15 Unbelievable Stories Of Children Saving Their Parent's Life

Child heroes are not only extremely adorable, but should get a salute and bravo any chance that we get. Mini life savers are pretty unique and definitely shouldn’t be underestimated because of their age or their size. This certainly hasn’t stopped them from saving the lives of someone important to them — their parents. Whether it was calling 9-1-1 amid a dangerous situation, or running to get help from a neighbor, or even using their small bodies to perform something such as the Heimlich maneuver or CPR, the notion that a child was able to put their fear aside to save a parent is something that any adult can be thankful for when tucking their little ones in at night.

It’s like they get tunnel vision and can only see the way to help their parents and loved ones. The times when the roles are reversed and the parents are the ones in need can be an indescribably scary one. But in many cases, the child ends up being the hero in an effort to save their parent. There have been instances, even this year, when a child used technology or even a witty idea to rescue their parent or even both of their parents from a situation in which their lives are in danger. The saying is that kids are like sponges and soak up everything around them from language to style. Thankfully, many kids have used these lessons for the better. Take a look at stories of children saving their parent’s life that are pretty hard to believe.

15 Little Roman Uses Siri

Via: BGR

Four-year-old Roman probably used his mother’s phone to play his favorite games and watch his favorite cartoons. But on one fateful day, he used it to save her life. She collapsed on the floor in their Kenley, Croydon home this past March. Roman took action and not only used his mom’s thumb, while she was unconscious, to unlock her iPhone, but asked Siri for some help on how to make an emergency phone call. Siri helped him dial police who could help. They couldn’t locate the actual address but Roman stayed on the phone long enough until they could find him, his siblings, and his mother. Police forced their way into the home and were able to save Roman’s mother thanks to his quick action and thinking. The Chief Superintendent used this incident to encourage parents to teach their children how to make emergency calls in dire situations such as this.

14 Chloe Is Victorious Over A Potato Chip

Chloe Olson might have only been five at the time but she knew something wasn’t right when her mom choked on a potato chip. There were no other adults around so Chloe did what she knew best — called 9-1-1. The only thing is, she thought her father was on the other line. So she tried to tell him, “Daddy, mommy’s choking.” The dispatcher was able to clearly see that there was an emergency going on so she instructed Chloe to unlock the front door and wait for help to arrive. Chloe responded with, “Love you, bye.” This is clearly not a story made for giggles but Chloe’s innocent reaction to the dispatcher is still an adorable one. And it will certainly be a part of the story each time it’s told whether it’s Chloe’s mother, father, or even the dispatcher. One thing is for sure — Chloe loves her parents and that was definitely clear to see on this day.

13 The Infamous Pizza Slice

Via: ABC 7

This brave girl used pizza to save not only her mother but her brothers as well when their family was put in danger. Seven-year-old Rita of Florida realized her mother was unconscious in their Florida home. Apparently it was a piece of pizza that Rita wanted to help wake her up. Rita went as far as using the pizza to hit her mother in the face in hopes of getting her attention. When that didn’t work, she dialled 9-1-1 and was able to lead the ambulance to her home as she stood outside. She is said to have stayed on the phone the entire time with EMS until they got to the home. Rita’s mother is alive and well and Rita is the new recipient of an award from the Sarasota County Fire Department. It’s not clear what led to her mother being unconscious, but thankfully Rita was able to help!

12 Kindergarten Hero

Angelica was only a Kindergarten student when she saved her father from their burning home. She was five at the time when her father, Kenneth, fell asleep on the couch in their home in Tulsa. He woke up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke and tried to rescue Angelica. The child remembered lessons she learned in school in school of how to escape from the fire, but realized she didn’t see her father around. She was able to get out and tell a neighbor that her dad was still inside. The neighbor called and the fire department arrived on the scene. Kenneth was actually inside the home and was looking for the child of a friend who was at the home. He said the smoke left him so “confused” he completely forgot the child’s mother picked her up earlier that day. He suffered minor burns.

11 Brave Latrell


Latrell Shanes was six when he saved his mother’s life. He recounted the story to a local news station, WTKR, in Norfolk, Va. He had heard his mother collapse when he ran into the kitchen and saw her on the floor. “I said, ‘Mommy get up,’ and she did not get up,” Latrell revealed. His mother, Tiffany Saunders, was diagnosed with diabetes and apparently fell out of consciousness because of low blood sugar. Latrell used the scenarios he and his mother had practiced in the past as a guide of what to do in this real-life dangerous case. He called his father, who in turn called police. Latrell still took matters into his own hands when he went to try to find a neighbor who could help. When he didn’t, he called police for the very first time himself. She credits Latrell for saving her life and told WTKR, “He’s my earthly angel.”

10 Tot Saves His Dad

Via: World Record Academy

Aaron Hayes and his three-year-old son made headlines after the child saved his father following a deep cut Hayes suffered. The father had been using a wood chisel at their home near Salem, Ore. when he slit his arm down to a main artery. It didn’t take long for the child to take action almost immediately. He called 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher, “Daddy needs help. He’s been hurt. You have to come. He really needs help.” The ambulance arrived moments after. They confirmed that the father would have possibly bled to death if the child didn’t take action the way that he did. Of course Hayes has all the feels towards his son and told news, “I couldn’t be more proud.” This was another incident that should be used as an example of why it is so important for children to be able to call 9-1-1. The child is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest person to make a life saving phone call.

9 Jaden vs. The Robbers

Via: Superhero Academy

The first thing most parents probably think when their home is in danger is to protect their children. But in one incident, it was the child who saved his mother and her boyfriend after burglars broke into their home. Nine-year-old Jaden was home when two robbers, who were also armed, came into their house. Jaden went and hid in the closet. But he heard that his mother and her boyfriend were in danger as they went back-and-forth with the robbers. What did Jaden do? He went right out of one of the windows in a bedroom and made his way to a neighbor’s home. The neighbor was able to call police. The robbers were still in the home when police arrived on the scene. It might be safe to say they didn’t see it coming but Jaden definitely saved the day and most likely his mom and her boyfriend’s lives.

8 Siblings Band Together

Via: Queensland Times

Five Queensland siblings banded together to save their mother from none other than the dangers of her former abusive partner. Rachel Moore knew she was in trouble when her ex, Daryl Fields, came into her home and reloaded his shotgun for what was reportedly supposed to be a second shot. While she was thinking about her children, they were the ones who saw her be physically abused, including her being grabbed by the throat. When he came back with the gun, she was covered in blood. They ignored their mom’s previous orders to stay hidden and instead took on the attacker together. The 14-year-old took his backside and choked him. His younger brother elbowed him while the teens took control of the gun and knocked him in the temple. Their 10-year-old sister stepped in to help her mother get away from the area. She even used a first aid kit to treat her before police arrived. Four-year-old Zane even helped when he took their two-year-old sister to safety.

7 Tregan Takes Action

Via: Parents

One child thought quick on his feet when his mother collapsed. His father was away serving in the army when Jailyn Emmett suffered from a heart-rhythm disorder. She had a pretty bad episode and failed to get in touch with her parents who don’t live far from the family’s Sarasota Springs home. The next thing she knew, she woke up in an ambulance. Her son, Tregan, who was five at the time, is the one who said her life. He took the phone from her after she fell and called 9-1-1. He told the operator, “My mom just died.” Tregan stayed on the phone with the dispatcher until the ambulance arrived. Good thing he did, because the family had just moved so the location was incorrect at first. The situation seemed to get worse when Tregan’s younger brother, Lincoln, who was 15 months went outside alone. Tregan saved that situation as well when he told an EMT who was close by.

6 Girl Saves Parents In More Ways Than One

Via: Hero Highlight

One 9-year-old girl from Ohio made headlines after she saved her parents when they overdosed on heroin while they were driving. The child was in the backseat when she noticed her mother was becoming unconscious off and on behind the wheel. The father was already unconscious in the passenger seat. The child took action and called her grandmother, who subsequently called authorities. The child’s grandmother said the girl was “frantic” as she feared for her life. She called 9-1-1 and police were able to track them down after the mother pulled over into a parking lot. As for the parents, they were arrested and now face child endangerment charges after the March incident. Interestingly enough, they weren’t the first parents in the state of Ohio who overdosed on heroin in the span of a month. In fact, they were the third. Another child also called police after she realized her parents were unconscious just weeks before.

5 Super Sam

Via: Parent Cue

Samantha Christian, 10, not only saved her mother on the day their home caught fire, but her brother as well. The child woke up to the sound of a huge fire in her room. It turns out it was coming from the portable air conditioner. She ran and got her mother before she carried out one of her brothers to the home of a neighbor. Instead of staying out of the home, she went right back inside so she could save her younger brother who was four. She realized he wouldn’t get up so she carried him out of the house. She saw her mother trying to put out the fire with water but took it upon herself to make sure she escaped before it was too late as well. Samantha told the media, “Clothes, metal, jewelry— all sorts of stuff can be replaced, but human’s can’t.” That’s the spirit!

4 Juan Saves Mommy And Little Brother

Via: Simple Organic Life

Juan Zuniga, 4, witnessed a scary episode involving his pregnant mother. She had also been diagnosed with diabetes and suffered a major sugar drop that could have taken her life. But thankfully little Juan knew just what to do from previous lessons and was able to check her blood sugar. He also brought her food so she could regain her strength. The crazy part is it took her two hours for her to be able to call 9-1-1. But once she did, Juan helped her do that too. She went back into a diabetic coma just moments later. His mother Leticia told Cleveland news, “I gave him life and now I owe him my life.” Racine Fire Department Lt. Nicholas Hempel confirmed it could have been a different outcome if Juan didn’t step in to save her. “I’m very proud of what he did and he deserves all of the accolades that he gets.

3 Caleb Batman

Gypsy Ninj

Caleb is now known as Caleb Batman after rescuing his mother. He took a nap in the car but woke up to his mother having a scary seizure. He was somehow able to stay calm in the very scary situation and went to unbuckle his belt before he climbed up front. He got into the drivers’ seat himself and was even able to steer the car to safety. Keep in mind he was only five at the time. But his heroic actions didn’t end there. Once he actually got the car off the road, he was able to find someone who helped him call 9-1-1. As for how he got the name, it turns out Caleb is very knowledgeable about how brave he was. So he wanted to be the namesake of his very own superhero and requested that he be called Caleb Batman. That’s certainly doable after taking action like he did.

2 Keith Saves The Day

Via: Mental Floss

A piece of chocolate turned deadly when a woman named Genene Corbett nearly choked on it. According to reports, she was enjoying the sweet treat when it got stuck in her throat. She was still able to breathe in and out but couldn’t help but have a frantic reaction as the choking got worse. Her son Keith, who was 11 at the time, was smart enough to ask her to give him thumbs up if she needed him to help her get rid of a chocolate. She communicated with him and gave him the thumbs up he requested. He immediately gave her the Heimlich maneuver, successfully, as the chocolate came out of her mouth. She is convinced that if her son weren’t there to save her, she wouldn’t have been alive to tell the story. As for Keith, he told Orangeville he still doesn’t know how he stayed so calm in the midst of the brief turmoil.

1 Shardae's Life-Saving CPR

Via: Souls of Black Women

Glen Simmonds thanks his 13-year-old daughter for saving his life after a heart attack. His wife ran and told the teenager, Shardae, that the father couldn’t breathe. Thankfully Shardae had taken a CPR class three years prior so she knew exactly what to do— at least until the emergency team arrived. She was able to give him CPR until then. Simmonds told FOX in Atlanta, “It was a situation where seconds counted, and if I had not received help immediately from my daughter and my wife, I wouldn’t be here.” That is certainly true because by the time Shardae arrived to her father, he had already passed out on the bed. Shardae said, “I thought all those people that die because no one’s able to do CPR — I thought it would come in handy one of these days when I was older.” Well it definitely did.

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