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15 Unbelievably Unusual People Who Look Like Real-Life Dolls

15 Unbelievably Unusual People Who Look Like Real-Life Dolls

Kids usually grow out of playing with dolls before the age of ten, but for some people, that obsession with dolls lasts well into their adult years. Only that these people aren’t playing with the dolls but are, in fact, having surgeries and making radical changes to their lifestyles in order to look like dolls.

Who knows what strange things are going on in the minds of these so-called real-life Kens and Barbies, though it is likely that the increasing availability and normalizing of cosmetic procedures is part of the problem. Since the year 2000, there has been a 115% increase in the number of cosmetic procedures carried out in the U.S., and now that some procedures previously carried out at clinics and hospitals can be carried out at beauty salons, the sky is the limit for those who want to radically alter their appearance.

It is one thing, however, to have a crooked nose straightened or to have a boob job to increase (or decrease) the size of your chest area and quite another to have several procedures in order to make yourself look more doll than human.

Check out the list below of unbelievably unusual people who have employed surgery or camera trickery in order to look like dolls.

15. Lolita Richi


Lolita Richi, originally from the Ukraine, was just 16 years old when she first came to international prominence in 2014. The high school student claimed that her doll-like looks had been obtained without any cosmetic surgery procedures and without using any camera trickery or Photoshop. Her tiny 20-inch waist and 32F breast size gives her proportions that Barbie herself would be proud of, and the only part of her look which isn’t natural are the contact lenses she wears to give herself flawless wide-eyed blue peepers. Richi boasted of a huge online following, though she did have loftier ambitions of becoming a psychologist when she left school.

14. Venus Angelic


Venus Palermo, known as Venus Angelic to her fans, is a YouTube personality whose video “How to Look Like a Doll” had amassed an astonishing 13 million views by the year 2015. She was just 15 years old when, with her mother’s blessing, she started using makeup and childlike outfits to create her online persona for her loyal fans, even featuring on an episode of the TV program My Strange Addiction about other human dolls. Although Venus didn’t undergo any cosmetic procedures, she too used contact lenses, bleached her hair and eyebrows blonde, and used a ton of makeup to create the porcelain skin of a living doll.

13. Celso Santebanes


Brazilian Celso Santebanes spent a reported $50,000 on a huge range of cosmetic procedures to make him look more like a doll. He was nicknamed “the human Ken doll” after Barbie’s chisel-jawed boyfriend, having had surgery on his nose, chin, chest, and even his jaw. His creative look made him famous for a short time in 2014, and he even capitalized on his notoriety by creating his own action figure. Surely, the most meta doll design ever. Sadly, Santebanes died just a year later, at the age of only 21, having been diagnosed with leukaemia when he was attending hospital for yet another cosmetic procedure.

12. Blondie Bennett


Blondie Bennett hit the headlines in 2015 after she had just undergone another cosmetic procedure to increase her chest area to an eye-watering 30JJ. Despite being warned by surgeons that any further operations could lead to serious health problems–including her ample chest exploding–Blondie was determined to keep going. She spent around $38,000 on breast surgery, face lifts, and Botox and even underwent hypnotherapy so that she would even behave like a living doll as well as looking like one. Blondie’s 15 minutes of fame followed an appearance on TV show Botched which was when docs gave her the dire warning about her bursting breasts.

11. Lhouraii Li


“Bradford Barbie,” or simply Lhouraii Li, uses clever makeup tricks and tons of accessories in order to create her Japanese-inspired human doll look. The English nail technician spends four hours every day applying makeup and choosing from her hundreds of “princess pink” outfits. Li may not use cosmetic procedures to become a living doll, but she does use contact lenses and wears 14 pairs of false eyelashes every day in order to achieve the innocent, wide-eyed look she is going for. Her makeup and nail tutorials on YouTube have legions of fans who all want to copy her unique look.

10. Valeria Lukyanova


Valeria Lukyanova openly admits that she has undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries in order to create her unusual look—particularly enlargements in a particular area which contrast sharply with her tiny waist and skinny ribs. She, however, hates the nickname “human Barbie,” claiming that she never intended to become a living doll and that she is simply a girl who loves putting on makeup and experimenting with different looks, some of which have grabbed the attention of the tabloid press for their remarkable similarity to Barbie’s wide-eyed and wide-smiled appearance. Lukyanova is much more than a pretty face, however, and also works as a DJ, writer, and musician.

9. Angelica Kenova


Despite being in her mid-20s, Russian Barbie Angelica Kenova still lives at home with her parents, who have been controlling and managing their daughter’s look since she was a child in a bid to ensure her success in the modeling word. They control what she eats so that she can maintain her six-stone weight, and her mother even accompanies her on dates, as well as choosing the clothes she wears every day. Kenova may have enjoyed some moderate success as a model and has ambitions of being a Playboy Playmate one day, but you have to ask if it’s worth giving up control of your life for your dreams.

8. Dakota Rose


American Dakota Rose’s unique look owes more the Japanese Anime cartoons than it does to good old Barbie. Using contact lenses to make her eyes appear unnaturally round and lots of makeup tricks to give her the pale skin and bow lips of Anime girls, Dakota has a huge following online. Well, with an army of fans comes an army of detractors, many of whom claim that Dakota Rose’s signature look is nothing more than clever camera trickery and Photoshop—rumors that seemed to put to rest when she featured in her first video clip, still sporting the same look.

7. Nanette Hammond


One might think that a mum of five kids would have better things to do than spend time and money turning herself into a human Barbie, but Nanette Hammond from Ohio has done just that. She has already spent at least $500,000 on breast enlargements, Botox, and lip fillers, as well as having a tanning salon installed at her home so she can top up her tan when she feels like it. She also spent over $200,000 on a pink Barbie car. Nanette has 70,000 loyal fans on Instagram and even gets her kids to take the sexy snaps she posts online!

6. Anastasiya Shpagina

via Pinterest

Russian Anastasiya Shpagina is another living doll who takes her inspiration from the world of Japanese anime films, using clever tricks to contour and shape her face, as well as buckets of eye makeup to make her own eyes appear larger and more cartoonish. She spends about half an hour making up each eye before she even leaves the house on a regular morning. A drastic diet has helped Shpagina to develop and maintain a tiny anime girl frame, and when she adds the typical naughty school girl outfits these characters usually wear, then the transformation is absolutely complete and really makes her look like a human doll.

5. Justin Jedlica


One of the most famous “human Kens” in the world, American Justin Jedlica, has undergone a total of almost 200 cosmetic procedures in a bid to look more like a doll than an actual man, spending well over half a million dollars in the process. Recently, Jedlica even spent months working with a medical company to invent and perfect a new type of back implant, designed to make his back look more muscular. As well as back implants, Jedlica has also had liposuction, nose jobs, shoulder and bicep surgery, and has even had his eyebrows lifted, along with regular Botox injections. That’s a lot of surgeries…

4. Alina Kovalevskaya


Looking like a doll is clearly very popular in Ukraine, if the number of girls on this list from the former Soviet-bloc country are anything to go by. Alina Kovalevskaya was once friends with Valeria Lukyanov, but the two fell out after Alina became more famous than her former mentor. The Odessa-based model has a (really) tiny 18-inch waist and uses makeup trickery to make her naturally pretty features look more doll-like, as well as avoiding direct sunlight to ensure her skin stays as pale as possible. Kovalevskaya has thousands of followers on YouTube and social media and regularly receives marriage proposals from besotted fans.

3. Amber Guzman


Californian Amber Guzman doesn’t just look like a tiny and dainty anime girl. She gets to act like one most of the time too. Guzman has muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition which weakens her muscles, but she has learned to live with the disease and even to appreciate certain aspects of it which help her to look and live like a doll. Now unable to eat real food, it is easy for Guzman to maintain her tiny waist and slender arms and legs, while muscle wasting means that she needs to be carried everywhere by family and friends, just like a real doll.

2. Heidi Montag


Reality TV star Heidi Montag is famous for her role on The Hills and appearances on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here in both the UK and the US. In an unforgettable episode of The Hills, Montag revealed a radical new look to her mother, Darlene, and husband, Spencer Pratt, having undergone ten cosmetic surgeries in one day, including liposuction, a buttock lift, brow lift, chin reduction, and having Botox injected into her forehead and fat injected into her cheeks and lips. When her mum told her in horror that she “looked like Barbie,” Montag replied that this was the look she had been aiming for!

1. Rodrigo Alves


Confessed cosmetic surgery addict Rodrigo Alves is famous for his ever-changing look and style and has spent $500,000 on 150 different procedures so far. The Brazilian model, who now splits his time between properties in Spain and LA, has been featured in high-end fashion magazines like GQ, thanks to his unique style, but is now planning his most radical change yet—a s*x change. Yes, it turns out that all this plastic surgery in pursuit of the perfect face and body was because Alves was unhappy as a man, and he is now planning to make the transformation from Ken to Barbie.

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