15 Urban Legends That Actually Happened

If you’ve ever been on CreepyPasta, you know there are some crazy tales out there. What if I told you some of those were real? Sure, there are paranormal ones that not many believe and cannot be proven. There are cults that will forever remain hidden and incognito. But sometimes, good wins and catches the urban legends red-handed. Other times, there are innocent truths behind the scary frights. And sometimes, we still don’t know everything, or anything, there is to know about these once-thought-urban-legend truths.

Think about the scariest urban legend that you’ve ever heard. Now imagine whatever it is, it affects you this very night. Maybe while you sleep, maybe when you get up to use the restroom. Maybe, you’ll never even know it happened until you wake up the next morning…or you don’t wake up. You know, something like that chain letter, “if you don't repost to 10 peeps within 5 minutes, Larry the clown will be standing next 2 your bed at 3:00 a.m. with a knife in his hand..." or “there’s a man upstairs, who keeps calling the babysitter. The man has been in the house for weeks, hiding in the attic, ready to kidnap the kids and attack the pretty young babysitter.” One of these is true (more or less)…guess which one.

If you have any urban legends that you found out to be true, let me know, I’d love to hear them! But until then, let me tell you fifteen urban legends that I found out were true! You’ll have likely feared them, or at least known someone who was afraid that one of these would happen to them!


15 When Bae Makes You Dinner (But It's Not What It Seems)

No, the urban legend isn’t “bae making you dinner,” you know that’s not going to happen. The real legend is…well, just listen. In 2014, a man named Ryan Watenpaugh told his ex-girlfriend he wanted to reconcile and was going to make her dinner. He was sorry for abusing her and wanted to make it up to her. She ate the dinner, it was good, and she left. She assumed it was beef or pork or something in her food.

But after he left, she started looking for her Pomeranian. She couldn’t find him. While she was looking for the pup, she got a text from her ex that asked how her dog tasted, followed by very offensive and abusive lines. For proof, he left a paper bag full of paws at her doorstep. Yes…he did go to prison. This really happened! Can you believe it?

14 Giving New Meaning To Pork For Dinner


This twist of roles story is another one about pets and their owners. You see, children of pig farmers actually believe that they will be eaten by pigs. Silly? Maybe not.

In 2012, Terry Vance Garner, at 69 went to feed the pigs one morning as usual. Only this time, he never returned. The proof that the hogs ate him? All that was found were his dentures and a few recognizable pieces of his body. He had never had problems with them before, so it is believed he had a heart attack and went down. From there, they thought he was just their breakfast.

Keep in mind that these hogs were up to 700lbs. That is a big monster when you’re lying on the ground, helpless.

13 Snake The Drain

Have you ever had a fear of a snake crawling up the drain and biting you where the sun don't shine while you’re doing your business? Well, this actually happens. Not a little either, it happens quite frequently. The biggest story happened recently in a Texas home when a little boy woke up to use the restroom and found one. Imagine how frightened he must have been to see a snake in the toilet early in the morning?

The family called a snake remover (yes, that’s a thing) and he had a feeling there were more after removing the first! In total, he removed 23 Diamondback rattlesnakes from their home. Now let this be a lesson to you. Don’t use the toilet without checking for snakes first. Of course, they could just sneak up after you sit down.

12 Don’t Look Under Your Bed


What would you do if you received a text in the middle of the night that said, "I'm watching you" or something just as creepy?

This happened to a 16-year-old girl, who not only received that text, but profane texts as well. Some threatening, some inappropriate. First, he said he was outside her window. Then he said he was under her bed. She eventually scurried out of her room and got in bed with her mother. They lay awake all night until the next morning, she went to her room and noticed that there were shoeboxes out of place. She peeked under the bed (don’t ask why) and saw a boy she knew: Kyle Ravenscroft, a teen who had been harassing her. He was suspended for two years and the girl put a restraining order on him.

11 Organ Trail Of Blood

Have you ever heard of surgeons or people with knives cutting out your organs and selling them to the highest bidder?

This didn’t just happen, it is still happening. About 10% of all transplants are done with illegal organs. Most surgeons are unaware the organs they are using were stolen. A few years ago, one event was publicized however. A group of people were offered drinks for free…little did they know the drinks were drugged. As soon as they passed out, they were taken to a man’s basement. When they awoke, it was all over. There was one less organ in their body than they had before.

Another event happened when 24 Pakistani people were trapped in a building where they were forced to wait to have their organs removed or face the consequences. Thankfully, the Pakistani police saved them.

10 Hotel Of No Return


Back in 2003 a man checked into the Capri Motel in Kansas City, Missouri. Before long, he noticed a bad smell in the room. He told the hotel staff, but they said there was nothing they could do about it. It took three nights of this for him to finally just give up and leave.

The next morning, the cleaning crew went in to clean. It turned out the smell was worse than they thought. It didn’t take long for them to find the culprit: a decomposing body under the mattress. It had been there for days, possibly weeks. No one ever found out how it got there, but you can be assured that the hotel wasn’t as busy as before after news spread, neither was the man who slept inches away from that body for three days straight.

9 Brain-Eating Worms

This story starts off with a headache. You wake up. You have a headache. You take Tylenol and ignore it. But what if it’s not a normal headache? It could be Cysticercosis, also known as tapeworm infection.

We know that this can happen under the skin or in the muscles or even our eyes. But not many know about neurocysticercosis, when the infection hits the brain and the nervous system. Imagine a creepy crawly making its way inside your brain like it’s a fresh apple.

This isn’t an extinct disease. An outbreak happened in Hawaii in 2017. They were so deadly that doctors said it was, “as having a slow-moving bullet go through your brain.” Symptoms include lesions, seizures, meningitis, temporary facial paralysis, vomiting, and more. Yay!


8 Claustrophobic?


Have you ever heard of taphophobia? It’s known as the fear of being buried alive. It’s actually one of the most common secret fears in the world.

The first documented case happened in the 14th century when Alice Blunden of Basingstoke tried to make her way out of her grave. She was found with bloody hands and a dirty body. She made the escape, thankfully, but not without reliving the nightmare every day of her life. There is at least one confirmed occurrence of this happening each year. Though, most cases are on purpose and most…are still unknown and are simply seen as normal deaths, or missing people.

You hear it in movies, people drugging others and hiding them six feet under. I bet you never knew it was such a common occurrence.

7 I Reek of Toxicity

You’ve seen villains in superhero movies with toxic fumes or toxic blood. But did you know how realistic that is?

In 1994, a 31-year-old woman named Gloria Ramirez died from cervical cancer. The end. Sad? Just wait. Everything was going well after her death for the staff until the nurses drew blood from her for testing as she was dying. It looked odd to them and smelled even more odd.

The staff ignored it because they were rushing around the woman to try to keep her alive. But they were no help when they started dropping like flies. Some would feel nauseous, some would get dizzy. Others would pass out, have seizures, or become paralyzed. In total, 23 staff members became ill. One nurse and one doctor who were deeply affected, were held in ICU for two weeks.

The nurse had apnea, hepatitis, pancreatitis, and necrosis of the bone marrow which crippled her legs for months and required multiple surgeries. But how? What was in that blood? No one knows.

6 Charlie No-Face


Have you ever heard of Charlie No-Face? Surely you have if you grew up in Western Pennsylvania.

His real name was Raymond Robinson, born in 1910. Up until he was nine years old, he lived a normal life. But one night, he and his friends decided to play with an electrical line. His friends were unharmed, but he had 22,000 volts electrocute him. The doctors said he wouldn’t make it, and he would almost wish that he didn’t. He ended up without any eyes, a nose, or a right arm.

Funny enough, he grew up as a leatherworker who didn’t leave the house... except at night, as he was afraid he would scare people. Only a few knew him by name. Others called him the "Green Man," and of course, “Charlie No-Face.”

5 Dead In The Water

This one happened in Los Angeles's Cecil Hotel when a Canadian tourist Elisa Lam went missing. They searched and searched and couldn’t find her.

Guests of the hotel started complaining when the water turned black and it tasted funny. Still, they drank it, took showers, and brushed their teeth. When the staff started putting them off, they started posting reviews on Yelp. Of course, this made them hurry to find out what was wrong to stop the bad reviews. When they searched, they found a dead body in the water tank. You can bet the reviews only got worse after that.

People were appalled that they actually drank water that was tainted by a corpse. Who wouldn’t be? Imagine if you brushed your teeth and showered with dead body fluids?!

4 The Six Million Dollar Man


The Six Million Dollar Man was a popular series from the 1970s. While filming it on December 8, 1976, the production crew were filming an episode called "Carnival of Spies." They had what they thought was a wax mannequin hanging from the gallows. No one knew it was real until someone accidentally pulled its arm off and saw dead flesh.

The Los Angeles coroner's office found out that it was Elmer McCurdy, a man who was shot earlier in the century. He had been petrified, covered in wax and layered with phosphorus paint. No one believed the story to be anything more than a prank until it was aired on TV and was displayed in a museum for a while. That is, until distant relatives could finally put him to rest in the way he would have wanted.

3 Faking My Own Suicide

It can be scary when someone mistakes a suicide victim for a Halloween prop. This has happened before. But what’s even scarier is when the victim…wasn’t TRYING to commit suicide.

This happened to a seventeen-year-old, Brian Jewell. He was part of a Halloween display where he was playing a man who would hang from the gallows. It was meant to be a cool magic trick where he magically lived after being hung. But ironically, and sadly, it didn’t work out like that. The noose was a bit tighter than expected. Over 40 people watched him struggle to get out of the noose but they all thought it was part of the act. The grand finale didn’t result in the end of the trick, but rather, the end of the poor young magician’s life.

2 Trapped In An Oven


Have you ever been afraid of being trapped in an oven? It’s a common tale, “I heard about this guy that got stuck in his oven and was burned alive!”

That guy had a name, it was Alan Catterall. When he was 54, he was burned alive inside the oven that was used to form kayaks in a factory. He went inside for a repair when a man who was engaged to his daughter, Mark Francis, turned the machine on, not knowing anyone was inside.

Alan tried to open the door with a crowbar but the safety locks would not allow it. He was severely burned and died from the shock. This is one of the many tales of people being trapped in ovens. And one of the only ones about a family member being a culprit.

1 The Chicago Tylenol Murders

What about this one? A man patrols Wal-Mart and pharmacies, replacing harmless over-the-counter meds with poison.

This was known as the Chicago Tylenol Murders that circulated in 1982. This was a series of murders that were caused by people taking “Tylenol” or what was actually potassium cyanide. The first round killed seven people, but many more followed.

No one was ever convicted of the crime however, and you know…35 years isn’t that long. He could still be out there. The worst part is, murderers liked the idea so much, they recreated it on several occasions, from Sudafed to Excedrin to Aspirin. It seems it is now a trend, rather than one murderer. But still, we all know one man started it all back in 1982.

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