15 Unbelievable Shark Pics Taken By Drones

Sharks are not known to be the friendliest of animals. In fact, they have starred in a few horror films, especially the most recent one where we were on the edge of our seat hoping Blake Lively’s character would survive. As a result, a few of us live in fear of them because they are carnivorous and will eat humans, while others are a bit more adventurous and live life right on the edge and are willing to risk their lives to swim with them. If you are going to swim with a shark, be sure a drone is nearby to capture the required footage so that we can all see the results later.

If you continue reading, you will see shocking photos of sharks taken by drones. Some of them are disturbing, others merely disgusting or creepy. It is amazing that humans will risk their lives to do some of the activities they are doing, especially in shark-infested waters. If ever you find yourself surrounded by sharks, attempt to exit the situation pronto. Furthermore, you should never put yourself in a situation where you might be surrounded by sharks.

15 Shark Feeding

What do you call multiple sharks gathered in one area? A school of sharks? Well since they are considered fish then the collective noun, school should apply to them. This drone captured image shows tiger sharks gathering. It seems as if blood has been spilled. That would explain the gathering of sharks. In the mafia movies, if they killed you and did not want your body to be discovered, they would dump you in the ocean to become ‘fish food’. It is not surprising though because sharks are drawn to blood. If you are ever taking a deep ocean swim and you just happen to find a rock to cut yourself on, exit the water immediately. You may just become shark food, especially in shark-infested waters.

14 Brave Heart

There are a few brave souls in the world we live in. Steve Irwin was one, may he rest in peace and this woman captured in this photo is another. Maybe the drone picture is fake and was photoshopped, but she is too calm in the water with that shark. It could be a picture of a scene for a horror movie because it just looks too unrealistic. Women usually freak out and she doesn’t seem to be freaking out. Whoever she is, and wherever she is, we really do hope that she made it out of this phone alive. If she did not, the drone pilot is just heartless for having had posted this picture. Hopefully, it is fake or a scene from the movie Jaws.

13 Jaws

Did these surfers live to tell the tale? It seemed as if they did because they are all pictured lounging on their wakeboards and seem unconcerned. Maybe the sharks in the water with them are not the dangerous variety. Maybe the drone captured a relaxing moment for them and that was that. In areas where the ocean’s water is that clear, it is likely that people will recognize that there are sharks in the water. To onlookers, the people in the water may seem crazy, but it may very well be that the sharks are friendly and the people living nearby are used to being in the water with the sharks. There is no other explanation for it because they are just too relaxed or just unaware.

12 Captured Or Waiting?

It looks like a shark, right? It fooled everyone, especially underwater and it looks tied up like it has been captured. What the drone captured is actually a testing device created and formulated by the US Navy. Its nickname is Silent Nemo. How ironic that they would use the name of one of Disney’s biggest underwater movie characters for their fake shark? The shark is an experiment. Don’t worry, it is not spying on you (hopefully), but it is testing biometric devices. Why this picture is on the internet, no clue. So, if you do come into contact with a shark, it may not actually be a shark that will cause you harm, but an experiment conducted by the US Navy. So, if you see Nemo, give him a big wave.

11 Shark vs Surfer

This surfer is catching waves with a shark right under him! The picture actually really looks rather harmless but sharks are unpredictable creatures. One minute they are attacking humans and the next minute, they are swimming away from you. Maybe the surfer had a “You Only Live Once” attitude and decide to see if he could safely out-surf a shark. He was probably successful in his endeavor and the shark did not attack him. Sharks don’t swim that close to the shore so if he made it, he would have been safe. Hopefully, he has grown out of his daredevil tendencies and maybe he is just fearless. Keep that fearlessness to yourself mate. We do not want it at all. We also do not envy you, no, not even a little.

10 Almost There

The picture should be captioned “Almost to the other side”. This great white shark actually attacked this fishing boat and was carrying it through the water. A drone was nearby to capture the incident. It happened in Australia and in a part of the ocean where people cage dive. Why would anyone want to cage dive? The fisherman attempted to shoo the shark away. Whether or not he was successful is unknown but if he didn’t survive, his story would have made the news. If you are looking for this type of adventure where sharks attack you and you have heart palpitations and a near-death experience, then heading to Australia may be just the vacation you need. Don’t forget to take your snorkelling gear with you and be sure to update your life insurance.

9 At Least It’s Not Human

This photo shows a shark, feasting on a carcass that we assume is a whale. Inset, a larger whale is seen (or is it part of the same carcass?). Sharks may be predators to humans but killer whales can easily be predators of sharks. It is not something you see every day. At least it is good to know that sharks have a weakness and that there is a bigger predator out there than them. Killer whales have a very interesting diet, apart from small fish, the shark is also on the menu. But, as mentioned before, it is nothing you should be alarmed about. How many people do you know that have actually seen a shark in the ocean? No one may come to mind, as most would have only seen them in aquatic centers.

8 On Surface Feeding

This is not scary but it is seen as phenomenal. Usually, this behavior is expected of dolphin but you never expect a great white shark to breach the surface of the water like this. Maybe he needed some air? This happened in Australia and left several persons awed. Luckily a drone was nearby to capture the rare moment and surfers were smart enough to make their way quickly out of the water. No one wants to be in the same water with a great white shark right? The act of nature was witnessed by a few and it is likely something that they will not forget anytime soon. So, if you like a shark and want these creepy experiences, head to Australia. You may see several sharks breaching the waters you decide to surf in.

7 A Close Call

This drone pilot was fortunate enough to capture his girlfriend being circled by a shark in Florida. She was either unaware or didn’t panic. The shark got close to her and then it swam away. He claimed that it backed off because it realized she was human and not a fish. It seems that sharks are not eaters of humans but only attack when they are curious or have gone rogue, so to speak. Shark attacks are also accidents and caused by low visibility. Seems that sometimes they are blinded by the salt water they live in. If ever you have heard anything so ridiculous. At least humans are honest about their shark consumption and actively hunt them. In some countries, the shark is a delicacy.

6 Feeding Time

Contrary to popular belief, these are killer whales. These whales are dangerous (to other marine animals) despite being a part of the dolphin family. What is amazing is that these whales teamed up and worked together to feed on this shark that appears to be way bigger than they are. If you thought all whales were friendly, then this picture probably changed your impression of them. If you’re going to go swimming in the deep of the ocean, just look out for them. They are super social (Willy from the movie was just separated from his family) and these are the whales that you are more likely to see in water parks.

5 Shark In Its Habitat

This drone photograph was taken in Australia. It will make you skeptical about even putting your feet in the sea because, another image that is blurrier, shows the shark nearing a kite surfer. Some persons flight or fight reaction would have kicked in. If you have ever watched a shark movie you would have been out of the water pronto. There were no reports of a shark attack. Maybe the drone pilot called a lifeguard rescue team to assist the surfer and lure the shark away. Who knows? Maybe, she learned a valuable lesson after her near-death encounter and she has decided to tolerate kids at a swimming pool instead. If you are going to surf, be vigilant of your surroundings in case a shark creeps up on you.

4 I See You

Imagine being out on a paddle boat in the middle of nowhere. You are nowhere because there is nothing but water surrounding you. What would you do if you encounter a shark or realize that a shark is approaching your little boat that is obviously no match for it? If you were on land, the smartest thing to do would have been to run. But since you are on water and in a boat with a paddle, maybe you should just sit still and hope it goes away. If you paddle the boat, the movement in the water may alert it. The reality is though, that when adrenaline kicks in, you are going to panic, and you are going to try to paddle for dear life.

3 Whale vs Shark

In a world where sharks are one of the most feared predators, you can breathe a little easier knowing that there is something greater in the oceans than them. They can huff and puff all they want at us humans, but they can’t huff and puff at whales that are bigger than them. At least whales are no immediate threat to humans. You’ve heard of shark attacks, but have you ever heard of whale attacks? Yeah, you can bring up the fact that killer whales exist, but shark attacks are what we really worry about, whales prefer to prey on marine animals and are ‘social’ so they are of no real threat to us. This beautiful picture was captured by a drone of course and many thanks to its pilot for letting the world know that sharks are not the ‘baddest’ in the oceans.

2 Circling Shark

A drone captured this picture of a shark circling some boats. Compared to the little sailboats or motor boats, the shark is huge. This is extreme, and it seems as if the shark has set his eyes on the moving targets. The thing is, he has so many to choose from, which boat is he going to attack first? And it also looks as though there is another shark in the water. Maybe if the shadow was a bit clearer. Hopefully, the drone pilot was able to capture the great escape or attack on the camera and show it to the authorities or the individuals boating. Who knows, maybe the owner of the drone was a passenger on one of the little boats in the water and they were aware of their impending doom.

1 Shark Vs Drone?

Let's pretend this image doesn't look as fake as it does... the sharks pictured here were more than willing to get up and personal with the drone. Usually, animals will shy away from a device and pets may chase after it, but the sharks probably thought it was food or a threat. We will go with the latter because they obviously will not smell blood on a drone to deem it edible. But sharks are smart and unique creatures. It is quite possible that they were posing for a picture. The conversation between them probably went like this, “Do you think we should smile for the camera or attack the camera”. The decision was unanimous, and they just decided to do both. Who won the drone versus shark battle?

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