15 Unsettling Photos That’ll Give Anyone Nightmares

Scary as they may be, they’re still fascinating to look at.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and depending on the picture itself, it can be worth thousands more. Pictures can tell some of the greatest stories of the past. There are pictures that leave you breathless because of beauty and originality or something just plain amazing that happened. On the other hand, some photos can shock you with sadness and haunting images can make you just a little bit uneasy.

In the day and age we live in, we live our lives through photos, and we’re constantly taking them. Whether it’s to keep memories alive or document them on social media, we always have a camera with us. Sometimes, we capture some of the most haunting and unsettling photos that make most people uncomfortable when looking at them. Whether it’s a photo showing the horrors of the past, destruction via Mother Nature, someone’s final moments, or even the aftermath of death, these photos can capture some of the creepiest and scariest feelings in just one second. Scary as they may be, they’re still fascinating to look at. These are 15 unsettling photos that’ll give anyone a mini heart attack.

15 Gas Masks At Chernobyl

via Flickr

Chernobyl was the infamous nuclear accident that took place in a power plant in Ukraine in 1986. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated to escape the radiation in the air, leaving behind a literal ghost town. It’s scary to see everything that was left behind today. You can tell that there was mass hysteria when it happened because it’s a literal ghost town. Normal everyday places were abandoned, leaving a creepy eerie feel behind. This photo shows a shop in Pripyat, a town that once held over 50,000 people. Littered all over the floor are protective gas masks, as if people rushed in to buy them before evacuating the city. It’s honestly something you’d see in a horror movie and really makes our skin crawl. We’d run away really fast.

14 Testing A Bulletproof Vest


This image is from 1923 and shows the Protective Garment Corporation of New York testing out a bulletproof vest. The company had recently developed a lightweight bulletproof vest. Seen here, they were both testing the vest and demonstrating just how bulletproof it actually was. What better way than to do it on an actual living, breathing human, right? This photo is especially unnerving because if something had gone wrong, this person could die or be seriously hurt. It’s amazing to see how far technology has come when you look at this photo. These days, we obviously have the tools to be able to test bulletproof vests and other lifesaving devices in other ways that won’t potentially hurt a human. The man in the photo is very brave and very trusting of the man firing the gun and also potentially really stupid. We’re happy he survived!

13 Old Halloween Costumes


Looking at this picture, it’s obvious that Halloween costumes have come a really long way, and boy do we mean it. These costumes from the early 20th century certainly do their job for Halloween, as they’re absolutely terrifying and could definitely give us some nightmares. Imagine opening your door to see trick-or-treaters dressed like that. We’d definitely throw them some pieces of candy and slam the door in their faces. No, thank you. Sure, we have scary costumes today, but we know that it’s makeup and other special effects that look really real. These costumes, on the other hand, look straight up murderous and out of a horror movie. We’d rather see a hundred Elsa and Annas from Frozen running around and ringing our doorbells dozens of times than whatever the heck these creatures are.

12 Terrifying Easter Bunny Pictures


Just like Halloween costumes, it seems like Easter Bunny costumes have come a long way too. This photo shows kids sitting with some seriously creepy Easter Bunnies. We definitely wouldn’t want one of those bunnies leaving us baskets and eggs in our houses. They’re more like murderous bunnies rather than cute little Peter Cottontale. We want to know who let these costumes even pass to be suitable for children because they will definitely leave us with some serious nightmares. We really aren’t sure what the excuse is for these godawful costumes. Some of them don’t even resemble rabbits. Whether it’s the lack of materials, inspiration, or Google, there really isn’t any excuse to make the Easter Bunny look like he’s going to murder every kid he’s going to meet.

11 Seedless Avocados


It seems as if over the past few years the world has become obsessed with avocados. They’re good for every meal, delicious on the side, and in the main course. With the deliciousness, however, comes a few hindrances. Besides the fact that they’re at their prime eating time for what feels like a second before going bad, they have a huge pit in the middle that isn’t that easy to get out. Many people have even gotten hurt trying to get it out. Some think the easiest way is to use a knife but end up slipping and stabbing themselves. That’s why the seedless avocado was developed. And, well, even though it’s not the most unsettling thing on this list, it’s still a little creepy. It’s definitely not the avocado we’ve come to know and love. Everything is off, and the lack of a pit is kind of unnerving. Honestly, we’ll still stick to normal avocados and take our chances stabbing ourselves.

10 Abandoned Six Flags Park In New Orleans


Nothing good ever happens in any place that’s abandoned. We’ve learned that from many horror movies. This picture shows an abandoned amusement park, and it’s not from a horror movie; this is real life. The park is located in New Orleans, and it’s one of many Six Flags amusement parks across the country. Unfortunately for this one, it was in the path of Hurricane Katrina. In August of 2005, the park closed due to the impending storm and never reopened afterward. It was located in a low-lying area, and once the storm surge came in, everything was underwater. The drainage pumps that were in the park failed during the storm and resulted in some heavy damage to almost all of the rides and attractions. The park was submerged for weeks, and because of this, the park was closed indefinitely. The park is heavily guarded to keep trespassers out but that doesn’t stop people from trying to sneak in and see everything for themselves. We’ll pass on visiting, though. Like we said, we’ve learned from horror movies to stay far, far away from abandoned places.

9 Boardwalk Destroyed By Hurricane


Yet another place destroyed by a powerful storm, Casino Pier, located in Seaside Heights New Jersey, fell victim to Hurricane Sandy. The storm pounded the east coast during October of 2012 and heavily damaged New Jersey and New York. The damage and impact from the storm was so severe that it caused a huge section of Casino Pier to collapse. The part of the pier that collapsed held many rides, including the famous Star Jet roller coaster, sending them into the Atlantic Ocean. While surveying the damage once the storm was over, the roller coaster could be seen sitting in the ocean, an iconic scene from the devastation from the storm. The picture is eerie and kind of gives off an end-of-the world apocalypse type of vibe. It was a scary and heart-wrenching scene to see what Mother Nature could do in just a blink of an eye.

8 Baby Cages


Back in the day, baby cages were super popular. The cage went outside of a window in the house that allowed a small child to crawl out and sit in the cage outside the window. This picture shows a baby in one of the cages hanging outside of the window. If that doesn’t get your blood pressure rising, we don’t know what will. First of all, that cage doesn’t look safe at all. Besides, why would you willingly put your child in a cage that’s hanging out of a window? That’s just asking for an accident. Apparently, these cages were good for a child’s health. The fresh air was supposed to purify blood, help them grow, and toughen up their immune systems to fight off illnesses. Honestly, it seems like there has to be a better way to make your baby healthy instead of hanging them out of a window, but that’s just us.

7 The Costa Concordia Wreckage

via The Globe and Mail

A scene out of a modern-day Titanic, the Costa Concordia struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea off of Isola Del Giglio’s shore in Italy. Upon hitting the rock, it caused a huge gaping hole to form in the hull. As a result, the ship began to take on water and it drifted until it was grounded extremely close to shore. Half of the ship was under water and was definitely a terrifying sight to see. Even as this was going on, there was no issue for an evacuation. Because of this, 32 people died. The photo shows the ship listing on its side in the shallow water and is quite a sight to see. Just like a modern-day version of the Titanic, it’s scary to think that people were on board having fun, and in the blink of an eye, everyone’s world was turned upside down. This could’ve been prevented, due to the captain’s poor decisions. The ship spent weeks in the water before it was removed, causing it to look like a ghost ship. We’ll pass on the next voyage, thanks!

6 Meeting Of The Mickey Mouse Club


We all know of the famous Mickey Mouse Club television show that brought us some of our favorite stars such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. Not many people know that there was a Mickey Mouse Club before the hit TV show. The Club was theater-based and the first one began on January 4, 1920 in Ocean Park, California. They quickly grew in popularity and began to establish clubs in cities all around the world. The photo shows a picture of one of the meetings of the club, and honestly, that looks like something straight out of a horror movie. All of these people with masks on staring right at you makes it look more like a cult rather than a friendly meeting. Thankfully, by 1935, Disney began to phase all of the clubs out.

5 Human Bones In The Catacombs


The Catacombs are located in Paris, France. These are underground ossuaries for an immense amount of people, kind of like a mass grave. Ossuaries are used to bury human bones when there really isn’t any space to be buried properly. The Catacombs hold the remains of more than six million people in the underground tunnel network. The Catacombs were created because of the overflowing cemeteries in the 1700’s. In the 19th century, the ossuary was renovated to allow the public to go in and walk through it. Starting in 1874, anyone was able to walk through the tunnels that held the remains. This picture shows a section of the tunnel where the human bones are arranged in a more organized manner. To be honest, to walk through the tunnel might be kind of cool. It still doesn’t change the fact that there are bones of over six million people there. Talk about getting the creeps!

4 A Girl Stuck In Debris


This haunting image was taken in 1985 after the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Armero, Tolima, Colombia. It was a huge eruption, and debris from the volcano mixed with ice to form lahars, or mudslides, landslides, and debris flows that were formed due to a volcanic eruption. These lahars flowed into villages, killing almost 23,000 people and destroying over 13 villages. This young girl, Omayra Sanchez, was pinned beneath debris of her house, and she was trapped there for three days without anyone able to get her out after many attempts. Knowing that she wasn’t able to get out, her agonizing story was documented as rescue workers turned to making her last hours as comfortable as possible, as they knew there was nothing else they could do to save her. This image was taken a few hours before her death, showing the pain and suffering in her eyes. It’s absolutely haunting, knowing that she is literally dying in this photo. The photo went viral, and she was remembered for her efforts and painful final hours.

3 Jonestown


The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, also known as Jonestown, is known for the most famous mass suicide. Jonestown was a settlement established in Guyana under the leadership of Reverend Jim Jones. On November 18, 1978, a total of 918 people died from cyanide poisoning. The poisoning was intentional, as it was a mass suicide. Jones called the act a “revolutionary suicide,” which was what convinced members of the cult to follow through with the act. It was a huge controversy to even call it a suicide, as the people who were a part of the act were coerced by Jones, and especially because 304 of the victims were minors. Before September 11, 2001, The Jonestown incident was the largest single loss of American civilian life in a deliberate act. This picture shows the aftermath of the mass suicide and really puts into perspective just how many lives were lost.

2 Post-Mortem Photography

In the 19th and 20th centuries, post-mortem photography was a huge practice in American and European cultures. This process, also known as memorial portraiture or a mourning portrait, is the when the recently deceased are photographed. It was a common practice among grieving families and allowed them to have one final memory of the deceased. Before photography was invented, it was also common to have post-mortem portraits painted as a final memory instead. Today, it’s obviously really not as common as it used to be and actually quite unconventional. Looking at this photo, makes us a little uneasy. Could you imagine having to set up and post (facial expressions and all) a recently-deceased person to take photos? Seems a bit strange. We’re really happy that now we have other ways to celebrate the deceased and that this trend won’t make its way back anytime soon.

1 A Gas Chamber In Auschwitz


We all know what happened during the Holocaust and how it was one of the scariest and darkest times our world has faced. So many victims were tortured and died painful deaths for no reason at all. One of these awful ways to die was a gas chamber. They were used starting in 1939 to euthanize physically and intellectually disabled people in a quick and easy way. Although they used more than one kind of gas to poison their victims, the Nazis primarily used carbon monoxide and later Zyklon B, which is a hydrogen cyanide-based fumigant. This picture is taken from the inside of a gas chamber of Auschwitz. Knowing what went on inside these gas chambers is eerie enough, but to see one firsthand and up close is another. It is speculated that the marks on the walls are from the victims trying to escape, but it has caused much debate. Either way, it definitely gives us the creeps even thinking about it.

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15 Unsettling Photos That’ll Give Anyone Nightmares