16 Unbelievable Confessions Made By Retail Employees

There are over 5 million retail workers in the world, and each of them get paid an average of $11 an hour. That’s a lot of workers, and together they are making a lot of money. But individually, what they have to deal with is far worse than $11 of work. But on the other hand, some workers take advantage of their jobs, when their managers are working, and how gullible customers are. But in general, their work life is traumatizing. That’s why confessions are so plentiful. They need to let everyone know what goes on without getting fired. So what better way than to go through Whisper?

This is where people admit that they were dumbfounded by the customer that asked the delivery driver why they needed an address. Like…to deliver your item? Or when someone asked if the quesadillas come with cheese. I’ll be the first to say I do not know what every Mexican food is, but quesadillas? Come on. On the flipside, many employees have claimed that working just shows them how to be the best thief after learning all of the secrets. Or how the guys can be so flirty and creepy, both customers and employees. Delivering items after hours? Eesh! No thanks, I don’t want it that bad. Don’t worry, it gets much worse, believe it or not. So take a look at these 15 confessions from retail employees that will leave you with wide eyes and a different perspective next time you enter a retail store.

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16 Never Turn Down Pizza

Have you ever turned down pizza? Have you ever secretly let or urged a series of events to happen because you knew pizza was at the end of that journey? We all have, right? Hopefully. Well, this manager at a retail store actually silently encourages his employee to come in high cause he buys the place pizza when he does. Win-win. They are short staffed, so you’d assume they would need him in his right mind. But then again, if they are short staffed, he can afford to buy them pizza too. So there’s literally nothing wrong with this right?

So maybe being under the influence or being high at work never ends well, but as long as everyone else gets pizza, the improved moods should make up for it.

15 Horrific Days Call For It

This is the scariest, creepiest confession by retail workers I had ever seen. But it makes so much sense, as morbid as it is. This person watches horror movies to take out their aggression as they see their customers tormented and brutally murdered. So sick, but it shows you the dark reality that is customers, not employees.

It gets so bad that it is necessary to do something. There is so much stupidity, frustration, and abuse going on that you never really think about until someone mentions they need therapy. It looks bad, this guy who wants to murder customers in his mind, but what’s really horrible are customers. The customer is wrong 99% of the time, yes, but to have to act like they are right can do a real number on retail employees.

14 You’re Pregnant, Get Over It

People have tried to return some dumb things. Like shoes that were ruined because they walked in the rain. Or even better, a pre-paid phone they had lost. These people actually wanted a refund. A common one is trying to return an item that was purchased at a competitor store. Wow. But this one seems to top them all. A lady tried to return a pregnancy test that was used. Why? 'Cause she was upset that it was positive. She didn’t want to be pregnant. Maybe she was in denial and didn’t trust the test?

There is literally no excuse for this stupidity. You’re pregnant, accept the fact, and maybe buy some diapers rather than fuss about returning the pregnancy test. You’re obviously an adult, so take responsibility for your own actions.

13 Missing Thanksgiving

This is just sad. I’ve heard that retail workers have no choice as for holidays, especially Black Friday. Before, this was easier when Black Friday started on Friday. But now that it starts on Thanksgiving, it takes people away from their families. This is so harsh, but the first time’s the worst. If they want their job, they have no choice but to miss Thanksgiving with their families. This could be family from college, out of state, or across the world that came to visit solely for Thanksgiving. The only way this could work, and I’m surprised more people aren’t doing it, is if they have to work Thursday night, but have Thanksgiving dinner for lunch! Problem solved. Though, much like Black Friday store managers, families aren’t often flexible.

12 Better Than Flirting

If you often find yourself getting stuff cheaper than you had calculated, you may just be attractive. Some men have admitted to treating female, attractive female, customers better than others. They even add an employee discount! Why? Will it make the girls like you more? Not if they don’t know you did it, and probably, they think you’re trying too hard anyway. Want to impress them? Be nice to everyone! Or buy her something. That works sometimes too. It’s not like you’re going to see her again unless she’s a regular shopper. Though it would make sense if it was just one girl you always did it to. If you do it to every cute girl…that’s just too much. So either pick a girl to like or stop. Or…do it for everyone, that’s a good way to get fired.

11 It Was Pandora

We’ve heard of customers stealing, but have you ever heard of employee’s stealing from customers? I have seen many confessions of employees finding money on the floor and keeping it. Even worse, they find purses and steal money out of it before returning it. They blame the stolen money on another customer that “must have” found it before the employee did. Nice. Smooth, and totally wrong. What kind of person steals money at work?

However, this one is more acceptable. An employee found a nice expensive bracelet in the dressing room, and kept it! I guess it’s better than the woman who found a whole lime hiding in the bathroom. That’s just weird. But no joke it happened. Worthless, but must have had a unique story behind it.

10 Not Gonna Toast Anything

People try to get by with whatever they can, including returning boxes with the wrong item in them. That brick may not be quite the value of a toaster, nor would it fit the same purpose. What I wonder is if the employees found the brick before or after the customer left. If it was after, I’d say that customer won this one. If not, they have some explaining to do.

Why does everyone focus on money so hard? Why is it so important? Oh yeah, cause we live off of it. We practically die without it. But is the toaster that important or expensive that you have to keep it and try to get the money back? Why not try something more expensive? If you’re going to do something, do it right and make it worth it!

9 You’re A Twelve

We’re all guilty of trying to fit into the smallest size possible. It’s human nature. Or at least it’s human nature after society’s taken its toll on us. But employees at retail stores have confessed to the honest truth. We are ripping the clothes! Have you ever ripped something and put it back on the shelf? Maybe not, but you’ve probably stretched something out solely for your own pride and security. Yeah, I’m still an eight…after gaining 30 pounds. The clothes just fit a little differently, probably Forever 21 is just changing their sizes, typical.

No, it’s okay if you wear a twelve, just accept it and we’re all happy. But ripping clothes and lowering their value loses a lot of money and customers for the retail stores and that is just rude.

8 No, You May Not

I don’t know if this woman was genuine or if she actually thought she could get by with stealing. It’s puzzling, but people are both dumb…and dumb. So she could have actually meant she’d love to try it on at home and she would never not return it to pay or not buy it. But then she could think that the employee was dumb enough to let her walk out of there without paying too. You never know. The right answer was still, “no” you may not take this home. The fitting rooms really are fine. If you want to try it on at home, just buy it and return it if you don’t like it. Voila!

This is one of my favorites cause it really could be so innocent.

7 Lazy Bums

No wonder we always instinctively don’t trust the clerk when they go to the storage room to check if they have something in another color or size! Some of them really just go check Facebook or read a funny listicle instead of actually checking. How is that okay? No, that dress may not be that important, but it’s your job to check. Especially if the customer is being polite and kind. You should return that. But even if they aren’t, you’re still getting paid, so, just do it.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them. It’s not you, it’s these whisper confessions that are letting us know truths that you don’t want us to know, retail employees. Sorry, but you’re just going to have to double check for that dress in a size 8, cause I can’t wear a 12.

6 Maybe A Medium

This is kind of the same idea as the size 8. People make the worst requests. Like for example, asking for a large drink in a small cup. You figure that one out yourself. It doesn’t make sense no matter how long you think about it. Maybe the other way around, sure, but putting more liquid into a glass than will hold it is rather…well, magical. I wish I could do that but I’m not Mary Poppins. Neither is this employee.

But someone thought they could. Why? Did they think they were paying for the cup rather than the liquid? Did they think they would get to pay the small price for the large drink if they used the smaller cup? No one knows, probably not even them.

5 Oh, Lacy Black

It would be hard not to judge people if you practically got to see them all wearing underwear. You see the person, you see the underwear they buy. What would you do? Ignore it or think, “granny panties!” or “nice, Ninja Turtles!” Anyone who worked at an underwear store or a clothing store that sold underwear wouldn’t have anything better to do with their time than to judge people, right?

But if you flip it around, it seems weird. Like, would you like people thinking about and judging your underwear choices? Probably not, but who wouldn’t do it in the right situation? This just shows you the different perspectives. Are you the employee or the customer? Does the employee have the right? Can they help it?

4 Purple Hair FTW

Speaking of being judged, you’d be surprised how people judge you just from the color of your hair. It’s ridiculous! But it’s almost acceptable on an unrefined clerk, right? But what about a manager? If you personally see two women in the same clothes, the same age and demeanor, but one of them has brown hair in a bun and the other has a purple bob, who do you ask for help?

You probably have an answer which is pretty silly, actually. They are of the same intelligence and have the same authority. Change your answer? No? Then you are judgmental. Purple hair has nothing to do with anything but self-expression. What if the brown hair was dyed? Still the same answer? That’s our world, folks.

3 Oh, Peasant, My Shoes

This one is laughable, and likely the employee laughed too. For one, the customer was trying to return shoes that he was wearing. Then, he wanted the employee to take them off for him. That’s funny. When the employee refused, he was furious, believing it was the employee’s job. That’s gold. There are so many aspects of this that are amazingly awful, making it amazing!

But it happens all the time, customers believing that employees are their personal servants, rather than just employees who are there to assist them in a specific task, such as ringing up items and showing them where something is. Obviously not helping them take shoes off that they want to return. This one will never get old. It’s too pure.

2 He Probably Stopped

Who knew thieves become employees? They already know which items you stock, when you stock, when your busiest time is, and who works when. So it’s not a bad idea as long as they stop stealing from the store as soon as they start working there. They’ve already been making money there for months, so that won’t be new. However, if paychecks aren’t enough, they will probably start stealing again to make up the difference.

I wonder how many employees have actually stolen from the stores they work for while they were at work? It would be fairly easy since you know the in and outs. But it’s pretty dirty, unless of course you do your best and never get a raise, right? No! Now stop stealing!

1 People Person

This one is so sad, but true. Which is why it’s so sad. One of the number one requirements for getting a job at a retail store is to be a people person. But working at a retail store makes even the “peopliest” people not people persons anymore. So, it is a training ground to make the extroverted, introverted. People who really enjoy talking and making people happy get into retail. Then, they start having to deal with rude, mean, ugly, dumb people and it turns them against people. Their next job is usually far away from human contact.

And who can blame them? What have we discovered? That people are difficult and shopping brings out the worst in all of us. From employees to customers, it all sucks.

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