15 Unfortunate Families Who've Been Victims Of Creepy Curses

Most of us go through phases or moments in our lives where we feel extremely unlucky. Unfortunate things keep happening to us and sometimes we wonder if we might be cursed. But thankfully, most of the time our misfortunes don’t last.

However, there are people and families who can’t escape their bad luck. They are extremely unlucky and misfortunes plague them non-stop. How can you explain this bad luck? Some blame their misfortunes on a curse.

In most cases, family curses go back generations. Usually, an evil ancestor commits an awful crime and the victim of the crime casts a curse on the perpetrator. What is strange is that sometimes the curse does not come into effect until generations later. But once the curse has started to claim its victims, it is hard to stop it.

There are countless families in the world that are said to be cursed. Most of these families are well-known. In a lot of cases, these families are also rich. For some reason, it seems that with riches comes back luck.

Of course, the most famous family curse has to be the Kennedy family curse. But there are many other prominent families that also appear to be cursed. There just seems no other explanation for their misfortunes.

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15 The Kennedy Family

The Kennedy curse is probably the best known family curse in the world. As the name suggests, the Kennedy curse describes a series of misfortunes that befell the Kennedy family.

These misfortunes include Rosemary Kennedy’s lobotomy which resulted in her being unable to walk or talk, Joseph P. Kennedy’s (Jr.) death in a plane explosion, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Ted Kennedy’s plane crash which left him severely injured, Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination and David A. Kennedy’s death from drug overdose, among many others.

There are a couple of theories that try to explain the origin of the curse. One theory says that Joseph Kennedy Sr. offended a Jewish rabbi and as a result the latter put a curse on him. Another theory proposes that Kennedy was selling weapons to Nazi Germany. A Jewish town supposedly found out about this and the whole town prayed that bad luck befall the Kennedy clan.

14 The Grimaldi Family

The Grimaldi family has also been very unlucky. The reason behind their bad luck? A family curse, of course. It is said that in the 13th century Prince Rainer I kidnapped and raped a beautiful young woman. The latter then turned into a witch and cursed the Grimaldi family forever.

However, even though the Grimaldi family was supposedly cursed in the 13th century, their bad luck did not start until 1982 when Princess Grace (pictured above) was involved in a car accident and died from her injuries. Princess Grace’s daughter, Princess Stephanie, was blamed for the car accident – it is said that she was driving the car at the time of the accident. Practically all of Princess Stephanie’s romances were a failure, as was her career.

Princess Stephanie’s older sister, Princess Caroline, was also unlucky in love. When Princess Stephanie’s and Princess Caroline’s father – Prince Rainer – died, it came to light that he left less than 1% of his riches to his daughters due to their poor choices in partners.

13 The Nepalese Royal Family

It is said that more than 200 years ago Nepal’s first king Prithvi Narayan Shah met a yogi named Gorakhnath. The king gave Gorakhnath some curd and the latter ate it and vomited it all out. Gorakhnath then offered the vomit to the king. Naturally, the repulsed king refused the offer. This angered Gorakhnath and he announced that the king’s family reign would end after the tenth generation.

Gorakhnath’s prediction came true – in 2001 the Nepalese Prince Dipendra (ninth generation) killed his father, mother, and seven other members of the family before shooting himself. It is said that the massacre was the result of his family’s refusal to accept Prince Dipendra’s bride. Prince Dipendra went into a three day coma. During his coma he was made king but he passed away and his uncle Gyanendra (tenth generation) became king instead. However, in 2008 Nepal became a democratic republic.

12 The Rockefeller Family

The Rockefeller family is America’s most famous dynasty. John D. Rockefeller (pictured above) was the founder of the Standard Oil Company in 1870. It is him we must thank for bringing affordable lighting to America. But google the Rockefeller name and you will find forums titled “Rockefeller Family Most Evil Americans In History”. And comments that say – “A billion billion curses on Rockefeller”.

It seems like the family has indeed been cursed. In 1951, Rockefeller’s great niece Winifred killed herself and her two children. In 1961, Michael Rockefeller died in New Guinea after his boat capsized. His body was never found and it is believed that he was eaten by cannibals.

Michael’s father, Nelson Rockefeller, suddenly died at home in 1969. His brother, John Rockefeller III, was killed in a car accident a year before that. The great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, Richard Rockefeller, died in 2014 in a plane crash.

11 The Lee Family

The untimely deaths of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon have caused many people to put forward theories that could explain the deaths. Some theorize that Bruce Lee and his son were killed by the Chinese Mafia or the Kung Fu masters. Others say that Bruce Lee and Brandon died because of the family curse.

Those that believe in the latter theory say that the curse was brought on by Bruce’s father, Lee Hoi Chuen. According to this story, one day Lee Hoi Chuen angered Chinese merchants who then put a curse on the male members of the family. After Lee Hoi Chuen’s and his wife’s firstborn son died they decided to be very careful. Thus, at home they called Bruce Lee by the name of Sai Fon (a girl’s name). Obviously, that did not stop the curse.

10 The Coburg-Kohary Family

It is said that in early 19th century Europe a Hungarian monk cast a terrible curse on the Coburg-Kohary family. The monk was named Brother Emericus and the curse he cast was this – “Then verily shall I pray to the Lord Almighty to visit the sins of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of the Kohary-Coburg line”.

You might wonder: why did Brother Emericus cast the curse? Well, apparently he was left out from his inheritance after his relative Antoinette Kohary married Prince Ferdinand Coburg. Antoinette’s father liked the newlyweds so much that he asked the Emperor to give Antoinette the status of a man so that she could inherit the whole fortune.

Many members of the Coburg-Kohary family died from diseases such as haemophilia and typhoid while many others found it difficult to produce heirs.

9 The Von Erich Family

The Von Erich family has been nicknamed “the Kennedys of the wrestling world”. The head of the family, Fritz Von Erich, was a legendary wrestler who held over 40 titles. However, while his career was booming, his personal life was extremely unlucky.

In 1959, Erich’s seven-year-old son was accidentally electrocuted in a puddle of wet snow. In 1978, Erich’s son David lost his newborn daughter Natosha only a few hours after she was born.

In 1984, David died while touring Japan. A year later, in 1985, Erich’s other son, Mike, was in Israel when he suffered from a fever. He was brought to the hospital and it turned out that his brain had been damaged. He became depressed and dependent on drugs.

In 1991, Erich’s youngest son Chris committed suicide. Two years later, in 1993, Erich’s son Kerry, also committed suicide. Finally, in 1997, Fritz Von Erich died from cancer.

8 The Brando Family

Few know that the Brando family was also seemingly cursed. In 1972, the son of Marlon Brando was kidnapped by his mother, Anna Kashfi. Kashfi had promised a group of hippies $10,000 to hide away her son, Christian.

However, Kashfi later refused to pay the hippies and they hid Christian away from both her and Brando. Luckily, Brando hired private detectives who found Christian in a hippie tent, suffering from pneumonia. Kashfi was arrested and Brando was given full custody.

In 1988, Brando lost his other son, Dylan; he was only 26 years old. In 1990, Christian shot his half-sister’s boyfriend after she told Christian that her boyfriend was being violent toward her. Christian spent five years in prison. Christian’s half sister, Cheyenne, tried to commit suicide twice during his trial. She lost custody of her son and eventually killed herself.

7 The Guinness Family

The well-known Guinness family is also said to have been plagued by a family curse. While Arthur Guinness (pictured above), the founder of the famous Guinness brewery, was a successful businessman, his personal life was not as fortunate. Arthur had 21 children but saw 10 of them die.

Many of Arthur’s grandchildren became alcoholics or ended up in mental institutions. Others became extremely poor despite their wealthy upbringing. The curse seemed to intensify during World War II – one Guinness family member was killed by Jewish terrorists while another died in battle only a few weeks before the war ended.

After the war, many Guinness family members committed suicides, were involved in car crashes or overdosed on drugs. However, one of the most tragic incidents had to be the suicide of Lady Henrietta Guinness – in 1978 she jumped off a bridge in Italy. She just couldn’t go on living without the love of her life, Michael Beeby, who had died in a car crash.

6 The Hapsburg Family

The Hapsburg family was at one point the most influential and outstanding royal house of Europe. And, just like most other powerful families, the Hapsburgs could not avoid the family curse. It is said that the Hapsburg family curse was brought on to the family after the family’s ancestors killed all the ravens that lived in their castle.Shortly after, supernatural ravens known as “Turnfalken” began to appear when Hapsburg family members were dying.

But the Hapsburg family was victim of not one, but two curses! It is said that Countess Karolyi cursed Francis Joseph Hapsburg after her son’s life was taken away because he was one of the rebels who revolted against the Hapsburgs.

Francis Joseph’s life was indeed unlucky – while he survived an assassination attempt his wife was less lucky. In addition, his son committed suicide. Other members of the family were also unlucky – they were killed, badly injured or went mad.

5 The Vanderbilt Family

At one point the Vanderbilt family was the richest family in America. Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt came from nothing. In fact, at the start of his career he had to borrow $100 from his mother. By the time Commodore died, he was worth $100 million.

Commodore’s children and grandchildren didn’t have Commodore’s business mind and ended up squandering all his riches. It was rags to riches back to rags again. Take Anderson Cooper, for example. He is the great-great-great-grandson of Commodore yet he inherited nothing. He started his career from scratch, selling his news stories to small agencies and working hard to get to where he is now.

4 The Getty Family

Another family that is said to be cursed is the Getty family. Jean Paul Getty (pictured above), the founder of the Getty Oil Company, made his first million when he was just 24 years old. By the time he was 65 years old he was named the richest living American by Fortune magazine.

Large-scale misfortunes started in the early 1960s when Getty’s son, J. Paul Jr. left his wife and children to be with a Dutch actress Talitha Pol. Five years later, Pol died of a drug overdose.

In 1973, Getty’s grandson, J. Paul III, was kidnapped in Rome. The kidnappers wanted $16 million. Getty refused to pay, saying – “I have 14 grandchildren. If I pay one penny now, I’ll have 14 kidnapped grandchildren”.

The kidnappers then cut off J. Paul III’s ear and sent it to an Italian newspaper. Getty softened slightly - he loaned his son $3 million, which was to be paid directly to the kidnappers. Of course, the son had to pay 4% on the loan!

Later in life J. Paul III suffered a drug-induced stroke. He was left blind and paraplegic. In 1999, J. Paul’s son Gordon was publicly exposed and shamed for having two families in two different cities.

3 The Wodeyars Family

In 1610, King Tirumalaraja of Srirangapatna fell ill and went to Talakad with his first wife where he was going to pray at the Vaidyanatha temple. King Tirumalaraja left his second wife Alamelamma in charge of the city. However, King Tirumalaraja’s condition worsened and Alamelamma left for Talakad.

In Alamelamma’s absence, a man named Raja Wodeyar attacked the city and declared himself King. But being a King was not enough for Wodeyar. You see, Alamelamma possessed beautiful jewels which she used for decorating a statue of her patron duty. Wodeyar wanted these jewels and sent his men after Alamelamma.

Alamelamma refused to part with the jewels however and instead jumped off a cliff. However, before falling to her death Alamelamma uttered a three-part curse – Talakad would become a desert, the nearby town of Melangi would turn into a whirlpool area and the Wodeyars would have no offspring. The curse proved to be true – the Wodeyars have had male children only in every other generation.

2 The Hemingway Family

Believe it or not, but the Hemingway family is also said to have been plagued by a curse. Over four generations, five members of the Hemingway family committed suicide. These five members include Hemingway’s father named Clarence, Hemingway’s siblings Ursula, Leicester and Ernest and Hemingway’s granddaughter Margaux.

The writer Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in 1961 when he was 61 years old. When Hemingway committed suicide he hadn’t seen his son Gregory for more than 10 years. Gregory could never forgive his father for an angry phone conversation that Hemingway had with Gregory’s mother, Pauline. Hemingway didn’t know that Pauline had a rare tumor and that the stress would cause her death.

Gregory eventually became a transsexual and died in 2001 of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

1 The Onassis Family

Some believe that curses can be transferred from one family to another. For example, many people think that when Jackie Kennedy remarried she brought with her the Kennedy curse. In 1968, Jackie married Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate.

Five years later, Aristotle’s only son, Alexander, died in a plane crash. The cause of the plane crash? The Kennedy curse, of course! Although now that the curse was transferred to another family, it became known as the Onassis curse.

In 1974, a year after Alexander’s death, Aristotle’s first wife committed suicide. A year later, Aristotle died from respiratory failure. In 1988, Aristotle’s daughter Christina had a heart attack. And the Onassis wealth? Most of it was squandered.

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