15 Ugly Politicians With Smoking Hot Daughters

They say politics is Hollywood for ugly people. The more cynical among us agree: If you're a convincing actor and good at saying your lines, but not quite good looking enough for the big screen, th

They say politics is Hollywood for ugly people.

The more cynical among us agree: If you're a convincing actor and good at saying your lines, but not quite good looking enough for the big screen, then you go into politics and end up on television - convincing us you're there to represent the little people, acting like you're really listening, like you're outraged along with us, like you're going to really shake up the status quo this time!

And the theory holds up. Start thinking about how many famous politicians are a couple standard deviations away from average toward the ugly side of the spectrum. Not trying to be mean. Just keeping it real: Washington DC has some seriously ugly people working there.

Yet somehow, in some marvelous miracle of genetics, there are many ugly politicians who have shockingly beautiful daughters. And they are incredibly lucky they turned out that way. As you look at the following photos, think about the fact that these girls are 50% made of the politician in the picture opposite them. Mind = blown.

16 Donald Trump / Ivanka Trump

The Dark Horse Republican candidate of the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump has already had great television experience playing a no-nonsense capitalist on The Apprentice, so the role he's currently playing is perfect for him.

That said, in all fairness, he's not much of a looker. In fact he looks pretty weird. And it's not just because of how he's aged. If anything, being older gives him a good excuse for how he looks, because when you go back to photos of him from the 80s, the man looks even weirder than he does now. And for someone who constantly slams people, especially women, for being overweight, Donald Trump is actually clinically obese.

Yet daughter, Ivanka Trump, has not suffered for the sins of the father. Tall, fit, and stunningly beautiful, Ivanka (born 1981) went into modeling at the age of sixteen, but has since focused on building a fashion and jewelry brand to mogul up like her dad.

15 John Kerry / Alexandra Kerry


John Kerry. Good God. So one day, John Kerry walked into a bar. The bartender said, "Why the long face?" If ever there was an exemplar of the adage, "Politics is Hollywood for ugly people," John Kerry would be it.

When the US Senator (D-MA) ran against George W. Bush as the Democratic nominee for president in 2004, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh repeatedly and hilariously referred to him as "Lurch." If you don't catch the reference, sometime Google "lurch adams family."

But sometimes you just dodge a genetic bullet and don't look as ugly as your father does, and that's exactly what happened to lucky lady Alexandra Kerry. Alexandra (born 1973) studied anthropology and modern culture and media at Brown University before getting her masters degree in film.

She has directed and produced some short films that have won her accolades on the film festival circuit. She got a lot of attention when she appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in a very revealing, sheer black dress. No wonder why. Hawt.

14 George W. Bush / Barbara Bush Jr.

President George W. Bush. What can you say? "There's an old saying in Tennessee- well we have it in Texas, probably Tennessee too: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on- uh- shame on- you- you can't get fooled again."

The man was probably the most comically awkward president we've ever had. And none-too-good-looking on top of that. Not saying he was as ugly as John Kerry, or as weird looking at Donald Trump, but in all probability his daughters should have never come out looking as good as they do.

Barbara Bush Jr. for instance is a babe. Barbara (born 1981) grew up in Texas and attended Yale like her father, where she was a Kappa Alpha Theta.

Throughout her professional life, she's done a lot of traditionally First Lady kind of projects. You know like working for the Smithsonian Institute, helping AIDS patients in Africa, and founding a public health non-profit called Global Health Corps, with the goal of fighting for global health equity.

13 George W. Bush / Jenna Bush Hager

Barbara Bush Jr. isn't the only Bush daughter to be lucky twice: Lucky enough to be the daughter of a US President, which is a very lucky thing indeed, and lucky enough not to look like him! In fact, Barbara is one of a pair of fraternal twins.

Jenna Bush, also a total babe, somehow came from a combinations of genes that are 50% George W. Bush's. Jenna (born 1981) went to school at the University of Texas in Austin where she studied English and was a Kappa Alpha Theta like her mother.

One thing she did get from her father is his penchant for partying hard and breaking the rules during his college days. In 2001, at the very beginning of her father's presidency, she made national headlines along with her twin sister for underage drinking. She pleaded no contest to two charges: misdemeanor possession of alcohol under the age of 21 and using a fake ID to buy alcohol.

She currently divides her time between teaching part time at a charter school in Washington DC and as a television correspondent for NBC nightly news and the Today show.

12 Bill Clinton / Chelsea Clinton

Charming Bill Clinton is, but good-looking he is not. The Democrat who presided over two terms of massive peacetime economic growth, has always been known for his "Clinton Reality Distortion Field," wherein everybody is electrified by his magnetic personality and unnaturally high levels of charisma.

But he really is one odd-looking bloke, let's be real. His daughter really could have done a lot worse with him one generation back in her family tree. Yet Chelsea Clinton has turned out quite enviably gorgeous.

Chelsea (born 1980) is the only child of President Bill Clinton and mother Hillary Clinton, the first female ever nominated by a major party to run for president in 2016. The 90s was a tough time for the ugly duckling to be in the spotlight, but she certainly blossomed into a beautiful swan.

She's spent her days as a special correspondent on cable news television before taking a major and lucrative role in her parents' non-profits, the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation.

11 Arnold Schwarzenegger / Katherine Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, ugly? Well yeah. Of course the man's physique is unquestionably superlative as history's greatest body-building prodigy. But can we not agree that the Terminator actor and former Governor of California is a "butter face?"

Or at least that there's definitely no possible way the man could have had such hot daughters without Maria Shriver's help? Yeah, I thought we could agree on that. And it's truly amazing that Arnold's contribution to these baby Schwarzeneggers didn't mess up what they've got going for them from their mom.

Katherine Schwarzenegger (born 1989) is stunning. She's a California girl through and through, born and raised in Los Angeles and got her degree in Communications from the University of Southern California.

In 2010, she wrote a book entitled Rock What You've Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who's Been There and Back.

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger / Christina Schwarzenegger

Yeah, I'm just not seeing the paternal influence on Christina Schwarzenegger's looks either. It's truly astounding. We might need to get some scientists on this to understand how this phenomenon manifests itself.

Christina (born 1991) is undoubtedly a very cute daughter of just a big, ugly dude. The media has referred to her as Maria Shriver's look-alike daughter for good reason.

The young Schwarzenegger daughter graduated from Georgetown University in 2013 and is pursuing a career in media.

9 Sarah Palin / Bristol Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was Sen. John McCain's bold strategy to shake up the 2008 presidential race when polls consistently showed him losing to Sen. Barack Obama on election day. Why not add a woman to the ticket? And a relatively unknown figure, a blank slate with no negative connotations on whom voters could project all their hopes?

It turned out to be a smart move, though not successful enough to get McCain to the White House. Palin electrified voters that were collectively uninspired by McCain's campaign, outraged blue collar voters who would go on to sweep Donald Trump to the nomination in 2016.

Turns out Palin and McCain could not have been more different. The latter was kind of freaked out by all that voter anger. But Sarah positively basked in it and happily stoked the flames. It caused a lot of internal campaign strife, and after the election the candidates went their separate ways.

But one thing they both do have in common is daughters that are a lot better looking than they are. Bristol Palin (born 1990), as cute as could be, is a spokesperson for teen pregnancy prevention through abstinence education, and a reality television star.

8 Jon Huntsman / Abby Huntsman

Anyone remember Jon Huntsman? He was the Republican Governor of Utah who ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. He was widely hailed by the media as kind of "the adult in the room," a calm, measured voice among many shrill ones in what ended up being a real circus of a primary for the Republican Party.

Of course he ended up polling low and dropping out of the primary pretty early on. Not crazy enough to grab a lot of headlines and get enough media attention to poll better than he did. Can't say he was the worst looking of the very large crop of candidates for the nomination that cycle, but he certainly wasn't the best either.

Lucky for his daughter Abby Huntsman (born 1986), she escaped from his genetic contribution to her existence unscathed and quite lovely to behold. She's currently a reporter and anchor for Fox News.

7 Jon Huntsman / Mary Anne Huntsman

Abby Huntsman isn't the only lucky daughter to turn out better looking than her dad. Her older sister, Mary Anne Huntsman was fortunate enough to inherit her dad's brains and not his looks.

Instead of going into humanitarian activism or cable news media like most of the girls on this list, Abby (born 1985) took the path of music and is an accomplished concert pianist with some pretty good chops.

But don't get too excited fellas, Mary Anne is very much taken. Last year she married the son of CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger, a financier who works at a Washington DC investment firm. Mary Anne, who was raised Mormon, converted to Judaism after her marriage.

6 Jon Huntsman / Liddy Huntsman

Now it does feel a bit rude to call the same man ugly three different times in the same article. And it's not like Jon Huntsman is just positively hideous or anything, but the title of the article is 15 Ugly Politicians Who Have Hot Daughters, and Jon Huntsman's the one who went and had three hot daughters who look way better than he does.

It's a compliment, Jon. I'm writing something nice about your family. That includes the youngest Huntsman girl, Liddy Huntsman (born 1988). A married mother and social media surrogate for her father's political ambitions, Liddy is a self-described "failed comedian" whose sisters say her dream job would be to write for Saturday Night Live.

Always the more offbeat of the three sisters, during her father's 2004 bid for the Utah Governor's mansion, a then sixteen year-old Liddy complicated things by dating the son of her father's Democratic opponent.

5 Joe Biden / Ashley Biden

Vice President Joe Biden. Woof. If there ever was a man you wouldn't want getting handsy with you, he'd be it. Again, like Donald Trump, it's not just because of how he's aged that the man looks bad. Go back to pictures of a young Senator Joe Biden from the 80s and 70s and he looked even weirder than he does now.

Cue good fortune for his daughter, Ashley Biden (born 1981), because with Joe in the genes, she could have turned out pretty ugly, but instead she's pretty hot.

One Tulane university classmate of hers (who bailed her out of jail when she was arrested for marijuana possession) said she was that "hot freshman that every guy wanted to be with. She was very attractive. Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl," and, "She wore some pretty short shorts — a lot."

Ashley currently works as a social worker in Delaware after getting her masters degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. She's married to a plastic surgeon whose professional services she will never need.

4 Michael Bloomberg / Georgina Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire business magnate and served as Mayor of New York City from 2002 - 2013. He made his money in financial data and media. He became mayor of New York City in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and presided over a balanced agenda of progressive social policy and conservative fiscal policy.

The man is very rich, powerful, and famous, but he's not exactly a male model. Though his daughter, Georgina Bloomberg, could be a model if she wanted to be.

Georgina (born 1983) is not, however, a model. She's a professional equestrian, that is: she rides horses for a living. Of course, she probably doesn't have to do anything for a living, but she does ride horses for sport, earning a corporate sponsorship with Ariat International.

She's good friends with Ivanka Trump, and has gone on the record to say many kind things about Donald Trump and what a great father he is, and how proud Georgina is of his accomplishments.

3 George Pataki / Allison Pataki

George Pataki served as governor of New York from 1995 - 2006. During his tenure, Pataki pursued a policy of strict fiscal conservatism, proposing and approving more tax cuts than any of his predecessors, and also slashing state budgets by introducing major spending cuts for health and education.

Pataki is certainly in better form than some of the ugly politicians on this list, but that's setting the bar pretty low. There's a reason you might see George's face on Newsweek, but not on GQ. His daughter, Allison, on the other hand is a real beauty.

Allison Pataki (born 1984) studied English at Yale hoping to pursue a career in journalism. After moving to New York City to hone her craft, she realized the fast-paced news cycle was not her tempo, so she dropped out and became a New York Times bestselling author of historical fiction novels.

2 John McCain / Meghan McCain

Not exactly Brad Pitt or anything, US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has always been a major figure in national politics, well-known for his crusade to reform campaign finance laws and get all the "soft money" from major corporate donors out of politics. In 2008 he was the Republican Party's nominee to challenge President Obama's second term.

We've got to disclaim here that McCain doesn't look as bad as some people might after living as hard a life as he has. The man went to fight in Vietnam, nearly died when a Navy vessel carrying him caught on fire, got shot down while flying a plane over enemy territory, and then got captured and tortured in a North Vietnamese prison camp.

So really, he's not doing too bad, but it's still amazing that Meghan McCain actually issued forth from his loins. Actually what's amazing is how much she takes after him, yet is extremely beautiful. Meghan (born 1984) has gone into political punditry, writing political op ed columns, appearing as a contributor on cable news television, and publishing a book entitled Dirty Sexy Politics.

She once said in a 2012 Playboy interview regarding her orientation: "I’m not a lesbian, if that’s what you’re asking. I’d be the first person to tell the world I was gay. I’m not private about anything. I think you should live how you should live. But I’m strictly dickly. I can’t help it. I love sex and I love men."


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