15 Unexplained Paranormal Events Witnessed By Police Officers

The factor that often makes us disbelieve stories about UFOs, ghosts, and other paranormal events is the people who actually tell us these stories. Am I right? Most of them look and sound, well, to put it bluntly, crazy. A few clowns short of a circus, if you know what I mean? Fantastical stories from not so credible witnesses don’t make for compelling accounts, but what if the witnesses are people that we would otherwise trust? People who would have very few reasons to make up a story, people who we trust to protect us and our families; like the police.

For officers to come forward and publicly admit that they saw mysterious ghosts or flying saucers is no joke. The police officers who do come forward and tell their stories often face ridicule from their co-workers and superiors, and it could even affect their chances for promotion. They might even be forced to see a department shrink or even worse, face a visit from the elusive men in black. They really have everything to lose which makes their stories a little more believable than your standard supernatural tale.

For this list, we’ve collected 15 stories from law officials from all over the world. Be warned – some of their stories may make you more paranoid about the supernatural than you’ve ever been before…


15 Police Officers Believe They Witnessed A Soul Collector At Ground Zero

Many officers who had worked on the scene, including Frank, said that they saw a woman dressed in an old Red Cross uniform who would appear holding a tray of sandwiches and coffee. This was the duty of the Red Cross workers during World War II. Several witnesses said that if they tried to get a closer look at the woman she seemed to simply disappear. Frank consulted a medium about the mysterious figure who told him that the apparition may have been a soul collector sent to guide the dead into the afterlife.

14 Who Cried Out From The Car?


As they approached the water the four officers heard a woman’s voice call out to them, which spurred them on to try and save a life. But when they got to the car they found that Jennifer was dead. They initially didn’t spot little Lily but as they turned the car over they saw her in her car seat which had miraculously kept her out of reach of the freezing water. She was unconscious, but paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she later managed to make a full recovery.

But the question remains – who called out to the officers from inside the car?

13 Police Officers Believed Demons Caused These Children To Walk Up Walls

In 2014 Latoya Ammons, the owner of the house, claimed that her three children were possessed by evil spirits that lived in the family home. She claimed that the possessed children would talk in deep voices, that their eyes would bulge out of their heads, and that they would levitate and walk backward up walls.

While the family doctor was convinced that the children were acting out delusions encouraged by their mother, others, who witnessed some of these supernatural events, including police officers, priests, and social workers, were certain that the house truly was possessed with spirits from an evil realm.

Psychics who examined the home claimed that it was inhabited by more than 200 demons who could possess the children. The family has since moved and the home was demolished in 2016.

12 What This Officer Found Made His Hair Stand On End


A policeman working patrol in rural Nebraska was on night duty patrolling the quiet streets during the dead of winter. He drove past an abandoned house that stood on a corner lot and noted that everything looked okay. But two hours later when he drove past again, he noticed that the door was open.

He went to investigate and noticed that although the door was open, there were no footprints in the snow leading up to the house. Once inside, he began to hear children’s voices coming from upstairs as well as thumps and other noises. He bravely went upstairs, but once there he couldn’t find anyone. In one of the rooms, sitting on the top of a pile of rubbish he spotted a page which looked like it had been torn out of a book. On closer inspection, he realized that the page was from a children’s book and had a picture of a policeman on it. Completely spooked he quickly left the house.

11 The Infamous Lonnie Zamora Incident

The close encounter occurred on the 24th of April 1964 on the edge of Socorro, New Mexico. There were several witnesses to the event but Lonnie Zamora, a local police officer, claims that he managed to get closest to the mysterious craft. According to him, he watched an oval-shaped aircraft with no windows or doors touch down in the desert and then take off again. He was even able to sketch what he saw in his notebook and later physical evidence in the form of landing impressions in the soil and burnt vegetation was discovered at the site.

10 Was Don Decker Possessed By The Devil?


When police arrived, they witnessed the water leaking upward out of the floor and ordered everyone out of the house. The family took Don into a nearby restaurant. The “rain” inside the house immediately stopped and started up in the restaurant.

But that was only the beginning. Once back inside the house, Don emerged from his trance and began levitating off the floor before being flung against the wall by an unknown force. Several officers even reported that someone tried to touch Decker with a gold cross which burnt his flesh as it made contact. Was he possessed?

9 Cigar Shape UFO Filmed By Police Officers In England

The cigar-shaped object was spotted over the skies of North East England in September 2016 by two off-duty police officers. According to them, the sighting lasted for more than half an hour and they were even able to film the unidentified flying object for a short time. It was a bright day with clear skies and in the video, you can clearly see that the strange craft appeared to be rotating on its own axis while staying in a vertical position. Was this a real alien ship or just an elaborate hoax? We’ll leave it up to you to decide.


8 Officers Confirmed They Witnessed Supernatural Events During The Enfield Haunting


In case you didn’t know, the storyline of The Conjuring 2 is based on reported accounts of haunting at a house in Enfield, UK. Peggy Hodgson, who lived in the house in 1977 claimed that her furniture moved around on its own and strange tapping sounds came from within the walls. She said that the evil force even caused her children to levitate. Terrified the family called the police and after being inside the home one of them signed an affidavit saying that he had witnessed a chair moving on its own. However, the police were unable to help as they could not find anyone breaking the law.

7 Conspiracy Theorists Say Nearly 100 Officers Witnessed A UFO In Rendlesham Forest

The three men claimed that what they witnessed was an undamaged triangular shaped aircraft full of strange symbols. They said that the strange craft crackled with electricity and caused their radios to malfunction. They made notes about what they were seeing and were even able to make size measurements. After some time, they claimed that the craft lifted soundlessly off the ground and took off through the forest at an incredible speed. According to some UFO conspiracy theorists, there were about 80 people at the site who all witnessed the unidentified craft take off.

6 This Policeman Claims He Not Only Saw A UFO But Was Abducted Too


Godfrey had been on patrol early one morning when he saw what he thought was a bus coming towards him. Moments later he realized that it wasn’t a bus at all but rather “a large mass” which hovered so low to the ground that it caused bushes and trees to shake. He was then overcome by a bright burst of light and he suddenly found himself driving again but the UFO was gone. He checked the time and realized that 15 minutes had passed.

After filing his report Godfrey went under hypnotic regression to try and recall what had happened. Under hypnosis, he gave a bizarre account about a bearded alien who questioned him telepathically and claimed that he saw a black dog and small strange looking droids.

5 The Unidentified Beings At Silbury Hill

He was driving along near Silbury Hill in July 2009 when he spotted what he initially thought to be three people standing in a nearby field. They caught his attention because they were all dressed in white and at first he thought they might be forensic investigators. He stopped his car and walked to the edge of the road. From there he looked at the figures again and realized that the beings he was looking at were all well over 2m tall with identical light colored hair.

He started to walk towards them when they turned and spotted him. The policeman alleged that at that point the beings sprinted away faster than any human could have.

Earlier the same year a crop circle had appeared in the same field that the beings were spotted in.

4 Did These Policemen Witness A Real Demonic Possession?


The couple called the police who witnessed many of these bizarre claims for themselves. Eventually, famed supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called and they, in turn, arranged an exorcism for Maurice.

3 He Didn’t Believe In Ghosts Until…

According to Murphy, he witnessed dark shadows moving through walls, doors opening and closing on their own, ghostly spectral voices, and a shadow-like spectre in the middle of the main stage. He also claims that he once saw a woman dressed in clothes from the early 1900s walk past him, only to disappear moments later.

An administrative manager who worked at the theater for many years backed up Murphy’s claims, saying that he had also witnessed similar events, adding that he believes the building is haunted by an usher who died in a fire in the theater in 1947.

2 Veteran Police Officers Were Left Speechless After Seeing A Levitating Dog


The police officers had been called by the terrified family who were living in the house at the time. When they arrived, they witnessed lights going on and off, doors opening and closing by themselves, and clothes flying around the room. A few of them even saw the family dog levitate and land on top of the garden wall. Veteran officers were shocked at what they saw and could not provide a rational explanation for the apparent poltergeist activity.

A police source was quoted as saying, “These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.”

1 Was This A Real Ghost Caught On Film?

Officer Karl Romero was working the night shift at the Espanola police station in New Mexico when he reportedly had a supernatural encounter.

One of his duties for the evening was to keep watch over several CCTV cameras installed around the station. The evening was quiet and uneventful until Romero spotted something strange. There, on the monitor of the entryway into the station, was a bright white blob. At first, he thought what was he was seeing was an insect on the camera, but then he spotted legs underneath it. The area was access controlled, and since no alarm had been set off, Romero knew that it wasn’t a human being standing there. He believes that what he saw was a ghost.

When Romero told the other officers about what he witnessed several came forward with spooky stories of their own about the station.

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