15 Unbelievable Photos Captured By Drones – Part 2

Drones have changed the world of photography and filmmaking completely and here are a few examples to prove it.

Have you ever wondered how and why the first drone was made? Those little flying robots were developed by the army and they were originally called the UAVs (unarmed aerial vehicles). However, things have changed significantly over the time when talking about the drones. First used by the army, then used for photojournalism, today the drones are easily accessible to anyone. You can buy them at every corner and they are actually relatively cheap so almost everybody can afford one that meets their budget.

So why are they so popular? Well, first of all, they are a little bit like toys. Who wouldn’t want to fly a robot? And while they are fun, they are also capable of taking amazing videos and pictures from the air so you can see the things from the perspective like you have never seen before. They have changed the world of photography and filmmaking completely since people don’t need to physically get on a plane or a helicopter with their cameras to film some amazing shots from above. The drones are small and easy to use and you can come across some unbelievable stuff while flying them, stuff you have never expected to see in the first place.

Here are 15 more unbelievable photos captured by drones:

15 The Hawk Attack

Hawks are known to be very skilled hunters and while they usually prey on smaller animals, here is a shot of a hawk attacking a drone. Maybe he thought it would be really tasty or maybe he just didn’t like the drone entering his airspace, but this hawk decided to take that drone down no matter the cost. There is a lot of people who aren’t happy at all with the existence of the drones since they feel that they are a big threat to everybody’s privacy, but the birds definitely aren’t big fans of them either. Who knows how many drone owners out there had their drones attacked by one or more birds? However, this particular drone enthusiast decided to share the last caption his drone had ever made since it was completely destroyed by the hawk just moments later.

14 The Devastation Of A Tornado

Between the April 27 and April 30, 2014, central and southern US were hit by a terrible tornado outbreak resulting in floods and huge devastation of the whole neighborhoods. This picture was captured by a drone enthusiast who flew over Mayflower, Arkansas after the series of tornadoes hit it one after another. Sixteen people lost their lives to this horrible tornado outbreak, making it the deadliest in Arkansas since 1968. 193 people were injured and thousands of lives have been affected by this mass destruction. In this picture, you can see the remains of what used to be a building, with the rescue teams searching for survivors buried under the destroyed cars and the parts of the destroyed building. Hundreds of houses were completely wiped out with nothing but the foundations left in their place.

13 Tasty Shark

Everybody is at least a little bit afraid of sharks, and for a good reason, too. You really don’t want to cross paths with one or you could easily end up being a shark’s lunch. People became even more afraid of these giant predators when the movie Jaws was released in 1975. And while great white sharks don’t have to worry about their natural predators since there are almost none, there is one thing that can sharks should be afraid of and that the killer whales. It is not just about the size, though. Killer whales are super smart and if they team up, they can kill basically any animal out there, no matter the size or the number of sharp teeth. This is a drone-shot picture capturing an orca grabbing a shark and chewing on it like it was nothing.

12 Flood Zone

During the late August 2017, Hurricane Harvey dropped a massive amount of rain in southeast Texas and it turned Houston into a real flood zone. It was a terrible tropical storm and it made landfall as Category 4 hurricane. This picture was captured by a drone in Port Aransas, Texas, which wasn’t one of the most affected places, but we can still see that the whole neighborhood turned into one giant pond of water. Every homeowner in the area has been significantly affected by this terrible storm that caused 37+ deaths in the US, while the financial damage has been estimated to be as high as tens of billions of dollars. It was the strongest landfall in this area since September 1961 and the rainfall was confirmed to be the heaviest tropical cyclone in the continental US ever!

11 Wedding Video Gone Wrong

Drone-shot wedding footages are the latest big thing. It seems that everybody loves the idea of having their wedding filmed by drones and the truth is, those footages usually really do look beautiful. However, while there have been some truly spectacular captions, there has been some epic fails as well. There was one videographer who decided to share his unfortunate drone story where he lost the control over his drone for a moment and it ended up hitting the groom straight in the face, slicing his cheek, right in the middle of the ceremony. This video ended up being more popular than all of his previous filming successes and it scored over 2 million views on YouTube. Luckily, the bride and groom had a good sense of humor and they took the whole thing as well as they possibly could.

10 Area 51

This is a drone-shot picture capturing the highly classified United States Air Force facility, also known as the Area 51 in Nevada. The current purpose of the facility remains unknown, but conspiracy theorists strongly believe that it is related to alien life, UFO spacecraft research, alien technology etc. The buildings at the site have no windows so it is impossible for anyone from the outside to see what is going on inside, as well as for the employees to be distracted from the outside world. Everything that happens there is top secret and even the President doesn’t know about all things that are going on there. So far, Barack Obama was the only US President to even mention the existence of Area 51 in public, but he didn’t share any significant details.

9 Horrible Crash Near Mount Isa

In May 2017, a horrible crash near Mount Isa, Australia was captured by a drone owner who had heard about the crash and decided to do a bit of investigation from the air. The police confirmed that the accident occurred when a personal vehicle collided with a truck towing three trailers. The second truck quickly drove off road to avoid the crash where it caught fire. The driver of the personal vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene while one of the truck drivers was uninjured and the other was taken to a hospital with spinal injuries. The officers at the scene claimed that it was one of the most horrific accidents they have ever seen and it looks even worse when you see the entire scene captured from above.

8 The Drone Rescue

You know that frustrating moment when your phone battery dies? Well, it’s actually way worse when that happens with your drone. This pic was posted by a drone enthusiast ZwierSpanjer who had just bought his new drone and decided to take it out for a test ride. However, the drone’s first flight almost ended up being its last one. Mr. Spanjer noticed that his drone started losing power during the flight so he tried to land it as quickly as possible but when it became clear that the safe landing wasn’t going to happen, he just ran to rescue his new toy. The drone was just inches away from falling into a pond when Spanjer basically threw himself into the water to catch it and he managed to rescue his drone literally the last second before it hit the water.

7 Car Bomb Explosion

We know that the drones were designed to be used by the army but the artistic side of things slowly took over and people around the world have been using them for all sorts of things. However, the Islamic State fighters are known to use drones for coordinating their attacks, as well as spying on their enemies. This particular photo was uploaded by ISIS, together with the footage of one of the terrorists bragging about the advanced technology they use for their attacks. This picture captures the moment when a car bomb in Libya went off. It is a part of a footage capturing the car racing towards people standing in a parking lot of a compound. Some of the people managed to escape in the very last moment, while an unknown number of people was killed by the explosion.

6 Sharks’ Feeding Territory

Sean Scott, an Australian photographer, took out his drone for a spin when he heard that bronze whaler sharks have been given a huge bait ball to feed on. He wanted to capture the sharks enjoying their lunch on Red Bluff Beach in Australia, but what he captured instead was a bit more disturbing than that. A group of young kids were enjoying themselves swimming and floating on their boards right next to the sharks’ feeding territory. They didn’t notice the sharks circling under them but, fortunately, the sharks weren’t interested in the kids at all since their focus was completely on a massive amount of fish they have been snacking on. However, the interesting thing is the fact that the sharks didn’t consider the kids being a threat to their food, they just completely ignored them.

5 Church Immersed In A Sea Of Fog

An Italian photographer Francesco Cattuto captured a church in Umbria, Italy, immersed in a sea of fog and he gained a huge popularity thanks to this picture since it is one of the most famous drone shots ever. People from all around the world have seen this picture and it was shared millions of time on different social networks. The whole community of the drone enthusiasts was completely blown away by this amazing shot and it was named the best drone shot-picture in the “Travel Category” in 2016. It really shows why the drones are so popular among the professional photographers. Just a few years back, it would be impossible to take a photo like this without using some super pricey equipment. Today, all you need is a drone and a good photographer’s eye.

4 Almost A Shark’s Snack

Have you heard of Isabelle Fabre? She is a French daredevil who really enjoys traveling around the world and she always captures her adventures on camera to share them with her followers. This particular adventure of hers almost went terribly wrong. She was kite-surfing in Australia and she got a little bit too close to a great white shark. The shark noticed his potential lunch snack and started circling around her while the whole thing was being filmed by a drone. Isabelle wasn’t aware right away that the big, dark thing next to her was a shark, she thought it was just a shadow. Meanwhile, her friends in the shore tried to catch her attention and let her know that it was time to “run for her life”. Luckily, Isabelle managed to get back on the dry land before getting hurt.

3 British Columbia Battling Fires

After 14 years of peace and quiet, a state of emergency was declared by British Columbia, Canada, when over 180 wildfires spread throughout the province, forcing thousands of people leaving their homes. It all happened in the middle of the summer of 2017, and the heat, as well as a strong wind, made the things even worse as they helped the fire spread at a rapid pace. This picture was snapped by a drone owner and it captures the horrible fire damage in BC. What you see in the pictures is what was left after the fire destroyed a wonderful tree-lined neighborhood, including all of the trees, buildings, and cars, until there was nothing else left to burn. People who have left their homes will have literally nothing to come back to and they will have to build their homes back from scratch.

2 Harvesting The Lavender

Lavender fields have always been popular among photographers from all around the world. There is something calming and beautiful about its color and the symmetrical waves it creates on the fields. However, a photographer Jerome Courtial decided to take a little bit different approach to taking photos of lavender fields and he took his drone to Valensole in Provence to make some interesting shots from the air. He flew around and waited for the perfect moment to take an amazing picture and that moment came when a man started harvesting the lavender in a pattern that looked interesting enough to Jerome so he captured it. It ended up being picked as one of the coolest drone shots in 2016 featured on Dronestagram – a website for drone enthusiasts from all around the world.

1 Camel Caravan Ride

Just take a minute and look at this picture and try to guess what it is that you’re seeing here. No luck? Okay, one must admit that this one is hard to guess. This is actually a camel caravan ride captured by a drone during the sunset. Todd Kennedy, a big drone fan, took his drone for a spin above the Cable Beach in Australia and he noticed these huge camel-shaped shadows on the sand and tiny little camels that those shadows belonged to next to them. A couple of years back, while the drones weren’t as accessible as today, an American photographer George Steinmetz wanted to capture the huge camels’ shadows in the Oman’s desert and he had to use a special motorized paraglider to get that kind of a view.

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15 Unbelievable Photos Captured By Drones – Part 2