15 Ugly Pics The Most Stunning Celebs Don't Want You To See

If the cult of celebrity has taught us anything, it's that there's nobody out there who always looks great. If you thought women had to keep themselves looking great in the normal world, you've got no idea about the sort of pressure famous women must be under to make sure they're never caught outside their own house with even a single hair out of place. Obviously, this is wrong, but we'd be lying if we didn't admit that there's a certain bitter happiness that comes with seeing some of the most beautiful people on this planet looking like the rest of us. It reminds us that being imperfect really isn’t all that shameful.

In the hope of bringing some bitter joy to your hearts, we’ve put together a bunch of photographs that the beautiful people of this world really don’t want you to see. Far from displaying the usual beauty celebrities exude, these pictures couldn't even be sorted out by Photoshop. But don’t be too harsh, as we’ve all had bad photographs taken of us before.

So, are you ready to see what it looks like when famous women step outside without makeup on? Want to have a look at what the rich and famous look like when they’re tired or unwell? Let’s get started!


15 Katy Perry

One of the weird things about Katy Perry is that she seems to go through transformation after transformation, moving from one look and personality to the other every few years. Oh, wait... that's not a weird thing; that's what fame-hungry people do when they feel like their social and celebrity stock is plummeting. Yeah, we don't like Katy Perry that much either. As you can see, she looks very different without her layers of makeup on, and it's nice to see her in such a stark contrast to her celebrity status after she mercilessly made fun of Britney Spears when she had her own problems with fame. Now, it seems like the shoe's on the other foot, with Katy Perry appearing in public wearing different clothes and much less makeup and crying live on television about how she's starting to struggle with mental health problems. Such a shame…

14 Olivia Wilde


When Olivia Wilde is all dolled up, she has one of those faces that look as if the cheek bones have been sculpted by an angle grinder, which isn't necessarily an insult! Some people love that look, and it would seem that Wilde is one of those people. Beyond how she looks, we haven't really had a chance to see Wilde prove herself in the same way that other people have. She was in Vinyl, but that was a total flop, and we never really watched House, which is where she got her start. No offense to her, but that hardly seems like the greatest portfolio of work if we're being honest. Not only that, but we’re fairly sure she's appeared in an Iron Man movie as well, and we hope you agree with us when we say that's quite possibly the worst superhero trilogy of all time.

13 Amanda Bynes

Look, we know that people are allowed to leave the comfort of their own home looking however they want, but we reckon this is even truer when you're struggling with some form of health problem, whether that be mental or physical. Amanda Bynes had a very public meltdown not long ago and has only recently returned to the public eye to make it known that she's doing much better, but in the years leading up to her rehabilitation, she was snapped looking a lot worse for wear than we were usually used to. Obviously, the media pounced on this, not seeing a human being but a chance to make some money off what was clearly yet another child star who was finding it difficult to live her life. On a quick side note, how many Amanda Bynes cases do we need to have before people start realizing that the concept of a child star is just wrong?

12 Sofia Vergara


We'd be lying if we said this one didn't come as a major shock to us. We've enjoyed Sofia Vergara's rise to fame after her time on Modern Family, not just because she's a shockingly beautiful woman but also because she seems like a genuinely lovely mother who has only the best interests of those around her at heart. We're sure there are flaws there, just like with every human being, but we've never seen any of them -- until now, that is. To be honest, like with all of these women, we're happy for her, and we wish that people wouldn't stalk her to try and catch her out. Who doesn't have an unflattering photograph of themselves somewhere? Unlike your mates who'll delete the shot from their phone if you ask them nicely, celebrities aren't allowed that luxury when they’re being followed by vultures with cameras and phones.

11 Kim Kardashian

Of all the women on this list, we reckon this will be the easiest one to write about because there's no love lost between us and Kim Kardashian. Riding on the wave that was left by the likes of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian has managed to carve a career out of simply existing and filming a certain tape that we can promise you we've never seen. It's this sort of celebrity that really gets on our nerves the most if we're being honest. Even if most people we don't like end up rich and famous for doing something, at least they still did something to get themselves there, which somehow legitimizes their famous status. People like Kim Kardashian, however, have done nothing to get where they are, and still continue to do nothing with their higher way of living. You think she could at least help the poor and the needy, but we suppose there isn’t much fame and fortune in that.

10 Mila Kunis


So, as we all know, Mila Kunis is a fairly well-respected actress who has a career in both live-action acting and voiceover work. She's also regarded as being a beautiful woman, something that we would find hard to disagree with. Sadly, she's been snapped here while not looking her best, just leaving the house to go somewhere without having dolled herself up to the extent that people may be used to seeing her. More than it being a shame that she was caught, it's more of a shame that we live in a world where people are totally comfortable admitting that their job is to hide out and wait for famous women to go in public in the hope of scoring a bad picture of her. If that's how you pay your bills, then you're a scumbag who shouldn't be allowed air. Shout out to Mila Kunis for not feeling like she has to look her “best” every time she leaves the house.

9 Beyonce

Yet another woman that we're not that keen on, so we're finding it a lot easier to make fun of her looking like this. Sure, she has a great voice, but does she have anything else beyond that? It seems like she doesn't really write her own music or her own lyrics, and while she paints herself as this girl-power-loving feminist, it doesn't seem like she uses that mentality for anything more than making money. She gets the women on her side so they'll buy her albums but then doesn't really make much of an effort to make things better for women in the real world. Just remember, the next time you're singing along to "Single Ladies," Beyonce hasn't been single for years and helps comprise one of the richest couples in the world. All we’re saying is, she just seems like a hypocrite who happens to have a good voice if you ask us.


8 Lindsay Lohan


In the same way that we don't really want to make fun of Amanda Bynes that much, Lindsay Lohan is a woman that has suffered quite a lot during her lifetime and therefore deserves a lot more of our mercy than she would otherwise. She definitely wouldn't want you to see this image, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she was yet another child star who lost her way because of a loss of fame and drug addiction. We don't think that you can fully blame adults for a meltdown during their mature years when they were forced into a career that they didn't want during their younger years. It's just unfair. Plus, the way the media and paparazzi have treated her is insane. Let's just say that it didn't take us long to find this picture because the internet is absolutely full of them, and nobody seems to care.

7 Angelina Jolie

While it may not be as obvious with her as with some of the other famous women her age, it's clear that Jolie has indulged herself in some plastic surgery in the past, which is a shame, really. Another thing that's a shame is the very public Pitt and Jolie split that seems to have affected her a lot more than it has him. One of the main problems we have with this is that the media tend to do this. They play the woman off as some sort of insane figure that's been hit with so much heartache that she can barely go, while the man is infinitely stoic to the point of not caring. Then, when the woman does choose to go on television to discuss something that everyone's already talking about, she's hit with so much criticism before anyone has even heard what she has to say.

6 Jennifer Lawrence


Like most of the internet, we have a massive soft spot for Jennifer Lawrence, and that isn't just because she's a very beautiful woman. It's also because she doesn't take herself seriously like so many other celebrities seem to. Sure, she's won awards and has reached very high levels of success for a woman of her age, but she doesn't let that go to her head. Instead, she keeps working and talking about things that matter like women's rights. When her own private photographs were leaked onto the internet, she accepted it with grace, showing up the people who had done it and putting everyone on her side. She's a class act, and the world would be a better place if more celebrities were like her. In fact, it would probably better if we were all a little bit more like Jennifer Lawrence, taking a page out of the book of a woman who seems to have it all sorted out.

5 Cara Delevingne

We actually had to look this woman up to write about her because while everyone else seems to know who she is, we actually have no idea. We knew she was a model, but her Wikipedia page also claims that she's also an actress. We're not saying that she can't be an actress, but we will say that we're not surprised by how few models you see transitioning from a career that essentially asks you to stand still or walk in a straight line to being able to effectively deliver lines that were written down for you. For whatever reason, that sort of work just seems out of the grasp of a model, but then, that's just our prejudice at work again, isn't it? Maybe it’s time we started letting models off the hook and enjoying them for what they are, which is a clothes horse with a personality that's likely being underutilized.

4 Katie Holmes


So, seeing as she was married to Tom Cruise at some point, can we also assume that Holmes is just as mental as he is? No wonder she looks like that now! Anybody would look like that if she had to spend that long a time married to such a mentalist. We cannot describe to you how terrified we are that people like Tom Cruise are the ones with all the influence and the power. That tiny mannequin of a man is going to drag us all down with him, and this poor woman's face is proof of that. We have to say that it's nice to see that Holmes is still acting and making sure that her child is properly looked after, which is all you really need to do at the end of the day, isn't it? We'd love to hear some of the stories she has to tell about the crazy life she had to lead when she was with someone that high up in Scientology.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow

Okay, she doesn't look terrible here, but she definitely looks like a woman who's trying to fight aging for as long as physically possible. Does anybody else ever feel like when celebrities get this much plastic surgery, they end up looking even weirder than if they just themselves age normally? Sure, they'd have wrinkles, but human beings are supposed to have wrinkles. What they're not supposed to have is loose but smooth skin that only has lines where it settles on the skull. Even writing that sentence out made us shiver, so imagine how much shivering was involved while looking at this image. Paltrow is also in the business of trying to make people buy things they don't need by spouting as much pseudoscience as she possibly can. We're all for free speech and everything, but that doesn't mean we have any time whatsoever for people who willfully mislead others to make yet more money.

2 Pamela Anderson


Most of the time, we actually feel sorry for people like Pamela Anderson because once you enter into the sort of business she had going on for many years, it's only a matter of time before you end up looking pretty rough. You can't put your body through that much plastic surgery and still expect it to look good by the time you hit your fifties. It's for this reason that we actually bear Pamela no ill will and hope for the best for her if we're being honest. We don't remember there being a time when she said something abhorrent or did anything out of order, and people can do whatever they want with their bodies at the end of the day. There's nothing wrong with her line of work, but we imagine that even she would admit people don't end up all that great once they're out of it.

1 Madonna

We'll be honest and say that we're pretty torn on this woman. While we understand that she's achieved a lot in her lifetime and that she brought about the end of a few social taboos through her music, attitude, and videos, we sort of can't stand her anymore. Call us cynical, but it sort of feels like she's parading herself out at any event these days to get some of the attention she craves, something that shows on her face, which is now absolutely covered in plastic surgery. It must take a lot to get this face looking as good as it needs to look to stop people from taking the mic away from her. Showbiz is fickle, something that people like Madonna find out very quickly as they start to fade from people’s minds only to pop up as a minor annoyance whenever they decide nobody is paying enough attention.

Source: Wikipedia

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