles – oh boy! Maybe you should come back on a different day.

Conspiracy theorists love stuff like this because, of course no one knows for sure why these vehicles would congregate like this and the government is definitely not going to say. The reason is more than likely for a training exercise, but that doesn’t stop the paranoid from coming up with a host of weird alternative explanations. Maybe they just love Walmart and the strange people it seems to attract as much as the rest of us!

8 The Heat Is On

So you’ve just finished work and you're on the your home when you decide to stop for a few essentials. You leave your car in the parking lot (obviously) and proceed inside. If you don’t become too distracted by the unusually dressed people and antics inside you’ll probably return to your car a few minutes later. Now, what would you do if you found this?

Finding your car on fire in the parking lot is bad. Much worse than losing your keys or not being able to remember where you parked. At least the fire department is there to help but then once they have extinguished the blaze you’ll still have to explain how it happened. Don’t worry too much – I’m sure they’ve heard it all before!

7 It’s For Sale

Now I know you’re probably not looking to buy a car when you head down to your local Walmart, but this one doesn’t seem all that bad – if you don’t mind that redneck feel in a car. We’re all for modifications, but something about this lift job seems to be a little off wouldn’t you say? But if you want to attract attention (and we’re not saying it’s going to be the good kind) then maybe you should give this guy a call.

The paint work obviously needs its fair share of attention, but the good news is that the current camouflage paint job will help you blend into the background. To be honest, we’re not sure if it’s meant to look like that or whether it just spent one too many nights in a really rough neighborhood.

6 Dino Duty

Now look, I love dinosaurs as much as the next person, but this driver seems to have a problem. As if driving a bright purple van wasn’t conspicuous enough, they decided to add their own brand of decoration. Most people would be happy with a few flame decals or a touch of chrome to help pimp their ride, but why go to all that trouble when you can just cover your car in plastic dinosaurs instead?

To be fair, it does look as though they put some thought into this; placing the bigger ones on top and then spreading the smaller ones down and to the sides. And it doesn’t look like it’s complete yet either, so they are probably still adding more! Just one question – how on earth are you going to wash that van?

5 Station Wagon of Shame

Oh, savage burn – this had to hurt.

It’s obvious that this guy had children – the station wagon is a dead giveaway. But the extra window space certainly came in useful when his wife decided to publicly shame him by scrawling this message. Whoever she is, I would not want to mess with her – she seems like the type of woman who’ll make your life a misery. Maybe a clue here about why he messed around...

I wonder if she painted this angry message onto the car when she spotted it outside another woman's house? And how long he had to drive it like that before he got a chance to clean it up? You can just imagine the sorts of looks he was getting!

4 Pranks for Boys

We can’t confirm that this car was in a Walmart parking lot, but if you have a little time and extra money this would be an awesome prank to play on one of your friends. As you can see this car is all ready for its first skydiving experience – not sure what the owner is going to say about that, though!

Most men love practical jokes and the meaner a joke is the better. Now picture a friend of yours who is really obsessed with his car. You know the type – he spends more on the car than he does on anything else (including his girlfriend). Can you just imagine the look on his face when he walks into the parking lot and finds his car ready for skydiving? Priceless.

3 Furry Fun

Now think about this. This fur covered truck didn’t just happen by accident. No, someone, somewhere spent a good deal of their time and hard-earned money to make this transformation possible. Of course, why anyone would do that is just a mystery. Maybe they watched Dumb and Dumber one too many times and became inspired, we don’t know. Fur on the inside of a car is bad enough, but this...this is just wrong.

Another thing to think about here (although you may not want to think about it for too long) is what does this car smell like when it rains? In my mind, the smell of a big wet dog comes to mind – not exactly pleasant! But if you want some fur covered love for your truck I guess no-one is going to stop you.

2 Riding High

Something strange happens to your eyes if you look at this picture too long, doesn’t it? No, it’s not two cars on top of each other – that is one poor little car that has been thrust into a life it doesn’t quite understand. Again, we’re all for lifting or otherwise modifying cars if that’s your thing but come on. Be realistic with your expectations. You can boost a little car like that as far as you want (and this looks like its pretty much gone all the way) but it’s never going to look serious. This car looks like it belongs to a circus clown who has decided to turn his tiny ride into something out of Fast and Furious. It's not working dude.

1 Meanwhile At Walmart

What would a list like this be without a few redneck modifications? The key to this type of vehicle body modifications is just keeping it simple.

So you’ve spent a huge wad of cash dropping your car's suspension. Now your tires don’t fit properly anymore. Okay. Your options are a) Go to a professional (this would have been a good place to start the project), or b) Make them fit. This driver went with the second one.

If you’re thinking of trying this for yourself (please don’t) all you’ll need is a little ingenuity, a hammer, and a grinder. There is no way on earth that this could be safe, but at least you’ll look cool with your dropped suspension. For now anyway.


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15 Weird AF Cars Only Walmart People Drive