15 Ugly Movie & TV Characters Who Are Super Hot In Real Life

Beauty is a funny thing. It can come from within or simply exist on the outside. I think we can all agree that finding someone who has both these traits can prove to be rather difficult. Yet somehow, it exists.

Many actors get cast solely on their good looks and although this might be something they hate, it will not stop them from accepting the role. Being chosen to play a part in a movie, is not as simple as it seems. There are many characteristics and traits that need to be accounted for and you either meet the requirements or you fall short of them. You might think that you nailed the audition, and perhaps you did, but sometimes you just aren't what the director is looking for.

Having beauty can only take you so far.  At some point, you truly have to prove yourself as an actor to obtain the challenging roles that your heart desires. Many people go into acting because they seek to evoke certain emotions from their audiences, or they thrive to embody their character so perfectly that who they really are gets lost in the making.

Some celebs are okay with receiving unchallenging work, as long as they are being portrayed as beautiful god-like beings, and instead of really getting to know their characters, they are content standing in a corner, and looking pretty. However, not every actor feels the same way and some might even take it as an insult to be casted solely on their assets.

Luckily, conventional beauty is mostly found in nice hair, makeup and attire, and so any gorgeous celeb can be dressed down or made-over to fit an "uglier" role.

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15Naomi Grossman — American Horror Story

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Naomi Grossman first became an actress in the 1990's and has since flourished into a much loved celebrity. She has played in a range of different movies and has been tested time and time again on her abilities to inhabit different characters. From a cheerleader on Sabrina The Teenage Witch to a freakish orphan on American Horror Story, Grossman has made it clear that she is ready to take on even the most challenging of roles.

Grossman took on the role of Pepper on the hit TV series American Horror Story, where she first appeared in Asylum, and reappeared in Freak Show. Pepper, who was abandoned by her family due to her various deformities and mental illness, was rescued from an orphanage by Elsa Mars at the age of 18. Pepper would soon become the first member of Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities, where she would perform a clown act with her fellow freak Salty. Despite Pepper's crude appearance and bad reputation, she is actually nothing more than a kind and simple soul.

14Linda Cardellini — Scooby Doo

Lina Cardellini is an American actress who was born in California. Cardellini knew from the young age of 10 years old, that she was meant to be an actress and so she did not waste any time. Cardellini landed the role of Lindsay Weir on the much loved TV series Freaks And Geeks where she co-starred with fellow actors Jason Segel, James Franco and Seth Rogen. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after its first season, even though it won an Emmy Ward for "Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series."

Although this actress is shockingly beautiful, she took on the role of Velma in the Scooby-Doo movies. Cardellini was then transformed into the nerdy and unattractive brainiac Velma, which she played flawlessly. Cardellini transformed herself into Velma, whose trademark look consists of huge glasses, short hair and unflattering clothing, and was immediately transformed into a full proof geek.

13Uzo Aduba — Orange Is The New Black

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When watching Orange Is The New Black it is sometimes hard to accept that "Crazy Eyes" is in fact, a normal human being. Uzo Aduba's portrayal of Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren is so immaculate that seeing her in real-life will blow your mind. Aduba is a beautiful and talented Nigerian actress, whose stellar role has made all OITNB fans fall in love with her.

Aduba worked as a theatrical actress in New York City for an abundance of years, but was always told by her manager that she should pursue film and television. At first, Aduba refused, stating that she was perfectly happy with how things were going, but her manager kept pushing. Eventually, Aduba gave in, stopped accepting theatre gigs, and started auditioning for film instead. Unfortunately, she could not land a role, which drove her to quit acting for good. Aduba made the decision to call her agent and quit, but funny enough, 45 minutes later, she was offered a role on OITNB.

12Thesy Surface — It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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For those of you who have watched It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you might be surprised to find out that the terrifyingly ugly Margaret McPoyle is actually played by a beautiful woman, and not a real-life molester. Meet Thesy Surface, the actress behind your traumatizing nightmares.

I know what you're thinking. "How can such a hot actress look like that?" Well, it's quite simple actually. In order for Surface to look like she belongs in the McPoyle family, she needs to undergo a 2 hour makeup session, and prepare herself for a crazy transformation. During these 2 hours, she is given a unibrow, a hairy upper lip, oily skin, thinning hair and a wardrobe filled with pit stains. Surface is an American actress who spent most of her childhood in London, and so when filming for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia she transforms her voice, as well as her appearance.

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