15You Feel A Rush Of Cold Air

Who cares if British physicist Brian Cox said: “the existence of ghosts contravene[s] the second law of thermodynamics” (The Guardian, 2011). You’ve just felt a cold breeze travel past your face and there’s no logical cause; there are no windows or doors open and it’s a windless day in July…

in Texas! So, unless someone can come up with a more plausible explanation soon you are likely to have come into contact with a spirit.

Scientists get frustrated with ghost lovers. The lads and lassies in the lab put all of their efforts into pooh-poohing the idea of ghosts but they forget that science is not an exact, err, science, nor can it be blindly applied to everything we know. When we learn that a ghost is similar to a free-flowing gas we understand why it needs energy from the surrounding atmosphere to build its form. And if this free-flowing gas is moving you will feel a cold breeze. Case closed.

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